My summer is going to be boring

This is really just a random update because I haven't posted much in a while. Well I'm finally on Summer Vacation >:)!! After having to go to school for two weeks all alone for not passing my stupid Math TAKS <_<;;.. I despise that test greatly. Well lets see last Friday after the last day of school I had a friend stay the night. My sister also had three friends over, and we all hung out it was fun. I got nicknamed Tutu for wearing a neon green puffy skirt XD. We watched scary movies too :D! Haha did I mention I finally saw Orphan. I didn't get to see all of it though >_<;;..

Invasion of the stinkbugs(rant)

They come into my room all the time and I have no clue how. These freaking stink bugs are getting on my nerves. I dont like bugs. Caterpillars;yes, ladybugs;ok, spiders;heck no; stinkbugs;no way. I cant stand them. Usually when stinkbugs come into my room I dont even notice until the decided to fly right into my head. Or my cat, Piper, finds them. Shes good at that. When I do locate them I take an empty waterbottle, scoop them in it, then through it in our recycling bin.

My First Rant... has been charging to get pp and some rare pets in donator packages (which cost $20 but people are buying them). That's all fine. I mean a few of us got a little upset when they took away gettingpp by clicking pets. But now, to do pretty much anything, you have to pay $5 a month. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm not allowed (not that I would because you think about $5 to send trades breed and use the market place is pretty stupid.) So I'm considering quitting...

pain is bad

I just broke my foot recently and so I've been sentenced to the couch all day and will be on even less than I already am what happened is I was playing football and someone decided that pushing me mid-air was a good idea which caused me to land sideways on my foot and snap my growth plate in two which in turn caused me to be crippled and in a cast for the next month :(

Prophecy Kitten? O_o

Okay, so, two nights ago (Tuesday night), I had this dream where in front of my house, instead of seeing other apartments, there was a huge field. It was a gloomy day outside (still in the dream) and my friend Raintalon and I were walking home. Then, out of nowhere, a tornado struck the ground and was heading for my house. Scared out of our minds, Rain and I bolted for my house, but I stopped, seeing a little kitten all by itself in the field. Risking my life, I headed for it, and took him home. At this point, I don't know what happened to Raintalon.

Excerpt from Kate's Blog

This is an excerpt from Kate's BLog:

A day in the Life of Flower
(SofaClan! - 20 May 2010)

Wake up on Kate’s bed



Go downstairs and wander round the kitchen till Kate feeds me

Go and sit in the garden for an hour.

Decide whether to lie in the sun or go back indoors


Have supper.

Sit on Kate’s lap till bedtime.

Go to sleep on Kate’s bed.

This sounds like a human Jayfeather

from the website

"Blindsight" is the ability that some blind people have to sense things that they can't see. Here's something amazing One blind man, known only as "TN," proved that he can find his way around obstacles in his way, even though he is totally blind. He can also "sense" emotions such as fear, anger and joy in other people,

Guess what you just did?


I'm sorry, I've been obsessed with the game lately because of youtube and my corner pic avatar wtf it's called. Like, sometimes in a random youtube video i'll look and it'll be like, "THE GAME" or "You just lost the game" Or "we all just lost the game" Or, the worst one, "IMMA FIRIN' MAH- the game D:"

I feel very random today.

Aw, man...

Lighty here.
Last Monday and Tuesday, I went to a couple different elementary schools to perform fun songs and poems. Around noon we went on break by picking up some fast food and stopping at a nearby park to play around. And play around I did!

This is what i do when no one in the Chatroom talks. O_o

You have joined room: member_chat
Welcome! Remember not to give out any personal information, such as address or telephone number! For your protection, all activity in this chat room is logged.
David Bowie: Whut be chillin' mah ice-cubesss???
David Bowie: I have recieved the icy cold shoulder
David Bowie: oh my, shall my cool life ever be heated???

Did I Totally Miss Somthing?

Did we just get a heck of alota new memebers?

And why are their names all famous band members?

I so feeling outa the loop here guys.

I have good news...and then bad.

I get to move! Like as in a new house, it will be right down the road from my old but its brand new.

The bad, my laptops fan is broken and I am so busy right now. I miss my Wandies Friends terribly.

=D! Music lovers may like this...

Okay. so.
My friend is learning to play guitar. Let's call him Rockheart. (He loooooves loud music 'n stuff.) He can also sing and scream.
Another friend of mine can play bass guitar like REALLY well. We'll call her Ravenfeather.

I guess for the past few months, Rock and Raven (lol, that sounds weird...) had been formed a band, but need more people.
They asked me to play synth!

LOL this is amusing and disturbing!

I was reading a book from the schools library and this little piece of paper fell out.

It said "Call me..." and then a number.

I was like, "WTH"

I felt tempted to call the number but then I realized 3 things.

1: Cud be a stalker
3: They could track my number and then call every day and leave disturbing messages.

I'm paranoid :D

I'm Going to Meet Vicky Later Today ^^' (Updated)

Mm...yeah... so the Bookworks event for Albuquerque is happening at 3:00 pm today, and I'm gonna go. The only problem is, they're not letting you take books into the store to have them be signed - you have to buy them at the store first... -sigh- I hate when store promoting gets in the way of events. So since I'm not going to buy Fading Echoes - I haven't even bought the first Omen of the Stars book since I'm not keeping up with Warriors anymore - I might have to re-buy A Dangerous Path in paperback just to get it signed. o_o' Since that one IS my favorite, after all.

Show me what it's dream in black and white.

Ripple here.
Thought I'd do a blog update since I haven't been keeping in touch and stuff has been going down.
First off, about two weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a month. Don't give me any pity, I'm actually kinda happy about it. ;)
And today, I did something I had been planning on since September.
That's right, folks.
Ripple can now drive.

Have you ever..

thought Wands and Worlds was still Worlds and Wands?
forgotten your cats name?
washed your hands, and turned on the hot water thinking it was the cold and claiming it was defective and not actually realizing that you turned the wrong thing?
thought your phone was a TV remote?
thought a napkin was a banana?
I did.
All in one day. (:

Im really happy right now X3!!

I got really bored yesterday so I started looking up some old Final Fantasy X stuff. Mostly because back in 5th grade I was overly obsessed with it <_<.. Well I started thinking about 5th grade, and how awesome it was. It was the best school year of my life. Because I moved in the middle of the school year :( I thought it was gonna be bleh.. Turns out I was wrong ^_^.. I made 3 friends that I'd never forget.

You say we're both little people & you like it that way.

But in time I'm going to put this body to shame and grow old,
wear a suit like my old man,
pack up all my things and get my %%% out of town.
We've got it good, whether you like this town or not.
I know it's small, but with a big head it's bound to get hot;
in the summer, but the summer is a bummer if you can't leave this pathetic excuse for a town.

Bigcitydreams by NSN