Couple drawings I did...


I was gonna post this as an image, but it would be rude to bump off Sunny's pic so fast.^^' Anyways, I just finished a drawing based on a post I did on an RP site of my friend's, and...well, I guess I was wondering what you guys think of it.

(click for full size)

It's supposed to be the leader of LightClan (StarClan equivalent) looking into her seeing-pool and seeing horrific visions of the future, as well as predicting a new prophecy. Said prophecy just started on the site...if anyone's interested in joining the site is located here.

I also did another quick sketch (the one above was supposed to be a quick sketch but Lilac suggested I do it in colour) a couple days ago, which randomly popped into my head after rereading Soundy's freewrite.

(click for full size)

If you haven't read it, it's supposed to be me as a werewolf being carried by Lilac (who has wings), and we (along with Soundy, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai) are attacking an Angel (from Evangelion--I forget the full name of that anime ^^').

So yeah...comments/critique? I think this might end up being a new art style of mine, seeing as I can't do any drawing by hand lately.o.x'

Those drawings are awesome!! =D but I only worked out that the winged girl was me when soundy told me. o0 Wow I'm slow.

The anime's called Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Anyway, great job ^_^

Ack, I love your art Dx *worships*

No siggy. *waves hands around spookily*

Wow. That artwork is AMAZING.

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Lilac: *lightly whacks self* I knew it had something related to "genes".XP Thanks.^^'

Wolf: I love your animating.D8 *goes to worship*

Snake: Thanks.^^'

Starreh: I guess we're even, then D8 *worships your art*

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Your art is amazing. I wish I could draw that good. *mellow*

And yeah, Neon Genesis Evangelion. NGE for short. NGE does not stand for National Geographic Europe.

I'm gonna go hide in a box now while worshipping your art like Wolf is.

Pretty... *O*

That's totally awesome Starry! I love it!
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Thanks Silent!

Wow! That's really really good! :D

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...That is all, folks!

Wow these look great!!!

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Tis awesum as always Starreh. I luv ur work.

Wow!! Thats really amazing, Starry!!! Tis amazing eh cool. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!



Thanks so much Squirrely!!!!

I have realized that if you put art stuff in the art forum, no one comments on it. Important lesson here. -goes to switch mine to the fan forum for a while-

Your art is awesome. However, I have decided that I refuse to be jealous, and instead will work on developing my own art style and accept that I will never be able to draw exactly like you and vice versa. Especially because I don't think I suck as badly anymore. Your art was/is definitely a great inspiration for me though. -hugs-

I hope that didn't sound too much about me. o-o' The point of this was to say the art was good XP'

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Soundy: *drags out of box* "National Geographic Europe" is how I'm gonna end up remembering it from now on.XP

Fun-Bun: Noticed that too.XP Glad you've accepted and are developing your own art style.*glomps*

Everyone: Thanks.^^'

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I like it, Starry. I like the simple, clean look. Beautifully done.

Rabbit: that's probably because if you post in the art forum, only members of the art forum can see it. When you post to a group, there is a check box under the group selection for "public" - if you check that box, it makes it visible to anyone, not just members of the group. Just be aware that it also makes it visible to people who aren't members of W&W, too. In some cases that might be what you want, but in other cases it might not.