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I NEED help. I want to outline this picture and color it. But unfortuntly i not good at it. So if you are good at it : PLEASE HELP ME!!! :P


Cute! I really like the style. ^_^

Unfortunately, I only have Photoshop Elements, no tablet or anything. There are several people on here that are good with a tablet and coloring so maybe you could ask them. :)

I only have photoshop elements too. I am asking for a better one for christmas

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Silent: Well, I like Photoshop Elements a lot. I think it's a fine substitute for the regular, pricey CS3. Depends on what version you have, I guess...

I just meant I don't have a tablet (but I'm getting one for my B-day, I think) so it'll be harder to color things in.

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That's really great, Silent!

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