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Iceclaw(Q): Has Brambleclaw left Squirrelflight or are they still together just with some issues?

VickyHolmes(A): I’m not sure where you’ve read up to! Right now, in the book Kate is writing, let’s just say they have a LOT of issues.

Fluffypelt: i looooove pugs!

Vixenfur: Xd kate has lazy kittes

Fernstar: slow down peeps

RIP Lucas: Bailey is sleeping at my chair

Lilacheart: ::laugh exact opposite of my dog, Kate.

Adderfang: Shhhhhhhhhhh! *stuffs rags in certain peoples mouths*

RIP Lucas: I just picked her up

Skywing: My cats are 3 hours away - I'm in Jersey.

RIP Lucas: She says hi!

Cometstorm: pool bramble and squirrel

Silverclaw: Pugs are awesome.

Cloudy Havoqk: I have a golden retriever named Dexter :D

Cometstorm: poor

Streamflow: Hitiuhivickyhicherithhikate!!!!!!!

Losty(Q): Do you ever think of a soundtrack for particular books/characters/scenes? Like, while you're writing, do you think that certain songs would work well for this book/character/scene if it were ever made into a movie? I know I do that all time when I read, and also when I write - I was just wondering if you did the same. Also, if you do, can you give us some examples of your choices?

VickyHolmes(A): I have to say that no, I don’t think of theme music while I’m writing. But I love watching your animations on YouTube and I often think, Wow! That song is PERFECT!

Quailfeather: Lol! Miu-miu and Flower...right?

Redfeather: Everyone please be quiet so we can hear the Erins xd

Tui Sutherland: awww. I love golden retrievers, too! I wrote about one of them in my other books...and I'm hoping I get to do pugs, too!

Losty: Yay, thank you for answering my question! =D

Skywing: Oh, Vicky? The ferry you took to long island for April 21st? That was my island's ferry. (:

Tumble(Q): What was your favorite scene in the Power of the Three series?

VickyHolmes(A): WITHOUT DOUBT, Squirrelflight’s confrontation with Ashfur at the top of the cliff. I wrote this scene before I started Power of Three Book One, before I’d thought of any of the stories or characters, so the whole series was building up to this moment from page one of The Sight.

RIP Lucas: What kind of dog is Sunshin? (I almost said what kind of dog is Tui)

Shiningfur: Ohh, I loved that scene!

Cometstorm: very dramatic

Tui Sutherland: hee! she's a poodle-yorkie mix -- mostly poodle :)

Lilacheart: That was a good scene ::happy

Dawnstripe27: Huzzah!! That Was The Bestest Scene Ever!

Streamflow: I love that seen, too!

Hawkstar270: I've re-read that scene many times.

Stormy: Best scene :D

Lilacheart: I have a Yorkie, too, Tui

Shadowmoon: This is fun, even if I don't say a lot.

Soundstorm: And yes, it was a good scene.

RIP Lucas: Nice! Bailey is a Poodle-cocker Spaniel mix!

Tui Sutherland: Sunshine's nearly five and she's Totally still a puppy!

Rainripple: That sene was so tense

Streamflow: I hate Ashfur...

Silentstorm(Q): Will old important characters have important roles in the 4th apprentice?

VickyHolmes(A): If they’re still alive, bwa ha ha ha. And even if they’re not, they can still shout encouragement from StarClan. Everyone keeps complaining that I kill all the young pretty cats, but haven’t you noticed I just whisk them off to StarClan so they can stay in the stories? J

Adderfang: I love my pit bull :3

Fox Gavin: My cat is named Sunshine. ::mellow

Tui Sutherland: aww! poodle mixes are are yorkies! and I have met some Super sweet pit bulls!

kaboomkat: If they're still alive? Lovely, Vicky xd

Fluffypelt: i do Not want Jayfeather to die,hes meh hot kitteh

Tui Sutherland: Fox Gavin - awesome!

RIP Lucas: *hugs Sunshine*

Fox Gavin: =)

Silverclaw: I like Jayfeahter!

Tui Sutherland: Sunshine hugs you back, Brightsky :)

Streamflow: Vicky's evil.

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

VickyHolmes(A): Do you really expect me to answer that? :)

Soundstorm: ::laugh

Goldenpaw: Yes, we do

Sunstreak: ::laugh

RIP Lucas: I don't know why but I love looking at your dog! (god that sounds stalkerish)

Tui Sutherland: that's Ok! So do I! That's why there are photos of her all over my website :)

Vixenfur: Lol good answer, vicky

Quailfeather: Lol, That means she is!

Streamflow: Lol, Vicky.

Storme: So cruel, Vicky.

Daisypaw: maybe is anoither way of saying yes

Spottedshadow: Hmm.. she was vague

Sunflower: No! she can't be alive!

Sparrow: I don't expect you to. That's why you're evil. ::laugh

Silverclaw: Hollyleaf should be alive.

Losty(Q): Do you ever think of a soundtrack for particular books/characters/scenes? Like, while you're writing, do you think that certain songs would work well for this book/character/scene if it were ever made into a movie? I know I do that all time when I read, and also when I write - I was just wondering if you did the same. Also, if you do, can you give us some examples of your choices?

CherithBaldry(A): No, thought I sometimes listen to musci when I'm writing. Usually instrumental, as I find it's distracting if there are words.

Losty(Q): Do you ever think of a soundtrack for particular books/characters/scenes? Like, while you're writing, do you think that certain songs would work well for this book/character/scene if it were ever made into a movie? I know I do that all time when I read, and also when I write - I was just wondering if you did the same. Also, if you do, can you give us some examples of your choices?

KateCary(A): I have perfect silence in my head while I write, except for sounds of the ctas and forest I'm writing about - but I've seen loads of fan vids on youtube and I love the way you add soundtracks to the images!

Sparrow: Neat questions, Losty :P

Sunstreak: Ditto what Sparrow sad!

Losty: Thanks for answering my questions, all of you! ^^ And thanks, Sparrow and Sunstreak! =D

Quailfeather: I just went to you're website today, tui! :)

Wildflower(Q): What happens if a leader wants to retire? Can that leader keep his or her name that ends with -star, or does he or she need to use their warrior name again? Or can leaders even retire, if they still have more than one life left?

VickyHolmes(A): Leaders can retire – Pinestar does in Code of the Clans – but they have to go to the Moonpool and surrender all their lives except for one, otherwise the next leader won’t receive their full quota of nine lives. If a retired leader stays in the Clan, they have to revert to their warrior name (ie. without the –star).

RIP Lucas: When I wake up in the morning and see the autographed picture I wonder "Why is Baiely whtie?"

Silverclaw: When I'm an author, I'm going to be more evil than kate, tui, cherith, and vicky combined!

Silverclaw: Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Tumble(Q): What was your favorite scene in the Power of the Three series?

CherithBaldry(A): Like Vicky, I love the Ashfur scene, and I especially like the scenes where Jayfeather goes back in time to meet the ancient cats,.

Dawncloud: Mua hahahahahaha same

Tui Sutherland: I wish I could listen to music while I write (yay! thanks, Quailfeather!), but I get too distracted -- that's a great question, though!

Silverclaw: Wow, they can retire?

Ice joined.

Streamflow: Hollyleaf might become the villian if she's alive...

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

KateCary(A): I don't know! I suspect Vicky knows but I'm not asking her because I LOVE the suspense of not knowing - it's easier to identify with Lion and Jay cos they don't know either

Shiningfur: Thanks for that, I wanted to know about the retiring leaders thing!

Quailfeather: your welcome tui!

Sunflower: Hollyleaf can't be alive!

Fox Gavin: ::laugh!

Sunstreak: ::laugh!!!

wildpurrfection(Q): What is going to happen to Leafpool? Can she really no longer be a medicine cat? Yellowfang had a kit & was still able to become one, or maybe that was because no one really knew?

VickyHolmes(A): What happens to Leafpool after the end of Power of Three is a central part of Omen of the Stars, so I’m not going to give anything away, I’m afraid! But I think I can say that Leafpool fans won’t be disappointed (whatever that means!).

Nettlepaw: See, that's why I think Pinestar might be Firestar's father. Which means......

Shadowmoon: Don't be so pessimistic. We have no proof for either side, whether Hollyleaf is alive or not!

wildpurrfection: my question!

Riverstripe(Q): Is Hollyleaf still alive?

CherithBaldry(A): Even if we knew we wouldn;t say! <evil cackle>

Sunflower: She made my cry in the last book because of what she did to Leafpool!

Redfeather: -waits for next question-

Goldenpaw: Leafpool has fans?

eaglefeather15: yes

Lakestorm Wright: Yes, Goldenpaw.

Shiningfur: I like Leafpool!!

Silverclaw: I can't wait to see what happens to Leafpool!

Lakestorm Wright: I luff Leafpool.

Storme: So will anti-leafpoolers be disappointed. :C

Shadowmoon: I'm a Leafpool fan! She's the cat most like me!

jays wing: maybe ashfur will come back from the dead...

Rainripple: Leafpool's great!

Cometstorm: I ♥ Leafpool

VickyHolmes: Goldenpaw, of course Leafpool has fans! I'm one, and Cherith's one, for starters!

Redfeather: I haven't cried while reading books :D

Riverstripe: lol yes Goldenpaw

Sparrow: I like Leafpool..not like Lakey, but I still like her ::laugh

Hawkstorm: Leafpool's Alive? Thank You Vicky

Streamflow: sooo...i'm sorta a leafpool fan...

SheilaRuth: I'm a Leafpool fan!

Lilacheart: I'm a Leafpool fan

Soundstorm: I'm a Leafpool fan!

Waterstripe: Me too!

Wildtail: Me too!

Fluffypelt: yea,why would she try to kill leaf? shes so nice!

Skywing: Leafpool

Riverstripe: Me too!

Vixenfur: Leafpool Whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!

spottedstar: me too!

Goldenpaw: I like Leafpaw, then I hated Leafpool, then I liked her again. Firestar on the otehr hand...

CherithBaldry: Leafpool is one of my favourite characters. I keep hoping Vicky will let something nice happen to her!

Hazelleaf(Q): We saw crowfeather's outward reaction to the discovery of his kits- what was his internal reaction? Does he care about his kits or Leafpool?

VickyHolmes(A): Rest assured that Crowfeather has a lot of feelings boiling under his fur! You’ll get more glimpses of them in the next series, I promise.

SheilaRuth: I love Leafpool.

Silverclaw: Hollyleaf was the most original character!

RIP Lucas: I'm a Squirelyflight fan

Fluffypelt: Crowfeather I Do Not Like

Firefawn: I'm a leafpool Fan!!!!!!

Cometstorm: Crowy's A Jerk

Shiningfur: Crowfeather was a mousebrain in Sunrise. He was just a jerk to Leafpool.

Sunflower: Yay I like Crowfeather

Fluffypelt: he practicly hates Leaf now

Streamflow: Crowfeather was soooo mean!

eaglefeather15: I love Crowy! I'm his biggest fan!!!!

Silverclaw: Yeah, Crowfeahter was so awful

Dawnstripe27: Yay Crowfeather... i love crowfeather =)

Shadowmoon: I love Crowfeather! And Leafpool! ::happy

Spottedshadow: I love Leafpool.

Shiningfur: All of my fave characters die...*sniff*

SheilaRuth: I like Crowfeather, too.

Silverclaw: But I can see why he did that

Rainripple: I feel so sorry for Crow and Leaf!

CherithBaldry: I love Crowfeather! I think because he lost Feathettail and then leafpool, he now associates love with loss, so he won;t let himself love Nightcloud.

Tui Sutherland: hee! Crowfeather and Squirrelflight would have way too tough for each other!

Cometstorm: locks Crowy and Leafy in room together and throws away the key♥ ::rolleyes

Storme: I'm a Blackstar fan. And the only Blackstar x Mistyfoot fan I know. :B

Redfeather: I Like Blackstar

CherithBaldry: Blackstarxmistyfoot? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magicyop: Purdy is the best cat ever.

Magicyop: I am so psyched that they brought him back to thunderclan.

Soundstorm: Purdy's not my favorite cat, but he's okay.

Magicyop: Alll hail Purdystar! :-P

Lilacheart: Purdy makes me lol.

Silverclaw: I think Purdy's annoying

eaglefeather15: Purdy is nuts

Streamflow: Purdy's nuts, but cool.

CherithBaldry: Ilove Purdy too.

Spottedshadow: Purdy's okay. He's not my favorite.

Storme: Hey, I like weird pairings, Cherith. :)

Coalfang(Q): will holly leaf and ashfur end up in the dark forest, or starclan, and will that be significant in 'Omen of the stars?

VickyHolmes(A): No comment – that would give away too much! Sorry, all these questions are making me feel mean. :(

Iceclaw: Yeah right, Vicky!

Iceclaw: You're evil!

Shadowmoon: I don't think Vicky is mean for not answering!

Riverstripe: ... if none of the questions get answered... what's the point with questions?

Shadowmoon: After all, usually, spoilers for Warriors are not my favorite!

Iceclaw: Vicky was less evil at the last chat, but now she's regaining her evil awesomeness!

coalfang: so it Is signifigant >=3

Streamflow: Vicky is the most evil and wonderful person in the world!

Nettlepaw: I don't Want to know? Whay would you want to have it spoiled?

Lilacheart: I was sad when Feathertail died. She was awesome =(

VickyHolmes: Lilacheart, Feathertail's Death was awesome! Clinging to a stalactite, plunging to her doom and managing to kill a mountain lion on the way. What could be better?

Lilacheart: Well, yeah, her death was awesome

Lilacheart: but it made me sad

Soundstorm: Amen, Vicky.

Lilacheart: At least she went out with a bang ^^;

Vixenfur: Yes Vicky Is Evil Awesomness!!

jays wing: the erins are the best people in the world. they are not mean.

Iceclaw: You already give away alot...for us to theorize!

Silverclaw: No, she's plain evil awesomeness.

VickyHolmes: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Streamflow!

Riverstripe: Not mean, evil.

Jayfeather joined.

Silverclaw: Evil!!!!!!

Quailfeather: my mind is spinning

Dawncloud: Same

Streamflow: You're welcome, Vicky!

Adderfang: Xd Oh Vicky. You're so wonderfully evil.

Fluffypelt: Vicky,in Midnight,rowenclaw was a Girl! what was up with her turning into a boy?

Tui Sutherland: Fluffypelt, I think Vicky's talked about this before -- it's like Crazy hard to keep track of all these zillions of cats, so sometimes mistakes like that slip through

Tui Sutherland: our bad!

Tui Sutherland: mostly my bad, since I was the editor back then (although I have lots of backup editors I could blame too) ;-)

Iceclaw: Evil is awesome and evil awesome is intresting! (tacklehugs evil buddy Fallenleaf)

Hazelleaf(Q): We saw crowfeather's outward reaction to the discovery of his kits- what was his internal reaction? Does he care about his kits or Leafpool?

CherithBaldry(A): Ye, he still cares about them - but see my earlier comment.

Firefawn: Vicky do you remember me from the signing In Washington D.c? you said you liked my warrior name: Firefawn

Fluffypelt: *straps down Vickyto a chair and puts an evil potion on her*you Are Now Evil! Bwahahaha!

Streamflow: Vicky was already evil.

Skywing(Q): Jayfeather can see StarClan. Lionblaze; The Dark Forest. If Hollyleaf truly is dead, can Ivykit/Dovekit see the place where she walks? As she doesn't deserve the place of no stars, or StarClan.

VickyHolmes(A): This is kind of tricky to answer, Skywing, on account of how I can't tell you if Hollyleaf is dead... I mean, I COULD tell you, but I'm choosing not to! :)

SheilaRuth: Anyone not seeing the questions please Pc me

Goldenpaw: Evil Vicky is evil

Fluffypelt: yesh,it would give away the book!

Skywing(Q): Jayfeather can see StarClan. Lionblaze; The Dark Forest. If Hollyleaf truly is dead, can Ivykit/Dovekit see the place where she walks? As she doesn't deserve the place of no stars, or StarClan.

KateCary(A): Awww, that's a bit harsh! I can't help feeling sorry for Leafpool :(

Streamflow: The Erins rule!

Cometstorm: you mean holly?

Lakestorm(Q): Did the character of Jayfeather draw inspiration from The Odyssey character Terisias (a blind prophet who lived in the underworld)?

VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, no, but I wish he had done! What a gorgeous classical reference. Do you study Ancient Greek, Lakey? (I hope you don't mind me calling you that)

Sparrow: Everyone calls her Lakey :P

Iceclaw: Mythology

Iceclaw: !

Fluffypelt: everyone calls her Lakey,so dont worry!

Iceclaw: (goes nuts)

Lakestorm Wright: Well, no. We just had to read The Odyssey for school.

Sunstreak: I am Obsessed with mythology. ::mellow;

Sunstreak: Specifically Egyptian, Greek and African.

Silverclaw: I have tons of greek mythology books.

Morningleaf joined.

Sparrow: I don't know mcuch about mythology. I wish I did, though.

Wolf(Q): Have you ever considered a megadisaster that would wipe out a good bulk of ThunderClan? For people who love to kill of characters so much, you guys have been pretty merciful on ThunderClan's population. XD

VickyHolmes(A): I have considered it, yes, but I’m reluctant to have to populate an entire Clan with brand new characters (and all their names) when Kate, Cherith and I have spent so long getting to know the familiar faces! Also, we've had fires, floods, rampaging dogs, and major roadworks - those ThunderClan cats seem to dodge everything I throw at them! They are INVINCIBLE!

CherithBaldry: Oh please not tons more names to learn!

jays wing(Q): Can Blossomkit become a medecine cat? (Die, leafpool!)

VickyHolmes(A): Well technically she could become a medicine cat. Will she? That would be telling! J

Lakestorm(Q): Did the character of Jayfeather draw inspiration from The Odyssey character Terisias (a blind prophet who lived in the underworld)?

KateCary(A): I love the literary comparison, but frankly his character was more inspired by a stroppy, frustrated teen (not one I know personally, of course!)

Vixenfur: Awesome!

Silverclaw: lol Vicky!

Adderfang(Q): Any updates you can give us on the 'warrior movie' possibility? ;)

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, the fickle world of movie-making! Right now, there are no Warriors movies in production, or even under consideration. The economy is not in a healthy state for production companies to invest in a rather dark, intense animation about feral cats, apparently. L I promise I’ll let you know if anything changes!

Goldenpaw: Jayfeather is a great teenager

FrostfootDreamleaf(Q): Have you ever thought of doing warrior cat plushies/stuffed animals?

VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I want a plushy of ME! Like that’s ever going to happen… I think Warriors plushies, along with all other merchandise like stationery or clothing, would be part of a movie deal, and not somewhere HarperCollins would venture on their own.

Scorchtail: darn the economy...

Sunstreak: Lol Vicky!

Adderfang: Yay, mah question has been answered :3

Vixenfur to Tui(Q): For Seekers, are you planning on making any super editions? If so i think you should do one about Nisa or one other bear mom?

Tui Sutherland(A): Ooo, what a great idea! I'd love to find out more about Nisa's life...and also what happened to Ujurak before he ran into Toklo...I think there's a lot of other stories we haven't told yet! But it all depends on what Vicky has time for. :-)

Goldenpaw: I want a Vicky pushy xd

Sparrow: Plusshies!

KateCary: oh, I wnat a plushie of Vicky too!!!

Tui Sutherland: I want a plushy of Vicky and Missy together!

Fox Gavin: Lol, Vicky!

Vixenfur: :)

eaglefeather15: Plushie Vicky!

Silverclaw: Yes! Plushies!

Vixenfur: I Made A Firestar Plush!

Sparrow: I want cat plushies.

Sparrow: Now.

CherithBaldry: Yes there are lost more Seekers stories waiting to be told.

Silverclaw: Awesome

Streamflow: Vicky plushies! Lol!

Shadowmoon: Seekers! :D

Adderfang: We need warriors plushies ._.

Morningleaf: I want Jayfeather plushie!!

Whisperheart: Vicky plushie!!! ::laugh

jays wing: yay! warrior plush!

Shadowmoon: I don't mind learning new names!

RIP Lucas: Me and Adder are the plushie people! We make plushies of our rp charris!

Streamflow: I Need A Brambleclaw Plushie!!!

Nettlepaw: More warriors anything!

Wildflower: Warrior plushies would be awesome!

Lightstreaqk: Tigerstar plushie ::evil

Shadowmoon: Warrior plushies!

Shadowmoon: I Love Tigerstar

Iceclaw: Hawkfrost plushie for Fallen!~

RIP Lucas: I hearby kidnap the Thornclaw plushie

Tui Sutherland: Seekers plushies would be cool, too -- Kallik would be so huggable!

Tui Sutherland: much more so than I imagine she would be in real life. ;-)

Soundstorm: *agrees with Tui*

RIP Lucas: He Is Mine

Firefawn: we need warrior plushies! *punches hand into air*

Morningleaf(Q): Will skyclan or the tribe of rushing water be coming back into the main series?

VickyHolmes(A): The Tribe will definitely pop up again! Not sure about SkyClan – at first I thought they would, not I’m not so sure about the likelihood of them making such a long journey. But don’t worry, SkyClan fans – this lovely Clan get their very own Super Edition next year in the shape of SkyClan’s Destiny! Cherith is writing that right now (and it’s going to be awesome).

Storme: Blackstar plushie? :3

RIP Lucas: I love Kallik and Toklo

Spottedshadow: I'd like a Kallik plushie!!!

Vixenfur: Kallik!! Yeah!!!

Silverclaw: Everyone Plushie!

Goldenpaw: Cinderpelt plushy for me

Shadowmoon: I took the tigerstar plushy!

Fernstar: kallik plushie!!!!

Silverclaw: I only read the first seakers book. :(

Redfeather: I wantes a brackenheart plushie

Fluffypelt: Jayfeather Plush For Meh!

Hawkstar3(Q): what is the name of the leader before Sunstar?

VickyHolmes(A): Pinestar. You can find out a little bit more about him in Code of the Clans, and lots more in Bluestar’s Prophecy, this year’s TOTALLY FABULOUS Super Edition which comes out in August.

Cloudy Havoqk: Bluestar! Whoo!

Streamflow: Yay, Skyclan!

Morningleaf: Fallen Leaves Plushie

Fluffypelt: Tigerstars A Bad Kitty!

Sparrow: Blue's Prophecy! Woot! ::biggrin

Shadowmoon: - hugs tigerstar -

wildpurrfection: yay! im so excited for bluestar's prophecy

Cloudy Havoqk: Bluestar rocks

Streamflow: Bluestar forever!

Hawkstar3(Q): what is the name of the leader before Sunstar?

KateCary(A): Oh goodness, we haven't researched back that far! ;)

Cometstorm: yes you have

Fox Gavin: I gtg, bbl. *sets a status and leaves chatroom open*

Cloudy Havoqk: cya fox

Silverclaw: Bluestar's Prophecy will be so cool!

SpottedFlame joined.

Soundstorm: Bye Fox *hugs*

Sunstreak: Kate: .... You just directly contridicted Vicky.

Sparrow: Bye Fox =(

Dawncloud: Bluestar Forever!!!

Firefawn: i want a silverstream and graystripe plushy

Goldenpaw: I can't wait for Bp.

VickyHolmes: Er, Kate, you should know who was the leader before Sunstar because you wrote about him in Bluestar's Prophecy! It was Pinestar!

Tui Sutherland: Silverclaw, no worries! there are only 3 out so far...and way more Warriors to catch up on!

Silverclaw: I think a Tigerstar super ed would be cool too

KateCary: oops

Fluffypelt: Bluestar Forever! Peace Out,dogs! Er,cats!

jays wing: erin do you remember me? please?!!!!

Sparrow: Sunny: It was the same question asked from the same person.

KateCary: sorry

Lightstreaqk: Xd

Sunstreak: Xd

Silverclaw: lol

Lightstreaqk: *hugs*

Spottedshadow: Haha, forgotten what you wrote already, kate?

Silverclaw: lol fluffy

Cherrypetal: can i have a brambleclaw plushie?

Jayfeather left.

Soundstorm: xd

Jayfeather(Q): Does Leafpool take part in Omen of the Stars?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, she’s most definitely involved.

Sunflower: Yay for leafpool

Firefawn: Vicky do you remember me???

KateCary: Omg - I'm a dolt! Of course - how could I forget Pinestar!!!! doh!

Fluffypelt: can i have a Jayfeather plushy?

Magicyop: Haha, no worries, Kate-- doubtlessly you've written so much Warriors stuff it gets hard to keep it all straight :-P

CherithBaldry: I think it's great that so many people have favourite characters and they're all different!

Rainripple: im hardly typing anything.... this is cool to just watch :P

RIP Lucas: *hugs the Erins*

Daisypaw(Q): Back in the old days, apprentice training started at dawn. Kits AND apprentices used to bow in respect to elders and senior warriors. It was considered an honor to be allowed to eat with the senior warriors. A queen could have several litters and we'd never hear a word about the multiple fathers. Handling mouse bile was a punishment. But nowadays, queens become VERY attached to usually only one tom. Cats can eat with whoever they wish. Removing ticks from the elders has become a daily chore, and cats only bow in respect to the leader or medicine cat- and even then, not as much as they should. What has happened to all these traditions? Will they ever come back?

VickyHolmes(A): Hi Daisy! Okay, these are fair points, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Training still starts at dawn if you’re on an early border or hunting patrol, which usually involve most of the apprentices (seeing as there aren’t that many now). The warriors still tend to eat in their ranks, although I agree we haven’t made that obvious for a while. The whole multiple-father thing, although realistic, became too difficult an issue when it came to family trees, and also to the sense that our cats are seen by many readers (and their parents) as moral role models. You can figure out for yourself why we streamlined all the messy relationships, then! I don’t think tick-duty takes place every day – don’t forget, a lot goes on that we don’t see on the page. Finally, the reason cats don’t bow quite as much as they used to is because every other line started to include “dipped his head”, “dipped her head”, “bowed his head”, etc. Far too repetitive for my liking! So I cut down, although it still goes on.

RIP Lucas: This is from my Dad

Dawncloud: I have a lot to say to the Erin's . . . . and I am waiting very paitiently

RIP Lucas: he's out at dinner

Shadowmoon: I associate school with apprenticeships

KateCary: it's more to do with it being way past my bedtime!!!

Streamflow: Brambleclaw is with out a doubt my fave.

Minou(Q): The prophecy refers to the three as being "kin of [Firestar's] kin", but Dovekit and Ivykit are technically kin of his kin of his kin. How do you explain this?

VickyHolmes(A): “Kin” means “relative”, not just the closest generation. So your grandparents are your kin, your great-grandparents, your cousin’s children, their grandchildren – if anyone is linked to you by blood, they are your kin. Technically, the prophecy could have just said “your kin”, but that didn’t have the nice ring that “kin of your kin” does!

Sandcloud(Q): Did you always mean to make Hollyleaf um... go out like she did? and thank you for all you did at the Naperville tour!

VickyHolmes(A): I’ll be honest (gasp! Actually, I’m always honest, I just sometimes hide a bit of the truth): in The Sight, Hollyleaf was absolutely and totally one of the Three in the Prophecy. I always wanted to send her into a place where she would end up doing something dreadful, but I thought this would come about because she misused her extraordinary powers. But by Book Three, I just couldn’t think what Hollyleaf’s power was. Jay and Lion had walked straight into their roles from the moment they appeared in my head, but Holly seemed to reject everything I offered her, from foreseeing the future to reading minds (unlike Jay, who senses emotions but can only read memories). Nothing seemed to fit – and I realized, literally overnight, that she was never meant to have a power. She wasn’t one of the Three, and the knowledge of this would help to crush her, along with all the other doom I had lined up for her. I LOVE it when characters find their own destinies like that! And thanks for coming to see me at Naperville. Anderson’s is one my most favourite stores to visit!

eaglefeather15: lol

Streamflow: kin of your kin...

Cometstorm: poor holly...

Dawnstripe27: thats so hilarious vicky

Scorchtail: i thought maybe she could control cats' minds

Cloudy Havoqk: no! I liked Holly ;~;

Sparrow: I loved that answer. Just seemec so...idk.

Sparrow: *seemed

Silverclaw: Hollyleaf buzzed out.

Silverclaw: She was very original

Spottedshadow: Wow...

Sunstreak: Xd

Streamflow: killed off Holly because you couldn't think of a good power?

Goldenpaw: I'll wait for the transcript for long answers.

SpottedFlame: thanks shelia i am finally on.

SheilaRuth: Yay! I'm glad you made it Spottedflame

jays wing: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!naperville and clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firefawn(Q): who is Mistyfoot's kits? they are mentioned in the first series but never mentioned anywhere else

VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm. Kate? Cherith? Any ideas? Maybe they died tragically, and she’s too brave and stoic to mention them. Okay, hands up, I forgot about them. L

Lightstreaqk: I loved Hollyleaf in Sunrise!

RIP Lucas: Do you guys ever read warrior fanfiction?

Tui Sutherland: Brightsky, sometimes we totally do, although some of it is so good that we have to be careful, or else we'd like your ideas better than our own!

SheilaRuth: Erins, can you say hi to Spottedflame, who had trouble getting on?

Morningleaf: Yay!!! My mom is baking chocolate cake for my brothers birth day today

RIP Lucas: the Erin's really are ::evil

VickyHolmes: Hi Spottedflame! sorry your technical gremlins kept you away! Glad you made it. :)

CherithBaldry: I wondered if Reedwhisker is one of mistyfoot's.

Scorchtail: i've wondered that too cherith

Fluffypelt: they are evil peeps

Losty: I love Reedwhisker, for some reason, lol

Shiningfur: Hi, Spottedflame!

CherithBaldry: Me too!

Firefawn: yay!!! my question was answered!!!!!!

VickyHolmes: Shadowmoon, I acknowledge you! And you, Spottedshadow! xx for each of you

Shadowmoon: I mean apparently no one acknowledges me

Magicyop: I acknowledge you!

Sparrow: Reedwhisker never really stood out to me..except in Moonrise...idk why O_o

jays wing: vicky, please speak to me!

Shadowmoon: Oh, hi Vicky!

Firefawn: i acknowledge you!!

Vixenfur: Me too!!! Blah!!!

RIP Lucas: Last summer I was talkign to someone about warriorss, and someone came up to me and said that they had meet you guys, and were asked to write the next warriors book. That's not true right?

VickyHolmes: Rip Lucas - nope, that's not right at all!

RIP Lucas: Thank god!

RIP Lucas: I was just like "The Erin's wouldn't do that!"

Hawkstorm: hahaha vicky I know where mistyfoot's kits went

VickyHolmes: Hawkstorm, Where Did They Go?

Hawkstorm: well, one became akittypet and had hawkstorm with his mate, and the others are still artound riverclan

Hawkstorm: *around

SpottedFlame: tui u did awsome on jepordy!!

Daisypaw(Q): Back in the old days, apprentice training started at dawn. Kits AND apprentices used to bow in respect to elders and senior warriors. It was considered an honor to be allowed to eat with the senior warriors. A queen could have several litters and we'd never hear a word about the multiple fathers. Handling mouse bile was a punishment. But nowadays, queens become VERY attached to usually only one tom. Cats can eat with whoever they wish. Removing ticks from the elders has become a daily chore, and cats only bow in respect to the leader or medicine cat- and even then, not as much as they should. What has happened to all these traditions? Will they ever come back?

KateCary(A): I think there still is a lot of respect running through the Clans but you're right, they've become a lot more easy-going on the rules and regulations. I put this down to Firestar rather brilliant and relaxed leadership. he's more interested in the heart of a warrior than the petty rules :)

Shadowmoon: Just making sure that I wasn't invisible

jays wing: do you remember me? i gave you a holly cookie?

Tui Sutherland: Thanks, Spottedflame! Thank you for watching it! :)

Fluffypelt: for some reason i think Ferncloud should die!

CherithBaldry: If Ferncloud dies, where will all the Thunderclan kits come from?

CherithBaldry: <smirk>

Lightstreaqk: Xd

Scorchtail: seriously, cherith, good point...

Fernstar: wow

VickyHolmes: Jays Wing, yup, I remember you! chomping on memory of cookie :)

Streamflow: Ferncloud should leave the nursury...she's had three litters of kits...

Losty: Lol, Cherith Xd

Shadowmoon: I was kind of sad about Honeyfern....

Silverclaw: Yeah, Ferncloud has a ton o kits!

kaboomkat: Ha, Cherith

RIP Lucas: And Vicky, I'm Brightsky, I probabaly should have changed my name back for the chat but I didnt

Spottedshadow: That's a good point, Cherith.

Redfeather: There is nothing in the warrior code saying med cats can't have kits! :D

Lilacheart: Lol, Cherith! xd

Sunstreak: Lol, Cherith Xd

Cloudy Havoqk: lol!

SpottedFlame: tui when will your dog book be out

SheilaRuth: Good point, Cherith!

SheilaRuth: Ferncloud, mother of Thunderclan.

Cloudy Havoqk: Who is Cloudtail's mate again?

RIP Lucas: Brightheart

Goldenpaw: Brightheart

Storme: Brightheart

Losty: Brightheart

Sunstreak: Brightheart!

Lightstreaqk: Brightheart

Sparrow: Redfeather: Actually, med cat having kits is pretty much against te Clan Rulse

Cometstorm: bright

Lilacheart: Brightheart

Cloudy Havoqk: Thanks

Sparrow: Cloudy: Brightheart

RIP Lucas: Now ask who Thornclaw's mate is ::hyper

eaglefeather15: brighty

Fluffypelt: Brightheart,you Dolt! jk!

RIP Lucas(Q): Tui, in your blog, as well as the autographed picture I received of Sunshine from the Brightspirit auction, you've shown a bit of an obsession with dogs. Would you (or any of the other Erin's) ever choose to do something dog related for a book?

VickyHolmes(A): Please can I answer this as well? Much as I love dogs (hi, Missy! Hi, Sunshine!), I’ve shied away from doing a canine version of Warriors so far because I feel it would be too similar in terms of storylines and set-up: Dogs live in close-knit groups organized by rank; they mark and defend their territory; they hunt for food and train the younger dogs. The main reason I chose to write about bears for Seekers was because they were so completely different from cats: independent, purely wild, solitary, at the top of the food chain yet at the mercy of humans’ destruction of their environment. I’m not saying that I’ll never write about dogs (or wolves!), but I’ve had my reasons for staying away from them so far.

Lightstreaqk: -barrage of the name Brightheart Xp-

Storme: (somewhat) Simultaneous answer!

Sparrow: But Med Cats having kits is epic win 8D

Spirithunter(Q): How did you feel when you were writing the Brightspirit scene?

VickyHolmes(A): I only provided the framework; Cherith wrote the actual scene. I was both honored and humbled to be able to remember Emmy Cherry like this, and I think the scene and character that Cherith created are perfect in every way.

Firefawn(Q): who is Mistyfoot's kits? they are mentioned in the first series but never mentioned anywhere else

KateCary(A): We did forget them :( It’s easy to lose track. I wish we hadn’t because they’re Bluestar’s grand-kits! I like to imagine they grew up into Rippletail and Graymist – two RiverClan warriors. What do you think Vicky?

Swordclaw: There's nothing the code against it

Redfeather: Well the warrior code doesn't say anything about it so

Tui Sutherland: Spottedflame, my first two dog books are out, and the third (about a poodle puppy) is coming next week...with more after that! :)

Iceclaw: (snorts) Perfect characters.

Scorchtail: no! reedwhisker!

Shiningfur: I think Dawnflower is Mistyfoot's kit.

Sunstreak: Tsk tsk. You should have watched Jeopardy.

Lightstreaqk(Q): Did Hollyleaf ever have a power? Or was she never really destined to be one of the certain 'three?'

VickyHolmes(A): I answered this earlier - can you scroll back to the Q about Holly's destiny? :)

SpottedFlame: tui what are the titles?

Fluffypelt: a poodle? i love poodles! they are fluffs

CherithBaldry: I felt terrified when I write the Brightheart scene. I knew that I had to get it right. And I felt honoured to have that part in remembering Emmy.

Shiningfur: *honors Emmy, head bowed*

Seven(Q): Have any of you ever wished to add something that couldn't be placed in the series because the target audience was too young?

VickyHolmes(A): Good question! I always say that I don’t write for children OR adults, I just write about things that interest me, and strong characters in all different shades to bring those things about. The fact that we write about cats gives us the freedom to deal with subjects that wouldn’t normally be acceptable in a book aimed at younger readers that featured human characters – I’m thinking specifically of death, parenthood, intense political situations, violence, giving away your children, losing religious faith, madness… So joyously I don’t feel constrained at all about what I can include in the books, which is one reason why I haven’t run out of stories yet. However, there are two topics that will never fit into any of the books, and those are homosexuality and drug addiction. Not because the readers are too young (although I do have an opinion on the appropriateness, or otherwise, of these topics), but because they don’t sit easily in a series about feral cats.

Fernstar: haha vicky

Cometstorm: Ha No Slash

Silverclaw: lol

Sevenclaws-sama: Oh, cool. I got a long answerr. x3 Thanks, Vicky-san.

Nettlepaw: Anthropomorphism rocks, doesn't it?

Tui Sutherland: The whole series is called Pet Trouble, and the poodle book in particular is Mud-puddle Poodle :)

SpottedFlame: hi vicky!! I am Spottedstar of leafclan. I met you in Clinton. I am in your tour diary for having a memorable shirt.

Sunstreak: Tui: Which dog is Jeopardy? *shot*

Tui Sutherland: Sunstreak, Jeopardy is a Sheltie, who'll be in book six, coming out next year :)

Crescentmoon(Q): Whatever happened to Princess? Did she know that Firestar was leaving? I always hoped that Cody told her what happened.

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, Cody explained everything, and although Princess was sad that she wouldn’t see her brother or son again, she understood why the Clans had to leave. Princess was a very important character because she was a fluffy kittypet through and through, yet sensitive enough to appreciate Firestar’s loyalty to the Clans, and his faith in the warrior code to lead him on the right path. I miss Princess!

Sunstreak: Cool Xd

Spottedshadow: I miss her, too!

Eveningmist-Tau(Q): In the Secrets of the Clans, it says that Stoneteller used to go to the Moonpool with two other healers from two other Tribes. What happened to these tribes? What were they called? Also, in Outcast, Stoneteller again says that they have never needed borders and patrols before. Does this mean that the three tribes lived together peacefully without any fighting?

VickyHolmes(A): The origin of the Tribe of Rushing Water will be explored in more detail in Omen of the Stars. Yes, there were originally more groups of cats living in the mountains – Stoneteller wasn’t lying! J I’m hugely excited about revealing more prehistory in the fourth series. It opens up the stories in a whole new direction, and gives me lots more ideas than just following the Clans in their day-to-day lives by the lake (there are only so many foxes they can chase away!).

Hawkstar270: I'll be back after I finish eating. Hope I don't miss too much.

jays wing: can we Please meet tui kate or cherith in person?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandstripe(Q): If your characters were human, which one would you want to spend a day with, go out to lunch, and talk to?

VickyHolmes(A): This is an awesome question! My favourite so far, I think. Hmmmm, who would I choose? I think it would have to be Cinderheart, because I’d want to quiz her and see just how much she knows about being a medicine cat. Then I’d say, Ha! Ever wondered how you knew all that stuff? I’d also like to meet Spottedleaf and say, Leave Firestar alone! You’re dead, and he’s got a mate! Enough mooning over him already!

Magicyop: Haha

Fernstar: omg vicky

RIP Lucas: I love how the erins are all like yelling at their charris for being the way they are

Shadowmoon: Spottedleaf was a pretty name. :(

Scorchtail: Power to vicky!!!

Goldenpaw: Chris Crocker: Leave Firestar alone!

Spottedshadow: Harsh, Vicky.

Storme: Well said, Vicky. Well said. xd

kaboomkat: That answer was pure win :'D

Wildtail: Lol!

Sparrow: I kinda liked Spotted X Fire. Xd

SpottedFlame: i miss spoteedleaf

Losty: Lol, Vicky, awesome answer Xd

jays wing: could you do a wolf book? we all like them.

SheilaRuth: "leave Firestar alone. You're dead and he's got a mate" Hilarious

Sunflower: Awww. I loved spottedleaf

Cherrypetal: i dun leik firestar. he's, like, immortal.

Hawkstorm: Firexcinderpelt *shot*

Quailfeather: Lol, Vicky!

Spottedshadow: Lol.

Sparrow: It's a funny answer, though ::tongue

Dawnstripe27: thats hilarious vicky!

Sunstreak: Spottedleaf's my favourite character... ::mellow

Silverclaw: i Love it!!!!

Nettlepaw: You miss Spottedleaf? But she's Always there!

RIP Lucas(Q): Tui, in your blog, as well as the autographed picture I received of Sunshine from the Brightspirit auction, you've shown a bit of an obsession with dogs. Would you (or any of the other Erin's) ever choose to do something dog related for a book?

Tui Sutherland(A): I am TOTALLY obsessed with dogs! That's why I'm doing the Pet Trouble series -- although I should warn you it's a lot happier than the Warriors & Seekers's easier to be evil to cats or bears, because I don't live with one who would give me reproachful looks all the time! :) So I don't think I could do a dark animal fantasy about dogs, but it's fun to write about them being hilarious and mischievous instead. :)

Tui Sutherland: Although I'd never say never to anything :)

Rabbitfoot(Q): Would you ever consider doing a BloodClan super edition? They're one of my favorite Clans and I would love to see a book devoted to them.

VickyHolmes(A): Alas, BloodClan are no more; only their fear of Scourge held them together as any sort of Clan. Their history before the battle with the four forest Clans is covered in Scourge’s manga, The Rise of Scourge, which explains how BloodClan came to be. Oh, and the remnants of BloodClan pop up in Ravenpaw’s manga trilogy, which comes out…er…soon. People always ask me when the books are coming out and I never remember!

CherithBaldry: I did one tour when Midnight came out. I'd happily do another but i think Vicky is the best ambassador for Erin.

Storme(Q): Is the moon indeed sacred to the Clans? They have the Moonstone and Moonpool, two sacred places where leaders and medicine cats may speak with StarClan, not to mention the fact that the full moon is the sign of the truce during the Gatherings, so wouldn't it seem insulting to StarClan(and, if not, implying that a cat is an important figure, when, when the cat is still a kit, the mother couldn't possibly know that?) to give a cat the name Moon-? Also, on the warriors website(on the Ask Erin Hunter), you said Bluestar's mother's name was Duskflower, yet in the preview of Bluestar's Prophecy, it's still Moonflower. Which is correct?

VickyHolmes(A): Interesting question. The moon isn’t sacred as such – they don’t worship the moon, or believe that it has any special powers, but they do use it to mark the passage of time. The rest of importance comes from the fact that it is a source of light at night, which must seem pretty strange to the cats! It illuminates the Gatherings (a night when fighting would be difficult anyway because there would be less darkness to hide in), and shines on crystalline stones and still reflective pools where medicine cats can imagine StarClan gathering. So the moon has significance, mystery, beauty, but not actual power, if you see what I mean. Early on, we decided that the name “moon” shouldn’t be used by Clan cats not because it would insult StarClan, but because it would imply that a particular cat had more beauty and significance than its Clanmates. In fact (Warriors trivia coming up!) Bluestar was originally called Moonstone! However, a couple of references crept in to her mother being called Moonflower, most notably in Secrets of the Clans. Although I tried to change this to Duskflower in the website Q&A, there was a general feeling when we came to Bluestar’s Prophecy that we should go with the name that had appeared in previous books. So, uniquely, and kind of by accident, Bluestar’s mom is indeed Moonflower.

RIP Lucas: I think Sunshine should have a blog!

Tui Sutherland: Sunshine Does have a blog!

Losty: Yay, there'll be more Bloodclan in Ravenpaw's Manga! =D

eaglefeather15: really?

Tui Sutherland: It's at the Pet Trouble website:

Tui Sutherland: you can send her questions!

Sparrow: Bloodclan! 8D

Morningleaf: oooh....i just looked up my moms warrior name and it was mousehead Xd

Nettlepaw: Well, there goes my hopes for Moonwalker...

Tui Sutherland: she would love that!

RIP Lucas: Sweet

RIP Lucas: I will

Silverclaw: I want warriors to come out faster!

Sunflower: There are plenty of other cats who have been around longer than Firestar. Blackstar was Deputy before Firestar even became an apprentice and Leopardstar was an experianced warrior. Firestar is not immortal

Tui Sutherland: and you should send me a photo of Bailey for her Friends gallery too! :)

RIP Lucas: I wish

RIP Lucas: Bailey hates cameras

RIP Lucas: She acutally runs away from my phone

RIP Lucas: cos she knows she has a camera

Magicyop: Moonwalker? What about Skywalker?

SheilaRuth: Lol!

Shadowmoon: Moonstone... that's a pretty name.

Redfeather: can we be quiet so we can hear the questions?

Tanglefur(Q): Who, if anyone, 'created' StarClan and the Dark Forest? And what are the background/origins of them?

VickyHolmes(A): No single cat or creature was responsible for making StarClan and the Dark Forest. You’ll find out exactly how they came about in Omen of the Stars (book four or book five, I think). I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you now because I’m so excited about this element of the story!

Sandstripe(Q): If your characters were human, which one would you want to spend a day with, go out to lunch, and talk to?

KateCary(A): Yellowfang, of course, though I think the conversation would be a bit one-sided. She's a cat with a lot to say. I can just imagine her rolling her eyes when I say somthing dumb like I don't remember who was leader before Sunstar :)

Shiningfur: Skywalker...hah!

Streamflow(Q): Is Pinestar Firestar and Scrouge's father? Because if he is then Scrouge, Tigerstar, and Firestar are all half-brothers! (eek) Also, that expands the list of cats who are "kin of Firestar's kin"...

VickyHolmes(A): Wow, that would be amazing if Pinestar was Scourge AND Firestar’s dad! Alas, he isn’t. But I kind of wish I’d thought of that…

Fluffypelt: Skywalker...luke Skywalker!

Shadowmoon: But does that mean my name isn't a good warriors one?

RIP Lucas: actually

RIP Lucas: I Do Have A Pciture

Silverclaw: i luv star wars!

Spottedshadow: Lol, Kate.

Losty: I would love to have a conversation with Sol. I'd be like "WHY Don't People Realize That You're Awesome!" Xd

Tui Sutherland: aww, too funny, Bailey! that's a great story for a book...

RIP Lucas: You can use it,xd

Shadowmoon: I am hypnotically allergic to Star Wars

Tui Sutherland: :)

CherithBaldry: I think Squirrelflight would be fun, though I'd love a long chat with leafpool. And I'd love to lie in the sun and listen to Purdy's stories.

Goldenpaw: If Piney was their father, then Firestar killed his half brother who killed his half brother

Goldenpaw: And Bramble x Squirrel would be incest

Silverclaw: I luv Starwars! Take it back!

RIP Lucas: She's so sweet (and old) but still insane!

Fernstar: moonwalker

Fluffypelt: Purdy is nice

Vixenfur: Tui do you like the word nugget

Tui Sutherland: Sure, Vixenfur...especially if it has "chicken" in front of it. ;)

Morningleaf: I Love Purdy

Vixenfur: Yay!!!

Sunflower: I don't like purdy. He is a tad annoying

RIP Lucas: Tui: What does the Tt stand for?

Tui Sutherland: Tui Tamara :)

SheilaRuth: Aw, I like Purdy

Waterstripe(Q): Will the character of Rock be told anytime in the future?

VickyHolmes(A): Not quite sure what you mean? He’ll definitely appear in Omen of the Stars, don’t worry. And look out for a fabulously dramatic scene involving Jayfeather’s beloved Stick of Wonder in Book One!

Tui Sutherland: hee! Thanks, Brightsky! I'll give Bailey a shout-out if I do. :)

RIP Lucas: Cool!

Fluffypelt: Purdy is soooo nice!

Magicyop: I loved him in Midnight(purdy, I mean)

Losty: The Stick!!!!!! =D

Morningleaf: purdy so clueless, its funny

Sparrow: More Stick Of Wonder?

CherithBaldry: Oh it was great writing about the stick!

Vixenfur: The Retirn Of The Stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kaboomkat: Lol, Stick of Wonder

Fernstar: and someone mentioned birdpoopkit

Sparrow: I was missing that thing! ::laugh

Streamflow: Yay, the stick!

Iceclaw: Jayfeather and his darn stick. (burns stick)

Vixenfur: *return

Dawnstripe27: Huzzah I Love The Stick

Whisperheart: Yay, Stick of Wonder! ::laugh!!!

Magicyop: Is The Stick Cheating On Jay?

RIP Lucas: I am so getting your books from the library

spottedstar: yeah! the stick of wonder!

Scorchtail: Jayxstick!

Silverclaw: I saw a youtube video about jayxstick thing

Ice: Xd

Sunstreak: Lol, Magic!

Sparrow: Iceclaw: Don't burn the stick.

Silverclaw: ahh

Dawncloud: hahaha the beloved stick!!! its cute

Losty: Lol, Magic, that would be so sad Xd

KateCary: did you really think we'd forget The Stick!!!

Dawnstripe27: back off, jayfeather, the stick is mine!

Iceclaw: Too late. (holds up sticks ashes)_

Silverclaw: The Stick Rules!!!

RIP Lucas: What age group are they best for?

Tui Sutherland: aw, thank you!, Brightsky -- depends on which ones -- Pet Trouble is ages 9-13, Avatars is older

Vixenfur: All hail the stick

Silverclaw: you just burned jay's gf!

Fernstar: stick of wonder!!!!

CherithBaldry: We should have candy Jayfeather;s sticks, with his name running down the middle.

Magicyop: Stick plushies

Spottedshadow: Lol! Good idea!

Sunflower: I have the stick! *holds up stick* It's been half chewed by a Beaver Xd

Fernstar: lol

Fluffypelt: Jayfeather Is Mine!

Vixenfur: Stiuck Plushies Yeah!!!

SheilaRuth: Candy Jayfeather sticks!

Iceclaw: (gets rid of stick's ashes)

Spottedshadow: Yum!

kaboomkat: I want the Stick's autograph P:

Scorchtail: that would be awesome! with little lines on it

Lightstreaqk: ;~; Don't do that to his stick, Ice D:

Silverclaw: yes vixen...stick Plushies!

kaboomkat(Q): Though this has nothing to do with my question, I just love how everything is falling apart in Sunrise 8D I don't like happy endings >.> Have you ever thought of having a few of your kitties rebel/revolt? Specifically against the way they're being ruled. Your books have human issues such as starvation, war, murder, etc, so I'm sure there's at least one cat who thinks independently and differently. Like 'yo, this isn't working for me, I want freedom to vote, power to the felines, blah blah'. Y'know c: I'm partial to the idea of rioting cats, though not if they've been previously dunked in water and placed on my lap.

VickyHolmes(A): Hee hee! A reader after my own heart! Happy endings are so dull, and quite unrealistic, to be honest. Life is FAB, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t rely on what’s going on around you to make things perfect. I have a Buddhist quote on a postcard pinned to my dresser that I see first thing every morning: There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. It’s so true, and worth remembering when you get caught up thinking, I’d be happy IF I had those jeans/a new iPod/a boyfriend, or IF I was thinner/taller/had different hair. Happiness doesn’t arrive in a box. It’s inside you all the time, if you look close enough. Phew, philosophical lecture over. :) Aha! Funny you should say this… SkyClan’s Destiny features exactly this theme! Civil war splits the newly formed Clan in two as Leafstar struggles to find a way for her Clan to survive among pressures and challenges that aren’t found in the forest. Also, we’ve had cats rebelling in the main series on a smaller scale, such as Mudclaw’s attempt to overthrow Onestar after Tallstar’s death. And how about Sol, turning ShadowClan upside down with his “fend for yourself” philosophy?

kaboomkat: Thank you so much for answering that, Vicky xd

Cometstorm: Skyclan Civil Warrrrrrrrrrrr

Fluffypelt: Tui,what kind of dogs do you have?

Spottedshadow: Oh, I can hardly have time to read the questions!

Dawncloud: Tui!!! I just saw your video on jeopardy!!! You look amazing!!! I love your name 2

Tui Sutherland: Thank you, Dawncloud! It was really fun! Fluffypelt, my dog is a yorkie-poodle mix :)

RIP Lucas: I'm 12

RIP Lucas: and I read older stuff

Shiningfur: I dream of being an author in one of these author chats... I'm writing a book, and I hope one day I'll get it published.

Redfeather: I wanna write a book -_-

Nettlepaw(Q): The audiobooks read by Nanette Savard are fantastic, but why are they only for books 4,5 and 6 of the 'New Prophecy'? Will there ever be audiobooks for the other titles, especially the first series?

VickyHolmes(A): This is a source of great bewilderment to me, and I’ve asked the same thing. Apparently, the HarperCollins policy is that audiobooks are produced once a series has started selling in particular quantities – but the first audiobook is made from the most recently published book. Which is why they started with The New Prophecy Book Four, because it came out at the time when the series as a whole reached the target for audiobooks. I’m afraid I don’t know if any other books will be transferred to audio, but I have my fingers crossed because they are beautifully produced, as you say.

Sunstreak: x_x I've wanted to read Tui's books and Vicky's books and Cherith's books that aren't Warriors/seekers... But I have problems finding them in Canada. Kate's are easy to find, though Xd I bought Bloodline@

Nettlepaw: Woop!

Scorchtail(Q): In the prologue of Long Shadows, why were the original clan leaders only called by the first part of their names?

VickyHolmes(A): Because those were actually their names, and the tradition of adding –star hadn’t yet been thought up. The Clans developed slowly – if you think of all their rituals and practices, it must have taken years to think of them all! – so the original leaders kept their names just as they were. I’d love to do a Super Edition about the very early Clans so we can see how they started to take the shape that we recognize today.

jays wing: hey, erin, thank you so much. its so fun talking to you without a long car ride ;D

Forestpelt joined.

RIP Lucas: I really want to read kate's too

Shiningfur: Candy Jayfeather sticks, huh? Yum.

Sparrow: Early Clan Super Edition! =P

SheilaRuth: That would be cool! I'd love to see a super edition about the early clans!

Fernstar: like in the code of the clans

Scorchtail: yes!

Fluffypelt: i love candy

Forestpelt: [[I can't believe I forgot about the Eh chat!]]

Shiningfur: Ohh, great idea!

Vixenfur: It will come out you know!

Sunstreak: Coolness!

Lightstreaqk: "bloodline" was raelly good! I was up until 2 in the morning reading it, because I couldn't put it down :D

Lightstreaqk: *really

Dawnstripe27: forest! hey!

Sparrow: (forest! =D *glomps*)

Quailfeather(Q): In Sunrise when Leafpool stepped down from being a Medicine Cat, did she step down to a Warriors status, or was she banished?

VickyHolmes(A): You’ll find out in Omen of the Stars Book One! She’s still on the cast list, if that’s any consolation.

Silverclaw: There should be a warriors parade with plushies, stick candies, and kitty cookies!

CherithBaldry: I keep begging Vicky for a Tribe Super Edition.

Daisypaw: Hi Foresty!

Shiningfur: Hi, Forestpelt, nice to see you!

Spottedshadow: Yay!!!

wildclaw118(Q): What will happen to Cinderheart when she goes to starclan will she divide or regain all her all memories

VickyHolmes(A): I have been asked this several times, which makes me realize I should have figured out an answer before I came up with the idea of bringing Cinderpelt back! J Whatever happens will depend on how much Cinderheart learns about her previous life, and how she feels about it. Hmmm, is that suitably evasive? J

Cometstorm: oh really?

Sunstreak: Lol Cherith!

Forestpelt: Hi^^'

Sevenclaws-sama: Hello, Fp2-san.

Fernstar: yay cherith!!

Lightstreaqk: I want to read the other Erins' books too but I can't find them either

Iceclaw: Vicky, that's the first kind thing you've said all chat!

wildclaw118: its good

Nettlepaw: Thanks, Vicky! I'll have my fingers crossed, too!

Shadowmoon: To the Erins: Do you have any opinion on my warrior name? After reading the Moon thing, I'm not sure that it's good. Even though "shadow Moon" is an important phrase to me

KateCary: Shadowmoon, you have a great name and if it means something special to you, just enjoy it! :)

Shadowmoon: Okay, thanks, Kate! :)

Spottedshadow(Q): Will any of the bears in Seekers become mates? I red in a textbook that grizzlies and black bears are so similar that they can interbreed (hint, hint).

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, you and your shippings! :) Yes, black and brown bears can interbreed, but that’s very rare. And it’s not going to happen with our bears, I’m afraid. They’re rather young for romance! Plus they’re focused on saving the world, which doesn’t leave much time for chilling out. :(

Sunstreak: Popcorn! *shares with all*

SheilaRuth: Well what did you expect? Did you think she's going to post The Fourth Apprentice here inthe chat room?

Vixenfur: Shadowmoon is an awesome name!

Cometstorm: Toklo♥lusa

Spottedshadow: Oh, my question! Oops... typo. That's embarassing.

RIP Lucas: Purdy is the fourth apprentice ::hyper

Redfeather: *applauds Erins*

Sparrow: Sheila: Yeah! ::laugh *just kidding*

Fluffypelt: i like the name Shadowmoon!

Daisypaw: Sheila: yes

Fernstar: wouldn't that be nice

Daisypaw: jkjk

Sandstripe(Q): If your characters were human, which one would you want to spend a day with, go out to lunch, and talk to?

Tui Sutherland(A): I think Squirrelfeather would be funny company! And I kind of have a crush on Brackenfur, so maybe him, if we were both single. ;)

Magicyop: Haha yeah

Dawnstripe27: Omg Thats Hilarious Purdy!

SheilaRuth: Lol

Brambleflower: Toklo X Lusa!!! <3!!!

Magicyop: Purdypaw

Losty: Lol, Brighty, I would loev that Xd

VickyHolmes: Iceclaw, that's a bit harsh! Am I really so eeevvviiillll? Yes I Am. :) And you love me for it, so there.

Sunstreak: Lol

Streamflow: Somehow I just can't imagine Leafpool as a warrior...

Fluffypelt: i think Toklo likes Lusa

Goldenpaw: Vick yis the fourth apprentice

Dawnstripe27: tuuuuui thats hilarious

Goldenpaw: Vicky is*

Shadowmoon: Thanks, Vixenfur and Fluffypet! I was kind of unsure after the moon thing, but now I'm okay! :D

Firefawn: Tokloxlusa!!!

Lightstreaqk: Evil's good though ^^

Magicyop: "there will be three, kin of your kin... plus an old guy..."

Sunstreak: We love you for your evilness, Vicky Xd

Rainfall(Q): Why did you choose to kill Honeyfern?

VickyHolmes(A): You’re not going to be very pleased with me, I’m afraid. I needed a cat to be killed by a snake in order to have a reason to have deathberries in the hollow, so that Hollyleaf could threaten to kill Leafpool with them later on. I worked back from that scenario, thinking, hmmm, what would be an excuse for Leafpool to have deathberries in her stores when she is so strict about not having them in the camp? How else might she use deathberries? How about laying a trap for something that deserved to be killed? Like…a nasty ol’ snake that bit a helpless innocent cat? Leafpool or another cat might come up with the idea of stuffing a mouse with deathberries to lay a deadly bait for the snake. Now, who can I kill with a snake? Hmmmm… Poor Honeyfern. Sob.

Shadowmoon: Aw, Honeyfern.... :(

Sunstreak: Vicky! *wails*

Vixenfur: Xd plus and old guy Xd

Shiningfur:, that was good. Brackenfur is really nice!

Fluffypelt: go Tui! lol

Losty: Lol, Magic Xd

Cherrypetal: *cracks up* Vicks Is The Fourth Apprentice!

Tui Sutherland: I have to admit I kind of think Toklo likes Lusa, too, but I bow to the wisdom of Vicky! :)

RIP Lucas: Nooooo

RIP Lucas: Tui

RIP Lucas: You betrayed meeeee

Tui Sutherland: aww, I'm sorry, Brightsky! I guess I always figured Kallik would get Way too big for Toklo eventually! She could sit on him if she wanted to! But she is pretty awesome :) and tough enough for him, that's true

RIP Lucas: That makes it better ::happy

CherithBaldry: Nice to have an insight into your twisty mind, Vicky!

Streamflow: *sniff* Honeyfern! You could have made the snake bite her, but not kill her!

Dawncloud(Q): Is Pinestar Firestar's father?

VickyHolmes(A): Nope – but it would have been cool if he was! Can you imagine if Tigerstar, Firestar and Scourge had been half-brothers? J

Dawnstripe27: omg that would be the ultimate trio

RIP Lucas: *huggles Tokloxkallik poster*

Cometstorm(Q): Will Half Moon or Brightspirit show up again in the fourth series? If so, will Jayfeather pursue a relationship with one of them? :)

VickyHolmes(A): You’re all so desperate for Jayfeather to have a bit of romance! Hmmmm. Do you really think he’s cut out to be a romantic hero? To answer the first part of your question, we’ll definitely see Half Moon again (yay! I love the ancient cats!). I’m not sure about Brightspirit.

Shiningfur: You made me cry with Honeyfern's death!! guys are geniuses...but evil. I like that.

Iceclaw: I hope Jayfeather dies Alone!

Rainripple(Q): Will Tigerstar still be a problem for Dovekit and/or Ivykit in 'Omen of the Stars'?

VickyHolmes(A): Tigerstar will always be a problem! Not even death can keep him down…

Silverclaw: yeah vicky!

Iceclaw: Yes! Tigerstar!

Sevenclaws-sama: Ditto, Ice-sama.

Rainripple: yay my question!

Lightstreaqk: ::wub Tigerstar

Goldenpaw: Tiggerstar is needs to keep his nose out of other cats' business.

Iceclaw: To what, Jayfeather dying alone or Tigerstar showing up agian, or both?

Sevenclaws-sama: Both, I suppose.

Spottedshadow: He's juist determined to be the villian.

Dawnstripe27: no way tigerstar is the best he can do whatever he wants to do

Shadowmoon: ::wub Tigerstar!!!

Silverclaw: Yes golden

Spottedshadow: *just

Iceclaw: Have the high-horse three(hollyleaf, not the kit chosen) die alone and bitter!

wildclaw118(Q): What will happen to Cinderheart when she goes to starclan will she divide or regain all her all memories

KateCary(A): OOH, what a great question. I'd love it if she had the memories of both lives - that would be awesome

Dawncloud: Tigerstar is coo;

Fernstar: kallik is my fave

Dawncloud: *cool

Shiningfur: No!! Jayfeather should have no romance! Follow the code, for Starclan's sake. No cat has done that in what seems ages. ...yeah, I'd probably break it though... :D

Forestpelt: Tiggerstar 8-) X P

Whisperheart: Tiggerstar. ::laugh

Tui Sutherland: On the "contact Us" part of the Pet Trouble site :)

RIP Lucas: I'm imaginging Toklo getting squished

RIP Lucas: I love him, but I would love to see him get sat on

Streamflow: I like Lusa!

Dawnstripe27: i cant imagine jayfeather actually Liking another cat... but having a romance? that'd be like..

Silverclaw: yes shining!

Goldenpaw(Q): I have heard online that Redtail is Sandstorm's sire. Is this true?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, it is.

Lakestorm Wright: No it isn't.

Lakestorm Wright: I refuse to believe that.

Lakestorm Wright: Redtail can't have kits; he's a tortoiseshell!

Sevenclaws-sama: He could be a chimera, Lakey.

Shadowmoon: How come male tortoiseshells can't have kits?

Spottedshadow: That's calico cats...

Storme: But she didn't seem nearly as saddened by his death as Dustpaw. o_o

Shadowmoon: Is it scientific?

Silverclaw: Yes! A chimera!

Sevenclaws-sama: It would be possible then.

Shadowmoon: A chimera sounds interesting. Is that a mix of many?

Sevenclaws-sama: Chimerism is when two unborn life-forms fuse together. Like the opposite of identical twins.

Sparrow: Dustpaw was Redtail's apprentice.

SpottedFlame: i wish purdy would have come to thunderclan...............but then that would be more reason for shadow clan to attack them..... Who Cares If They"re Not Clanborn Or If They're Half Clan????

Sparrow: No...not squishy Toklo

Morningleaf: i like toklo and ujrak

Cometstorm: But He's Following The Code If They're Dead

Wildflower: Tiggerstar! lol!

Dawncloud: ya!!!

Tui Sutherland: hee! poor squished Toklo!

Iceclaw: Sandstorm, be proud of your father!

Sparrow: Redtail's Sandstorm's father? O_o

Shadowmoon: What's a Sire?

Storme: Father

Goldenpaw: Father

Fluffypelt: Jayfeather should have romance...with me ::evil

Iceclaw: Father, I think, Shadowmoon.

RIP Lucas: *huggles squished toklo*

Wildflower: *father

Redfeather(Q): Are any of the cats in the books based on people -- er, Twolegs -- you know in real life?

VickyHolmes(A): Not for me, no. I never, ever base characters – whether cats or humans – on people from real life. Not because I don’t know some story-worthy people, but because characters pop up in my head on their own, and I instantly know them much better than I know people around me. Of course, Kate, Cherith and Tui might have different ideas!

Fernstar: i can see it now...

Magicyop: Purdy Did come to thunderclan

RIP Lucas: If they had cubs, half the cub would be big and the other half would be small

kaboomkat: Kallik sitting on Toklo is a hilarious mental image.

KateCary: Jay and romance? I can't imagine it. If I were a cat I think he'd make a great friend but I wouldn't want him for a mate!

CherithBaldry: It might be good to have that cool, touch-me-not outside of Jayfeather completely broken down by his feelings for another cat. Vicky? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Wildtail(Q): In the Warriors Wikipedia article, it said that the SkyClan Super Edition will be entitled "SkyClan's Destiny", and "Allegiances of the Clans" and "Battle of the Clans" the titles for the next two Field Guides. is given as reference for all three. Is the aforementioned website right about them?

VickyHolmes(A): At last, there is truth on the internet! Yup, SkyClan’s Destiny and Battles of the Clans will be out next year (late summer and early summer respectively). Allegiances of the Clans, all about the tangled romantic, political and platonic relationships in the Clans’ history, will follow in 2011. Which is VERY far away!

jays wing: i thought the whole emmy cherry thing was the best! i read about it on a couple sites. :-)

SheilaRuth: jays wing, it was really sad that Emmy died. I'm glad that she could be immortalized in her favorite series.

jays wing: sheila, i mean its great that a char was named after her. she seemed like a good person. i dont want her dead. :-(

SheilaRuth: I know what you meant, jays wing

Daisypaw: No. not another forbidden relaionship >.>

Vixenfur: so far away... 0_0

Shadowmoon: I have a forbidden relationship!

Fluffypelt: Jayfeather is me kitteh,he shall,he shall,he shall have romance with meh! ::evil

Hawkstorm: oh yes family relations

Sparrow: What's wrong with forbidden relationships? o_o

Rainripple: lol fluffy

Redfeather: Is liking someone who is dead a forbidden relationship?

Rainripple: My Jayfeather!

Emberstar(Q): When does Ravenpaw's triology take place?

VickyHolmes(A): Ravenpaw’s manga is set in the year between the first series and The New Prophecy. It begins not long after Firestar and Sandstorm get back from helping SkyClan – Ravenpaw meets Squirrelkit and Leafkit on his first visit to the Clans in the manga trilogy. It’s been very useful having that year to fill with extra stories, but I’m concerned there won’t be room for many more!

Shadowmoon: Fluffypelt sounds so evil.

Brambleflower: Forbidden relationships = <3

Silverclaw: ::evil

Streamflow: Yay! Forbidden love!

Fluffypelt: i Am evil! ::evil

Magicyop: Haha fluffypelt

Vixenfur: Fluffeh ish evil Xd

Redfeather: I Have A Forbidden Relationship (if dead people are forbidden)

Silverclaw: Yay? Forbidden luv?

Magicyop: That should be Purdy's warriorname

Scorchtail: yay! Squirrelkit and Leafkit!

Silverclaw: lol red!

Morningleaf: I hate forbidden love.....

Silverclaw: kitty kitty kitty!

Shadowmoon: Redfeather: If that's true, what about Firestar and Spottedleaf?

Cometstorm: Jayfeather Needs romance

Wildstorm(Q): Will Sol still have an important role in the 4th apprentice?

VickyHolmes(A): I haven’t yet decided if Sol will return. I’d like him to because I think there’s unfinished business there, but I’ll have to see if the stories head in the right direction as the series unfolds.

Fluffypelt: now i will go to the stick and kill it,and Jay shall have Me! bwahahaha!

Goldenpaw: Purdy's warrior name is Scatterbrain.

Redfeather: Firestar x Sandstorm remember???

Iceclaw: No Sol!

Losty: I hope he does, I Love Sol! =D

Redfeather(Q): Are any of the cats in the books based on people -- er, Twolegs -- you know in real life?

KateCary(A): I find the characters just evolve into their own personalities - there's no need to base them on real life people. Besides I don't know anyone who'd want to poop in the woods

Silverclaw: lol golden

Streamflow: I ahte Sol.

Vixenfur: I do not like Sol!!!

Lilacheart: I don't know about Sol =/

Sunstreak(Q): What do you think the hardest part of being an author is?

VickyHolmes(A): Right now, having to be indoors writing when the sun is shining and Missy wants to go for a walk! Of course, that’s not literally right now - it’s dark outside and Missy has no desire to go anywhere expect her basket (or underneath my duvet - ha! Dream on, doglet!). Apart from wanting to be outside in greenleaf, the hardest part for me is having to rely on my imagination for everything I do. There’s always a panic inside me that I’ll run out of ideas! And it can get a bit lonely, which is why it’s so much nicer to work with Kate or Cherith or Tui on each manuscript. Always someone to bounce ideas off! But on a good day, when writing is like describing a movie playing inside my eyelids, this is the best job in the world!

CherithBaldry: Sometimes the hardest oart is sitting down at the desk and turning the computer on. Then I have the best-watered plants in England! But when it goes well it's like flying!

Morningleaf: Sols Rocks!!!

SpottedFlame: haha golden paw funny :P

Magicyop: Nooo purdy's warrior name is Offmylawn

Cherrypetal: scatterbrain

Iceclaw: (goes into battle with Losty) Sol must die!

Wildflower: I really hope Sol comes back!

Dawnstripe27(Q): Aren't feral cats nocturnal?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, they are, but right at the start of the series we decided to make them diurnal because otherwise all the action would take place in the dark. We love our scenery! And also, it would make the cats’ experience even more remote from our own, when what I really wanted was to write about small furry humans with four legs. So I’m afraid you have to blame me for bending the laws of nature.

Sparrow: Offmylawnkit

Dawncloud: someone needs to take a chill pill (o; (fluffypelt_

Wildflower: Sol's fun to read about!

Shadowmoon: I am jealous of Nightcloud xd

RIP Lucas: *just saw a picture of Tui* You like like Tina Fey

RIP Lucas: with blonder hair

Spottedshadow: It's a fantasy series, anyway. =)

Losty: Icey, Sol's brilliant! He predicted the eclipse, remember! And he's right about Starclan! ^^

Iceclaw: He's pathetic!

Losty: Icey: No, he's Right! =D

Sunstreak: Yay! My question was answered! =D *late*

Phantomwing(Q): While all of us might wonder about Leafpool, Hollyleaf and Squirrelflight, I wonder about this: what will happen to Crowfeather? While he may have SEEMED to be over Leafpool, we all know that this is not the case, and that he only acted like he did to save face at the Gathering. His Clanmates might get distrustful of him again, knowing that he has two living sons in ThunderClan.

VickyHolmes(A): You are SO RIGHT! Crowfeather is heaving with all kinds of conflicting emotions right now, but as always, it’s hard to know what he’s thinking underneath his gruff, unfriendly exterior. Only Leafpool and Feathertail were able to see beyond that to the sensitive, loving chap underneath (I’m pretty sure Nightcloud has no idea of her mate’s true character). The revelations at the end of Power of Three will echo far into Omen of the Stars, and Crowfeather’s adventures definitely aren’t over. So many good stories to come! :)

Dawnstripe27: nooo i've got to go, which is really upsetting, hopefully i'll be back before the end, but if im not, Thank You So Much Erins!!! Bye!!!

Shadowmoon: Sol Is brilliant!

Amberminnow(Q): Thunderclan have the Highrock and now Highledge, but what do the other clans have?

VickyHolmes(A): In WindClan, Onestar stands on a boulder to address his Clanmates; in RiverClan, there’s a tree stump (from a small tree, like a hawthorn); and in ShadowClan, Blackstar stands on a fallen log. (Did that sound convincing? :))

SheilaRuth: Bye Dawnstripe!

Shadowmoon: Whoo Crowfeather!

Tui Sutherland: Hee! I Love Tina Fey! Thank you so much! :)

eaglefeather15(Q): Who will Lionblaze's mate be?

VickyHolmes(A): You’re assuming that a cat with his kind of powers - and his unique destiny - can have a mate! Actually, I do have someone in mind. Wait until Omen Book Two for some clues!

Sparrow: I can not wait. Mwahaha! ::evil

Dawncloud: bye dawn

RIP Lucas: I loved her in mean girls

kaboomkat: Tina Fey is awesome~

Rainripple: yay for Lionblaze!

Scarletpetal(Q): If a cat doesnt believe in Starclan (ex. Mothwing and Cloudtail) do they still go to Starclan?

VickyHolmes(A): Put it this way: I’m really looking forward to one of these cats dying, so I can find out! [Translation: I haven’t decided yet - but I have some ideas!]

Silverclaw: I feel sorry for Honeyfern, even if she was a ninny. ::headcomp

Goldenpaw: There goes Lionheather, not that Lionblaze didn't already ruin that

Redfeather: What's a Tina Fey>?

Dawncloud: she's an actress

Shadowmoon: I'm excited to find out who Lionblaze's mate will be!

Streamflow: "I'm looking forward to these cats dying"? Vicky is evil...

Vixenfur: Sol Is A Spanish Cat With Miracas And A Somraro Hat!!!!!! 0_0

Shadowmoon: If Lionblaze's mate were Cinderheart, that would be interesting, since Cinderheart is Cinderpelt in her "second life,' and so that might add a twist.

Sunstreak(Q): What do you think the hardest part of being an author is?

KateCary(A): chapter 14 is always the hardest - sooo far from the beginning, so far from the end. I always lose my nerve around chapter 14 - as Vicky will testify. It's Vicky who gives me a pep talk and gets me back on track!

VickyHolmes: Bye, Dawnstripe! Thanks for being here that long!

Sunstreak: Lol Kate!

Lightstreaqk: lol, Kate!

Silverclaw: lol kate!

Shadowmoon: Chapter 14... if anything, it's hard for Me to write chapter 16!

Fluffypelt: bye Dawn

CherithBaldry: I find the Prologue is the hardest. All those undecided electrons!

Shadowmoon: ....not like I've ever gotten that far.

Streamflow: The evil Chapter 14!

Sparrow: I love the prologues!

Hawkstar270: When writing, the final chapter is always the hardest for me. I just don't want to kill my precious villains.

Silverclaw: Kate, do you remember me? I asked if you that I could be the youngest-ever(or just young) author.

Silverclaw: On your blog

Shiningfur: When I write, prolouges kill me!

Ice: prologues are my favorite part!

Shadowmoon: I know, I always like the antagonists best! Crowfeather and Tigerstar!

CherithBaldry: Sometimes I leave the Prologue and write it later.

KateCary: Silverclaw - yes I remember you - I hope you're still writing!

Silverclaw: Yes I am!

Vixenfur: Kate Remember me

Losty: Sparrow, me too. I know people who were like "it's just the prologue" and I'm like "NO, It Has So Much Stuff In It!" Xd

Shiningfur: That's a good idea, Cherith. Leaving the prolouges for later...i should try that.

CherithBaldry: No law says you have to write the book in order.

SpottedFlame: vicky do u rember me, Spottedstar of Leafclan, I met u in Clinto N.j.?

Streamflow: I love the prolouge in Dark River...and in Midnight.

Sparrow: Losty: I know! I used to ignore the prologues when I started reading the series, and then I started to realize how they connect to the book...xd

Shiningfur: Writing books in order is something my friend and I never do!

Sunstreak(Q): What do you think the hardest part of being an author is?

Tui Sutherland(A): I agree with Kate! The middle bit is so hard! That's when I get bored and start thinking it'll never end...but the other part that's hard for me is trying to go out and talk about my books, when really I'm much happier to stay in my office in my pyjamas and just write them. That's why I like these kinds of chats! (a) because you guys are awesome, and (b) because I'm wearing pyjamas right now. :) Plus Sunshine can attend! :)

KateCary: I love writing the Prologue most of all - so full of promise and always like a tiny novel in itself - a promise of what's to come :)

Scorchtail: good point cherith; when i write mine, i write the prologue last

Losty: Sparrow: Yeah, they tell you so much extra stuff, I love them ^^

Nettlepaw: I've written a novel called 'tick' about a slick offhand Cityboy who get's turned into a cat. 70,000 words: Hodder are looking at it right now.

jays wing: omg spottedflame i remember you! im jaywing

Shiningfur: I like prolouges to read...writing them is a pain in my wrist.

Losty: Nettlepaw, that sounds awesome - I would certainly read it =]

eaglefeather15(Q): Who will Lionblaze's mate be?

KateCary(A): Ha! I THINK I know - but I'm not telling...:)

CherithBaldry: Best of luck, Nettle.

SpottedFlame: prolouges are fun to write especially when they're mysterious

Redfeather: yay prologues!!

Silverclaw: Kate, you're evil too! ::headcomp

Streamflow: Yeah...mysterious prolouges forever!

Nettlepaw: Thanks, Cherith! It means a lot comeing from you!

Forestpelt: I saw Vicky on her tour in Oregon =]

CherithBaldry: You;re welcome.

KateCary: I learned all my evilness from the master - Vicky!! ;P

Morningleaf: I always get lost in prolouges

jays wing: i saw her times2!

Sparrow: I saw Vicky on last year's tour in Michigan. ^^

Scorchtail: haha kate, Xd

Silverclaw: yeah kate!

Firefawn: i met Vicky in Dc

Fernstar: hee hee kate

Streamflow: All hail the great and evil Vicky!

Iceclaw: (glances at Soundy) I have to disagree with Vicky being the evil master, how 'bout you?

Rainripple: I saw Vivky in Van!

Hawkstar270: I saw Vicky last tour. I just forget where it was. *has a bad memory*

Redfeather: I was going to go to the tour in Oregon but I forgot -_- *slaps self* I'm a loyal fan than that!

Cloudy Havoqk: *bows down to Vicky* all hail the Dark Lord (er, Dark Lady?) Vicy!

Cloudy Havoqk: *vicky

Whisperheart: Hooray for evil people! ::laugh

SheilaRuth: lol Cloudy

Cloudy Havoqk: (ignore my typos!)

Rainripple: *vancouver

Firefawn: i hope she remembers me i was the first person to get my books signed

Cloudy Havoqk: I cannot spell. x_x

Sandcloud: Vicky is quite evil... it's awesome

Rainripple: Yay for morbidity!

Dawncloud: I think it takes and evil author to write a good story!!!

Silverclaw: Me too!

Rainripple: lol

Goldenpaw: I wish I could've gone to the Dc event, but it happened during school

Lilacheart: Vicky is evil and awesome ::laugh

Goldenpaw: Vicky makes everyone feel evil

Spottedshadow(Q): In Secrets of the Clans, you said that the four original Clan leaders (well, five actually, but the book only mentions four), were the ones who invented the Warrior Code, but in Code of the Clans, you said that the code was developed gradually, at different times. What really happened?

VickyHolmes(A): Erm, CODE is correct - the original leaders got the ball rolling with the idea of the Warrior Code, but the individual parts evolved over future moons.

Goldenpaw: Its her evil aura

Wildflower: ::evil

Iceclaw: I'd appricate her evil if some cats who deserve to die actually die.

Daisypaw: same, Icey

Morningleaf: Vicky is the best author ever!!! And shes Evil!!!

Vixenfur: Vicky is so awesome and evil and so are chipmunks Xd Xd Xd Xd

Phantomwing(Q): While all of us might wonder about Leafpool, Hollyleaf and Squirrelflight, I wonder about this: what will happen to Crowfeather? While he may have SEEMED to be over Leafpool, we all know that this is not the case, and that he only acted like he did to save face at the Gathering. His Clanmates might get distrustful of him again, knowing that he has two living sons in ThunderClan.

KateCary(A): I hope he has a happy ending - I like Crowfeather, though he's such an emo (you guys taught me what that meant)

Goldenpaw(Q): Why was Tadpole's white spot on his shoulder removed in the final version of Return to the Clans?

VickyHolmes(A): Was it? Hmmm, I suspect this was a glitch in communication among the manga team. I create storylines, fabulous Dan Jolley and his co-writers come up with the script, then proper manga artists draw the pictures. I’m afraid that leaves a few holes where details can slip through. L

Skywing(Q): Kate and Cherith: Do you make suggestions of who/how a cat dies?

CherithBaldry(A): Sometimes. Vicky doesn;t always agree, though!

Fluffypelt: Cherith do you like pie?

KateCary: help, I'm being attacked by a huge moth!!!!

Skywing(Q): Vicky: If dead, did you put Hollyleaf in StarClan, The Dark Forest, or in between?

VickyHolmes(A): I can't answer that without revealing if she's dead, can I? Ha ha, nice try, Skywing. :)

Cloudy Havoqk: lol, Emo Crowfeather

Dawncloud: Kate are you okay??? Is the moth gone???

Shadowmoon: Crowfeather isn't emo in my opinion! He's just utterly serious.

Skywing(Q): To all: Who is the cat you'd like to kill next?

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t actually *want* to kill these cute kitties. I'm led astray by my editor.

Firefawn: i'll be back in a minute just got to eat dinners adios

SheilaRuth: Good answer, Cherith!

Silverclaw: Cherith, you're not evil?

Silverclaw: gasp!

Scorchtail: kill Firestar!

Vixenfur: Nooooo Me Luv Firestar

Skywing(Q): To all: Who is the cat you'd like to kill next?

VickyHolmes(A): Any cat that bores me, bwa ha ha ha! Do exciting things, my little kitties! Or I'll crush you with a thunderbolt!

Streamflow: Ahahahahaha, Vicky is making Cherith kill kitties!

Sunstreak: Lmao Vicky!

Cloudy Havoqk: *does something exciting*

Silverclaw: Yay Vicky!

Losty: Lol, Vicky, great answer Xd

Sandcloud: lol Vicky!

Iceclaw: Agreed with Losty

Whisperheart: lol Vicky!

Shiningfur: Kill Tigerstar. He doesn't seem to want to die, huh? He's already dead, he needs to find out what that means! :D

Lightstreaqk: Lol, Vicky!!

Soundstorm: Xd Well, we can always expect great answers from Vicky.

Storme: cruel. owo

Redfeather(Q): Are any of the cats in the books based on people -- er, Twolegs -- you know in real life?

Tui Sutherland(A): I do this a lot more with my other books (This Must Be Love has a character who's totally my sister, plus of course Buttons is Sunshine), but I don't know anyone quite as furry as Kallik or Toklo (or who's had such a sad life!), so those have to come from our imagination. :)

Fox Gavin: Seeya

Skywing(Q): To all: Who is the cat you'd like to kill next?

KateCary(A): Ferncloud - she totally gets on my nerves

Fluffypelt: Tigerstar should be dead,hes an evil kitteh!

Shadowmoon: No, don't kill tigerstar! :( I liked him when he was Tigerpaw :)

Scorchtail: haha Kate! Me too!

Vixenfur: Bye Fox Buddy!!!

Quailfeather: Lol, Kate!

Sunstreak: Lol!

Iceclaw: Tigerstar's already dead

Nettlepaw: How old is Firestar, anyway? He's not old-old, is he?

Streamflow: Ferncloud must leave the nusury!

Wildflower: lol!

Shadowmoon: I still like Tigerstar though

Waterstripe: haha Kate

VickyHolmes: Hey folks, if you pre-submitted a question and it hasn't been answered here, I promise you that I Will answer it, but it might not fit into tonight's live chat. All of my answers will be posted here eventually. :)

CherithBaldry: I don;t base characters on real Twolegs, though Brambleclaw and Sorreltail are my cats, as you probably know.

Tui Sutherland: My computer is acting Bananas right now, so if I miss anything, I'm sorry!

Vixenfur: Okay thanks Vicky!

Brambleflower: I Want To Meet The Real Brambleclaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O______ooo

CherithBaldry: Brambleclaw is actually a lovely cat - very quiet and dignified.

Sparrow: Tui: I know that feeling, lol =/

Fernstar: get better tui's computer!!!

Silverclaw: kk vicky

Dawncloud: Yes, I think Ferncloud needs to leave the nursery soon . . . . Poor thing . . . from and eager apprentice to a borderline queen

Shadowmoon: I want to meet the real Crowfeather!

Fluffypelt: its ok,tui! if you miss somthing we will update you on it!

Redfeather: 'K Tui! I'll wait right here *blows in wind*

Lilacheart: So do I, Tui =/

SheilaRuth: Hey, Erins, Hazelleaf asked me to tell you that she can't be here tonight because she's out of town. She's sorry to have to miss it.

Skywing(Q): Kate and Cherith: Do you make suggestions of who/how a cat dies?

KateCary(A): Not so far, but I might start making suggestions...Berrynose would be second on the list

Sparrow: Ferncloud's been a queen ever since Tnp.

VickyHolmes: Missy has finally stopped trembling and gone to sleep - until I woke her up just now by accidentally kicking her under the desk. I forgot she was there, she's huddled so close to the wall! Sigh, my dog is so neurotic.

RIP Lucas: Ashy wants me to say hi to you all!

Sparrow: Hi, Ashy! =D

Silverclaw: Kate! Don't kill berrynose!

Goldenpaw: She's been a queens since before, actually

Vixenfur: Xd Just Liek Puglet< Vicky!

Redfeather: I want a doggy or a cat -_-

CherithBaldry: I like writing Berrynose - he's such a pain!

Daisypaw: and being a pain is a good thing? O_o

CherithBaldry: Daisy, being a pain is awesome to write. <evil snicker> What can i| make him do next?

Streamflow: sighs happily...brambleclaw...

Silverclaw: Kill Brambleclaw!

Shiningfur: Poor Missy. Sleep tight, Missy!

Sparrow: I. Hate. Berrynose.

Dawncloud: noooo

Vixenfur: *just like Puglet, Vicky!

Sevenclaws-sama: Berrynose... A sad name.

Iceclaw: Berrynose: Die!

Fernstar: so that berrynose can be with honeyfern

Redfeather: Berrynose is a drag... but he's so silly! xd

KateCary: i guess I'd miss all B'nose's boasting and showing off...just like I'd miss Ferncloud's bossiness...i guess the annoying characters are really the most fun to write

Amberminnow(Q): Does Poppyfrost have a mate and kits or an important role in the future? This is important to me because Willowpelt was my favorite cat and after she died Sorretail became my new favorite, if Sorreltail dies Poppyfrost will be my new new favorite. :)
VickyHolmes(A): I like Poppyfrost, too! I don’t want to give too much away, but in Omen Book One she has a mate And kits, yay! She’s a lovely character, and is getting to play more of a central role because Kate, Cherith and I are very fond of her.

Silverclaw: lol vicky.

Streamflow: Noo! Make Brambleclaw live forever!

Shiningfur: Poppyfrost, hoorah!

Fluffypelt: I Love Brambleclaw!

Brambleflower: Brambleclaw!!!! <3!!! ::wub!!!!

Shiningfur: I always loved Poppyfrost's name.

Magicyop: I'm just sorting through pages and pages of questions that have no meaning at all

Magicyop: Because guess what? I'm not even up to the point where the chat starts

Goldenpaw: Barkface is the one who must die.

VickyHolmes: While poor young Magicyop sorts through your questions, I'll post some here, but they won't be in the usual format so you'll have to read carefully to spot the Q!

Lilacheart: I don't care much for brambleclaw

Silverclaw: Brambleclaw! Dieeeeee! ::evil

Emberstar(Q): Will Skyclan Ever return in the actual series books?
VickyHolmes(A): I fear this is unlikely because they live so far away from the lake, even further than the forest. I can’t see how they’d chance upon the lake if they went a-wandering, and there are no cats to tell them the way, unless they found the Tribe in the mountains. It’s not impossible, just not likely, I’m afraid. But who knows? I might be desperate for some extra story later on in Omen of the Stars, so I’ll drag a few sturdy-pawed Skyclan cats all that way!

Shadowmoon: Why must Barkface die? He has such a funny name! x)

Sparrow: Lilac: Same.

Dawncloud: I like that color Kate!!!!

Streamflow: I Love Brambleclaw!!!! (i even have a fansite for him)

Goldenpaw: Barkface is older than dirt

Hawkstar270: I'm one of the few people who dislikes Brambleclaw to the point that everytime he is in danger, I become excited.

Vixenfur: Firestar: Berrynose.... change your name!!!! I mean it isn't threaning!! Gawsh!

Brambleflower: O_o fan-site??? for Brambleclaw?!?!?! O_o

Redfeather: Brackenheart ::wub

Nettlepaw: You can't get rid of all the bad/annoying characters: where would the conflict come from?

Sandcloud: Hawkstar: me too!

Shiningfur: Skyclan do have sturdy paws, anyway, Vicky... Maybe they could make the journey.

CherithBaldry: True, Nettle.

Shadowmoon: Good stories have conflict! Ditto on Nettlepaw

KateCary: Nettlepaw you are absolutely right - what would Warriors be without the irksome characters (I got to use my favourite word!!)

eaglefeather15(Q): At the end of Sunrise, Leafpool leaves Thunderclan. Does this mean Leafpool is leaving the clans forever?
VickyHolmes(A): Does Leafpool leave Thunderclan at the end of Sunrise? Really? Where does it say that?

Scorchtail: it never said she left!

Streamflow: Grr! The Fourth Apprentice should come out now!

Redfeather: Good stories have conflict. *shampow!*

Fernstar: irksome

Nettlepaw: I love irksome: also a fan of 'expunge'.

eaglefeather15(Q): On the cover of Code Of The Clans, it has all the leaders except for Onestar. Why is Tallstar there instead of him?

VickyHolmes(A): Because we wanted to feature iconic leaders, and Tallstar has been around wayyyy longer than Onestar.

eaglefeather15(Q): Is it hard getting a book published?

VickyHolmes(A): You need a lot of luck and determination, especially now when publishers are really cutting back on new authors. Sigh. But I truly believe that good books will find their rightful home, so never give up!

Flametail von Karma(Q): This is an odd question, but to the cats, does it become a new day at dawn or midnight?

CherithBaldry(A): I've always imagined at dawn, when the first patrols go out.

Shiningfur: I'll bug every publishing company in the world to get my book published!!

Iceclaw: Berrynose is a pain in my figurative tail(i speak in the words of Ripplepelt on that one)

eaglefeather15(Q): Is it tough going out in public without someone exclaiming, "Look! It's one of the Erin Hunters!" ?

VickyHolmes(A): Tee hee! That NEVER happens, not even in the US. Well, unless I'm right outside a bookstore and my poster is plastered all over the windows. And that feels kind of weird.

RIP Lucas: If I ever see you, I will scream thatvicky

Storme: A lot of people don't even know Erin Hunter is more than one person.

Tui Sutherland: Eaglefeather, that's too funny! I'd be so startled if that happened!

Vixenfur: I would regonize any of the erins Xd

Redfeather: I have no idea what the erin hunters look lke

RIP Lucas: Then I probably start pointing loudly and doing a dance that looked like I have to go potty

KateCary: can we stop talking about cat-death?! It's making me sad. When you write a character you get kinda fond of him/her, no matter how annoying they are, especially when you've brought him/her up from a kit - which is more and more ture as the books progress

Fluffypelt: yea,its sad

CherithBaldry: I agree with Kate. They become part of us even if they are the villains.

Dawnstripe27(Q): In 'Starlight' is says that Crowfeather has a special destiny like no cat before him, has that destiny already come and gone? Or is it still going to happen?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, he's been a central part of the Power of Three, don't you think? ;) But there's more to come in Omen. Poor old Crowfeather. I hope his nerves hold out.

Silverclaw: lol Vicky. You're awesomely evil. ::evil

eaglefeather15(Q): Is it hard getting a book published?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and developing a thick skin to take rejections. But I do believe a really good book will always find a home.

Iceclaw: And waiting.

Dawnstripe27(Q): Are there going to be any more super edition books after Bluestar's Prophecy?

VickyHolmes(A): Yup! SkyClan's Destiny comes out next summer - Cherith is writing it right now - and after that, I think we'll do one about the very early Clans.

Fluffypelt: Vicky Pwns!

Streamflow: Special Editions forever!

Vixenfur: To All Erins---- It's like a group of warrior cat freaks are gathered in a circle... oe of you walks by.... they all whip around and go like >8) and you go Ahhh!! and they stampede after you liek Erin Erin Erin!!!!

Lilacheart: *remembers randomly* I think I suggested Lilys as a poison to Vicky last chat. Hm. Wonder if she still remembers ::blink'

Sparrow: waiting for questions..

Losty: I miss Scourge. He wasn't all that bad really, after we learn about his past.

Sevenclaws-sama: Ditto, Losteh.

Dawncloud: ya!!! poor scrouge. . . .

Flametail von Karma(Q): Do Dove’s Wing and Dovekit have any correlation? Also, Half Moon has “strong haunches”, and her father bears an eerie resemblance to Cloudstar. Is this just a coincidence? Not to mention that Whispering Breeze “doesn’t mind getting her paws wet”. Is this implying something about RiverClan, perhaps…?

VickyHolmes(A): Well spotted! I laid lots of clues about the future Clans in the community of ancient cats - so yes, some cats resemble cats we meet later on, some have characteristics that will feature in the modern Clans like not minding water. But Dove's Wing and Dovekit are not directly connected.

Daisypaw: Scourge was pretty cool. Cruel and evil, but cool

Hawkstar270: I miss Scourge dearly. I loved him right from the start.

SpottedFlame: i cannot wait, 150 days until oots # 1, if i can wait that long...

SheilaRuth: Wow, she actually gave a straight answer on the Dove's Wing question!

Scorchtail: darn... i wondered that too.

Fluffypelt: I think its gonna be Dovekit whos the 4th apprentice

Losty: Daisy: But he wasn't always that way, and I understand why he turned out that way. I just feel bad for him =[

Daisypaw: yeah I know =( his siblings were soo mean >=(

Cloudy Havoqk: *high-fives Vicky*

Streamflow: Tigerstar is cooler now that he's dead!

Shadowmoon: Only 150 until Omen of the Stars? Cool!

Ice: Tiger was so much cool alive

Redfeather: Cool coloer!

Shadowmoon: Would Omen of the Stars come out on December 27th, by chance?

Silverclaw: Tiger was pretty much black. ::evil

Flametail von Karma(Q): Which book did you enjoy writing the most?

KateCary(A): Bluestar's Prophecy - it was wonderful filling in the gaps in her lifestory. She's a GREAT character

Flametail von Karma(Q): Which book did you enjoy writing the most?

VickyHolmes(A): Hi Flametail! You're still the only fan (apart from the family known as FarDrivingClan) to have seen me on every single one of my tours! Looking forward to seeing you next time! Oh, and please bring more of your fiction, because it is AMAZING. Favourite book to write? The Sight was very exciting in development because I had such high-flying ideas for where I wanted the story arc to go, and Firestar's Quest was a storyline that came together delightfully quickly, which is always nice. :)

Flametail von Karma(Q): Which book did you enjoy writing the most?

Tui Sutherland(A): Ooo, that's a tough one! I loved writing Secrets of the Clans because I could imagine myself as some of the cats, telling those stories, but I also loved writing Seekers Book One because I got to introduce new characters...especially Lusa, who I like writing because she gets to be funny (at least when she's not terribly sad!). :)

Shadowmoon: Flametail!

Vixenfur: Shadow: Oots comes november

Losty: Daisy: Yeah, I was like Ugh, Stope Picking On Tiny! D=

Streamflow: Tigerstar should've taken over everything, so they could of had more drama!

eaglefeather15(Q): Is it tough going out in public without someone exclaiming, "Look! It's one of the Erin Hunters!" ?

CherithBaldry(A): Well, it never happens. I'm glad it doesn;t. Awful to have to sneak into the supermarket with sunglasses and an upturned collar!

Flametail von Karma(Q): This is an odd question, but to the cats, does it become a new day at dawn or midnight?

VickyHolmes(A): Dawn, I think.

Redfeather: Flametail!! :D

Shadowmoon: Flametail, it's Darksong.

Flametail von Karma(Q): Did you intentionally have Kate write books 1, 2, and 4, and Cherith write 3, 5, and 6 in PO3 just like the first series?

VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, is that how it worked out? That's pure coincidence!

Nettlepaw: I bet it must be nice to really stretch your legs in those Super Editions and really go in depth

Firefawn(Q): so who is Lionbaze going to be paired up with?

VickyHolmes(A): Who says he'll be paired up with anyone? :)

Goldenpaw: You did, Vicky

SpottedFlame: yeah

Cloudy Havoqk: Lionblaze will die alone, with no mate and no kits. Tragic.

Shadowmoon: one of the Erins said they would give hints to who Lionblaze would mate with.

Starsight joined.

Daisypaw: Lol cloudy!

Losty: Cloudy: Is it wrong that what you just said about Lionblaze made me crack up, lol? Xd

Lilacheart: Lionblaze will be hard to kill o0

jays wing: lion will not die

Flametail von Karma(Q): Do you have titles for early Clans special editions, rest of Seekers, and various Omen of the Stars books?

VickyHolmes(A): Short answer: no. Long answer: thinking up the titles is the HARDEST part of each book, and often the very last piece of the jigsaw to be shoved into place. So it would make my brain hurt to have to come up with titles ahead of time! However, I can reveal that Seekers Book Five is called FIRE IN THE SKY.

Lightstreaqk: lol, Losty!

Cloudy Havoqk: It was sarcasimastic, Mrs. Reznor. Xd

Wildflower(Q): Will Foxpaw get to be called Foxcatcher?

VickyHolmes(A): Sorry, he's called Foxleap.

Fernstar: spoiler!!

Firefawn joined.

Cometstorm: foxleap?

Iceclaw: Nice name!

Adderfang: Foxleap?!?!

Lightstreaqk: Foxleap :3

Flametail von Karma(Q): Which book did you enjoy writing the most?

CherithBaldry(A): I loved Forest of Secrets because it was my first and it was awesome to get into this new world. Also I thin it has a very strong plot. I also liked Darkest Hour, Moonrise and Firestar;s Quest.

Scorchtail: whoa, cool name though!

Storme: Foxleap...

Iceclaw: Leap is a new one

Sparrow: Foxleap? ^&

Wildflower: Foxleap! woah!

Firefawn: I'm back!!

Shiningfur: Foxleap! Great name!

Goldenpaw: Foxleap

Losty: Well, it made me laugh, Mr. Havok =P

Fluffypelt: leap?

Vixenfur: To The Erins---- Please Read--- Thank you so much. Warriors gives me confidence and helps me in school. Thank you all!!!!

Flametail von Karma(Q): What was Skystar’s appearance/personality like?

VickyHolmes(A): Erm, can you wait for the Super Edition about the early Clans? :) I'm not exactly sure right now...

Spottedshadow: Foxleap...

VickyHolmes: Vixenfur, that's great to hear, and thank you so much for telling us. x

KateCary: Vixenfur - that's wonderful to hear :) thank you

CherithBaldry: Thank you Vixen. Comments like that really make it worthwhile.

Shadowmoon: Oh, there was already a Skystar?

Iceclaw: Vicky unsure! That's a new one!

Wildflower: Foxleap is cool

Flametail von Karma(Q): Will there be more than one villain in Omen of the Stars?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes. there will be LOTS of villains!

Vixenfur: Np erins. You guys are the best!!! *hugs!*

RIP Lucas: Do you have any plans for upcoming tours? (ones that might include some of the other Erins? Not that I don't love Vicky, I just want to meet more!)

Goldenpaw: Lots? I hope Hollyy is one of them >D

Fluffypelt: same with me,i daydream about warriors and for some reason im getting better grades the more i read them!

Lightstreaqk: i love bad guys!

Vixenfur: Villians Yayayayayyyayaya!!!!

Scorchtail: yeah for villains! i've always had a soft spot for them. ^.^

wildpurrfection: & to all the erins - know that your series is passionately read by a 22 year old college student who haunts the bookstore on days new books come out!

Quailfeather: guys, I'll be back on, but right now I gotta go! byebye!

Shadowmoon: Warriors keeps me from getting bored during school! I always play with my friends! I also finish the books in about an hour :)

Losty: Lol, Lighty, me too ^^ I mean, Amy Xd

Ice: as long as they are cool villians

Vixenfur: Bye Quail!

Sparrow: Bye Quaily! D=

Quailfeather left.

Shadowmoon: I read Warriors passionately!

Shiningfur: Ooooh...villians...they're so fun to write. I'm writing a story where it's a "good guy's" point of view and a "bad guy

SpottedFlame: random but.. tui was jepordy easy

Daisypaw: Yay! Villains Ftw =D

Streamflow: Warriors is the best series in the universe!

Hawkstar270: Warriors inspired me to write better in class.

Sevenclaws-sama: Ah, gack. I gotta go.

Storme: Warriors is what got me into roleplaying.

Vixenfur: Warriors made m a Completely Different Person (a better one in fact)

Fluffypelt: warriors is awsome!

Swordclaw(Q): For all authors: If you could be a warrior, which clan would you belong to and would you be a warrior, deputy, leader, or medicine cat, and what your warrior names would be?

VickyHolmes(A): I'd belong to RiverClan because I love water and swimming and I'm supposed to eat fish because I have something wrong with my blood because I don't eat meat, sigh. I'd also like their thick, glossy fur - my hair can be very disappointing to me! I'd like to be a regular warrior, and my name would be Mouse-something (my name from the warriors website is Mousepaw, which I love, but I guess that means I'm still an apprentice!).

CherithBaldry: I think I'd be in Thunderclan because I love trees and I'm not too keen on fish.

KateCary: Shadowmoon - noooo! you can't read them in an hour when they take so long to's just not fair :) slow down, pleease

Shadowmoon: Warriors inspired me to write better too!

Shiningfur: Ohh, sorry about that. I meant to write "bad guy's" point of view. My finger slipped.

Cherrypetal: Villans Are Ftw!!!

Streamflow: The day before Sunrise came out, I wanted to raid a bookstore!

Silverclaw: I'm the only one in my school who is really in love with warriors

Fernstar: mouse...

Tui Sutherland: Spottedflame, I wouldn't say Jeopardy was easy -- but it was really fun! Probably because I studied a lot beforehand! :)

Sevenclaws-sama: Bye various members. Bye various Erins. Remember the Absol! Bp

Nettlepaw: I run the kid's section of our local Waterstone's and after reading the first few Warriors books I got them all in stock and started recommending them like nobody's business. They're our bestsellers (they outsell Twilight!) and I've told all the other Waterstones' to stock these fantastic books. I've made it my personal mission to get Erin Hunter as the Next Big Thing by Christmas!

wildpurrfection: isn't it great how everyone loves the series so much vixenfur?

Vixenfur: Warriors inspireded me to be brave and fight your fears

Tui Sutherland: Nettlepaw, that's Awesome!

jays wing: Erinreadthis!! warriors inspred me to make a new friend who is the best in the world!

Losty: Aw, bye Seven =[ [I almost typed 'sven', lol]

Sunstreak: Kate: Dx I read them fast too! But that's just the way I am! I can't slow down Xd

Flametail von Karma(Q): How did Firestar lose two lives between The Darkest Hour and Firestar’s Quest? I asked this once before, and I now know that he lost one of them helping Ravenpaw and Barley with something, but the other one wasn’t explained. I understand that this was probably just a goof, but since it makes it correct that Firestar only has two lives left as of Sunrise, I’d like to know if you have any explanation.

VickyHolmes(A): It was a goof, as you so delicately put it, Flametail. :) I find it SO HARD to keep track of Firestar's lives! Please, does anyone know how many he's lost so far? I keep forgetting!

Goldenpaw: He's lost five

Goldenpaw: I think

FireWolf787: 6

Vixenfur: I'm not sure Vicky. sorreh o_o

Shadowmoon: Kate: Okay :) I feel them deeply, even though I've never cried. However, it is easy for me to get attached to cats.
VickyHolmes: Nettlepaw, that's awesome news, thank you so much! Whereabouts in the Uk are you? I might call in if I'm passing!

Wildflower: i think he has four lives left, maybe three

Cloudy Havoqk: Kate - I read books slowly. Most of the time. I have too many overdue books to go to the library and check out more Warriors. Dx

Goldenpaw: Did he lose one from the fox trap?

Firefawn: i think he is on his fifth life

Fernstar: i don't keep track

Shiningfur: I would be Riverclan!!

Sevenclaws-sama left.

Lakestorm Wright: Vicky, he's lost seven lives if the Fq thing wasn't a goof.

Lakestorm Wright: If it was, he has lost six.

Firefawn(Q): why did you kill Hollyleaf?

VickyHolmes(A): Did I? Where does it say that? :)

Fluffypelt: i would want to be in Windclan because i like to run!

Losty: It took me like a month to read Sunrise, lol

Minou joined.

Vixenfur: I Love Fire No Don't Di Fire!!!!

Silverclaw: I know...hollyleaf should live on!

Minou: I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spottedshadow: I think she's alive! I think she faked her own death.

Sandcloud: muahaha

Lakestorm Wright: If he didn't lose a life in the fox trap, he has four left.

Storme: You can't mean to say she survived?

Sunstreak: Minou!

Cherrypetal: i always try to convince people to read warriors. you sould see my copy of into the wild... it's so torn up!

Nettlepaw: Thanks, Tui and Vicky! I'm in Worcester, I'd Love it if you could drop in sometime! I have the books in a special display!

Vixenfur: me no like hollylead

Minou: Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiningfur: Minou! Hi!

Vixenfur: Leaf

Firefawn: Noo!!!! Don't Kill Firestar!!!!!!

CherithBaldry: Whee, Nettle!

Emberstar: hi minou!

Scorchtail: minou!!!!

Hawkstorm: Die Firestar, die

Wildflower: I hope Hollyleaf is alive!

Dawncloud: Minou!! Hi!!

Losty: Lol, I read Realllllly slow Xd

Minou: Hi! ::hyper

Whisperheart: Hi Minou!

Morningleaf: hihi minou

Streamflow: I would be in Thunderclan or Riverclan. Or Skyclan.

Vixenfur: No Don't Die Fire

Iceclaw: Hollyleaf Must be dead! Hate her!

CherithBaldry: Nettle, I'd drop in on you like a shot if they would let me.

Tui Sutherland: Worcester, Ma? That's not very far from me! Make Vicky come to you, so she can hang out with me! :)

wildpurrfection: this is to the erins - do you think it's weird that a 22 year old loves your series?

Fluffypelt: i dont want Hollyleaf to live

Losty: Yes, Icey, I totally agree with you about Hollyleaf!

Swordclaw: Thistleclaw: Sheila, I must leave now, my mentor is helping my clanmates with a sickness and I am not there. Please say goodbye to Vicky for me, please, thank you

Vixenfur: Nettle U Are So Lucky!!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: Wildpurrfection (great name!), not at all! I think that's awesome!

SheilaRuth: By Swordclaw!

Swordclaw left.

Minou: Tui, you were amazing on jeopardy!!!!!!!!!!!

Iceclaw: Agree to disagree on what we disagree on, Losty, and agree on what we agree on? (holds out hand)

Firefawn: I agree with Vixenfur! don't let Firestar die!!!! *glares at possible firestar killers*

Flametail von Karma(Q): If you had known how many books you were writing from the very beginning, would the series have turned out any different? I’m sure that writing FQ before Midnight would have drastically changed the books.

VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I don't think it would, Flametail. I kind of like the way each series has gone, and I hope it would have been fairly similar if I'd been told right at the start that there would be at least 24 books in the main series. But I'd have probably passed out in horror!

Wildflower(Q): What scene, in all the books, you do think was the most fun or the most touching to write for you?

KateCary(A): When yellowfang killed her son, Brokenstar...poor YF :(

CherithBaldry: The death of Feathertail.

Tui Sutherland: I'm older than that, and I love reading them, too! :)

Tui Sutherland: Thank you, Minou!

Losty: *hold out hand* Deal, Icey ^^

VickyHolmes: Bye Swordclaw! Take care!

Lilacheart: Foo, dinner ><

Nettlepaw: Oops...sorry Tui, I meant Worcester Uk...darn, I thought I had you there :)

Iceclaw: (shakes Losty's hand)

Losty: *shakes Icey's hand* =]

Fluffypelt(Q): was Cinderpelt in love with Firestar?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes she was, sigh. And he never realized! Stooopid man-cat.

wildpurrfection: im so happy that you don't think it's weird

Vixenfur: And i am Not leaving for dinner

Minou: this is so fun!!!!!!!!!

Wildflower: Woah, my question! ::hyper

Tui Sutherland: Oh, bah...ah, well, that's much closer for Vicky! ;)

Fernstar: gasp

Spottedshadow: Aww...

Daisypaw: Lol man-cat Xd

Hawkstorm: Yay For Cinderpelt Firexcinderpelt Forever

Losty: Lol, "stooopid man-cat" Xd

Silverclaw: can we get gagged now?

Soundstorm: brb, dinner time.

Shadowmoon: Aw, Cinderpelt... poor thing. Kind of reminds me of myself and Lightstriek.

coalfang: lol, fiefie gets all the girls Xd

Minou: lol

Cherrypetal: lol, stupid man-cat!

Shadowmoon: *lightstrike.

Shiningfur: Minou, my cat does the same thing. She steps on the keyboard!!

Firefawn: i prefer Spottedxfire

Minou: bye Soundy! ::sad

Losty: Bye Soundy! D= *hugs*

Morningleaf: Firexcinder creeps me out

Sparrow: "stooooopid man-cat: Nice Xd

Cloudy Havoqk: "stooopid man-cat" Xd

Spottedshadow: Bye, Soundy!

Fluffypelt(Q): will Kallik join the Ujurak and Toklo and Lusa on the journey?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes she will! I love our little white bear! Well, I probably wouldn't if I met her in real life, she'd most likely eat me. But in my head she's cute and friendly.

Sunstreak: Coal: I thought You wanted Fiefie!

Nettlepaw: Worcester is a City in England....where Worcestershire Sauce comes from!

Shadowmoon: Kallik! :D

Lightstreaqk: Bye Soundy D:

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Purdy stay with Thunderclan forever (until he dies)?

KateCary(A): Would YOU leave ThunderClan?

coalfang: of course i do!

Scorchtail(Q): Were Jayfeather and Hollyleaf named after their real parents? But how would Firestar know to name Hollyleaf after her mother?

VickyHolmes(A): Leafpool gave Jayfeather his name as a medicine cat, so yes, she chose it because of Crowfeather. I imagine the parents of a new warrior have some say in their new name, so Squirrelflight would have suggested –leaf to Firestar for Hollypaw. Firestar would have seen this as a tribute to Squirrelflight’s beloved sister, little realizing that it was actually a tribute to Hollyleaf’s real mother!

Fernstar: i cant even pronounce that nettle

Redfeather: Lusa!

CherithBaldry: I love Worcester - it has a beautiful cathedral.

Spottedshadow: No, I wouldn't leave Thunderclan. =)

Nettlepaw: Pronounced Wuss-ter

Silverclaw: I really did not like Power of Three series

coalfang: Sandstorms Got Nothing On Me!!!!! >=0

RIP Lucas(Q): Will Thornclaw ever have a mate? (Sorry, he's my favorite and I love him)

VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm, I think so. In fact, he might have one already, but it's so late that I can't remember. :(

Fluffypelt: yay! my Q was answered! thanks,vicky!

Iceclaw(Q): Why do you make Ice___always be white with blue eyes?! It's getting annoying! WHY?!

VickyHolmes(A): I guess because it seems like the sort of color that would be named Ice! Sorry.

Nettlepaw: Yes, the Cathedral is lovely. My friend is the Dean's son there

Shadowmoon: Okay, Now I need to visit Worcester. But I can't leave my Riverclan.

Minou: Hi Vicky! Hi Cherith! Hi Kate! Hi Tui! I'm so glad to meet you! ::hyper

Silverclaw: Not...worcester.

Shadowmoon: I would definitely be in Riverclan because I love swimming and everyone likes my hair.

SheilaRuth: You made it Minou!

Cloudy Havoqk: Icewater would be an interesting name.

Tui Sutherland: We're glad to meet you, too, Minou!

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Looking at a map of Canada, it shows that the Great Bear Lake does exist. Do bears gather near it regularly in the summer, as Great Bear Lake depicts?

VickyHolmes(A): You're right, it is real! How convenient is that name?! But no, bears don't gather there in summer, alas. That would make for an awesome documentary!

Skywing(Q): Will Millie ever decide to get a warrior name?

KateCary(A): I get the feeling that once Millie makes up her mind she doesn't change it, so I'm guessing not - but with Vicky, you never know for sure....

Minou: I did make it! ::hyper

Cloudy Havoqk: Birdpoopkit Xd

CherithBaldry: Hi Minou

SheilaRuth: Yay!

Dawncloud: Hi Authors!!!

Sunstreak: Earriers!

Silverclaw: Yes! Birdpookit!

Shiningfur(Q): Why did you choose Leafpool to narrarate Code of the Clans?

VickyHolmes(A): Because she's so calm and wise, and seemed like the kind of cat with connections to all the ancestors who were involved in the making of the code.

Spottedshadow: Good choice.

Shiningfur: Ohh!! You answered my question!! Thank-you! And thanks for the explanation!

Vixenfur: Earriors!!

Cloudy Havoqk: Earriors, actually

Fernstar: i was so scared that i wouldnt be able to make it to the chat

Sunstreak: ..::mellow Ja. Earriors.

Streamflow: Earriors forever!

Forestpelt: I ♥ Earriors@

Forestpelt: !

Cloudy Havoqk: The Making of the Code - behind the scenes of Starclan

Fluffypelt: earriors!

Silverclaw: Earriors?

VickyHolmes: Oh, and my husband Richard is called Iceclaw according to the Warriors website, and it's Very appropriate because he has silver-white hair and piercing blue eyes!

Nettlepaw: What's the joke with 'earriors'? Did I miss something?

Rainripple: typo = eariors

Fluffypelt: all hail Earriors!

KateCary: please explain the earriors

Vixenfur: Birdpoopkiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forestpelt: at one author chat someone (was it Magicyop?) mis-spelled Warriors as Earriors :)

Fernstar: i remember that

Iceclaw: It was a typo, Kate

Cloudy Havoqk: Earriors - a typo made by someone

KateCary: ah, typo - I'm expert at thoes

Fernstar: birdpoopkit!!!!

Magicyop: Nope, it was lakey

SheilaRuth: Kate, it was a typo in an earlier chat, and everyone thought it was hilarious

Lakestorm Wright: Kate: I typoed Warriors as Earriors once.

Streamflow: Birdkit...birdpaw...birdpoop!

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Lionblaze and Jayfeather every forgive Leafpool and Squirrelflight?

VickyHolmes(A): I'm not sure, to be honest. It's something we're exploring in Omen of the Stars. I'm going to let the characters make up my mind, I think.

Lakestorm Wright: "long Live Warriors! Long Live Earriors!"

Magicyop: "warriors forever! Earriors forever!"

crescentmoon joined.

KateCary: thanks sheila, I'll try and catch up! :)

Iceclaw: Vicky, no! they're so annoying! Pick for them!

Vixenfur: Earriors@@@ Xd\

eaglefeather15(Q): This is a question from my friend: How do you split up the work of making the Warrior books?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky writes the storyline with inout from me or Kate. Then we write it and Vicky edits it.

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Is it possible that the ancient tribe Jayfeather walked among was related to the Clans? Half Moon is described as having powerful haunches, like a SkyClan cat, and her father is named Chasing Clouds and is gray-and-white with blue eyes, like Cloudstar. Ever consider a connection?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh there is most DEFINITELY a connection! All will become crystal clear by the end of Omen. :)

Spottedshadow: I made a typo in that question. Oops.

SheilaRuth: I hope they do. I feel really bad for Leafpool and Squirrelflight.

Cometstorm(Q): When will brightheart get an apprentice?

VickyHolmes(A): Soon, soon!

Shadowmoon: Brightheart gets an Apprentice!

Scorchtail: yeah, firestar promised her one in The sight!!!

Goldenpaw: Vicky, stop making us wait until the end of Omen.

Iceclaw: It's about time!

Fluffypelt: oh,good cause i felt bad for her when Jayfeather became a medi cat

jays wing: !!!!!!!erin: Looklooklooklooklooklook: just wanted to say how much warriors inspires me and i hated to read but now im in 4 book clubs and im a happy wands and worlds::biggrin member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandcloud: the end of omen will be awesome...'

Shadowmoon: Oh come on, suspense is fun! I love having to wait for Thursday every week!

Streamflow: I'll will become a cat and Brightheart can mentor me!

Redfeather: I joined wands and worlds Only because of this chat!

Flametail von Karma(Q): Do you think it would be interesting to read about what would’ve happened if things had worked out differently in the series? Like if SkyClan had never left, or Tigerclaw had killed Bluestar, if Rusty never meandered his way into the forest, or Hawkfrost had persuaded Brambleclaw to kill Firestar…

VickyHolmes(A): Well, as far as I'm concerned, there aren't any alternatives! Kind of like life, the future unfolds as it should, and if we want to things to be different, we have to get up and make it so. No parallel universes in real life or Warriors, I'm afraid.

Cometstorm(Q): Will Toadkit become the medicine cat apprentice? He seemed to be interested in it.

VickyHolmes(A): Interesting suggestion, but no.

Cherrypetal: i hate waiting for mangas on thursday!! D8

Tui Sutherland: Fernstar, it is for me, but I don't think it is for Vicky! You know she loves being evil!

FireWolf787: alternate universe

Shadowmoon: Are you sure there aren't parallel universes?

Goldenpaw: Aw, Toadkit isn't gonna be a medicine cat?

Fluffypelt: I Need Bluestars Prophecy!! Wahh

Fernstar: true that tui

Silverclaw: Me too Fluff

SheilaRuth: Aw, I thought Toadkit would be a medicine cat apprentice, too.

Cloudy Havoqk: cmoon's online!

Cloudy Havoqk: Hi Cmoon!

Shiningfur: Brightheart with an aprentice!! Thank Starclan! Firestar promised her one and forgot...

Spottedshadow(Q): Is the fourth apprentice evil or good? Everyone assumes she's good... but it'd be interesting to have her be evil. I mean, no one said she was the third cat in the prophecy...

VickyHolmes(A): Very good point! And not one that I'm going to answer. If I told you everything that was going to happen in Omen of the Stars, you wouldn't need to read the books! And then how would Kate, Cherith, Tui and I afford to feed our hungry pets? :)

Daisypaw: Cmoon!

Flametail von Karma(Q): If you had known how many books you were writing from the very beginning, would the series have turned out any different? I’m sure that writing FQ before Midnight would have drastically changed the books.

KateCary(A): Absolutely, but developing the stories and characters "on the fly" is so much fun and makes it a lot more spontaneous

SheilaRuth: Crescentmoon!

Losty: Hi, Cmoon! =D *hugs*

Daisypaw: hii!

SheilaRuth: You made it!

FireWolf787: can one of the cats time travel

Sparrow: Cmoon! =D

Storme(Q): In the Sight, after Jaypaw becomes medicine cat apprentice, Firestar promises Brightheart either Foxkit or Icekit as her apprentice, but in Outcast, the mentors are Whitewing and Squirrelflight. Will this play a role in the later books, or was it just an inconsistency?

VickyHolmes(A): It was an "inconsistency". As in, I forgot. Oops.

Redfeather: lol Vicky you're so funny xd

Goldenpaw: Let's do the time warp again?

Minou: Hi Cmoon!

Nettlepaw: After all, life isn't planned out, is it?

Swordclaw(Q): For all authors: If you could be a warrior, which clan would you belong to and would you be a warrior, deputy, leader, or medicine cat, and what your warrior names would be?

Tui Sutherland(A): Oh, goodness, I have to give the same answer as vicky -- I love swimming, so I'd want to be in RiverClan! Hmm, and I'm kind of bossy, so maybe a leader, although it'd be tough to think up those names all the time...but I'd like having lots of lives! I just know I couldn't be a medicine cat, because I fall in love too easily, so I'd get in lots of trouble (oh, and I'd probably faint if I saw an injured kitten!). La la la...oh, and as for my name, I like names with Sun in them (Sunstreak is v. cool!)...or Flame...has there been a Flamestar? Hee, too many fun possibilities...

Lakestorm Wright(Q): How long was it between the beginning of the Clans and SkyClan's being driven out? Is there a concrete number of years, like the thirty years between SkyClan's exile and present-day Warriors?

VickyHolmes(A): I haven't decided exactly how many years, but I'd imagine about twenty - slightly less than half the entire time the Clans have been in the forest.

Daisypaw: Only twenty?

Sunstreak: Lol! I Was Mentioned! I feel speshul! Thanks, Tui! =ddddddddddd

Daisypaw: that's just a few generations!

Morningleaf(Q): Will Sasha ever reapear in the books?

VickyHolmes(A): Poor Sasha! I feel so sorry for the way things turned out for her. I never meant for her to have such a tragic life, but when I came up with the stories for her manga trilogy, I realized she was as doomed as the most unlucky Clan cat! Sigh, I’m so cruel. Sasha won’t have had a chance to learn about her over-ambitious son because Hawkfrost only started to show his true colors once the Clans arrived at the Lake, which is far from wherever Sasha is now. She won’t see Moth again either, for the same reason. I think Sasha continued to live as a loner, but like Purdy, she found a friendly, elderly Twoleg living in a remote place who fed her occasionally and gave her affection that reminded her of her original beloved owners.

Tui Sutherland: :)

Storme: Yay, one of my questions was answered! :D

SheilaRuth: I have a cat that's almost 20 years old.

Cometstorm(Q): Was Sky, the first leader of SkyClan, a male or female?

VickyHolmes(A): I feel that he was probably male, but I could be wrong...

Scorchtail: yay for elder cats!

Nettlepaw: The Clans have only been around for 40 years? I really thought it was much longer!

Forestpelt: Nettlepaw: Me too!

Cherrypetal(Q): In eclipse it said that Hawkfrost had amber eyes. was this just a typeo or was it a referance to the 'Amber Eyes' thing again?

KateCary(A): Keeping track of the cats' eye colour is the hardest thing of all...

Cloudy Havoqk: Sheila: My mom had a cat thatl ived to be 21

Spottedshadow: I know, me too, Nettle!

Forestpelt: I thought they'd been around for like 60 maybe

Waterstripe(Q): In the excerpt for The Last Wilderness, the view of Ujurak is used. Why now did you decide to use his point of view?

VickyHolmes(A): Ujurak isn’t quite the main focus in TLW, but you’re right, this is the first book in which we see into his thoughts as well as the other bears’. We wanted to establish his character as a powerful spiritual figure with shape-shifting abilities (even if he didn’t fully understand them because he’s the baby in the group) before giving readers a glimpse into his private experiences. Ujurak is both a mystical being AND a regular bear cub, but it was important that we established his spiritual credentials before we let readers see inside his head. We spent three books watching him transform and know things that the other bears couldn’t fathom, so how brilliant to suddenly leap into his head at the start of TLW and share his transformation into a wolf?! J We were all very excited about this, and I think the scene works perfectly, thanks to Cherith’s beautiful writing.

Lilacheart(Q): Do you guys like Leafpool? I can't tell, she seems to suffer a lot. (Did I ask this question already? o0'''')

CherithBaldry(A): I like Leafpool a lot. Often authors will make the characters they really like suffer most. I don;t know why, but it's often trie.

Streamflow: I thought warriors had been going on for centuaries...

Iceclaw: Cherith...that sounds a Heck of a lot like I'm doing!

Fluffypelt: yea,it did

Spottedshadow(Q): Have Kate and Cherith and Tui met?

VickyHolmes(A): Nope! I keep them all separate in case they gang up on me and lock me in a cupboard so they can keep all the kitties alive!

Streamflow: ...but I guess it just seems that way because cats live short lives...

Rainripple: lolz vicky

Fluffypelt: lol,vicky!

Whisperheart: lol Vicky! ::laugh

KateCary: we'd only lock you up in a cupboard full of Maltesers Vicky!

Vixenfur(Q): Will Foxpaw and Icepaw be mentioned as more of main characters or not?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, we're not going to see the story from their point of view, but they're definitely central characters now that the focus has shifted to the younger generation.

Vixenfur: Yay!!!

Redfeather: this has been lasting an hour and 22 minutes@ :D

Tui Sutherland: hee hee hee! Kate and Cherith, we should totally do that! ;) although I'd have to get to the Uk to make that happen...oh, and of course there'd be chocolate in there :)

Cherrypetal(Q): In eclipse it said that Hawkfrost had amber eyes. was this just a typeo or was it a referance to the 'Amber Eyes' thing again?

VickyHolmes(A): It was a typo. Or an "inconsistency", as I shall now describe all my goofs. :)

wildpurrfection: ok - i'm finally getting the courage to say it. i've never told anyone close to me this, but - as a college student i go to school for veterinary technology to become a vet - & i honestly made this decision cuz i wanted to be like a medicine cat!

coalfang: the younger generation scares me

Fluffypelt: *whispers to Cherith,kate,and Tui*lets lock her up in a cuboard so we can keep all of the kitties alive

Sunstreak: You scare me, Coal.

CherithBaldry: You may havbe

Cometstorm(Q): Rock was a tribe cat, wasn't he? Wouldn't he have a full name, like Brook Where Small Fish Swim, Teller of the Pointed Stones?

VickyHolmes(A): Rock came from cats even older than the tribe, hence his short name.

Firefawn: hey Vicky guess what? i have a hershey's bar and I'm not going to share!

Silverclaw: Which ones?

Iceclaw: (coughkilljayfather,lionblaze,andhollyleafcough)

CherithBaldry: Sorry.

Daisypaw: the younger generation rules ^_^

Forestpelt: I'm a medicine cat! :)

Nettlepaw: It's so wierd that Firestar is one of the oldest cats in Thunderclan now...i still see him as a young cat!

Tui Sutherland: wildpurrfection, I love that! We need more lovely vets!

KateCary: oh wildpurr - that's wonderful :D

VickyHolmes: Wildpurrfection, that's awesome! Good luck!

wildpurrfection: ohh thank you erins - it means a lot to me

Firefawn: okay maybe i will share... but only a little

Streamflow: Yeah...while Vicky's locked in a cupboard can I have her chocolate?

VickyHolmes: Firefawn, ha, you can Keep your Hershey's bar! Nasty chocolate. :(

Scorchtail: Rock. So simple, yet... err... elegant? Xd

Redfeather: I wanna be an artist/author! I like writing about kitties!

wildpurrfection: & thanks for writing such a great book to start me on that path

CherithBaldry: Awesome, Wildpurr

Vixenfur: I Shall Stop Eating Hersheys Now 0_0

Iceclaw: Vicky, don't try to lie to yourself. It's not healthy.

Sparrow: ::laugh

Redfeather: I want some candy.

Dawncloud: Bye Everyone!!! I Have To Go!! *praying That The Authors Say Bye To Me*

Sunstreak: I hoped you liked the Lindt chocolate I gave you ;; You said it was your favourite, but..

VickyHolmes: Streamflow, you'd better make sure the chocolate comes into the cupboard with me or there'll be Big Trouble. As in, I'll break the door down in a chocolate rage.

Vixenfur: Bye Dawn!!

VickyHolmes: Sunstreak, I Loved the lindt chocolate, thank you!

KateCary: nettlepaw, so do I - to me Firestar'll always be the wide-eyed cat who first walked into the Thunderclan clearing flanked by Whitestorm and Lionheart

Firefawn: great! *waves magic chocolate bar in front of everyone in triumph*

Dawncloud: bye!!!

Nettlepaw: Warrior Cats and Varjak Paw inspired me to write 'tick'.

Spottedshadow: 1 hour, 30 minutes.... be strong, authors!

Storme: Bye Dawn~

Shiningfur: My cat's still sitting in the same spot and same position as she was when the chat started.

Fluffypelt: Vicky,i have a chocolate cake and i shall share it with you!

CherithBaldry: Vicky, I have some very nice cupboards here. I'm sure you'd like to check them out. <whistles innocently>

Tui Sutherland: I was so excited when I read Ujurak's Pov in book four! He's so interesting!

Iceclaw: (steals chocolate from Firefawn and melts it)

Sunstreak: Yay! =D Np! Anything to make authors of my fav series happy!

Tui Sutherland: bye Dawncloud!

Minou: Nettle: Varjak Paw is a great book!!!!!!

Dawncloud: Bye Tui!!!

Streamflow: *eats chocolate*

Sunstreak: Ja, it is!!

Iceclaw: (makes a chocolate covered desert with it and gives it to Vicky)

Redfeather: I read Varjak... still looking for the sequel

Shadowmoon: I've only read Varjak Paw, not The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Firefawn: okay i will share with two people but who will they be?

KateCary: I read Varjak Paw to my son - I loved it!

Streamflow: Nooo, don't go! Bye Tui!

Fluffypelt: yes,why dont you see some coubards? *winks*

Minou: I can't find the sequel Anywhere Dx

Emberstar: bye tui!

Silverclaw: Tui!!!

VickyHolmes: Thanks, Iceclaw! Er, you're not my husband Richard are you? I could have sworn he was asleep in the next room... :)

Firefawn: bye tui!

Dawncloud: No, I'm leaving . . . not Tui

Whisperheart: My eyes hurt from staring at the screen for an hour and a half. x_x

Iceclaw: What?!

Lightstreaqk: I gave Vicky a bag of chocolate in La, California :3 I got chocolate purrs (is trying to jog Vicky's memory Xd)

Vixenfur: Tui Isn't Leaving

Silverclaw: Oh. oops

Nettlepaw: It is, isn't it? The sequel's even better

Spottedshadow: Lol, Vicky.

Tui Sutherland: Shiningfur, too funny; Sunshine keeps climbing onto my lap, trying to lick my fingers, and then getting back down again (indignantly) when I won't let her.

Iceclaw: I'm Female! That's like calling me white with blue eyes! I'm not!

Fluffypelt: bye Tui! it was sooo fun meeting you!

Minou: Vicky: Icey is a girl! Xp

RIP Lucas: *noms chcoolate in front of Vicky&

Skywing: Bye Tui!'

Tui Sutherland: I'm not going anywhere! not till you all throw me out!

SpottedFlame: bye tui!!! :(

Dawncloud: So everyone say "Bye Dawncloud"

Silverclaw: Vicky, go to Texas!

SpottedFlame: oh

RIP Lucas: Is Tui Leaving?!

spottedstar: bye Tui!

Magicyop: Noo, don't go Dawncloud!

Vixenfur: Tui Isn't Leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Streamflow: Vicky, if I ever meet you, I'll give you chocolate!

Dawncloud: Tui Isn't Leaving I Am Leaving

VickyHolmes: Minou. Ah, not my husband, then.

RIP Lucas: Oh God Yay, You Arent

Spottedshadow: Wait- she's leaving???

Storme(Q): Why did Berrynose's personality change so abruptly upon becoming a warrior?

VickyHolmes(A): I'm not sure it transformed completely, but he grew up a lot and settled down (up AND down, tee hee).

SheilaRuth: Bye Dawncloud!

Tui Sutherland: I'm not! I swear, I'm still here! :)

Spottedshadow: Oh, she's not. *phew*

jays wing: bye tui!

Magicyop: Why are you leaving, Dawny?

Iceclaw: Sweet Lady Luck I'm Dying of laughter over here!

Dawncloud: Bye

Minou: Who's Leaving???????????????

Iceclaw: Bye, Tui. Nice seeing you again!

Sparrow: Dawncloud is leaving

Iceclaw: Nevermind

Dawncloud: I have to go make desserts for tomorrow

Vixenfur: Dawncloud Is Leaving

Iceclaw: Dawncloud, I think

Magicyop: Ohh ok lol

Dawncloud: chocolate cake and more

Firefawn: bye Dawncloud!!

Minou: ohhhh ok Xd

Dawncloud: ya I have to go bye

SpottedFlame(Q): who's your favorite character?

CherithBaldry(A): So hard to say! Leafpool, I think though I have a soft spot for Crowfeather and Dustpelt. I like writing snarky dialogue!

Magicyop: Well we party wild so come on back if you finish :-P

Whisperheart: Bye Dawncloud!

Dawncloud: Bye Everyone

Silverclaw: Bye Dawncloud!

Magicyop: Mmm cake

jays wing: bye dawncloud!

Tui Sutherland: oh, Dawncloud, you just made me so hungry!

Redfeather: I want some chocolate.

Magicyop: Bye dawny!

Streamflow: I had chocolate ice cream today...

RIP Lucas: *noms more Chcoolate*

Cometstorm(Q): Dawnpaw, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw are Tigerstar's only grandkits. Will they have a huge role? Also, what are their warrior names?

VickyHolmes(A): They'll definitely have a very important role - Tigerstar will make sure of that! Oh gosh, can't remember their warrior names, I'm so sleepy! Tigerpaw is Tigerheart, I know that much.

Silverclaw: I want chocolate.

Lilacheart(Q): Who's idea was it to kill Silverstream?

VickyHolmes(A): MINE of course!

Dawncloud: ooo I'm sorry Tui . . .I would send you chocolate if I could

Vixenfur: Tigerheart!!!

Iceclaw: Tigerstar! Yes!

Dawncloud: My dad is a chocolatier

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): Do you ever write stories out of order? Like the last chapter first? Or do you always start with the first chapter?

KateCary(A): I always start at the beginning and work my way to the end - I find that the characters work better that way because they often subtley change throughout a book and i'd get awfully confused to dart back and forth - I like to grow and change with them

Streamflow: Tigerheart!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: My favorite characters to write are Lusa, because she's funny, and Toklo, because he's grumpy...which is also funny. :)

SheilaRuth: Really, Dawncloud? You're my new best friend!

Iceclaw: Kate: Feel the same way

Forestpelt: Gotta go, bye!

Redfeather: Chocolate

Fluffypelt: oh,you are Evil Vicky! *shoves her into one of Cheriths coubards*

Cometstorm(Q): Rock was a tribe cat, wasn't he? Wouldn't he have a full name, like Brook Where Small Fish Swim, Teller of the Pointed Stones?

CherithBaldry(A): I think their names developed over time, like the Clan names.

Shiningfur: I never write in order, Kate. Too...orderly. :D

Vixenfur: By Forestpelt!

Dawncloud: hahahaha bye Sheila

Lakestorm Wright(Q): If Jayfeather went into the tunnels, and came out in Jay's Wing's time, where did Jay's Wing go? I mean, he had to go somewhere when he went into the tunnels, right?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh no, I was hoping no one was going to ask me about this! Cherith asked me exactly the same thing when she was writing Long Shadows, and I gave her a really convincing answer, but the details seem to have got lost in the fog of my mind. I think I meant that Jayfeather actually became Jay’s Wing – not a reincarnation, not a temporary possession of his body – and by making the decision to go back to ThunderClan, Jay’s Wing had to leave his own Ancient Clanmates to follow a path that he had set for them. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Sparrow: Bye Forest :'(

Storme(Q): Why did Berrynose's personality change so abruptly upon becoming a warrior?

KateCary(A): Did it? I thought he was annoying as an apprentice as well...

Forestpelt: see ya everyone!^^

Magicyop: That is totally awesome

Magicyop: Send me some E-chocolate

Cherrypetal(Q): when skyclan left, did all their ancestors go with them? What happened to them?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, their ancestors followed, but faded away at the same time as SkyClan did. :(

CherithBaldry: I can't remember what the answer was now, but I do know it did my head in!

SheilaRuth: Hi and bye Forestpelt!

Magicyop: Bye forest! Bye dawny!

Forestpelt left.

Rainfall: bye Forest

Lilacheart(Q): Who's idea was it to kill Silverstream?

KateCary(A): who do you think? ;)

Dawncloud: Okay!! 3,000 orders of e-chocolates!!!

Morningleaf: bye dawn

Dawncloud: coming uo

Streamflow: I thought the real Jay's Wing died in the tunnels.

Fluffypelt: bye Forest

Spottedshadow: Bye!

CherithBaldry: Maybe it's one of those things we are not meant to know.

Dawncloud: bye

Dawncloud: Bye

Hawkstorm: bye forset

Fernstar: e chocolate

VickyHolmes: Hey! Who put me in Cherith's cupboard? Hang on, there's a loose panel back here. scrape scrape

Hawkstorm: *forest

Sparrow: I sent vicky 200 pounds of chocolate last chat, lol Xd

KateCary: bye forest!

Sunstreak: lol, Vicky!

Dawncloud left.

Spottedshadow: Vicky Holmes= Nancy Drew

Cloudy Havoqk: or maybe Jayfeather is the Doctor and...and...and Jay's Wing was a previous Doctor!

Fluffypelt: noo! you are in here because you killed Silverstream! bwahahaha!

jays wing: *sends e-candy to all of you*

Nettlepaw(Q): How old is Firestar? He's not like elder-old, is he? Seems like only yesterday he was a bright-eyed 'paw...

VickyHolmes(A): He's five years old - so not elder old, but middle-aged in Warrior cat terms.

Cloudy Havoqk: *shuts up* I confused myself.

CherithBaldry: A loose panel? Curses, fi]]

Streamflow: Shoves some chocolate into Cherith's cupboard.

Goldenpaw: A month left until Bluestar's Prophecy comes out x3

Silverclaw: e-candy!

RIP Lucas: Fill The Panel In

Shadowmoon: Silverstream! Silverstream! Silverstream! :DC

Losty: Cloudy: Awesome plot twist, I would love that! Xd

Tui Sutherland: *throws herself at the loose panel so Vicky can't get out*

CherithBaldry: Foiled again!

Iceclaw: Never compare Jayfeather to the Doctor!

Nettlepaw: Thanks, Vicky!

Tui Sutherland: no more cute dead cats!

Iceclaw: Wait, I see what you mean

RIP Lucas: *puts Bailey down the panel*

Iceclaw(Q): Did you ever think of reincarnating Tigerstar or Hawkfrost? I ask 'cause of Fallenleaf.

VickyHolmes(A): Oh no, they're far too busy getting up to mischief in the Dark Forest!

RIP Lucas: Wait No

wildpurrfection: i'd better go to. thank you erins for answering my questions & being at the chat! & thanks to sheilaruth for a little of my courage lol

RIP Lucas: She"ll Kill Her Too!

Silverclaw: cute dead cats rule!

Iceclaw: I must remember to tell Fallen that

Minou: Bye wildpurrfection!

SheilaRuth: You're welcome, Goodbye, Wildpurrfection!

VickyHolmes: Tui! Get away from that panel! Honestly, where's the gratitude to your fabulous editor? :)

Vixenfur: Bye Wildpurrfection

jays wing: i wanna go in cheriths cupboard!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: *picks up Bailey and runs to safety* :)

RIP Lucas: Yay

RIP Lucas: *sits on top of panel*

RIP Lucas: You shalln't get out!

wildpurrfection left.

Tui Sutherland: *throws grateful chocolate at her fabulous editor*

Fluffypelt: Attention:vicky is stuck in a coubard,put in there by me! because she killed Sliverstream!

Iceclaw: Fallen reincarnated Hawkfrost in a Rp, and said that to me, 'cause the Erins reincarnated Cinderpelt. So that's why I asked

Vixenfur: 0_0 *save vicky*

Streamflow: I put chocolate in Vicky's cupboard!

Iceclaw: I think the Erins are the only ones who ever did reoccuring chats

Fernheart(Q): Will you ever write a book that is from another clans perspective?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, SkyClan's Destiny is from SkyClan's viewpoint, and we see into other Clans' perspectives in the Field Guide books, like Secrets and Code. But the main series will stick with ThunderClan because that's the Clan we know best.

Vixenfur: I Shall Save You Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *saves her*

Nettlepaw: I love the fact that Millie is named after Milwall Fc!

VickyHolmes: Thanks, Streamflow. I'm using it to prise open this panel! I'll be out soon, puff.

Fluffypelt: noo! *shoves her back in the coubard*

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): Do you ever write stories out of order? Like the last chapter first? Or do you always start with the first chapter?

Tui Sutherland(A): I always start with the first chapter, unless I have a really clear scene in my head from later that I absolutely have to write down. But usually I go in order, so that I won't have to go back and rewrite a lot later on, when I realize how it's all actually supposed to fit together! :)

RIP Lucas: No You Shalllnt"

Vixenfur: *saves her again*

RIP Lucas: As I Am Sititng On The Panel

Phantomwing(Q): :How old will Ivykit and Dovekit be in The Fourth Apprentice? And will Barkface be dead by then?

VickyHolmes(A): Barkface will be dead; Dove and Ivy will be six moons exactly!

CherithBaldry: Aha, but you don;t know where the panel leads!

Fluffypelt: *shoves her back in*

Goldenpaw: Yes, Barkface dies!

Sparrow: Barkface is finally dead! Xd

Vixenfur: *saves her*

Sparrow: He's been there since Itw

Shadowmoon: Oh no, Barkface....

Redfeather: Barkface!

Streamflow: Barkface is ancient!

Fluffypelt: yesh,bwahahaha!

Silverclaw: Barkface? Dead? wow. finally ::headcomp

Minou: Barkface Xd

Tui Sutherland: Vicky going to end up in Narnia, Cherith? :)

Iceclaw: I'm going to miss Barkface, to be honest.

Shadowmoon: no, Barkface

Firefawn: hey when will Leopardstar die?

KateCary: careful with that panel, Vicks, you don't want to end up in narnia

Wildflower: no! Barkface!

Scorchtail: well, barkface lived a rather nice life

Hawkstar270: Barkface? No!

Shiningfur: The panel leads land of no chacolate, Vicky!

Brambleflower: all those herbs are keeping old cats alive!!!!

Iceclaw: And Blackstar.

Shadowmoon: Leopardstar must Live!!!

Daisypaw: he's one of the few original cats left from into the wild lolz

Fluffypelt: Narnia! i want to go there!

Waterstripe(Q): Who would take Brambleclaw's place as deputy if he dies?

VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm. Lots of good candidates! I think Brackenfur is an awesome senior warrior. But it depends on the circumstances of his death...

Redfeather: Blackstar rocks cat!

Losty: I love Blackstar! =D

Whisperheart: Narnia! ::laugh

Vixenfur: No Vikcy Stays Out Of Narnia Xd

Tui Sutherland: hee, Kate, great (vicky-affected) minds think alike!

Goldenpaw: Vicky has to go and become Queen of Narnia.

CherithBaldry: It's a cupboard, not a wardrobe.

Cloudy Havoqk: Narnia Ii -- Warriors

Shadowmoon: Ah Brackenfur..

VickyHolmes: Shiningfur, oh no! In that case, I'm tunnelling back in!

Shadowmoon: Brackenstar for the win!

jays wing: Vicky Went To Narnia!!!!!!!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: Then Vicky'll end up in the world of Warriors!

Silverclaw: Yay Vicky! Me luv Narnia.

Cloudy Havoqk: Except Jayfeather will be the Doctor disguised as a cat!

Streamflow: Brambleclaw must never die! Stands in front of Brambleclaw and bribes Vicky with chocolate!

Daisypaw: Lol

KateCary: look out Tigerstar! Vicky's coming...

jays wing: did warriors just end? what will we do without vicky?

Fluffypelt: Vicky is going on a trip to Narnia and visit Aslan!

Iceclaw: If Firestar is still alive and Brambleclaw is deputy and Brambleclaw dies, it's obvious

Amberminnow(Q): Do you have any plans to kill of Barkface, the ancient elder?

VickyHolmes(A): Bless Barkface, he must know the secret of youth! He's moved on now, you'll be relieved to hear.

Losty: Cloudy: If the Doctor were a cat, he'd look like Brackenfur =] I think so, anyway lol

Cloudy Havoqk: And Trent will freak out and scream "OMG Warriors Dw Crossover"

Cloudy Havoqk: and the Vashta Nerada will eat Berrynose!

Spottedshadow: Oh, good. He was old.

Shiningfur: May Starclan honor Barkface, the cat who discovered the Fountain of Youth!

Losty: Cloudy: I Want Someone To Write That! So Much! =D

Nettlepaw: I like Brambleclaw, but I just can't imagine him being leader, for some reason

KateCary: Barkface "moved on" - is this your new phrase for Killing Cats vicky? :P

Storme(Q): How does Sorreltail feel about what has happened to here? Both her parents and brothers are dead, two of her kits died, and another might have become crippled.

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, Sorreltail has had kind of a tough life, hasn't she? But she has her pure and constant love for Brackenfur (happy relationship, YAWN) to keep her happy. Ha, I will PUNISH her for boring romance!

Cloudy Havoqk: And then it will all have been a trich and Onestar will really be the Doctor!

Spottedshadow: I know, same with me, Nettle.

Fluffypelt: wheres Vicky?aslan must have aten her

Iceclaw: Vicky, you've done enough

Amberminnow: Oh I wrote elder in my Barkface question, my mistake. :)

Storme: No, Vicky! She suffered enough already! D:

Iceclaw: Otherwise you'd have killed Ferncloud already

Shadowmoon: Aw, Sorreltail, so cute xd

VickyHolmes: Kate, I was trying the phrase out, but I think Dies Writhing In Agony works better, to be honest.

Brambleflower: Noooooooooooo

Losty: Cloudy: Omg I Knew It I Knew Onestar Is Awesome I Knew It *dies* Xd

Goldenpaw: Old man: You kids and your British sci-fi!

SheilaRuth: Punish Sorreltail for boring romance? Nooooooooo! *hides Sorreltail*

spottedstar: You pre-punished Sorreltail, Vicky!

Storme: Vicky! xd

Fluffypelt: shes in Narnia being eaten by Aslan!

Tui Sutherland: Omg, Losty, Brackenfur + Doctor Who = Tui's crush makes her head explode :)

Spottedshadow: Nooo! Back into the wardrobe with you, Vicky!

KateCary: That's more like the Vicky we know and love :)

Magicyop: Guys, the official fan name for Omen is Toots. I forget who made that up but it's funnier than Oots :-P

CherithBaldry: Don't you dare be nasty to Sorreltail, Vicky! Or I will send her to you and you can put up with endless attention-seeking mews/purrs!

Shadowmoon: *defends Sorreltail *

Goldenpaw: Toots.xd

Cloudy Havoqk: David Teenant is cute.

Redfeather: *defends Brackenfur and sorreltail*

Wildflower(Q): Do you believe that Ashfur was purely evil, or just kind of angry and crazy but overall a good cat?

VickyHolmes(A): Angry, misunderstood, brave, loyal - but I don't know if a good cat would have threatened to do what he threatened to do, if you see what I mean!

Storme: Omen should be Woots!

Cloudy Havoqk: I like guys named David and also feminine guys.

Losty: Tui + Cloudy: Yes, I second that, lol

Storme: Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Magicyop: What?!

Silverclaw: Ashfur was crazy.

Magicyop: Toots is The Omen Of The Stars

Cloudy Havoqk: Especially if the guy named David is Feminine (havok!)

Streamflow: Ashfur should go to the Dark Forest!

Goldenpaw: Woots for Toots.

Magicyop: What would Woots be?!

Scorchtail: warriors omen of the stars!

Wildflower: lol, Toots ::happy

Sunstreak: Is Magic not named David? oo;

Cloudy Havoqk: Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Minou: Warriors: Omen of the Stars is W00ts

CherithBaldry: I think Ashfur's anger and frustration pushed him over the edge into madness.

Fernstar: when does the fourth apprentice come out<-

Magicyop: Ohhh lol

Spottedshadow: Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Vixenfur: Warriors Omen Of The Stars= Woots

SheilaRuth: Woots=warriors Omen of the Stars

Fluffypelt: ok Vicky,you may come out now, *lets her out*

Amberminnow: No Vicky!! Don't hurt my percious Sorreltail!!!!

Heartwing joined.

jays wing: woots!!

Cloudy Havoqk: oh my god, I have a crush on Magic's name Xd

Streamflow: Water of Omen the Stars

Fernstar: woot!!

Hawkstar270: I loved Ashfur and loved him even more after he snapped.

Silverclaw: I can not wait until Omen of The Stars!

Redfeather: *makes Vicky wear big hat*

Lilacheart(Q): Do you like Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, or Jayfeather more? Which do you like the least?

VickyHolmes(A): I love them all dearly because they all have such great story possibilities. Lion was a bit dull at first - the silent hunky one, yawn - but now he's much more interesting. Jay is probably my favourite to write about because of his spunky attitude.

jays wing: i want a big hat!!!!!!!!!

Streamflow: Thank you, Vicky, for killing Ashfur!

Spottedshadow: I still think Holly fakes her own death.

Spottedshadow: *faked

jays wing: i liked ashfur

SheilaRuth: Yes, I really like the way that Lionblaze developed. He's much more interesting now.

CherithBaldry: I like writing Jayfeather best, though I liked Hollyleaf a lot. <sniff>

Cometstorm(Q): What exactly will Omen of the Stars be about? I know that one of Whitewing's kits is the three, but can't you just give us a little teaser PLEASE??? Like what the "omen" is?

VickyHolmes(A): Dovekit is the "fourth" apprentice, and the true third cat mentioned in the prophecy. As you can imagine, her sister Ivykit is none too pleased about her littermate's special destiny... And that's enough revelations!

Rainripple(Q): Is Dovekit the fourth apprentice?

VickyHolmes(A): Yup!

Minou: Dovekit!

Sandcloud: wow she said it

Spottedshadow: Wow!

Wildflower: hey, i got it right in my fan-fic

Lilacheart: Lilacheart: Do you guys like Leafpool? I can't tell, she seems to suffer a lot. (Did I ask this question already? o0'''') Cherithbaldry: I like Leafpool a lot. Often authors will make the characters they really like suffer most. I don't know why, but it's often true. Cherith: It Is often true! xdxd If anyone knows this, it's me. *dies laughing*

Wildflower: yay!

Rainripple: Yay!

SheilaRuth: Real answers! Woot! (or is that Woots?)

Minou: Poor Ivykit ::sad

Shiningfur: So Hollyleaf is dead? Cherith said, "sniff," so...

Spottedshadow: Aha!!! I knew that jealousy would be an issue.

Scorchtail: I knew it would be her!

Fernstar: lol sheila

Fluffypelt: I Knew It! Oh Yea! Im Getting Smarted On Figuring Out The Prophicies!

Lilacheart(Q): Do you like Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, or Jayfeather more? Which do you like the least?

KateCary(A): Holly was always a fusspot, I like Lionblaze more and more, but Jay is my fave

Spottedshadow(Q): Is there going to be Seekers manga?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes indeedy! There will be a trilogy, each book focussing on a different character before we meet them in the main series. Toklo is the subject of the first, then Kalllik, then Lusa.

Shiningfur: Poor Ivykit, I wanted it to be her.

coalfang: ivykit will be tigerstars next recruit i bet ::cool

Iceclaw(Q): What would have happened if Tigerstar was still alive?

VickyHolmes(A): He'd be VERY OLD.

Shadowmoon: Vicky is so funny

Redfeather: Bear Manga Ftw

Fernstar: ancient even

CherithBaldry: No, <sniff> cos she was left out of the prophecy and suffered so much over her parentage.

Spottedshadow(Q): Is there going to be Seekers manga?

Tui Sutherland(A): Oh my gosh, really, Vicky? I didn't know that! That's v. exciting!

Firefawn: I remember when i went to Dc to see Vicky i saw Ivykit or the little girl who Ivykit was named after

Silverclaw: Gasp!

Vixenfur: I Posted The Pic Of The Seekrs Manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainripple: Lol Vicky!

Iceclaw: You Make Leopardstar Very Old!

SheilaRuth: I met the real Ivykit on Vicky's tour!

Scorchtail: Well Mousefur is ancient ^.^

Silverclaw: Vicky you're cool.

Sunstreak: Vicky: I think you said indeedy at the tour.. Now my mom says it. ._.

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: It would be interesting for there to be a warriors summer camp. I know, random

Fluffypelt: Noo! Not Little Ivykit!

Streamflow: Vicky rubs off on us all...sometimes I have moments when I feel really and truly evil...vicky is a Dark Forest cat who is swaying me to be evil!

SheilaRuth: Jinx, Firefawn!

Shiningfur: Ohh okay. Thanks, Cherith.

Sunstreak(Q): Whose cats will the point of views be from in Omen of the Stars?

VickyHolmes(A): Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Dovekit AND Ivykit!

Iceclaw: Vicky gave an evil answer: Not what I meant. Oh well

Streamflow: I like Dovekit!

Goldenpaw: Four Povs?

Sunstreak: Cool!

Jayfeather(Q): What happens to Leafpool?

VickyHolmes(A): Lots of things, some good, some bad.. :)

Shadowmoon: Dovekit! :3

Fluffypelt: i felt evil when i locked her in a coubard ::smile

Spottedshadow: Cool!

Ice: yahoo!, Ivy sounds like a cool character

Vixenfur: I like dovekit best!

Sparrow(Q): Did you ever imagine for this series to get as big as it is now when you first started writing Warriors?

VickyHolmes(A): Not in a million, trillion years.

Firefawn: huh? am i jinxed??? how do i be un jinxed??????

Nettlepaw: Long may it last, Vicky!

Brambleflower: Four Povs cuz it's the fourth series

Sunstreak: At first, I was like: Hey, that was like my question! Then I realized it Was my question...

Rainripple: Yay For Jayfeather Pov!

Sparrow: Yay, my question is finally answered. Xd

SheilaRuth: We said the same thing at the same time (about Ivykit). Aren't you supposed to say jinx when you say the same thing as someone else?

Firefawn: yay!!! I am Jinx free!! wait is that a good thing???

Scorchtail: I hope Ivykit isn't evil... although she's probably very jealous of her sister

Eclipse of a Broken Heart joined.

Rainripple: I think I'll like Ivykit......

Cloudy Havoqk: Jinx 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 you can talk

SheilaRuth: lol

Eclipse of a Broken Heart: Hihi

Firefawn: we did??? seriously? and i have the Jinx shot thing so it bounces off of me and on to you

Lightstreaqk: Heya Fruity

Ice(Q): Is Leapordstar(sp) going to die any time soon, I would love to see a Mistystar.

KateCary(A): Well I guess no cat lives for ever, though I'll miss her. I had a soft spot for her in Firestar's younger days. She was always one of the most down to earth leaders. But I think Misty would make a great leader (even though she can't remember who her kits are)

Lightstreaqk(Q): All: How do you think the Clan reacted when they heard about Hollyleaf's death? Were some happy because of what happened at the Gathering, as well as devastated that they lost a Clanmate....? How would the other Clans react?

VickyHolmes(A): I suspect there was a fair amount of relief, if not exactly happiness. She caused a whole lot of trouble with her announcement. I'm not sure the other Clans would care a great deal, because they weren't directly affected - except poor old Crowfeather and his new family, who are probably praying for a meteor to land on ThunderClan!

Spottedshadow: Lol

CherithBaldry: lol Kate

Lightstreaqk: Lol!

Streamflow: Mistystar! Mistystar!

Fernstar(Q): does working toghether help to write the warriors and seekers books more quickly?

Tui Sutherland(A): Absolutely! are you kidding? there's no way just one of us could write all of these as fast as you guys want them (I get the impression even the four of us aren't quite keeping up with your demands...) ;) Plus we need Vicky's giant brain, or else I at least would have a hard time being so evil to the characters... :)

Wildtail: Lol!

Lightstreaqk: Yay I got a question answered ::happy Thanks!!

Nettlepaw: Come on, people! The next series will be a whole 6 books! Do you really think it'll be as simple as 'dovekit is the 4th Apprentice and that's that?' This is Erin Hunter we're talking about, nothing's ever that simple!

CherithBaldry: Tui's absolutely right. No way could we do it on our own.

Fernstar: yay my question was posted!!!!

KateCary: did you know Vicky's brain is so big, her head actually tips to one side?

Sunstreak: Exactamundo, Nettlepaw!

KateCary: just kidding :)

Losty: Lol, Kate Xd

Heartwing: lol

Wildflower: Lol!

Scorchtail: lol Kate!

Sunstreak: lol!

Wildtail: Heh. n.n;

Minou: ::laugh

Sparrow: Yeah, it would be sad without Vicky's evil mind?

Silverclaw: lol

wildpurrfection(Q): i think i might have missed it - but if i didn't (this is going wayyy back) why didn't redtail tell starclan about what tigerstar did to him?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, that’s a very good point! [Thinking quickly] StarClan are wise enough to know that some things have to be sorted out by the Clans on their own, so that they have their own experiences to learn from. Also, the discovery of Redtail’s true murderer was vitally important for the destinies of Ravenpaw, Bluestar and Fireheart, so the fact that StarClan didn’t interfere meant each cat ended up where they were supposed to be.

Shadowmoon: Vicky's evil mind is amusing!

Wildflower: ::laugh

Streamflow: Vickyworld is a dark, evil and complicated place.

Redfeather: Do cats scream?

Sunstreak: Do cats cry? oo

Fluffypelt: what the heck,kate? her head tips to one side?!

KateCary: Do cats scream? That question's gonna give me nightmares!!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): Since Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, will Cinderheart have a crush on him?

VickyHolmes(A): Tee hee, I hadn't thought of that! I think she just might... Thanks for the idea!

Fernstar: wow

Shadowmoon: I can imagine cats crying, but I dont think they can

Quailfeather: Lol, Vicky!

Lilacheart: ::laugh!

SheilaRuth: Lol!

Fluffypelt: they cry when they wail

Shiningfur: Ciderheart might fancy Firestar for being such a good leader.

Shadowmoon: Now I want vanilla pudding! O.o

Storme: I'd like to think of it like in The Sight by David Clement-davies. Starclan watch, but they don't try to influence everything the warriors do.

Cloudy Havoqk: I have a great nickname for Vicky!

VickyHolmes: I heard that, Kate! My head is perfectly normal, actually! :)

Storme: Or else they wouldn't truly be free.

Cloudy Havoqk: (you all know what it is)

Silverclaw: What Cloudy?

Cloudy Havoqk: I think Miss Murder is the perfect nickname for Vicky! Isn't it?

Sparrow(Q): Did you ever imagine for this series to get as big as it is now when you first started writing Warriors?

Tui Sutherland(A): We had no idea...although I loved it from the moment I read it, so I was very hopeful that all of you guys would love it, too! :)

Fernstar: you deny that your brain is big vicky?

eaglefeather15(Q): This is a question from my friend: How do you split up the work of making the Warrior books?

VickyHolmes(A): I come up with the ideas, then Kate, Cherith and Tui WRITE WHAT I TELL THEM TO. Or something like that...

Sunstreak: Miss Murder! Lmao!

CherithBaldry: Come on, Vicky! Would you want to be completely normal?

SheilaRuth: Yes! Miss Murder fits her perfectly!

Lightstreaqk: Cloudy: It is!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: Miss Murder!!

Cloudy Havoqk: *giggles*

Silverclaw: lol Vicky

Cloudy Havoqk: (raise your hand if you get it!)

Redfeather: candy all gone :(

Flametail von Karma(Q): Can you tell us anything about who will become leader after Firestar? We know it won’t be Brambleclaw, and will be unexpected. Will it be a relatively new character? (New meaning from Power of Three onward here.)

VickyHolmes(A): No I cannot tell you anything about who becomes leader after Firestar. Because I am EVIL.

Lightstreaqk: *raises hand*

Losty: Cloudy: Lol Xd I would love to be able to call her that! Xd *rases hand*

Streamflow: Vickyworld is also a very chocolatey place.

CherithBaldry: Well, we sort of write what she tells us to - unless we have a better idea. Then we phone her and negotiate.

Losty: *raises

Darkflame: (raises hand)

Sunstreak: I get it! *raises hand*

Goldenpaw: We know you're evil, Vicky.

Cloudy Havoqk: *starts singing Miss Murder* cuz this song always is stuck in my head

Firefawn: i still have my chocolate bar!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: I Get It!

Wildflower: Bramblecalw won't be elader?

Fernstar: why won't it be brambleclaw?

Vixenfur: Evil Vixy Xd

Brambleflower: Nu!!! It Will Be Brambleclaw!!! ;_;

Fluffypelt: Vickyworld!

Streamflow: Moves to Vickyworld

Redfeather: *attacks Firefawn for chocolate bar*

Silverclaw: And I am holding meh Chocolate right now!

Vixenfur: Vickyworld *moves*

Goldenpaw: If Vicky ruled the world, we would all be slaves.

Sparrow: O_o

Brambleflower: Bramblestar <3

Hawkstar270: It won't be Brambleclaw? I am filled with joy.

Redfeather: *moves to the new 'vickyworld' *

SheilaRuth: I don't know if I'd want to live in Vickyworld. It might be dangerous. Especially if I bored her.

Firefawn: *climbs up tree and dangles Choclate bar over Refeather's head*

Spottedshadow: Evil, evil, evil Vicky. What I would give for truth potion...

Tui Sutherland: Or we email her pleading to save at least one of the kitties (or bears)...bribing her with chocolate, etc... :)

jays wing: *sends you all e-candy*

Fernstar: i like brambleclaw what's wrong with him?

KateCary: I always write just what Vicky tells me so she doesn't %%%% me with her unfeasibly large head...ok, just teasing - sorry Vicks

CherithBaldry: If Vicky ruled the world we might all be dead.

Soundstorm: ::laugh

coalfang: i hope firestar posesses another cats body and becomes leader again. Xd

Soundstorm: Amen, Cherith.

Shiningfur: Thornclaw should be leader! He's had an apprentice, is a senior warrior, and he was the first warrior Firestar ever named. So it'd be special.

Silverclaw: Yeah Cherith! Amen! ::headcomp

Lilacheart: ::laugh true, true, Cherith

Streamflow: Noooooooooooo! Forces Starclan to give Brambleclaw nine lives.

Redfeather: I hope Firestar dies... he's getting repetitive. Too old and bland. It's like eating only fish for five years straight.

Scorchtail: I agree, Cherith ^.^

Firefawn: i agree i want Firestar to Live

Fluffypelt: i can tell your big on death,vicky!

Amberminnow: lol Cherith!

Silverclaw: Yeah red

RIP Lucas: His name is an omen.

Fluffypelt: me too! he Pwns!

Shadowmoon: I love fish!

Fernstar: ouch cherith

Iceclaw: Death shall claim all the cats eventually. (laughs evilly)

Tui Sutherland: I don't know if *we'd* be dead, but if Vicky ruled the world, certainly all our adorable cats would be in grave danger!

Iceclaw: It is the inevitable!

CherithBaldry: lol Tui

Wildflower(Q): What scene, in all the books, you do think was the most fun or the most touching to write for you?

VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, so many made me stop and think WOW, this series is more amazing than I deserve. Cherith's Brightspirit scene, or the death of Tigerstar, or Leafstar in SkyClan getting her nine lives. Pretty much the whole of Bluestar's Prophecy - you HAVE to read this book, I'm soooo excited about it coming out. And in Seekers, Tui's early Toklo scenes. Sob.

RIP Lucas: They already are in danger, Tui, she already Rules a world

Streamflow: I would never die in Vickyworld. I'm too crazy to get boring!

SheilaRuth: I can't wait for Bluestar's Prophecy!

Lilacheart(Q): Do you guys like Leafpool? I can't tell, she seems to suffer a lot. (Did I ask this question already? o0'''')

VickyHolmes(A): Of course I like her! Cats that don't suffer are very boring and liable to come to a sticky end!

Scorchtail: Go Bluestar!

Sparrow: Neither can I, Sheila!

Sunstreak: I cant either!

Firefawn: *grins darkly* i has Two chocolate bars now!!! and they're Mine

Shadowmoon: I liked Toklo's brother's name. Tobi is an awesome name

CherithBaldry: You do deserve it, Vicky!

Sparrow: *steals chocolate from Firefawn*

KateCary: Vickyworld might be littered with dead cats - but just think of the chocolate!!! :)

Sparrow: *gives to Vicky*

Cherrypetal: Lol Tobi

Dawnstripe27(Q): Do you ever plan on writing any more books about Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, or Crowfeather?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, they all appear in Omen because they all have a lot of unfinished business, but they won't take center stage, as far as I can tell.

Lilacheart: ::laugh I can sort of see Leafpool coming to a sticky end, actually...

Vixenfur: Chocolate Vicky World!!!

Scorchtail: A very good point, Kate

RIP Lucas: The Warriors Need To Get Rabies Darn It'

Fluffypelt: Dead Kitties!? No! I Will Not Stand For It!

Firefawn: Oh no!!! me chocolate is gone!!! *chases after for chocolate*

Shadowmoon: But if Leafpool comes to a sticky end, then I will!

Skywing(Q): Will Millie ever decide to get a warrior name?

VickyHolmes(A): No, she chose to keep Millie because she isn't ashamed of her kittypet origins. She's a proud, independent cat as well as being a brave and loyal warrior, and I LOVE her for that.

Rainripple: i dont think leafpool will die of old age

Iceclaw: (steals all of Firefawn's chocolate, melts it, and gives Vicky chocolate covered desserts again)

Lilacheart: Millie Is cool ::biggrin

Streamflow: We should raid Vickyworld and take all the chocolate!

SpottedFlame(Q): will tawnypelts kits become important?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes! Tigerstar isn't going to ignore the fact that he has grandchildren in ShadowClan!

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: *randomly eats magic invisible chocolate!*

Goldenpaw: Vickyworld is made of chocolate.

Lilacheart: Wow, Tawnypelt's kits are in Such deep doodoo ::blink

Sparrow(Q): Did you ever imagine for this series to get as big as it is now when you first started writing Warriors?

KateCary(A): No way! It's simply wonderful to reach so many readers. I still can hardly beleive it

Sparrow: Doodoo. O_o

Spottedshadow: Poor little guys.

Brambleflower: *steals Raven's migic chocolate* Haha!

Vixenfur: Tui!!!-------------------- Do you like wendy's

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Purdy stay with Thunderclan forever (until he dies)?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, I think so. I love him, especially Cherith and Kate's characterisation, so I'm not going to banish him.

RIP Lucas: Favorite musical?

Tui Sutherland: Brightsky: Into the Woods! or Sweeney Todd! Or Merrily...too hard to decide...

SheilaRuth: I love Purdy, too.

Streamflow: Yay, I started a Vickyworld revolution~!

Shiningfur: Oh, dear...tigerstar doesn't seem to understand the fact that he's Dead, now does he?

CherithBaldry: No, it's just amazing! I love it that so many people enjoy our books.

RIP Lucas: I love Into the Woods

Silverclaw: Eck, I hate fastfood

Shadowmoon: Purdy is Hilarious

Fluffypelt: i looooooove wendys!

Tui Sutherland: I do like Wendy's, but my husband's a vegetarian, so we hardly ever eat fast food (sigh!)

RIP Lucas: And I got sick at Sweeney Todd (Not puking, I had a fever

Redfeather: I only started reading Warriors because to join my friend's Clan I had to read at least a page of it!! 8D

Lightstreaqk(Q): What's with Tigerstar's sudden change of view with pure-blooded cats? He told Lionblaze that blood didn't matter in Sunrise. Is he just growing desperate for new, young cats?

VickyHolmes(A): Tigerstar is a great politician. He says what cats want to hear, not what he believes.

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: *eats brambleflower, chocolate and all*

Losty: Brighty: I love "assassins" - it's my favorite musical aside from The Lion King =]

Fluffypelt: i cant believe Sasha would fall for someone like Tigerstar!

Shadowmoon: Lion King

Sunstreak: ****! I may have to leave soon to, apparently, finish packing for Maui. Even though I already did... *mutters*

Tui Sutherland: Sunstreak: Maui! That's awesome! I love it there! also, my parents' new dog is named Maui. :)

Shadowmoon: I have yet to watch Lion King Ii

Fernstar: if tigerstar ruled the world...

Sparrow: The Lion King! =P

Goldenpaw: Tigerstar is Emperor Palpatine.

RIP Lucas: I love "insert title of Show" and Rent

Sunstreak: Tui: Lol!

Shadowmoon: Tigerstar Must Rule The World xd

Tui Sutherland: I love Assassins, too! I saw Neil Patrick Harris in it; he's Amazing

Lilacheart(Q): Will Firestar ever learn that Scourge was his half brother? Even if he does, will it matter?

VickyHolmes(A): No, I can't see of any way for him to learn that. If he did, I think Firestar would be pretty horrified at how such close kin turned out - after all, Princess wasn't a murdering psychopath with reinforced claws!

Lilacheart: Puppy. *pets Maui*

Vixenfur: assasians are awesome Xd

Streamflow: Tigerstar will not be happy until Firestar is dead and his kin rule the forest, will he?

RIP Lucas: Tui, I sent you a question on Sunshine's blog

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Are the cats from Jingo's "Clan" going to come back? I really liked those cats and I want to see them again~

VickyHolmes(A): I liked them too! I'd like to bring them back in Omen, yes.

Waterstripe(Q): Who would take Brambleclaw's place as deputy if he dies?

KateCary(A): Oh I hope it'd be Graystripe, but he may be passed it :( I reckon Vicky would give it to Lionblaze...

Shadowmoon: "murdering psychopath with reinforced claws" xd

Goldenpaw: Jingo was awesome

Losty: Tui: I just discovered it the other day, and I'm addicted, lol. "unworthy of Your Love" is great Xd

Brambleflower(Q): This is kind of a stupid question but it's been bugging me for a while. Does Squirrelflight have one white paw? Everyone who draws fan-art draws her with one front white paw, but when I re-read Midnight, I couldn't find anything saying that she actually does.

VickyHolmes(A): I've never pictured her with one white paw, but maybe it's mentioned very early on?

Tui Sutherland: Thank you, Brightsky! I'll look for it tonight!

Storme: Why Lionblaze? Slowly but surely, he's going mad. Sort of like Bluestar.

Lightstreaqk: In Midnight, she had a whie paw ::mellow

Lightstreaqk: *white

Nettlepaw: I reckon Tigerstar is biding his time, waiting until he has a puppet to take over all the Clans, then Pow! Holds Starclan to ransom, otherwise he destroys everything!

KateCary: i meant past not passed - I need vicky to edit these replies!!

Streamflow: Gasp! Graystripe passed out!

Lilacheart: If Princess was a murdering psychopath, I'd insist that there was a series written after her so we knew what happened ::blink

Sparrow: I remember her being mentioned to have a white paw in Midnight or Moonrise...idk

Vixenfur: this has been going on for almost 3 hours

Ice(Q): Is Leapordstar(sp) going to die any time soon, I would love to see a Mistystar.

VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I don't think I'm giving too much away to reveal that Leopardstar has just died in Omen of the Stars Book Two! Mistystar is now the leader of RiverClan!

Wildtail: Yes!

Silverclaw: Wow!

Sunstreak: Yes!

Cometstorm: Yay

Sunstreak: Mistystar!

Sparrow: Leopardstar...died?

Sparrow: Miststar!

spottedstar: Yes!

Spottedshadow: Wow!

Fluffypelt: yea

Scorchtail: Yeeeees!!!!!

SheilaRuth: Mistystar! Yay!

Rainripple: Rip Leopardstar

Daisypaw: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparrow: Mistystar! Mistystar! Mistystar!

Sandcloud: Yay!!!

Fernstar: yay

Soundstorm: Leopardstar dies? Wow, um...

Soundstorm: ...about time?

Spottedshadow: Yay, Mistystar!

Redfeather: Mistystar!

Minou: Poor Leopardstar :(

Lilacheart: Mistystar!!!! ::biggrin

Goldenpaw: Someone should write a fanfic about Princess being a murdering psychopath.

Redfeather: Mistystar!

Sandcloud: finally!

KateCary: Vicky! you told them...nooooo

Shadowmoon: Leopardstar ;_;

Fluffypelt: Mistystar!

Minou: Mistystar is cool though! :D

Sparrow: I remember being shocked when Crookedstar died in A Dangerous Path. lol.

Phantomwing: Mistystar!

Lightstreaqk: I liked Leopardstar....

Rainripple: Agreed Doldenpaw!

Fernstar(Q): does working toghether help to write the warriors and seekers books more quickly?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh my goodness me, yes! One person could never write all these books on their own! And they wouldn't be one millionth as good if it was just me. Erin is POWER OF FOUR through and through. :)

Tui Sutherland: I don't think we can have a Shadowblade, because cats don't know what blades are, do they? But Roseclaw is really cool!

Vixenfur: Mistystar Woot

Wildflower: Mistystar!

Lilacheart: Lol, Kate

Minou: But I still miss Leopardstar...

Nettlepaw: Why are you all happy? Leopardstar...was awesome.

Redfeather: Leopardstar was nice, but she's getting boring like Firestar is,

Shadowmoon: Leopardstaris my Fourth favorite caharacter :(

Streamflow: Leopardstar is an annoying furball! The Awesomely Amazing Mistystar should take her place!

KateCary: Minou, so do I!

Cometstorm(Q): Will Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight ever have kits...that is, once they get over their issues? ;)

VickyHolmes(A): Not that I can foresee. Too much water under the bridge, if you see what I mean. :(

Losty: Maybe blade like a blade of grass?

Spottedshadow: Yeah, but she was old.

Storme: Leopardstar Was awesome, but Mistyfoot's turn to be leader is long overdue.

Spottedshadow(Q): In the first series, Firestar killed Scourge, his half brother. In the second series, Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost, his half brother. Did you notice this pattern?

VickyHolmes(A): I did notice this pattern!

Tui Sutherland: Good point, Losty! :)

Cherrypetal: lol mistystar. now what did we learn about what were going to do to firestar, Erins?

Goldenpaw: Was it intentional?

SheilaRuth: I like Leopardstar, too. But I think it's time for a chance, and I like Misty

Sparrow: People are killing their half brothers. o_e

Shadowmoon: Half-brothers kill each other?

kaboomkat: A leader died! Finally! 8'D

Lilacheart: Half brothers are never safe ::blink

Hawkstar270: Someone I know called it "brotherly love".

Waterstripe: Does that mean Lionblaze will kill Breezepelt?

Nettlepaw: that would make Firestar the longest-serving Leader!

Spottedshadow: I should have asked if it was intentional/

Silverclaw: Yeah, weird

Scarletpetal: leopardstar was old

Losty: And with that, I think I've used up any smart observations for the day Xd

RIP Lucas: Half sisters always are

Firefawn: i prefer Misy to Leopard

RIP Lucas: Bailey is my halfsister

Emberstar(Q): you said in The Darkest Hour that when Whitestorm died, he was back in the prime of his life; however, Yellowfang went to StarClan and stayed old. Why is this?

VickyHolmes(A): Cats in StarClan are whatever age they were happiest. For Whitestorm, this was when he was a young warrior; for Yellowfang, it was when she joined ThunderClan and found peace.

Shadowmoon: I Prefer Leopard

Sparrow: Losty: No, I want more smart obsevations Xd

Goldenpaw: No, it means Berrynose will kill Toadkit.

Cherrypetal(Q): Is holly still alive? I have a theory that she's living in the tunnels with Rock.

VickyHolmes(A): That is indeed a theory. ;)

Streamflow: Leopardstar is dead?

Amberminnow: I want to know more about Poppyfrost!!!! :)

Phantomwing(Q): What's Icepaw's warrior name going to be?

VickyHolmes(A): Icecloud!

Redfeather: ::happy Fortunately I have no half brother

Silverclaw: Me too Amber!

Silverclaw: Lol Red

Streamflow: All Hail the Great Mistystar!

Vixenfur: I have a half sister

Daisypaw: I Love that name!

Fernstar: nice name

Spottedshadow: Icecloud...

Sparrow: Icecloud and Foxleap ::happy

coalfang: cool

Losty: Sparrow: Yes, but that would require me being smart, and I lack that often Xd

Scorchtail: Icecloud and Foxleap... Hmmm... I like it!

Heartwing: aww i wanted icepath

Fluffypelt: i sorta want Leopardstar dead,but i would miss her

Rainripple: I have half siblings

Fernstar: who thought of icecloud?

Shadowmoon: Icdcloud! Icecloud! Icecloud!

Wildtail: Awesome

Wildflower: Wow, so many spoilers!

Lightstreaqk: I made a cat named Icecloud in my fanfic :D

RIP Lucas: Are you going to tkill them?

Iceclaw: Oh, Erins, I was Icestar in the previous two chats.

FireWolf787(Q): If a cat is blind or deaf when they are alive, do they remain blind or deaf when they enter StarClan?

KateCary(A): not according to WOOTS....

Wildflower: Icecloud is cool too

Iceclaw(Q): Are any of the Clan cats today related to any of the first leaders?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes, most definitely. Characteristics such as a fondness for water or the ability to run very fast have been passed down through the generations, and kept the Clans strong and distinct.

Goldenpaw: Woots

Streamflow: Icecloud and Foxleap? Yeah, creative names!

Sparrow: Erins, I was Sparrowheart last chat.

Storme: You're being awfully revealing this time around, Vicky...

Shadowmoon: Oh no Jayfeather Dies!!?

Lightstreaqk: Crowfeather and Windstar?

Cometstorm(Q): Isn't it awful that Lionblaze almost killed Crowfeather, his father? I wonder what would have happened if Crowfeather went to StarClan and found out that Lionblaze was his son...

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, it was awful. And one of my favourite scenes, natch.

Wildflower: does that mean Jayfeather dies!

FireWolf787: Woots?

FireWolf787(Q): How large is the lake the clans live around?

VickyHolmes(A): About one quarter of a mile in diameter.

SheilaRuth: Did Kate just give something away?

Silverclaw: Me too Scorchtail!

crescentmoon: Mistystar!!!!!

Shadowmoon: No, Crowfeather... dont kill him :(

Minou: woots = Warriors Omen of the Stars

Silverclaw: Wow Vicky.

Wildflower: Warriors omen of the stars is woots

Redfeather: Crowfeather!!!

Magicyop: Or Longtail

Streamflow: Noooooooo Jayfeather can't die!

Spottedshadow: I think they get more revealing as the get more tired.

Shadowmoon: Kate just gave away that Jayfeather could die

Magicyop: Longtail is blind too

Sparrow: yeah.

Shadowmoon: Theres no other cat thats blind or deaf

Scorchtail: Yes, Longtail

Minou: I like Oots better though...

Firefawn: i found more chocolate!!!! Haza!!!!! *holds more chocolate in hand*

Rainripple: my eyes hurt from reading this so much

Spottedshadow(Q): How much of the books does Vicky lay out? Does she give chapter summaries? More info? Less?

VickyHolmes(A): I give very detailed chapter summaries, usually ending up with an outline that is around 25-30,000 words long, or just under half the total length of the book.

Shadowmoon: What about Snowkit? Remember Snnowkit?

Silverclaw: Woww....

Shadowmoon: Snowkit was deaf!

Emberstar(Q): (for a friend) Whatever happened to Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw?

VickyHolmes(A): Many things, most of them bad, unfortunately.

Redfeather: Snowkiiit

Goldenpaw: Snowkit D:

Streamflow: Eats Firefawn's chocolate.

Rainripple: poor Snowkit

Spottedshadow(Q): Will we ever learn about where Rock came from?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes you will! In Omen of the Stars Book Four or Five. Not long to wait!

Spottedshadow: Yay!

Shadowmoon: No, Jayfeather won't die

Redfeather: Yes it Is long! - _-

Goldenpaw: That is a long time to way, Vicky.

crescentmoon: But we love Mistyfoot.

Shadowmoon: Longtail is blind, right?

Storme: That is a long wait, Vicky. >:[

RIP Lucas(Q): Tui, how early did you actually start helping with Warriors? You said you were an editor, but when did that start

Tui Sutherland(A): I was actually the Warriors editor from the very first book, back when I was an editor full-time in NYC, and then I left that publisher to write full-time a few years ago, so since then I've been a writer for the books instead...which is even more fun! :)

Firefawn: *chases Wildflower for chocolate* It's My chocolate!

Wildflower: *runs and hides*

Iceclaw: I know first hand editing and writing...writing is more fun./

Goldenpaw(Q): Does Warriors take place in the present or some other time? And how long is the gap between the Tribe leaving the lake and the beginning of the series?

VickyHolmes(A): I imagine that Warriors takes place right now (unlike Seekers, which is set a little way into the future). The Tribe left the lake sixty years ago, I think.

Shadowmoon: So it's too early to worry about Jayfeather's death! Longtail is blindt oo!

SpottedFlame: Did snowkit die, or did the hawk drop him? Me & my friend made a comic strip of him surving.

Tui Sutherland: agreed, Iceclaw! :)

Sparrow: Sixty years ago? o_e

crescentmoon: Ooo, Icecloud. I like.

Goldenpaw: They left after Wwii?

Iceclaw: (high-fives Tui)

FireWolf787(Q): Have Starclan cats every fought each other or have to fight the cats in the Place of No Stars?

VickyHolmes(A): They've never fought among themselves. But I wouldn't be surprised if there had been some epic battles with the Place of No Stars.

Firefawn: why do you all eat my chocolate??? now i has a jolly rancher

Fernstar: you mean the dark forest<-

Heartwing(Q): Which cover art is your favorite?

CherithBaldry(A): Moonrise, without a doubt.

crescentmoon: I want Holly to be alive in the tunnels. But what would she eat?

Rainfall(Q): I've noticed that Hazeltail has been included a bit more in the books. Does this point to a significant role coming soon? And any possible love for the future? (she's a fav of mine, my cat Hazel is named after her)

VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm, I think maybe she's pushed herself to the front of the stage without me noticing! But perhaps I should reward her with something really exciting.

Spottedshadow(Q): Would Firestar really let his daughter leave Thunderclan?

VickyHolmes(A): If she truly wanted to, then yes. Firestar knows better than most cats that you have to be in the place where your heart feels happy.

CherithBaldry: Vicky, for you, 'really exciting' means something with claws and blood in it.

Scorchtail: yes! A future for hazel, even if it isn't a good one

Fernstar: true that cherith

Lilacheart: Hazeltail's doomed.

crescentmoon: Does what mean Jay dies?!!? I missed that.

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Redtail's Sandstorm's father, what? He's tortoiseshell, and tortoiseshell cats can't have kits. I also thought you told us that was false at the October 2007 tour!

VickyHolmes(A): Are you sure tortoiseshell cats can't have kits? Hmmmm.

Iceclaw: As well as teeth, Cherith, and a body

Lilacheart: ::laugh'

Nettlepaw: hee hee well said Cherith

Shadowmoon: Tortoiseshell Males can't have kits

Spottedshadow: I'd be hesitant to name one of my pets after a character in warriors... what if the character died or was evil?

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Brambleclaw ever become leader? Or will another cat become leader instead?

VickyHolmes(A): I cannot answer that, alas. It would break my Code of Evviilllll.

Spottedshadow(Q): Are you ever going to have a medicine cat die before choosing an apprentice? I think that's be a great storyline.

KateCary(A): That would be interesting - who would pass on the knowledge of herbs? Maybe a medicine cat from another Clan would step in and help??? It would be a GREAT storyline!

Shadowmoon: Tortoiseshell Females are great mothers

Fluffypelt: Tui,whats your favorite band?

Storme: Not cats specifically, but males.

Tui Sutherland: One of my favorite covers is "moonrise", with the wintry landscape...i love "forest of Secrets" from the original series, too...and the new "sunrise" is really cool! :)

Streamflow: Yeah...vicky's idea of really exciting is "dying a sad and sudden death."

SheilaRuth: Lol Streamflow

Redfeather: Vicky you need some vanilla...

Vixenfur: My fav cover is Dark river

Spottedshadow(Q): What role will beavers play in the fourth series?

VickyHolmes(A): They pop up in the first book, The Fourth Apprentice, because they've built a dam upstream and drained the lake!

Vixenfur: and sunrise

Fernstar: i think the cover for dark river was pretty

Losty: Yeah, the Forest of Secrets cover is great, very mysterious =]

Tui Sutherland: Fluffypelt, right now, The Veronicas, but I love lots of different kinds of music (pink, Onerepublic, musicals, etc.)... :)

Lakestorm Wright: I meant tortoishell Toms

Lightstreaqk: I Love the Moonrise cover!

Rainripple: Drained the whole lake?!?!

Wildflower: omg, they drained the lake!

Lakestorm Wright: tortoiseshell Toms can't have kits

Fluffypelt: so beavers become evil?

Fernstar: beavers!!!!!

Soundstorm: Heh, I like Onerepublic and Pink ^^

Streamflow: Drain the lake! Vicky, you are so cruel!

Scorchtail: I love the Veronicas! When It all falls apart!

Sandcloud: yep a drought

Waterstripe: Tui you liek kelly Clarkson, right?

Sunstreak: Vicky: I Love Beavers! Specifically beaver tails... ::hyper!!!

Minou: Otters are cooler than beavers Xp

Redfeather: Kill The Beavers *smack*

SpottedFlame: i luv eclipse's cover

Iceclaw: River otters!

Shadowmoon: Drain. the Lake?

Tui Sutherland: Waterstripe, absolutely!

Vixenfur: Otters pwn

Silverclaw: tortoshelle male cats don't exist

Cometstorm(Q): Will Firestar ever find out Scourge was his half-bro? You could like, do a short story on it or something... I think it would be awesome.

VickyHolmes(A): It would be awesome, I agree, but I can't see quite how it would happen. Scourge didn't know, his mom wouldn't have known, nor would Firestar's mom. A mystery that will remain hidden forever, I'm afraid.

Lilacheart: One Republic, Pink, The Veronicas, they're all really good ^_^

Sparrow: Waterstripe: Nice question, lol. ::laugh

CherithBaldry: Not evil, just not aware of the presence of cats so far downstream.

Firefawn: otters and beavers are amazing

Minou: Otters are Awesome!

jays wing: i love otters.

Shadowmoon: But I Love Evil People

Goldenpaw: Tortie males do exist, just extremely rare.

Waterstripe: I love her!

Fluffypelt: i like Platypuses

Shiningfur: You should have a plotline where the leader dies, and the deputy was injured so badly he can't take over. It'd be frantic! Like...maybe a fox attack!

Redfeather: Beavers make good prey!

Sparrow: I barely know the Veronicas..which is weird, because my name's Veronica Xd

Cherrypetal: my cat had a tortie brother and sister.

Wildtail: Minou - I agree.

Iceclaw: The only beaver I would agree with is Ottol from Fell.

Shadowmoon: Beavers should fall prey to a patrol :)

Streamflow: Drags the beavers away from the lake by their tails.

FireWolf787: How deep is the lake?

Lightstreaqk: Moonrise and The Sight are my favorite covers ::happy

Fernstar: what happens to the beavers?

Tui Sutherland: Sparrow, hee! you should check them out; they're awesome! They were on my favorite show last week, which was really cool

Shadowmoon: My favorite cover is Fire and Ice

Nettlepaw: Shiningfur, there was a short story in 'code of the Clans' where precisely that happened!

Lightstreaqk(Q): What exactly was Hollyleaf's power?

VickyHolmes(A): She never had one, because she was never part of the prophecy. Gasp!

jays wing: i told my friend i was evil as vicky. she laffed like crazy. im not that soft, am i?

Silverclaw: I like the Moonrise cover!

Shadowmoon: My favorite book is about Crowfeather

Ice: poor Holly

Silverclaw: lol jay

Shadowmoon: hollyleaf ;_;

Firefawn: she got Crow's genes not Leafpool's

Streamflow: Sunset, Dark River and Eclipse are my favorite covers.

Hawkstar270: I don't know which is my favourite cover.

Spottedshadow: But, Vicky, you said it's be revealed in Sunrise!

jays wing: i love holly

Cloudy Havoqk: noo! not Holly ;~;

Cherrypetal: I Knew It!!!

Fluffypelt: gasp!

Sparrow: It was revealed.

Heartwing: I never did like holly

Vixenfur: ugh I hate holly -_-

Sparrow: She doens't have one. ::evil

Rainripple: Sunrise and the Sight are my fav covers

crescentmoon: I hope Leafpool stays.

Scorchtail: And she had so much faith in herself... pity

Lightstreaqk: I thought Holly was one of the three at first ::mellow

Minou: I didn't particularly like or hate Holly until I saw her on the cover of Sunrise! So cute and fluffy!

Wildflower: It was revealed in Sunrise Holly had no power, since she wasn't one of the three

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): Do you ever write stories out of order? Like the last chapter first? Or do you always start with the first chapter?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes. The scene featuring Ashfur, Squirrelflight, Jay, Lion and Holly (and some fire and the cliff) came into my head before I even started thinking about The Sight. So the whole series was working up to that moment! But when it comes to planning an actual book, I make myself begin at the beginning, go right to the end, and stop.

Firefawn: Leafpool must stay and cause more trouble

jays wing: i like the code of clans cover. all 4 leaders!

Silverclaw: Holly was very original though.

Hawkstar270: I did like the Eclipse cover.

Iceclaw: Fluffy, yes, cute, no.

Lilacheart(Q): Do you plan on killing Firestar next series?

VickyHolmes(A): He's got a few lives to lose, so yes! Will he lose his ninth life? I'm not telling you. ;)

Fernstar: at first, i liked holly

jays wing: who were the cats on cats of the clans cover????????

Shadowmoon: I like Crowfeather's coloring

Spottedshadow(Q): Is Ashfur in the Dark Forest?

VickyHolmes(A): Good question. Haven't quite decided yet...

Vixenfur: Not to be mean but to me she was kinda average-- you know, patrols... hunting.... and she was I dunno. I hate her

Fluffypelt: Holly annoyed me,because she was like "thats not true!" when Millie said she didnt want a warrior name and didnt need one

coalfang: live fiefie Live *hyperventilates*

Soundstorm: I think the series began with Firestar, it should end with Firestar.

Shadowmoon: You should have made his eyes gray though -- *shot, like Redfeather*

Fluffypelt: Firestar Must Not Die!

Sparrow: Soundy: Same.

crescentmoon: Lakey - you know the ggenetic stuff always gets mixed up...

Firefawn: Firestar Has The Power To Live Forever!!!!!!

Heartwing(Q): Which cover art is your favorite?

KateCary(A): Into the Wild, because it was so exciting to see it for the first time :)

Vixenfur: Firetsar Livvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: Holly looked like me, 'cept she's fluffier

Nettlepaw: Noooo! (shields Firestar)

Lightstreaqk: Mudclaw ended up in Starclan right? Isn't Ashfur kind of like him?

Shiningfur: I'm a strict believer that Hollyleaf's dead. If she was not killed by the rocks, she'd drown next time it rains. She'd die of hunger. She's trapped with Falen Leaves, I say! And...vicky said she never "had" a power. She's gone, I still say.

Goldenpaw: They need more grey-eyed cats.

Eclipse of a Broken Heart: No firestar needs to die.

Cherrypetal: firestar must die!

Iceclaw: With Soundy on that one.

SpottedFlame: who is Sandstorm's mom?

Lightstreaqk: Misunderstood and stuff...

Eclipse of a Broken Heart: hes a pain in the %^&

Minou: Soundy: I think it should continue.

Shadowmoon: Grey-eyed cats! Grey-eyed cats! *chanting*

Minou: It's too good to end T_t

Fernstar: cmon vicky you know you want to kill firestar

Lakestorm Wright: Crescent: I know. Vicky told me he Wasn't her father a while back though. o.o

Losty: Woah, Coal, deep breaths, lol

Eclipse of a Broken Heart: my faves are graystripe and brackenfur

Firefawn: Will someone help me make a protective circle around Firestar?? to shield him from Vicky?

Vixenfur: *chants with shadow moon*

Rainripple: Gray eyed people are cool.....

Morningleaf(Q): Does Heathertail still like Lionblaze? Or are her and Breezepelt really in love?

VickyHolmes(A): Poor Heathertail, I suspect part of her heart still belongs to Lionblaze even though she knows it is an Impossible Love (yay, one of my favourite things!). No way are she and Breezepelt in love! Although their relationship is more complicated than "just friends".

RIP Lucas: Tui costs 500 dollars to bring to my library. ::mellow

Tui Sutherland: Hee, Brightsky, you're doing your research! Actually, I do lots of library visits for free, just because I like talking to readers, so tell your librarian to contact me and if it's close enough, maybe it could happen. :) (although I'm not as full of Warriors answers as Vicky is, just to warn you!)

crescentmoon: Drained the lake - Riverclan must freak!

Silverclaw: I heard Tigerstar and Graystripe were half-brothers

jays wing: Why. Do. You. Kill. Grey. Cats.?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silverclaw: their mom is Goldenflower

Minou: But I do agree that it makes it seem more conclusive if it ends with Firestar...

Streamflow: I have a serious Warriors obsession!

Redfeather: Yay Vicky! Impossible Love! *shot*

Streamflow(Q): How did Goldenflower die?

VickyHolmes(A): Peacefully of old age between The New Prophecy and Power of Three.

Nettlepaw: Plus, remember that Starclan are always poking their noses in, so you won't see the end of Firestar If/when he dies....

Shadowmoon: *is obsessed with warriors and impossible love* Pick Me!

Vixenfur: Vicky Made A Peaceful Death!! (gasp*

Goldenpaw: It's a sign of the apocalypse.

Hawkstar270: Peaceful death? Does not compute!

Shiningfur: You say Goldenflower died peacefully, Vicky. In her sleep? Or did Leafpool give her poppy seeds?

Wildflower: no!!! I g2g, guys.

SpottedFlame: vicky: why do you have an obsession with killing gray cats?

Fluffypelt: me and Vixy went to her book signing

Hawkstar270: I've seen Vicky two times as well.

Shadowmoon: Bye bye, Wildflower!

Vixenfur: Bye Wildflower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldenpaw: Leafpool gave her chocolate

Sunstreak: Auf weidersehen!!

Streamflow: Goldenflower deserved a peaceful death! Thanks for answering my question!

Storme: Bye Wildflower D:

Wildflower: see you!

Minou: Bye Wildflower!

Firefawn: i thought no one would come to Md but then Vicky did and i made the hour journey to Dc

Tui Sutherland: bye, Wildflower

Morningleaf: =( bye wildflower

Wildtail: Bye Wildflower!

Nettlepaw: Bye!

Cloudy Havoqk: who's leaving?

Silverclaw: Bye Wildflower!

Heartwing: bye wildflower :(

Lightstreaqk: byebye Wildflower

Scarletpetal: i havent seen anyone D:

eaglefeather15: bye!!!

Fluffypelt: we were late in the one in Naperville

Cherrypetal: i think heathertail is one of the three...somehow...

Shadowmoon: Heathertail is pretty :3

Cloudy Havoqk: bai then, wild

Wildflower(Q): How did Tigerstar learn to walk in other cats dreams and appear in the real world? Can other cats in the Dark Forest besides Tigerstar and Hawkfrost do that, or it Tigerstar special?

VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm, I've never wondered how he learned that particular trick! Maybe he just really, really wanted to, and made it happen? You'll see more Dark Forest action in Omen.

Wildflower: Thank you, authors, for coming! ::happy

CherithBaldry: Bye Wildflower

Firefawn: bye Wildflower and i forgive you for stealing my chocolate

Wildflower: *gives chocolate back*

Streamflow: If Hollyleaf is alive she might steal Vicky's chocolates for revenge!

Wildflower(Q): What happens if a Clan completly disagrees with a new leader's choice of a deputy? I don't think that would usually happen, but can the Clan revolt if it does?

KateCary(A): In Warriors, anything can happen and anyone can die - great policy, I think

Firefawn: Yay!!!!

Heartwing(Q): Which cover art is your favorite?

VickyHolmes(A): Moonrise! Because it's so different and snowy and beautiful. I also love the stars on Midnight - that's the cover I have pinned on my noticeboard above my desk.

Wildflower left.

Vixenfur: Fluffeh!!! Vikcy Likes Midnight!!

Scorchtail: Sigh... no one ever comes down south in the U.s...

spottedstar(Q): Who's older, Leopardstar or Blackstar? And Firestar or Onestar?

VickyHolmes(A): Leopardstar. Onestar.

crescentmoon: Bites Fernstar on the neck. Firey forever!!!!

Fluffypelt: nooooooooooo! i will defend Vickys collections of chocolate *puts them behind an army hideout and has a little army hat on*

Iceclaw(Q): With all this Ferncloud kit giving, how much longer until ThunderClan is all Ferncloud's kin?

VickyHolmes(A): Not long, I fear! But she just loves having babies!

Goldenpaw: Fernclan

Sparrow: Ferncloud must go away..

Minou: ::laugh

Magicyop: Omg

Spottedshadow: Haha

Magicyop: Goldenpaw Took The Words Out Of My Mouth

Magicyop: I was just about to say that :-P

Streamflow: Ferncloud needs a new hobby.

jays wing: Erin: we are all glad you came, but me, and other new members are happy that our first chat is with you!!!::biggrin

jays wing: purple pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heartwing: That way she doesn't have to fight

Shadowmoon: Vicky is so funny. "She just loves having babies" xd

Nettlepaw: Aww, Ferncloud....bless her. Could cause trouble when picking mates later though ;)

KateCary: thanks, Jays wing

Magicyop: Haha perfect Heartwing

eaglefeather15: Vicky, are you getting tired?

Magicyop: Ferncloud is lazy and so to avoid fighting she keeps having kits :-P

Silverclaw: Kate, I really like the first book ever! You did a great job!

Lightstreaqk: lol

Silverclaw: lol

Spottedshadow: Hello to people reading this chat transcript in the future.

CherithBaldry: Lazy? Easy to see you have never had kits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scorchtail: That's it, magic! She Is lazy!

Heartwing: lol

Tui Sutherland: ha ha ha, Cherith! too funny!

Streamflow: I'm so glad you're all here Erins, one of the main reasons I joined was the chats!

eaglefeather15: Ferncloud is starting to bug me.

Lightstreaqk: Cherith, Lol!!

Sparrow: Does Ferncloud really love Dustpelt now, or does she just want kits? Xd

SheilaRuth: Ok, guys, please don't submit any more questions. There are still plenty of questions in the queue, they're going to do their best to answer as many as they can before they have to leave. But no more questions will be sent to the Erins.

Vixenfur: Hi People Reading Future Transscript!!!

Minou: Lol Magic! -delayed-

Silverclaw: Hello Future Chat Transcript Readers!

Sparrow: Okay, Sheila

Vixenfur: Okay no more questions!

KateCary: lol magicypop - I think Ferncloud's just a busybody and she can collect more gossip and poke her nose into other cats' business more if she stays in the nursery

Lilacheart: xd, Cherith!

eaglefeather15: okay, Sheila

Nettlepaw: Nothing Lazy about birth...not that I know....

Magicyop: Anyone Who Asks A Question

Magicyop: They will be publicly humiliated by singing my praises and then being slapped with a fish.

CherithBaldry: Ferncloud and Dustpelt really love each other.

Lilacheart: Um...i highly doubt anyone in here has had kits ::blink

spottedstar(Q): Are the medicinal herbs in Warriors just for cats, or for humans, too? (I need herbs for a book I'm writing)

VickyHolmes(A): They're very much just for cats - and not for YOUR cats! Please, please don't use any of the herbs or remedies mentioned in Warriors. We take them from a very old book called Culpeper's Herbal, written in the sixteenth century by an English physician who wrote down all the medicines used at that time. Medicine has come a long way since then! But if you wanted to use herbs in fiction, Culpeper's Herbal is a great place to find information.

Scorchtail: It's kind of sick, though, Cherith

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: Aren't the clans all kinda inbred? Maybe thats a cause for some of the crazies! (bluestar, Tigerstar...)

Streamflow: If you are reading the transcripct, I send you my greetings.

jays wing: i think everyone else could know this, but how exactly did tui become an erin?

Wildtail: Lol!

RIP Lucas: *tempted to aska question*

Morningleaf: Ferncloud is awesome!

Shadowmoon: Ferncould!

Shadowmoon: *ferncloud

Daisypaw: slapped with a fish Xd

Fluffypelt: the herb thyme is actully pronounced like "time"

eaglefeather15: Erins, my little sister says hi.

coalfang: you would be...::rolleyes

Redfeather: fern could!

Vixenfur: ferncloud ^^

Goldenpaw: I still can't believe Patchpelt is Tigerstar's uncle.

Streamflow: Ferncloud's cool, but she should leave the nusury.

Heartwing(Q): Why did you just have Leafpool retire? I love her but I was expecting Holly to kill her.

VickyHolmes(A): How could she stay as a medicine cat, when she has broken the code so dramatically? And LIED about her children? Leafpool has only herself to blame, sigh.

RIP Lucas: *slaps Coal with a fish*

Phantomwing: Slapped w/ a fish? Lol

Fluffypelt: Patchpelt is Tigerstars uncle?

Shadowmoon: Aw Leafpool... :(

Vixenfur: Patchpelt!? 0_e

Goldenpaw: His sister, Leopardfoot, is Tigerstar's mother.

Silverclaw: Poor Leafpool!

Firefawn: poor leafpool

Eclipse of a Broken Heart(Q): Are you still going to stop after the fourth series? Are you thinking about writing about a different type of an animal? Maybe something in the ocean?Humans?

VickyHolmes(A): I can’t say for sure that Omen of the Stars will be the last Warriors series, although it’s fair to say that it has crossed my mind. As far as other Erin Hunter series go, I have a few ideas which are still in very early stages (still very much focused on animals); it depends entirely on what HarperCollins want to include on future lists. All four of us – me, Kate, Cherith and Tui – have our own fiction projects so I don’t think we’ll stop writing if Erin comes to a graceful stop.

Streamflow: Patchpelt is related to Leopardfoot?

Vixenfur: I can't believe Tigerstar's Dad Is A Kittypet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: Thunder was disconnected and stopped trying. She says bye to the Erins.

CherithBaldry: Eagle, say hi to your little sister from me!

Cloudy Havoqk: So Darkflame says bai to all four of you.

eaglefeather15: Thanks, Cherith!

Hawkstar270: Cherith, my friend wants me to tell you that he loved Firestar's Quest.

Cometstorm(Q): Will Purdy, Cloudtail, and Mothwing go to StarClan when they die? (I have such a hard time imagining Purdy in would be HILARIOUS)

KateCary(A): I like to think they will - they have contributed to the Clan, and StarCaln are a generous bunch of puddy-tats

Fluffypelt: i feel bad for Leafpool,her own daughter wanted her dead

eaglefeather15: My little sister is cheering

RIP Lucas(Q): Which cat (besides Cloudtail) would be most likely to resort to a kitty pet life if given the choice?

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think Cloudtail would be a kittypet now. He's pretty well assimilated into the Clan. I suspect Purdy would quite like a kittypet lifestyle! Or Daisy, she likes being the center of attention.

RIP Lucas: Magicyop, what would you do if I asked a question? *just asked a question*

jays wing: We Love Magicyop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CherithBaldry: Thank you, Hawk. I loved writing it.

Cherrypetal: you can't stop warriors!! its blasphemy!!!

Storme: Don't let Erin Hunter fade into nothingness! D:

Vixenfur: Magicypop!! :D

Goldenpaw: Warriors cannot end! The main series can't, but not the series altogether!

Goldenpaw: can*

Redfeather: Write About Wolves! Write About Wolves!

Silverclaw: I love Erin Hunters!

Shadowmoon: Starclan! Whoo! I'll never forget about Warriors!

Tui Sutherland: Jay's Wing, I got lucky -- I was their editor when they started, so when I left to write full-time, and they knew we wanted more books (more, more, faster, faster!), they asked me to join them...super-lucky me! :)

Streamflow: Erin Hunter must go on until the end of the world!

jays wing: when will the series end?

Morningleaf: I Would Die If Warriors Ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Lucas: I wish I was you!

Fernstar: i want to be an erin!!

Vixenfur: Series Never End!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

Shadowmoon: Series never end!

VickyHolmes: And don't forget, I Kissed Magicyop at my event in Dc! On the lips! xxxxx

Editor's note: here's the picture of Vicky kissing Magicyop

Skywing: If You Ended Warriors I'd Go To Your House And Rob You

Streamflow: Tui is the luckiest person in the world!
Minou(Q): Will where Brightspirit comes from be explained? Jayfeather didn't recognize them from StarClan.

VickyHolmes(A): Brightspirit came from long, long ago in the history of Clans - it's quite likely that we'll meet her later on in Omen, as we learn more about the formation of the early Clans.

Sparrow: Vicky: Really? O_o

RIP Lucas: I haven't really like the Tpot series as much as the earlier sagas

Shadowmoon: vicky? Are youo okay

Cloudy Havoqk: Magicyopxvicky

eaglefeather15: Vicky, your gross...

SpottedFlame(Q): Did the elders that stayed behind on the journey die, if so, how long after the clans left?

KateCary(A): They either huddled together in a hollow till the twoleg monsters squished them flat or they went and found Twoleg homes...I don't like to think of it too much

Scorchtail: Lol, Vicky, i knew u would resort to that

Minou: Hey, my question!

Sunstreak: Vicky: O_o Id have loved to see that! ::laugh!!!!!

Vixenfur: Vicky X Magic

SpottedFlame: never ever end warriors, i'd cry : (

Sparrow: So would I, Sunny! ::laugh

Nettlepaw: I know Erin Hunter will stay with us; I just hope Warriors keeps going! Even this far in, you feel like they've barely scrached the surface of this massive universe. There's so much potential I think you could plunder it for fresh material indefinitely.

Streamflow: If warriors ended I would keep writing it and steal Vicky's place!

Vixenfur: But Vicky Is Married *gasp*

eaglefeather15: I don't want Warriors to end....

Fluffypelt: guys,can you write about dolphin pods? hehe,thunderpod would be funny

VickyHolmes: It's okay, my husband doesn't mind me kissing a cute little toad. :)

Goldenpaw: Riverpod.

Silverclaw: ew

eaglefeather15: nice idea, Fluffy

Vixenfur: Thunderpod.. Xd

Shadowmoon: A Toad?

Lilacheart: ::laugh, Vicky

Streamflow: Thunderpod...

Shadowmoon: I've hugged a lion

Magicyop: Yeah, you've all seen the pictures of me kissing vicky at the signing

Redfeather: Big Toad

eaglefeather15: A toad... okay

KateCary: kissing toads is how Vicky found Richard :)

Sparrow: Sorry, I just can't imagine it ::laugh

Scarletpetal: shadowpod

jays wing: thats cool! i want to be an editor someday with a couple books, fiction and nonfiction. that, or ill save the floridian west indian dugongs and manatees

CherithBaldry: No, that;s frogs.

Scorchtail: Haha Kate!

RIP Lucas: xd!

Lilacheart: Wow, Kate ::laugh!!

eaglefeather15: Riverpod

Magicyop: Heeh, nice one kate!

Silverclaw: I wanna be a writter!

Heartwing: Where is the picture? i didn't see it?

Vixenfur: I wanna be an erin Xd

Tui Sutherland: Oh, wow, those both sound like great jobs -- maybe you can be an editor And save the manatees (they're so cool)

Fernstar: me too

Silverclaw: Me tooo

Sparrow(Q): What kind of music do you listen to, if you listen to music at all?

VickyHolmes(A): I love music, everything from the soundtrack to the Gladiator movie to R&B. But not when I'm writing, because the style influences my ideas too much! Mind you, I did listen to Gladiator when I was writing Battles of the Clans (out next year) because it was suitably stormy and violent and brave-sounding.

eaglefeather15: Vicky, do you have any words of wisdom for me before I go into trying to publish my book?

Vixenfur: We Shall All Take Over Warriors!!! Aaahahahhaha

Sparrow: Yay, another answered question! Xd

Spottedshadow: Let's give Vicky love songs to listen to!!!

Scarletpetal: lol, how would rap influence the books...?

Rainripple(Q): Why does it always seem like Longtail is still young and Mousefur is ancient when really Longtail should be older then her?

KateCary(A): Longtail IS younger than Mousefur - he moved to the elders' den because he lost his sight, not because he was old

crescentmoon: Keep Going, Vicky - More Please.

Shiningfur(Q): Is it true that Stormfur and Brook will have kits? Will we see them in Omen of the Stars? I'm very curious on this.

VickyHolmes(A): Oh I hope they have kits! If they do, we'll definitely meet them! I can imagine they'd be very good-looking, after their parents.

Silverclaw: Yeaaaaaah!

Storme: I have been told that my writing style is similar to the Erin Hunter writing style. Must be all those fanfics I've written.

Nettlepaw: I think I might cry tears of joy if I became an to work on my craft though.

Rainripple(Q): Did Heathertail really tell her clan about the tunnels? Or was Lionblaze just being paranoid?

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t think she did,.

Cloudy Havoqk: I listen to music when I write. Because most of the time, the stories I write are based off of the concept I get from a song.

Streamflow: I will write books! But they'll never be as good as Warriors...

Sparrow: I don't want to see Rap influencing Warriors. Xd

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: I think if vicky stays in charge, this serise is gonna end when every sinlge cat is dead, and toads rule the world!!!! mwahahahaha

eaglefeather15: Yeah... Warriors is the best

VickyHolmes: Eaglefeather: Yes, make sure you have another career option! Kate, Cherith, Tui and I have all been other things as well as writers - it gives you something to write about in the first place. :)

SheilaRuth: No surprise there, Cloudy

Fernstar: maybe you guys could pass down your erinship

Magicyop: No, she wouldn't leave the toads alive ;-P

Silverclaw: I'll be a scientist!

Storme: If I was an Erin, the day I became one I would spend jumping up and down screaming and calling everyone I know to tell them. o_o

Silverclaw: yeah

Redfeather: rap influencing warriors... I don't want a warrior called Killerbee

eaglefeather15: thanks, Vicky. Getting advice from you means a lot to me. ^^

Fernstar: pass it down to me!

Cloudy Havoqk: Did I mention the Afi part of the "I write stories based off of songs"?

Rainripple: Vicky: But Longtail was a new warrior in Into the Wild and so was Mousefur......?

Streamflow: I would become an Erin in a heartbeat!

Tui Sutherland: Eaglefeather, if I can answer that too, I'd say just keep writing what you love, and don't let anything stop you! Keep sending your books out, but also keep writing, so you'll have lots of things to publish when someone does decide to buy them. :)

CherithBaldry: I like the music of the middle ages and renaissance, and also folk music.

Cloudy Havoqk: I meant Afi songs.

Losty: Cloudy: I guessed Xd

eaglefeather15: Wow, Tui. Thanks so much!!!! ^^

Shadowmoon: Warriors Must go on Forever!

Brambleflower(Q): Have you ever thought of making a cat lose their voice? That happened to my cat (Michael aka Coalfur) yesterday.

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, poor Michael/Coalfur. Hope he gets better soon. The Clan cats get pretty croaky when they have whitecough or greencough, but I've never thought of one actually losing their voice. I think that will definitely have to happen!

Nettlepaw: 10 rejection letters so far, but they're getting more personalised! that's a good thing!

Streamflow: When Warriors stops, I will keep writing it!

Storme: I want to be a vet and author. Except if a publishing company rejects my novel(and they probably would), I think I'd be very disheartened and discouraged. :[

eaglefeather15: Tui, my little sister says she likes your name.

Fernstar: rejection for what<-

Sparrow: Need to go guys >.>

Sparrow: Bye D=

CherithBaldry: Keep at it, Nettle. I had tons of rejections before I made the breakthrough.

Wildflower(Q): What is teh normal life span for a warrior? Cats can live a long time as kittypets, but for wild cats it must be different.

VickyHolmes(A): You're right, life as a Clan cat is significantly shorter than a kittypet. I imagine a warrior that got to the age of eight would be pretty aged.

Vixenfur: Bye Sparrow!!!

Sparrow: Bye, erins!

Sunstreak: Sparroweh! D=

Losty: Aw, bye, Sparrow! D=

Goldenpaw: Bye Sparrow

Shiningfur(Q): Will Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight ever rebuild their relationship? I feel terrible for them.

KateCary(A): perhaps Ferncloud could set up some kind of relationship counselling den and have them in for a few sessions of therapy?

Shadowmoon: Bye bye Sparrow@

Minou: Bye Sparrow!

Sunstreak: Auf weidersehen!!

Tui Sutherland: Storme, don't be discouraged! You have to find the right editor for you, that's all -- even if one says no, the next one might love it!

Sparrow left.

Silverclaw: Sparrow!!!

SheilaRuth: Bye Sparrow!

Firefawn: if you run out of ideas for Seekers i guess you could write about wolves or something

Redfeather: lol Kate xd

Magicyop: I need to hunt down Rabbit and we can work on finishing Earriors :-P

Sunstreak: Lol, Kate!

Goldenpaw: Ferncloud is a marriage counselour?

Tui Sutherland: Eaglefeather, yay! please tell your sister thank you! :)

Spottedshadow: Lol!

Fernstar: lol kate

Storme(Q): Was it really just pride that stopped Leopardstar from breaking her agreement with Tigerstar(when he was about to kill the half-Clans), or was there another factor--something she would never admit out loud--like fear?
VickyHolmes(A): Good question! Most definitely, Leopardstar was afraid of Tigerstar - but also in love with him, poor thing.

Minou: Lol Kate

KateCary: Ok, I can see by my answers I'm getting too tired

Scorchtail: Yes Kate! That needs to happen!

Lilacheart: Lol, warrior therapy xd

KateCary: must go to bed!

Streamflow: Lol, Ferncloud's Therapy!

Lilacheart: Aw ::sad

Shadowmoon: Poor Leopardstar :(

Spottedshadow: In love???????

Scarletpetal: love O_o

Vixenfur: Leopardxtiger!? 0_0

Minou: Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar???????????????????

Storme: Ooh, love. :O

Cloudy Havoqk: cya Kate :(

spottedstar: Love?

Magicyop: Ah, well, Thanks very much for coming, Kate!

Scorchtail(Q): What happened to Eaglekit, Crowfeather's older brother? He was metioned in Secrets of the Clans as Ashfoot's kit, but he suddenly poofed!

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, blast those cats for poofing! I think he died. :(

Losty: Woah, Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar?!

Iceclaw: All this Firestar and Tigerstar love thing is getting annoying.

Nettlepaw: Thanks, Cherith. Admittedly that was for my old project; 'tick' is yet to be rejected. Waiting on you, Hodder!

Lightstreaqk: You're leaving, Kate?

Spottedshadow: Bye, Kate!

Scorchtail: She was in love with Tigerstar? Oh wow...

Fernstar: bye kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunstreak: Aw, bye Kate! ::sad::sad::sad::sad

Soundstorm: Thanks for coming, Kate!

eaglefeather15: Tui, how do you pronounce your name?

Silverclaw: Kate??

Magicyop: We hope to see you here again!

jays wing: Byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

SheilaRuth: Bye, Kate. Thank you so much for coming!

Minou: Bye Kate! ::sad

Goldenpaw: Bye Kate

Losty: Aw, bye, Kate! Thanks so much for coming! =D

Cloudy Havoqk: Thanks for dropping in Kate!

Lilacheart: Thanks for coming, Kate! ^_^

Vixenfur: Bye Kate!!

Sandcloud: Bye Kate! Thanks For Coming!

Scorchtail: Bye Kate!

Iceclaw: Has Heavystep ever left the alliegences yet?

Lightstreaqk: Thank you for coming, Kate!

Redfeather: "Oh, blast those cats for poofing!" xd

eaglefeather15: Byeee!!!!!

Phantomwing: My Siamese plushie Keiko says hi. (Now if I actually had a real kitty....sigh) and Leopardxtiger?!

Scarletpetal: byebye!!

Minou: Thanks for coming!

SpottedFlame: by kate

Flametail von Karma: Bye, Kate!

KateCary: bye everyone, thanks for coming. As ever, it was great chatting!

Wildtail: Bye Kate!

eaglefeather15: Awwwwww bye!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: Love ya (in the healthy way)

FireWolf787: bye

Heartwing: Thanks Kate!!

Ice: you should have all the poofed cats form a clan

coalfang: bye kate

Iceclaw: Bye, Kate.

CherithBaldry: Ooh, I could just see Ferncloud in her consulting room. 'I'm sure you would be fine, dears, if you just had a few kits.'

spottedstar: Bye Kate!!!!!!

Waterstripe: Bye Kate!

Whisperheart: Aww bye Kate! Thanks for coming! =D

jays wing: I Will Miss You!!!!!!!!!!!

eaglefeather15: Bye, kate!

Vixenfur: I'll Miss U!!!! :D

Fernheart: bye kate :(

Spottedshadow: It was really great of you to come, Kate.

Daisypaw: bye Kate! It`s been loads of fun!!

Sunstreak: Two-e or if she were a robot like R2d2 2-E *shot*

Brambleflower: bye Kate! :(

Nettlepaw: Kate, thanks so much!

Firefawn: Bye Kate!!!!

Storme: Bye Kate! D:

Lilacheart: Lol, Cherith ::laugh!

spottedstar: We'll Miss You!!!

Soundstorm: Lol, Cherith!

Shiningfur: Farewell, Kate! May Starclan light your path, and I hope to type to you again!

Iceclaw: Cherith!

Spottedshadow(Q): Are you ever going to have a medicine cat die before choosing an apprentice? I think that's be a great storyline.

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, that would be a great story. Hmmmm. The medicine cats from the other Clans would have to receive a sign from StarClan about which cat should be chosen to be the new apprentice.

Hawkstar270: Bye Kate. May Starclan light your path.

Streamflow: Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar?now I feel guilty for being glad about her death...

Nettlepaw: Thank you so much for Warriors.

eaglefeather15: I had fun with you, Kate!

SpottedFlame: bye-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunstreak: Thanks for coming, Kate!!

KateCary: thanks for that final image Cherith Lol. byeeeee

Fernstar: bye kate!!!!!!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: bai kate!!!

Lilacheart: Bye, Kate!

Vixenfur: Bye Kate *hug!!!*

Streamflow: Bye, Kate! It was so nice of you to be here! May Starclan light your path!

Tui Sutherland: eaglefeather, it's "too-ee" (alex Trebek got it right at first, but he started pronouncing it "twee" by the end of the game...too funny!)

Heartwing: bye!!!! Thanks!!!

Cherrypetal(Q): what portion of the old forest belonged to skyclan?

VickyHolmes(A): If you look at the map in the early books, it was below ThunderClan, where Twolegplace now stands.

Fernstar: come back for another chat soon!

CherithBaldry: Bye Kate

KateCary left.

Tui Sutherland: Bye, Kate! :)

Cometstorm(Q): Isn't the Dark Forest called the Place of No Stars? How come it hasn't been mentioned in the books?

VickyHolmes(A): It has two names! A long one and a short one. :)

Vixenfur: Kate Is Gawn Noooooooooooooo

eaglefeather15: Thanks for the info, Tui.

Silverclaw: No! Kate!

spottedstar: aww...she be gone...

jays wing: byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Phantomwing: Bye Kate!

Fluffypelt: Kate left? aww

SpottedFlame: she's gone pure devestation.

Redfeather: by Eeeeeeee?

Silverclaw: ::ohmy

eaglefeather15: Kate left.... sob

Streamflow: Noooooooo...kate left!

Fluffypelt: bye Kate!

Fluffypelt: it was awsome talking to you!

Vixenfur: She Left Already!!!

jays wing: cherith and vicky are still here!

Sunstreak: Tui: I'm excited to see how you do in the next round of Jeopardy! =D

Redfeather: and Tooee!!

Eclipse of a Broken Heart(Q): Are you still going to stop after the fourth series? Are you thinking about writing about a different type of an animal? Maybe something in the ocean?Humans?

Tui Sutherland(A): Probably not humans (how violent and evil could Vicky get with that?), ;) but people are always suggesting new animals for us to write about, so maybe! I hear wolves and dolphins a lot...and I've heard gorillas and elephants and whales, too! There are too many fun possibilities!

Fernstar: sheep!

Wildflower(Q): Why do you think the Clans are seeming to fall apart now, when they have always been so solid before? Much of it seems to be blamed on poor Firestar by the other Clans because of the leaders turning against ThunderClan. Or is all this because of teh prophecy?

VickyHolmes(A): The Clans are falling apart because they are subject to many, many new pressures - not just moving home, but incoming influences like Sol. The Prophecy hasn't caused the trouble, but it anticipated it, hence the promise of three super-powered cats to bring the Clans back to their original strength.

Fernstar: beavers!

Iceclaw: (snarls) Wolves are mine! (steals wolves)

Shadowmoon: O_o Gorillas?

Tui Sutherland: Thanks, Sunstreak! I hope it's fun to's all kind of fuzzy in my head!

Redfeather: Gorillas? Elephants?

Vixenfur: Gorrillas!? Xd

Vixenfur: say wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadowmoon: No, Redfeather and I get wolves! Xd

Fernstar: gorrilas_

jays wing: what would the cats be like if they were human at school, in a average town?

Goldenpaw: The Erins should write a series starring kittypets

Wildflower(Q): What happens if a Clan completly disagrees with a new leader's choice of a deputy? I don't think that would usually happen, but can the Clan revolt if it does?

VickyHolmes(A): Interesting! Yes, I think senior warriors could overrule a Clan leader's decision. Oh, now I want that to happen! Please can I steal the idea? :)

Minou: Share the wolves!

Fluffypelt: ooh! they can write about whales!

Streamflow: Nooo, the clans are falling apart! Glues them together.

eaglefeather15: Erins, my mom wants to know how old you guys were when you first got your first book published.

Shadowmoon: Actually, a novel about chickens would be hilarious xd

CherithBaldry: Oooh, that would be awesome! I'd like to write that!

FireWolf787(Q): Who is Mistystar's deputy?

VickyHolmes(A): Reedwhisker, one of the cats that Firestar and Graystripe rescued during a flood.

crescentmoon: Bye Kate - a little late

Goldenpaw: Chickenclan

Redfeather: chickens ftw

jays wing: Save The Whales!!!!!!!

Lightstreaqk: Doesn't "bloodline" have a sequel? What's it called?

Storme: Yay! I like Reedwhisker. :D

Scorchtail: yaay for Reed!

Iceclaw: Write a clan of Lions or something. Losty would love that

VickyHolmes: Eaglefeather, I was an old, old lady of 30.

Heartwing: yay! i like reedwhisker

Losty: Yes, use Icey's idea, please, lions are Love! =D

Iceclaw: I was thinking doing a lion, a tiger, and a cheetah meeting up, so take that idea

Vixenfur: But Lions Sleep All The Time -_-

Goldenpaw: Weren't the cats they rescued during the flood Mistyfoot's kits?

Fernstar: reedwhisker!!!

Daisypaw: aww 30`s not That old =P

Iceclaw: Leopard*

CherithBaldry: I was even older, aaargh!

Iceclaw: No cheetah, leopard

Spottedshadow: Crescentmoon, your comment just/reminded me that rhyme I must.

Fernstar: leopards!!!!

Nettlepaw: No age is old

Lakestorm Wright(Q): I thought you said you would try and sneak the Scourge/Firestar secret into Omen of the Stars? Maybe in the whole "discovering history" thing part of it could be about Scourge and Firestar?

VickyHolmes(A): Did I say that? Oh, thank you for reminding me! Still not sure how I could make it happen, but I'll have a go!

Fluffypelt: its the females that are active

Shiningfur: So Mistystar makes her son deputy? Nice choice, I like Reedwhisker. Leafpool saved him as Reedpaw.

Shadowmoon: Females? Hmm?

Fernstar: bees?

Vixenfur: Female Lions

Vixenfur: Llionesses

Goldenpaw: Cheetahs

Firefawn: Oh so Reedwhisker is Mistyfoot's kit?

Vixenfur: Lions Are Lazy Lumps Of Fur!!!!

Fernstar: no i don't like lions

Minou: Cheetahs are awesoem :D

Streamflow: Yeah, Reedwhisker is cool...and Misty's kit? Wow...

Goldenpaw: There needs to be a Cheetahclan.

VickyHolmes: What? Reedpaw is Misty's Son? Oh gosh, you're right!

Fernstar: do a series about bees!!

Fluffypelt: all the boys do is poop and sleep all day!

Sunstreak: Lol, Vicky!

Silverclaw: Yeeah! Cheetahclan. I like it.

Vixenfur: Yeah But Cheetahs Are Not Completley Cats

Streamflow: Cheetahclan...:)

eaglefeather15: My little sister hates the fact that Bluestar named Brightheart Lostface.

jays wing: go lynxclan!

Vixenfur: I read that in a Book

CherithBaldry: I don;t know that he is her kit; I thought he might be,

Redfeather: Lynx!

Magicyop: Bluestar was fun when she was insane

Phantomwing: Cheetahs!

Vixenfur: They cannot Seath or Unseath their claws

spottedstar: wait, i thought leafpool saved reedwhisker as reedpaw?

Redfeather: Bluestar is kinda unorthodox...

Tui Sutherland: eaglefeather, I was 21 when my first little book came out, and I think 24 or 25 when my first real novel was published

Losty: Magic: Everyone's fun when they're insane =P

Iceclaw: She was insane when she was insane!

Magicyop: Fun to read about I mean

Vixenfur: But still cheeyash are Cool!!

Spottedshadow: At least we know where one of Mistystar's kits ended up.

CherithBaldry: Yes, Eagle, so did Cloudtail, so he got Firestar to change it.

Magicyop: Losty: Haha, true that

Vixenfur: *cheetahs

Fernstar: bees

Vixenfur: Chester Cheetah

Streamflow: Mistystar...i like it!

Minou: lol Firefawn

Fluffypelt: oooh! she can do a seiries on Eagles!

Vixenfur: Honeybees make lif epossible

Shadowmoon: Mistystar is a cute name

Redfeather: Bee clan? cuuute x3

Amberminnow: Vicky Please tell me Poppyfrost's mate!! Please!!!

VickyHolmes: Sorry, Amberminnow, it's a big surprise for Omen of the Stars Book One!

Storme: Is there a certain age you have to be to be able to have your book published? Just wondering.

jays wing: how did you come up with the clans?

Scarletpetal: Mistystar is cute :D

Amberminnow: Sorry for begging lol :)

Fluffypelt: honey bees pwn

Iceclaw(Q): How does Ashfoot and Firestar/Sandstorm feel about what's happened to their children? The discovery about the lies and having kits, I mean. And who was Crowfeather's father?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, they must be devastated, and heartbroken for their children. It's the hardest part of being a parent, watching your child make mistakes and follow a path that leads to unhappiness. I'm not sure who Crowfeather was, I'm afraid.

Shadowmoon: Honeybees are scary

Rainripple(Q): Why does it always seem like Longtail is still young and Mousefur is ancient when really Longtail should be older then her?

VickyHolmes(A): No, Mousefur has always been older than Longtail.

Fluffypelt: Honeybees rock!

Daisypaw: So the stories still have anonymous toms! =D yay!

Tui Sutherland: Storme, not at all! If the editor loves the book, they don't mind how old you are -- remember, Eragon's author was, like, 16, and I think I've seen a book published by a 13-year-old, too

Amberminnow: I can't wait to find out!! :) My favorite character's important!!!

Flametail von Karma: Actually, Mousefur was the youngest warrior in the Clan in Itw. xd

Vixenfur: Honeybees pollinate plants And Plants Make Oxygen!!! We Need Bees

Firefawn: I vote Lionblaze for Poppyfrost

Lakestorm Wright: No she wasn't, Flame.

Lakestorm Wright: Longtail was.

Lilacheart: I wish I could get a book published ><

Shiningfur(Q): Why was there nothing on medicine cats in Code of the Clans?

VickyHolmes(A): Because medicine cats have their own code, which could be a separate book! And medicine cats were definitely mentioned - wasn't it a RiverClan medicine cat that came up with the part of the code about saving all kits, not just your Clanmates?

Morningleaf: I read a book called sword quest and it was by a thirteen year old

spottedstar: Christopher Paolini was actually 15 when Eragon was published

Flametail von Karma: ... Er, yes she was.

Storme: Really? That makes me feel a bit better. I hope my novel turns out okay. Writer's Block is a dreadful foe.

Streamflow: I vote Berrynose for Poppyfrost.

Fluffypelt: my doggie,laney,says hi to all the authors!

Daisypaw: I gtg guys

Minou: I wish I could finish writing a book ><

Vixenfur: Bye Daisypaw!!!

Losty: Aw, bye, Daisy! D=

SheilaRuth: bye, Daisy!

Lakestorm Wright: It said Longtail was a two-moon-old warrior in Itw.

Tui Sutherland: Morningleaf, I think that's the book I'm thinking of!

Daisypaw: bye!!! =D Bye Tui, Vicky and Cherith!

jays wing: byeas

Lilacheart: Bye, Daisy

Spottedshadow: Bye!

Goldenpaw: That reminds me

Wildtail: Bye Daisy!

Tui Sutherland: Hi Laney!

Daisypaw left.

CherithBaldry: Bye Daisy

Lakestorm Wright: Mousefur was young, but not younger than Longtail.

Flametail von Karma: Yes, but it also said Mousefur was the youngest. I dunno either.

Tui Sutherland: Bye, Daisypaw!

eaglefeather15: Vicky, do you think Mousefur and Longtail are in love?

Daisypaw(Q): You never did say how BloodClan got the bones on their CLAWS. How do they do it?

VickyHolmes(A): Dog claws are actually a transparent hollow sheath over the inside part of the claw - if you're going to look closely, pick a friendly dog! So if you take off the sheath, or if it falls off, as it sometimes does when claws get very young or very old, then you can slide it over your own claw. If you have claws, that is.

VickyHolmes: No, Eaglefeather, they're just very good friends.

Cloudy Havoqk: Jayfeather: And now, I the Doctor--- Onestar: Wait! I'm the Real Doctor!

eaglefeather15: okay. good

Cloudy Havoqk: Everyone Else: Le gasp!

Spottedshadow: But how'd they get the claws off the dogs?

Scorchtail: Vicky, you are doing a fall tour in the U.s, right?

eaglefeather15: I hope I get to go to one of your tours some day, Vicky.

Rainripple(Q): Will Crowfeather and Leafpool ever sort out the issues between them enough to be um.. at peace? Maybe friends or more?

VickyHolmes(A): Somehow I doubt it. But they still have strong feelings about each other - both positive and negative - so I'm certain their paths will cross again.

Daisypaw(Q): Have you ever considered having a cat that has an either awesome life or awesome personality and then before they even start getting old- BOOM. They're dead. Just like that.

Tui Sutherland(A): This is the funniest question ever. Isn't this what Vicky does all the time? Lots of awesome young cats die at her hands! :) Although rarely do any cats get an awesome life, no matter what their fate is...

Cloudy Havoqk: I can just imagine Jayfeather mysteriously saying "count the shadows"

Shadowmoon: Crowfeather and Leafpool's paths will cross again! <3 Whoo!

Magicyop: I like Baldpelt

Silverclaw: Yay! Questions being answered!

Shadowmoon: Baldpelt xd

Losty: Lol, Magic Xd

Streamflow: Vicky enjoys killing young and awesome cats!

eaglefeather15: Are you tired, Vicky?

Spottedshadow: Baldpelt???????

Tui Sutherland: ha ha ha Baldpelt!

Heartwing: :( I gotta go pack for camp:( It's already 8:30 here. Bye everyone, Erins!

Iceclaw(Q): Are any of the warriors related to the first leaders? I mean like a warrior in ThunderClan sharing blood with Thunderstar or in RiverClan sharing blood with Riverstar, ect.

VickyHolmes(A): Yup, definitely. Characteristics have been handed down over the generations, making each Clan unique and strong in its own way. But please don't ask for a complete family tree! That would send me shrieking into the hills.

Goldenpaw: Rock=baldpelt

SheilaRuth: Lol Magic. Isn't that an oxymoron? Baldpelt?

Losty: Bye, Heartwing!

Magicyop: Or Baldpatch

Tui Sutherland: bye, Heartwing!

Wildtail: Bye Heartwing!

Fluffypelt: Baldpelt!?

Firefawn: bye heartwing

Fluffypelt: lol!

Silverclaw: lol Golden!

Spottedshadow: Bye!

Nettlepaw: Bye!

Scorchtail: oxymorons are fun, though!

Vixenfur: Bye!!

SheilaRuth: Bye Heartwing!

Silverclaw: Bye Heartwing! :(

Magicyop: "government Intelligence"

Heartwing left.

Firefawn: *hands out chocolate to people who leave*

Scarletpetal: byeee

SheilaRuth: I just like the word "oxymoron". It's fun to say.

Nettlepaw: Firestream: now there's an Oxymoron

Cloudy Havoqk: Do any of the Erins like Nine Inch Nails?

Sunstreak: Me too, Sheila Xd

Lilacheart: Oxymoron is fun to say

Magicyop: "sensical Oxymoron"

Lilacheart: So is wombat poo

Silverclaw: Yeah Sheilaruth! Me too!

Losty: Magic: I thought it was "military intelligence," lol

Spottedshadow: Raindesert.

Streamflow: Eats chocolate even though she's not leaving.

Goldenpaw: Oxymoron is actually an oxymoron. Oxys means sharp and moros means dull.

Amberminnow(Q): Why have none of the older warriors retired? I'm anxious to see some older warriors retire.

VickyHolmes(A): I know that they should, but I'm having too much fun with them. Also, if Dustpelt retires, for example, that means Firestar and Graystripe and Sandstorm should retire too, because they're all the same age. And that would be very inconvenient! It's quite a dilemma, I must say.

Minou: Wombat poo ::laugh

Storme: I like the word hippopotomonstrosesquipdaliophobia. The irony is immensely amusing. :)

eaglefeather15: I think Vicky is sleeeeepy.

Firefawn: Coldfire is an oxymoron

SheilaRuth: That's interesting, Goldenpaw!

Redfeather: Coldfier?

Magicyop: Some other fun names: Longface

Vixenfur: Make Birdpoopkit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldenpaw: Storme: The fear of long words?

Storme: Or was it ...daliaphobia?

Tui Sutherland: My very handsome husband is almost done making me dinner, so I should probably go in a few minutes...sorry, guys...veggie hot dogs await... :)

Lakestorm Wright: Hey Vicky, I have a question: is Leafpool going to die? She's my favorite character, but if she retires then she's going to be depressed, and I Don't Want Her To Be Depressed ;~; Please kill her before the end of Oots?

Cloudy Havoqk: ya Tui!

Cometstorm(Q): Why did StarClan have to make a long journey--I think the Clan cats could see Silverpelt just fine from the lake. ;)

VickyHolmes(A): Tee hee, good point. But I like the idea of the warrior ancestors being right overhead, peeping in on everything the cats on the earth do.

Redfeather: bye!!

Vixenfur: Tui Xd

Sunstreak: I like the word floxynazinihilipilification (sp) It really is a word! ;D

Cloudy Havoqk: Hope you hada good time!

Magicyop: Onebelly?

Goldenpaw: Veggie hot dogs, another oxymoron.

Shadowmoon: If Leafpool dies, I practically die :(

Vixenfur: Fatbelly!

Fernheart: lol magic

Wildtail: O.o

VickyHolmes: Lakestorm, are you actually Asking me to kill Leafpool? Ha, seems I'm not the only evil one!

eaglefeather15: Fatface

Losty: Magic: As opposed to Sixbelly? Xd

Fluffypelt: Fatbelly!

RIP Lucas: Nooo

Tui Sutherland: Tell me about it, Goldenpaw! I have to wrap mine in ham to make them edible (true story) ;)

Cloudy Havoqk: Twelvepack

RIP Lucas: Dont Leave Us Tui!

Silverclaw: ew

Streamflow: If Brambleclaw dies I will go into a looooooooooooooooooong depression.

Scorchtail: Killing Leafpool would be great!

Hawkstorm: No Leafpool Will Live

Lilacheart: I don't want Leafpool to die =/

SheilaRuth: I think she's askign you to put Leafpool out of her misery. Euthanasia, so to speak

Cometstorm(Q): Did Mudclaw give Onestar one of his nine lives? That would have been...interesting.

VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, yes, it would have been! I can safely say that no, he did not give Onestar one of his lives.

jays wing: No She Is Awesome!!!!!!!!

Scarletpetal: noooooo leafpool Dx

Storme: Once I was talking to someone and they said -flight should be used with, like, a light prefix or something. So I said "heavyflight!"

Firefawn: i want Brambleclaw dead (only after he has a litter of kits)

Minou: Nuuuuu poor Leafpool Dx

Cloudy Havoqk: Yourface

Storme: Light as in lightweight.

Silverclaw: Poor Leafpool

Cloudy Havoqk: Yourmom

Shadowmoon: floxynazinihilipilification?

Cloudy Havoqk: Oneife

Cloudy Havoqk: *onelife

Losty: Lol, Cloudty - Best. Warrior Name. Evar! Xd

Sunstreak: I forget what it means, but my dad taught it to me.

Tui Sutherland: what does it mean, Sunstreak?

Magicyop: Rumblingfrost

Losty: Yourmom, that is Xd

Iceclaw(Q): If Tigerstar can harm cats like he can and walk in their dreams, why doesn't he just do it to Firestar, take revenge, and get it over with?

VickyHolmes(A): Because Tigerstar wants a long-drawn out kind of vengeance, involving as many cats as possible, so that Firestar truly suffers. Hmmm, sounds a bit like me. Eep!

Goldenpaw: Brambleclaw should die in some epic battle

Magicyop: It means, "to depreciate"

jays wing: man, i should get off soon.

Shadowmoon: It's spelled " floccinaucinihilipilification "

Streamflow: I would give my life to save Brambleclaw. Too bad I'm not in the book.

Heartwing(Q): Did hawkfrost ever have kits? (Say yes, say yes, say yes)

VickyHolmes(A): Alas, I have to say no. He was too busy being super-evil and ambitious.

Silverclaw: yeah Vicky!

Vixenfur: Fluffeh i thought u luved brambleclaw

Redfeather: "It had taken him awhile to fall asleep, but he was awoken by a loud scream from the warriors' den." One sentence from my fanfiction.

VickyHolmes: Redfeather, great line! I really like it.

Firefawn: i agree with Golden but only after Squirrelflight has his kits

Sunstreak: He teaches me tonsa cool words that no one knows. ::mellow Such as ctenoid. I didnt know there was a word with a silent c at the beginning!

Redfeather: Thanks.

Storme: No matter how many times I've read the books(and I've reread the series a Lot) I cannot figure out who the cat in the prologue of Sunset is! I feel so stupid...who was it? >.<

Nettlepaw: Cinderpelt

Scorchtail: You are going on a fall tour, right Vicky?

Lightstreaqk: Evil and ambitious is hot ::cool

Cloudy Havoqk: I like the words resplendence, asphyxiate, exsanguination, futility, pallor...

Amberminnow: I Love Hawkfrost!

Magicyop: Yellowbelly!

RIP Lucas: my favorite word is: cthonic

Silverclaw: Yeah Lighty!

eaglefeather15: Hawkfrost is cute

RIP Lucas: *chthonic

Cloudy Havoqk: I like Exsanguination alot.

Lakestorm Wright: Yes, Vicky, I am asking you to kill Leafpool, because she's depressed. Remember, she said that it would be easier to die than to live in Sunrise, so I really hope you do for Leafpool's sake. I Love Leafpool. ;~;

RIP Lucas: My friend called me a chthonic demon from He**

eaglefeather15: How come you don't up date the Warriors site anymore? Or... you hardly do anymore...

VickyHolmes: Eaglefeather, we don't have responsibility for the Warriors site, it's a Harpercollins thing. I contribute content whenever I'm asked, like the Q&a and the Author Tracker Letter and the free plays you can download, but I only do what is requested.

Magicyop: Brighty!

Tui Sutherland: Ooo, what great words... you guys should try out for Jeopardy too! :)

RIP Lucas: Yes?

Goldenpaw: Exsanguination: external bleeding?

Waterstripe(Q): How many cats are in the Dark Forest?

VickyHolmes(A): More than you or I will ever know...

eaglefeather15: oh. Okay, Vicky.

Magicyop: Ixnay

Streamflow: The only bad thing about Warriors is its out of your paws: You want to help, but all you can do is sit and watch Vicky kill off one of your favorite cats!

Cloudy Havoqk: I learn words because of my beloved.

Sunstreak: Ha! I would Fail, compared to you, Tui! Xd

SpottedFlame: I like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and yes that is how you spell it

SheilaRuth: Brighty, you have to completely bleep out curse words. Not partially.

Tui Sutherland: Yeah, I was obsessed with putting stuff on the Warriors site when I was the editor, but it's not my job anymore

Storme: Cinderpelt? For some reason, I had the notion it was a male. Didn't they say that? I don't even know anymore. :P

Tui Sutherland: and they're so busy over there!

Nettlepaw: I'd like to see Dark Forest and Starclan fight!

RIP Lucas: Ooh

Rainripple(Q): Did Heathertail really tell her clan about the tunnels? Or was Lionblaze just being paranoid?

VickyHolmes(A): No, Heathertail did NOT tell her Clan about the tunnels. The kits that got lost in them in DARK RIVER spilled the beans.

Lightstreaqk: I love the word "lacrymosa" :D

Vixenfur: I love editing things Xd

Iceclaw(Q): With the mates he's had, which one was Tigerstar more in love with, Sasha or Goldenflower?

VickyHolmes(A): I think Sasha was his one true love.

Spottedshadow: Naughty kits.

Fluffypelt: spilled the beans!

Cloudy Havoqk: Like sonambulant. and resplendence.

Shadowmoon: sasha! Sasha!

Tui Sutherland: resplendence! yay!

Magicyop: Rumblingflower

Lakestorm Wright: I sound evil when I'm not trying to be evil, but please kill Leafpool, Vicky? And then make her show back from Starclan, and have her be happy? Please? For her sake?

Scarletpetal(Q): Ivytail seemed kind of important in the very beginning, but shes never really been heard of after that, y is that?

VickyHolmes(A): Er, who was Ivytail? Ack, I am so sleepy! Time for me to head off to bed soon. I've got a lot of writing to do tomorrow for Battles of the Clans.

Cloudy Havoqk: Resplendence is pretty when it's used after somber.

eaglefeather15: Vicky, you are awesome. I wish you and I could meet in person... but..... oh well.

Fluffypelt: ah yes,your little bean

Magicyop: Do you know what the best name for a villain cat would be ever?

Magicyop: Flowercloud

SheilaRuth: Hahahaha

Shiningfur: You know, I found it really funny how Graystripe calls Riverclan "yellow-bellied" in Into the Wild, and in Fire and Ice, he falls in love with a Riverclan she-cat!

CherithBaldry: Greystripe was a young bloke. Of course he said daft things!

Silverclaw: No! Vicky! I luv your evil awesomeness! ::headcomp

Redfeather: Vicky~ :3

SheilaRuth: Flowercloud?

Lakestorm Wright: Vickyyyyyyyyyyyyy, please kill Leafpool but make her happy in Starclan?

Silverclaw: lol cherith

Losty: Lol, Magic - then his minions would make fun of his name all the time Xd

VickyHolmes: Thanks, Eaglefeather! I'll be on tour again for sure, so maybe I'll visit a town near you?

Streamflow: If I ever meet you, Vicky, I will give you chocolate!

coalfang: stop suggesting leafpools death >=0

Storme: Let me repost my [corrected] question...

Redfeather: =^t^=

Scorchtail: Come to the south, Vicky!!!

eaglefeather15: okay. I live in New York.

Spottedshadow(Q): When you say, have the power of the stars in their paws..., what is this power? I think it might have something to do with changing, or at least deciding, the past, like Jayfeather did in Sunrise for the tribe.

VickyHolmes(A): I can't go into details without giving too much away, but you're on the right lines... :)

Lakestorm Wright: Coal, I love Leafpool.

Storme: No matter how many times I've read the books(and I've reread the series a Lot) I cannot figure out who the cat in the prologue of Twilight is! I feel so stupid...who is it? >.<

Lakestorm Wright: I want her to die For Her Sake.

Amberminnow: So it's like 3 in the morning for you Vicky? I'm guessing :)

Magicyop: His minions would be Baldpatch, Onefoot, and Fluffybelly

Spottedshadow: Ooh, I was on the right lines. =)

Scarletpetal: come to La!

coalfang: cuz killing is the essence of love ^.^

Shadowmoon: Onefoot xd

Lightstreaqk: lol Onefoot.

Lilacheart: An evil villain named happyflower would also be pretty strange o0

Wildtail: Lol!

Lakestorm Wright: Storme: Cinderpelt.

Magicyop: The three Evil stooges.

Goldenpaw: Only Vicky has the power of the stars in her paws, er, hands.

wildclaw118: its cinderpelt

SheilaRuth: Rofl Magic!

Redfeather: Oneface

coalfang: i wanna become a serial killer now

RIP Lucas: Happyflower

Fluffypelt: Fluffybelly!?

Sandcloud: lol happyflower

Lightstreaqk: A cat dragging itself with one paw.

Wildflower(Q): What exactly do Dovekit and Ivykit look like? All I kinda know is that Dovekit is gray, and Ivykit is a tabby. Is that right? What are their eye colors?

VickyHolmes(A): Dovekit is gray, Ivykit is a silver tabby with dark blue eyes.

Losty: Coal: 0.o lol Xd

RIP Lucas: *hands coal some sucky cereal*

RIP Lucas: Have fun

Streamflow: Isn't the cat in the prolouge of Twilight Cinderpelt?

Redfeather: How about Oneface? Onetail? Oneclaw? Oneear? Onetooth??

Goldenpaw: Ivy is a silver tabby? I thought she was brown.

Vixenfur: Happyflower- a cat who loves to smile but is evil

Losty: Magic: You're right, those names have more to make fun of then Flowercloud Xd

Scorchtail: Darn, I thought Ivykit was a light brown tabby like her dad :(

Storme: But didn't Cinderpelt die in Twilight, not before? o.o

Nettlepaw: Storme, it is sill Cinderpelt. They forewarned her of her death, as a final test, and as reward for her bravery Starclan reincarnated her as Conderpaw

Shadowmoon: Onetooth would look hilarious

Shiningfur: I. Love. Ivykit. Already, I love Ivykit.

wildclaw118: she was in a dream

Shadowmoon: I love Dawnkit

Shadowmoon: Oops, dovekit

Lilacheart: Wow, that would be one strange evil villain group

treestar joined.

wildclaw118: talking to starclan

Fluffypelt: what about the name Lovekit!?

Streamflow: I used to think Twolegs was a cat!

Storme: Ohh. Makes sense.

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Tui ever wright any Warriors books? Besides Secrets.

VickyHolmes(A): Tui is incredibly successful with her own books, and so busy that we are VERY lucky she has time to write for Seekers. I have to BEG her to find a gap in her schedule! So I'm not sure if she could squeeze in any Warriors books, but that's okay because Kate and Cherith are beyond brilliant at keeping up with the schedules.

Scarletpetal: loveclaw?

jays wing: Omg! Blossombreeze!

Shadowmoon: Lovekit? Pick me! xd

Spottedshadow(Q): Will Ivykit be evil?

VickyHolmes(A): She'll be pretty miffed that her sister is getting all the attention, that's for sure!

Magicyop: Blossombreeze will be the cat that Flowercloud is trying to corrupt

eaglefeather15: Blossombreeze!!!!

Magicyop: To kill the good, kind and wise leader: Darkfang

Firefawn: pick Petalprance!!!!

CherithBaldry: I'm really looking forward to seeing how Ivykit will develop.

Magicyop: Actually I like petalprance :-P

Skywing: I go for Divefeather and Ivyfang.

Daisypaw(Q): Have you ever considered having a cat that has an either awesome life or awesome personality and then before they even start getting old- BOOM. They're dead. Just like that.

VickyHolmes(A): What, like Feathertail? Or Spottedleaf? Or Swiftpaw? Or...any of the other squillions of lovely cats that I've killed off way before their prime? Bwa ha ha, death to the young pretty cats!

treestar joined.

Storme: I'm happy. Only three of the questions I posted weren't answered [so far]. :D!

treestar: Hi guys. don't have much questions to ask. mostly just here to watch the chat and maybe chat myself.

SheilaRuth: It'll be an interesting story line, I think.

Losty: Magic: I like Petalprance too, lol Xd

crescentmoon: Oh, Mosskit! Sniffle

SheilaRuth: Ivykit/dovekit I mean

Sunstreak: Squillions! Lol, Vicky!

Tui Sutherland: Ok, I've gotta say goodbye, guys! Thank you so much for everything! You guys rock!

Redfeather: Onedirt...

Goldenpaw: Bye, Tui

Scorchtail: Bye tui!!!!

Skywing: Bai Tui!!!

Sunstreak: Aw, Bye Tui!

spottedstar: squillions ;)

eaglefeather15: Tui!!! Bye!!!!

CherithBaldry: Bye Tui

Waterstripe: Bye Tui!

Sunstreak: ::sad::sad

Scarletpetal: byeeeeeeeee!!

Iceclaw: bye

eaglefeather15: Awwwwwwww

treestar: bye!

Silverclaw: Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Skywing: Alison says bye, Tui

jays wing: byeeee

SheilaRuth: Bye Tui! Thank you for coming! Congratulations on Jeopardy!

spottedstar: Bye!!!!

Wildtail: Bye Tui!

coalfang: bye

Vixenfur: Bye Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phantomwing: Sayonara Tui!

Morningleaf: bye, tui.

Silverclaw: I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Minou: Bye Tui! You were awesome at jeopardy!!!!

spottedstar: Tui!!!

eaglefeather15: I'm gonna miss you Tiu. Thanks!

Lightstreaqk: Bye Tui. Thank you!!!

Nettlepaw: Tui! See ya!

Hawkstar270: Bye Tui. Thanks for joining us.

Fluffypelt: bye Tui! it was sooo nice meeting you! bye!

Sunstreak: Thanks so much for coming! I had so much fun chatting with you!

Whisperheart: Bye Tui! ::sad Thanks for coming! =F

Streamflow: Bye Tui!!!! May Starclan light your path!

Shiningfur: Bye, Tui! May Starclan light your path, and I hope to type to you again!

Fernheart: bye tui =[

Sandcloud: By Tui! Thanks for coming! Congrats on Jepardy

Minou: Thanks for coming!

Storme: Byeeee!

RIP Lucas: Tui!!!!

spottedstar: We'll miss you!

Cloudy Havoqk: love ya Tui!

Shadowmoon: May Starclan Light Your Path, Tui

Spottedshadow: Bye, Tui! Thank you so much for coming, I loved doing this chat!

SpottedFlame: bye good luck on jeporady

Silverclaw: May starclan light your path. :(

Streamflow: Hugs Tui

Amberminnow: Bye Tui!

Vixenfur: Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! *hugs* Bye!

Silverclaw: win jeopardy for me!

Flametail von Karma: Bye!

Fluffypelt: write about collies mixed with german sheperds!

RIP Lucas: *huggles Tui&sun*

Lilacheart: Bye, Tui! Thanks for coming!

Losty: Aw, bye, Tui, thanks so much for coming to chat with us! =D

Morningleaf: bye tui. may starclan light your path. thanks for coming!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: you Rock, Tui!

Fluffypelt: *hugs her*

Sunstreak: *tackleglompsquishclings Tui* Bye!

Soundstorm: Bye Tui, thank you so much for coming to chat with us!

Firefawn: bye tui!! and please consider Petalprance for a name

Tui Sutherland: Thanks, Sheila! And Sandcloud and Brightsky and everyone! Hope you like Monday's show too! *hugs* for everyone!

Spottedshadow: *hands a chocolate*

Silverclaw: i Love You!

Magicyop: Baldpatch, Onefoot, Fluffybelly. Led by Flowercloud and Petalprance. Attempting to kill the good and kindly leader, Darkstar, and his wise deputy, Nightslash.

SpottedFlame(Q): Did the elders that stayed behind on the journey die, if so, how long after the clans left?

VickyHolmes(A): I'm afraid they died, but hopefully without being squished by Twoleg machines, since they were in RiverClan's camp on the other side of the river. They could have survived a few moons after the Clans left, I think.

Skywing: Hey Tui Guess What?

Skywing: I Love You! :d

crescentmoon: Lakey - I love Leafpool, too.

Scorchtail: poor innocent elders... :(

Tui Sutherland: I love you too, Skywing! :)

Vixenfur: Bye Tui!!!

Skywing: Tui.. She Lavs Me

Magicyop: Ahh, thanks for coming, Tui!

Scorchtail: We love you Tui!

Tui Sutherland: see you guys later! hope we do it again! :)


Silverclaw: Tui....

Cloudy Havoqk: Love Ya Tui!

Waterstripe: bye!

Scarletpetal: thanks 4 coming tui!

Vixenfur: We all love ya tui!!

Cloudy Havoqk: *sends Tui baked goods*

Nettlepaw: Bye Tui!

Losty: Bye! ^^

Sunstreak: Bye, Tui!

Skywing: Tui Your Ma Bfflz

Starsight(Q): Going back to cats remaining blind/deaf in StarClan, what if said cat was born that way? i.e. Snowkit or Jayfeather. Would they gain the ability to hear/see, respectively?

VickyHolmes(A): Interesting, and I'm inclined to say that they'd stay as they were when they were born. It's a bit prejudiced to say that being deaf or blind condemns you to a wretched life that can only be alleviated by death, don't you think? :)

Brambleflower: bye Tui! :(

Sunstreak: Hopefully Ill see you when you hopefully visit Brightsky!

Vixenfur: everyone luvs u!!

eaglefeather15: Vicky is tired.... I think

Hawkstar3 joined.

Spottedshadow: But Jayfeather can see in his dreams...

Storme: Good point, Vicky.

Silverclaw: No! Vicky and Cherith must stay!

jays wing: sorry, gotta go. I Will Miss You.

Vixenfur: Bye jay's wing!

Silverclaw: by jays wing! You're cool, I guess

Fluffypelt: bye,jays wing!

jays wing left.

Goldenpaw: Snakeclaw

Storme(Q): I understand that Onestar was rude to ThunderClan because he needed to show his Clan he didn't need their help, but things seemed to settle down in Sunset. So why did he personally lead an attack on ThunderClan in Eclipse(besides prey, which is I think what he said the reason was) Was there some personal reason?

VickyHolmes(A): Onestar still feels that the other Clans think WindClan favours ThunderClan, so he'll take every opportunity to prove that WindClan is strong and independent now. In Eclipse, he genuinely wanted to extend his territory into the trees to give his cats a chance to catch more prey.

crescentmoon: Bye Tui - late again - I'm way behind here.

Lilacheart(Q): This is sort of a strange question, but do all prophecys, 100%, come true? Or has Starclan ever predicted a prophecy that never happened?

VickyHolmes(A): It's a GOOD question! And I'm not sure, to be honest. I suspect most of them come true - or at least, the medicine cat SAYS they've come true - otherwise their reputation would suffer. Remember, all prophecies are vague, and depend on one cat's interpretation.

Cherrypetal(Q): what happens if a starclan cat gets badly wounded and dies?(lets just say they can die) would they just come back to live? i've always wondered this...

VickyHolmes(A): They can't die, I'm afraid. Kind of funny to imagine them to pop back to life, though!

Scorchtail: that would be so cool!

Cometstorm(Q): If Redtail's Sandstorm's father, why didn't she mourn for him in Into the Wild? She just complained about Firepaw.

VickyHolmes(A): Not all cats are close to their parents, just like in real life. Some cats might not even be aware of who their parents are.

Vixenfur: Lol----------------- Oh Meh Gawd Zombie Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eaglefeather15: Redtail was Sandstorm's dad? No way!!!

Iceclaw: Wouldn't Redtail have been proud to have kits or was he one of those detatched parents who cares for nothing but his Clan?

SpottedFlame: Who was sandstorm's mom

CherithBaldry: I've heard it said that if you met your characters in real life they would attack you for treating them so badly!

Tui Sutherland left.

Redfeather: good question

Nettlepaw: Yeah, I've noticed the cats aren't as close to their parents as humans are, like how they call them by their first name. Feline nature, I suppose

spottedstar: Tui be gone....

Firefawn: i think i'm done but i hope you use Petalprance it took me forever to come up with that name

Vixenfur: Tui is gawn :(

Lightstreaqk(Q): Tigerstar and Spottedleaf are related aren't they? I think it says that at the end of Firestar's Quest. How exactly are they, though? Brother and sister? Cousins?

VickyHolmes(A): They are related, but very, very distantly. Definitely not littermates, or even cousins. They are both descended from SkyClan cats (Cloudstar and Birdflight, to be exact), but since then the family lines could have split in a hundred different ways.

Silverclaw: Nyo! Tyui!

Scorchtail: True that, Cherith!

SheilaRuth: Cherith, That's especially true for Vicky!

Hawkstar270: I'm still wondering who Ravenpaw's parents are...

Cloudy Havoqk(Q): What would happen if there was a huge disaster that wiped out everyone in the forest besides some kits and apprentices?

VickyHolmes(A): I guess StarClan would have to step in to do some remote training!

SheilaRuth: lol

Spottedshadow(Q): Was Hollyleaf actually Jayfeather and Lionblaze's sister?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, she truly was.

Oukami-chan joined.

Scarletpetal: poor holly

Fluffypelt: oh,no! Tuis gone! boo

Oukami-chan: how late am I?

Goldenpaw: It's a bit late at night for Chertih and Vicky isn't it?

CherithBaldry: Oh, wow

Wildflower joined.

Waterstripe: can we ask more questions?

Fluffypelt: Very late

Lilacheart(Q): Could you please tell us which cats of the four clans were Skyclan descendants?

VickyHolmes(A): I can't tell you that exactly, but pretty much any Clanborn cat with strong characteristics of that particular Clan.

Wildflower: Yay, I;m back!

CherithBaldry: Yes it is almost three in the morning.

SheilaRuth: Yes, and late for Nettle, too. Aren't you in the Uk also?

Nettlepaw: Yep, it's nearly 3 in the morning over here

VickyHolmes: Goldenpaw, it's Very late at night. Nearly 3am!

Silverclaw: ooh, poor cherith

Shiningfur: Vicky said she "was" their sister...

Scorchtail: It's only about 9 here!

eaglefeather15: Three in the morning???? Wow!

Shadowmoon: I like staying up late

Vixenfur: For me it is 8:00

Losty: Hi, Moony! =D The chat started at 7 Pm Eastern time.

CherithBaldry: <wilts>

Shadowmoon: Being nocturnal is fun

Lilacheart: That's how late I was up last night! ::laugh *shot*

Nettlepaw: Yes, I am, Sheila!

Streamflow: Its almost 10 at night.

Oukami-chan: when did this start?

SheilaRuth: No, Waterstripe, no more questions. Sorry.

Losty: 7 Pm Eastern time.

Lightstreaqk: Nearly 3 house ago

Goldenpaw: 7 am eastern, Oukami-chan

Spottedshadow: Be strong, you two!

Lightstreaqk: *hours

Goldenpaw: pm*

Oukami-chan: ohhh

Fluffypelt: yea! i know! man,this is a long author chat!

Oukami-chan: and you can call me Moony

Scorchtail: Nooo! Cherith! Don't wilt! We need you! *throws some virtual water*

SheilaRuth: Hi Moony!

Redfeather: Moony?

Vixenfur: Tui and Kate left!

Oukami-chan: Hi Sheila. :D

Wildflower: Wow, this author chat is loooooooooooooong!

CherithBaldry: <slurp>

Losty: Hi, Moony! =D I said hi already, but a second time can't hurt lol ^^

Oukami-chan: hi Cherith and Vicky. :D

SheilaRuth: Yes, I'm always amazed at the Erins' stamina.

Oukami-chan: L"osty!!!!!!!

Nettlepaw: I love the 'code of the Clans' cover. Firestar is Massive and all the over leaders are just crammed around him like 'we're here too!'

Cometstorm(Q): Will Purdy, Cloudtail, and Mothwing go to StarClan when they die? (I have such a hard time imagining Purdy in would be HILARIOUS)

VickyHolmes(A): I'm not entirely sure what happens to a cat that doesn't believe in StarClan. None of BloodClan are in the Dark Forest, for example. Or maybe they are... Hmmm (ideas coming thick and fast!). I'm quite looking forward to seeing what happens, to be honest.

Firefawn: darn it got to go... i hope you guys have a wonderful evening/morning and good day to you all (i hope Vicky remembers me from Dc)

Losty: *hugs Moony*

eaglefeather15: Bye, Fire!!!

Goldenpaw: Bye

Vixenfur: Bye Fire!

Fluffypelt: bye Firefawn!

Oukami-chan: -hugs Losty- I missed you. ::ohmy

CherithBaldry: Bye Fire

eaglefeather15: bye bye!!!!!!!!

Wildflower: bye fire!

Silverclaw: Firefawn! Miss you!

Nettlepaw: Bye!

Firefawn left.

Losty: I missed you too, Moony! I haven't seen you in a while! D=

Oukami-chan: -tackles Losty and hugs very tightly-

SpottedFlame(Q): Does Princess miss Cloudtail a lot and wonder what became of him?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, I'm sure she does! But she trusts her brother Firestar to take care of him, and she knows that Cloudtail ended up very happy being a warrior. I expect she imagines him doing all sorts of heroic deeds!

Storme(Q): Is the place where Brokentail, Tigerstar, etc. walk called the Place of No Stars or the Dark Forest? Or both?

VickyHolmes(A): Er, both. One is quicker to type!

Losty: *hugs and is tackled* lol

Oukami-chan: I like Dark Forest better

SpottedFlame(Q): what are foxpaw and icepaw's warrior name going to be. and if I can ask, Dovekit and Ivkit's?

VickyHolmes(A): Foxleap, Icecloud and...not saying! :)

Streamflow: The Great and Mighty Cloudtail!

Nettlepaw: So what actually became of the olf forest: is it just one big spaghetti junction now?

Iceclaw: (the Doctor catches Losty before she falls over from tackle)

Minou: I wrote a poem about the Dark Forest...

eaglefeather15: Awww.... I was hoping for Foxcatcher...

Spottedshadow: Will anyone ever go back to the old forest?

Silverclaw: Aw, It shoulda been Icewing!

Oukami-chan: Losty, I Love Doctor Who

Spottedshadow: And will Ravenpaw go to Starclan when he dies?

Storme: Almost all of my questions have been answered now. :D

Iceclaw: Oh, no, the Doctor will have to be split three ways! Lost, Ripple, and Moony!

CherithBaldry: I hate to admit it, but I remember the very first episode of Dr Who.

Nettlepaw: I hope there's a story where some cats need to travel back to the Old territories to find something/someone...

Streamflow: Someone should go back to the old forest and see what it looks like.

Sandcloud: i love dr. who

Goldenpaw: Let's do the time warp again?

CherithBaldry: That could be good, Nettle.

Cloudy Havoqk: Cherith, do you like The Cure

Silverclaw: Graystripe did that

SpottedFlame: Vicky, do u rember me from your tour in Clinton, Nj. I am in your tour diary, Spottedstar of Leafclan.

Fernstar: tui left?

CherithBaldry: The Cure?

VickyHolmes: Right, time for me to go before my Giant Head rolls off my shoulders with exhaustion. Also need to haul Missy out from under my desk where she's been snoring Very Loudly and pop her into her basket, which is right beside my bed in case she gets scared in the night. Thank you So Much everybody for another great chat. I'll give Sheila and Magic my answers to the rest of the pre-submitted questions, so they can be posted as well. Take care. xxxxxx

Fernheart: I'm going to bed now bye everyone

SheilaRuth: Going back to the old first would be too sad, I think, seeing what's become of it.

Losty: Cherith: I've never been a fan of the First Doctor, but I liked the Second One ^^

SheilaRuth: old forest

Sunstreak: Bye Vicky!

Goldenpaw: Bye Vicky.

Eclipse of a Broken Heart: byyyeee

Vixenfur: Nooooooooooo Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarletpetal: byebyeee!!!

Losty: Bye, Vicky! Thanks so much for coming! =D

RIP Lucas: *noms Chocolate8

Redfeather: bye evicky!

Hawkstorm: bye vicky

Fernstar: Bye Vicky!!!

Skywing: Don't Go Vicky

spottedstar: Bye Vicky!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: bai Miss Murder!

eaglefeather15: Bye vicky!!!!!

Morningleaf: byec vicky

Storme: Bye Vicky~ :C

Skywing: I lav u vicky.

wildclaw118: cu vicky

Vixenfur: *hugggggggg* Byebyebyebye!!!

Wildtail: Bye Vicky!

FireWolf787: ninth

Waterstripe: Bye Vicky!

Fernstar: save me some chocolate!!!

Wildflower: Bye Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eaglefeather15: I hope to meet you someday!!!!

SpottedFlame: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flametail von Karma: Bye, Vicky! See you next tour!

Scorchtail: Bye Vicky!!!! Come to the south this fall!

FireWolf787: bye

Whisperheart: Bye Vicky! ::sad Thank you for coming!!! ::hyper

Sandcloud: Aww... Bye Vicky! I'll say hi to Allie 4 you

Lilacheart: Thanks for coming, Vicky! ::biggrin

CherithBaldry: I must go too. Falling asleep here.

Brambleflower: Nuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had and awesome question!!!! ;_;

Losty: Hey, guys, I have to go now. I've been sitting here for hours, and it's starting to get painful, lol. *hugs and glomps and tackles for all who want them* Byeeee and good night ^^

Wildtail: Thanks for coming!

Phantomwing: Ja ne, Vicky!

Scarletpetal: were glad u came :D :D :D

Nettlepaw: Vicky!

SheilaRuth: Bye Vicky! Thanks so much for coming!

spottedstar: We'll Miss You!!!!!

eaglefeather15: Byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wildflower: Come back for another chat soon!

Vixenfur: Bye Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skywing: Cherith?

CherithBaldry: Bye Vicky. Speak to you soon.

Silverclaw: Don't go! );

Spottedshadow: Bye, Vicky! Bye, Cherith! Thank you sooooooo much!

Magicyop: Bye, Vicky! Thanks very much for coming to the chat!

Morningleaf: thanks for coming, and may starclan light your path

Fluffypelt: bye vicky! it was sooo nice to talk to you! have a good night!

Flametail von Karma: Goodbye, Cherith!

RIP Lucas: *tackle hugs back*

Fernstar: bye cherith!!!

Storme: Bye Vicky and Cherith~ Dx

Cloudy Havoqk: bai all who are leaving@

Vixenfur: Bye Cherith And Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scorchtail: Bye Cherith! Your're awesome!!!

Waterstripe: Bye Cherith!

Losty: *hugs* ^^

SpottedFlame: please tour in the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cloudy Havoqk: thanks for coming, erins!

Hawkstar270: Bye Vicky. "don't be a stranger." (yes, I finally got a quote in.)

Brambleflower: Ravenfur: Omfooo! do u really have to go?

Magicyop: Bye cherith! Thanks to you too!

Skywing: bai guys

Lilacheart: Thanks so much for coming Vicky, Cherith! ^_^

Goldenpaw: Bye Cherith

Cloudy Havoqk: I love you all!

Shiningfur: Farewell, Vicky!!! I will come see you on your tour again! And Cherith, Vicky, may Starclan light your paths!!!

treestar: bye!

Skywing: I love you both

Silverclaw: No!

CherithBaldry: Thank you

Losty left.

Scarletpetal: byebyebye Dx

Fernstar: it was so cool to meet you guys at last°

Vixenfur: *hugs both* Bye!!

Minou: Bye Vicky and Cherith! Thanks for coming!

Sunstreak: Bye, Cherith!!!

Whisperheart: Bye Cherith! D= Thanks for coming! ::hyper

Amberminnow: Bye Vicky!!!

Morningleaf: You Guys Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightstreaqk: Bye guys D: Love you! Thanks for coming!

Cloudy Havoqk: *gives Vicky chocolate*

Streamflow: Bye Vicky! It was so awesome chatting with you! May Starclan light your path, most Evil and Awesome Vicky!

coalfang: bye!

eaglefeather15: Bye Cherith!!!!

spottedstar: byebyebyebye!!!

Magicyop: I know this chat, however chaotic, was a lot of fun!

Silverclaw: Go south for your tour!

Fernstar: i'm honored!

Fluffypelt: and Cherith! it was awsome talking to you 2!

SpottedFlame: bye cherit and vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!

SheilaRuth: Bye Cherith, and thanks!

Nettlepaw: Cherith too? Awwww....

eaglefeather15: And Vicky!

coalfang: come again!

Silverclaw: South!

Scorchtail: And thanks Magic and Sheila, for setting this up for us!!

Shiningfur: Thanks for coming, you really made my birthday Very special!!

Eclipse of a Broken Heart: byeeeee

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Brambleflower: nuuuuuu!!!!! ;_;

Fernheart: bye =[

Fernstar: bye vicky and cherith!!

Redfeather: They're all leaving?

SheilaRuth: It was great having you guys here again!

Vixenfur: Nooooo!

Brambleflower: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FireWolf787: ::hyper

eaglefeather15: Thank yo Magic and Sheila!!!

Silverclaw: Texas, Arkansas, Dallas, Missouri!

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Lilacheart: Thanks so much for coming!

Amberminnow: Thanks for answering my Poppyfrost questions Vicky!!! Bye!!

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Nettlepaw: Thanks for your words of support! Please pop into the Worcester Watrstones' if you're in the area!

eaglefeather15: You guys rock!

Fernstar: come back for another chat soon!!!

Wildflower: Thanks for coming!

Storme: Thanks for answering almost all of my questions! :D

SpottedFlame: thanks to every one who made this possible

Amberminnow: Bye Cherith!!

Cloudy Havoqk: Bai Erins! Get a goos night sleep

Cloudy Havoqk: *good

Fluffypelt: we will see ya next author chat!

Streamflow: Bye Cherith!!! This was my first chat and I will remember it forever! May Starclan light your path!

CherithBaldry: Thank you, Sheila, and all our fans who came. You are all kinds of awesome!

Spottedshadow: I have one thing to say/ I've had a lot of fun today!!

Silverclaw: Firefawn! Mi

eaglefeather15: When will the transcripit be ready?

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Scorchtail: We <3 the Erins!

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Brambleflower: Thank you for coming and listening to our crazy questions!!!!

Vixenfur: All Of Us Here Are Your Biggest Fans@!

Storme: 'night, Vicky and Cherith. Technically morning, though. :P

SpottedFlame: *hugs* bye

Hawkstar270: Bye Cherith.

Amberminnow: Thanks you Erins for being here!! Bye!! :)

Fernstar: i'll miss you guys!

Fluffypelt: *hugz them*

Streamflow: Hugs Vicky and Cherith very tightly

Oukami-chan: they're leaving?

Oukami-chan: aww....bye

VickyHolmes: Thanks for the hugs!

SheilaRuth: We'll finish the transcript as soon as we can, but it'll take a while because there's so much chat to go through!

Vixenfur: Hugz Vikceh Till She Goes Poof!!!

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Shiningfur: Thanks for making my first Erin Hunter chat- and my birthday- so exciting!

Brambleflower: Ravanfur: it was nice meeting you all. kinda

Cloudy Havoqk: Thanks Sheila!

Fernstar: good night slash morning from colomcia!!

Vixenfur: She Poofed!

Minou: Vicky left Dx

spottedstar: Vicky be gone...

Lightstreaqk: Yep

eaglefeather15: k, thanks Sheila@

Oukami-chan: I missed it. Dx

Redfeather: bye!

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Wildflower: vicky left!

SpottedFlame: awwwwwwwwwwwww

Nettlepaw: I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you so much for all the adventures you've taken us on.

Fernstar: colombie

Cloudy Havoqk: and thanks for helping thunder out

Morningleaf: Thanks To Sheila, Vicky,cherith,kate,tui, And Maagic!!! You All Rock, And May Starclan Light Your Paths!!!!!!!

Vixenfur: The Only Remaining One!

Streamflow: Good-bye Earriors!

eaglefeather15: Vicky left :(

Fluffypelt: Nooooo!

Goldenpaw: Looks like Vicky made it to Narnia

Vixenfur: Vicky is gawn :(

Wildflower: the last remaining erin!

crescentmoon: Bye Vicki

SheilaRuth: Aw thanks Morningleaf/

Fluffypelt: Cherith Stay Please!

Fernstar: bye cherith!!!!1

Silverclaw: Cherith!

Silverclaw: Stay!

Vixenfur: Cherith!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

eaglefeather15: Cherith!!!!!

Vixenfur: *chants* Stay Stay!!

CherithBaldry: Bye

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Goldenpaw: Quick, someone time up Cherith!

Waterstripe: bye

Silverclaw: No, Cherith....

Goldenpaw: tie*

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Brambleflower: Ravenfur: good hunting til next time!

Silverclaw: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

spottedstar: cherith be gone....

Minou: She left Dx

Shiningfur: Bye, Cherith.

Scarletpetal: nuuu!

Fluffypelt: They All Left!

SheilaRuth: Bye Cherith! It's been so great having ou here!

crescentmoon: Bye Cherith

eaglefeather15: Erins went bye-bye.

Fernstar: She's Gone!!!!!!!!

Brambleflower: Nuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiningfur: And the last Erin has left.

Wildflower: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Streamflow: This was my first and best chat! Thanks Vicky, Cherith, Kate, Tui and Shelia for making it possible!

Vixenfur: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Morningleaf: The Erins Are Gone!!!!!*dies*

Fernstar: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo

Iceclaw: They're gone

This is part 2 of 3 of the Erin Hunter chat #6 transcript. To view the post-chat, please go to:


Wolf(Q): Have you ever considered a megadisaster that would wipe out a good bulk of ThunderClan? For people who love to kill of characters so much, you guys have been pretty merciful on ThunderClan's population. XD

VickyHolmes(A): I have considered it, yes, but I’m reluctant to have to populate an entire Clan with brand new characters (and all their names) when Kate, Cherith and I have spent so long getting to know the familiar faces! Also, we've had fires, floods, rampaging dogs, and major roadworks - those ThunderClan cats seem to dodge everything I throw at them! They are INVINCIBLE!

So they've admitted that they're too attached to the cats to kill a bunch off. -_- Pity.

Daisypaw(Q): Back in the old days, apprentice training started at dawn. Kits AND apprentices used to bow in respect to elders and senior warriors. It was considered an honor to be allowed to eat with the senior warriors. A queen could have several litters and we'd never hear a word about the multiple fathers. Handling mouse bile was a punishment. But nowadays, queens become VERY attached to usually only one tom. Cats can eat with whoever they wish. Removing ticks from the elders has become a daily chore, and cats only bow in respect to the leader or medicine cat- and even then, not as much as they should. What has happened to all these traditions? Will they ever come back?

VickyHolmes(A): Hi Daisy! Okay, these are fair points, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Training still starts at dawn if you’re on an early border or hunting patrol, which usually involve most of the apprentices (seeing as there aren’t that many now). The warriors still tend to eat in their ranks, although I agree we haven’t made that obvious for a while. The whole multiple-father thing, although realistic, became too difficult an issue when it came to family trees, and also to the sense that our cats are seen by many readers (and their parents) as moral role models. You can figure out for yourself why we streamlined all the messy relationships, then! I don’t think tick-duty takes place every day – don’t forget, a lot goes on that we don’t see on the page. Finally, the reason cats don’t bow quite as much as they used to is because every other line started to include “dipped his head”, “dipped her head”, “bowed his head”, etc. Far too repetitive for my liking! So I cut down, although it still goes on.

Okay I meant actual TRAINING, not patrols but whatever.....looks like we're not gonna have any more anonymous relationships......and Vicky practically said 3 times that the series are lacking in detail now (eating in ranks, bowing heads and "a lot goes on that we don’t see on the page.")

LOL, right after I leave they start answering my other questions XD
I didn't see the bit about the homosexual cats (insert "huh" chatroom emoticon here). I'm not trying to start an argument, but the question that involved it WAS a valid question. Or did I just overlook it? That was a loooooooooooooooooooooooong chat transcript

Thanks so much for posting this Sheila!!!! It was an awesome chat!!!!!! =D =D =D

Hani's picture

I removed the whole homosexual cat discussion at the last minute. I actually left it in on the first pass, because I wanted you guys to have a chance to express your opinions. But like I said in the chat, I don't think this is the time or place for such a discussion. So I took it out. Sorry!

Waterstripe(Q): Will the character of Rock be told anytime in the future?

VickyHolmes(A): Not quite sure what you mean? He’ll definitely appear in Omen of the Stars, don’t worry. And look out for a fabulously dramatic scene involving Jayfeather’s beloved Stick of Wonder in Book One!

O-M-G!!!! The stick returns!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jay & the Stick so much!!!!!!

crescentmoon, techno-weenie

Jayfeather X the Stick of Wonder!! --- forever.

Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

Hani's picture

LOL, Cmoon!

Well, I do! Forget finding out what's happened to everyone else as a result of everything in Sunrise - I want to read about the stick. I can't wait!!!!!

crescentmoon, techno-weenie

Jayfeather X the Stick of Wonder!! --- forever.

Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

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Crescent, can you believe what that "dramatic scene" turned out to be?! :(

No siggie...but this font is blue :D

Heart breaking. I wish someone could fish it out of the lake for him. Poor Jayfeather. I miss the stick, too. Did you read in her tour diary that someone gave Vicki a stick?

So I bet we see Rock again when they return to the mts. in book #4 & we learn more about the ancient cats.

crescentmoon, techno-weenie

Jayfeather X the Stick of Wonder!! --- forever.

Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

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Yeah, me too. That scene was so weird though. I don't think Jayfeather has ever committed an act so permanently destructive. I haven't read the tour diary, so no, but that's awesome! XD

I can't wait to learn about the ancient cats. This is going to be sooooo cool. :)

No siggie...but this font is blue :D