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Heh, I made up a stupid story. Based off of the Warriors chat rooms at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2860933/1/ , I decided to make my own. :D Note: It doesn't exactly follow personalities. It's quite stupid, actually.
--Chat Room--
Firestar has joined the chatroom.

Firestar: First one here? Aww...

Sandstorm has joined the chatroom.

Sandstorm: Hey, Firestar!

Firestar: Sandstorm! *purrs*

Sandstorm: So, what's up?

Firestar: Not much...we're the only ones on right now.

Leafpool has joined the chatroom.

Leafpool: Hi Firestar, Sandstorm!

Firestar: Hi Leafpool!

Leafpool: I asked Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw and their kits to get on.

Firestar: Including Jaypaw? But...

Leafpool: *growls*

Sandstorm: 0_o

Squirrelflight has joined the chatroom.

Firestar: Hey, Squirrelflight!

Leafpool: Cool, you're on!

Crowfeather has joined the chatroom.

Leafpool: Crow-

Nightcloud has joined the chatroom.

Leafpool: Oh.

Nightcloud: *stiffens up*

Crowfeather: Will you two stop hating each other already!

Firestar: Leafpool? You still LIKE HIM?

Leafpool: Gaahhhh!

Leafpool has left the chatroom.

Crowfeather: Awww...

Nightcloud: Yay.

Firestar kicks Nightcloud from chatroom.

Sandstorm: ...

Squirrelflight: ...XD

Brambleclaw has joined the chatroom.

Squirrelflight: YAY! BRAMBLECLAW!

Brambleclaw: Hiya, Squirrelflight, Firestar, Sandstorm, Crowfeather! What's up?

Squirrelflight: Not much. Leafpool was here, but she left.

Cloudtail has joined the chatroom.

Cloudtail: Hi guys! Hi, Firestar!

Squirrelflight: Hi, Cloudtail!

Firestar: Hi!

Lionpaw has joined the chatroom.

Brambleclaw! Hi Lionpaw! Where are Hollypaw and Jaypaw?

Lionpaw: Jaypaw's helping Hollypaw. She ran into a thornbush by mistake.

Sandstorm: Ouch...

Crowfeather: Hello, Lionpaw. You do know that I saw what happened with you and Heatherpaw the other day, right?

Lionpaw: *blushes* What?

Crowfeather: You think we can't tell you like her?

Hollypaw has joined the chatroom.

Lionpaw: I don't like her!

Hollypaw: Like who?

Lionpaw: Heatherpaw!

Crowfeather: Suuuuuure.

Firestar: You like a WINDCLAN CAT? Not that I have anything against you, but...

Lionpaw: I don't! Honest!

Squirrelflight: Kewl.


Cloudtail: 0_o

Squirrelflight: What, are you gonna hate Leafpool for running off with Crowfeather?

Sandstorm: Oh yeah...

Crowfeather: *blushes*

Bsighthaart has joined the chatroom.

Firestar: Bsighthaart?

Cloudtail: BRIGHTHEART! *purrs*

Sandstorm: Bsigthaart? Brightheart? Wha..?

Bsighthaart: Stupid blind side...it made me mess up my name.

Cloudtail: Here, I'll come help you.

Cloudtail has left the chatroom.

Bsighthaart has changed name to Brightheart.

Cloudtail has joined the chatroom.

Firestar: Anyway, where were we?


Hollypaw: *giggles*

Crowfeather: Umm...

Lionpaw: I do not! Prove that I do!

Crowfeather: OK. brb.

Crowfeather has left the chatroom.

Squirrelflight: Brambleclaw, Hollypaw, what do you think?

Brambleclaw: I didn't see it, but...I agree with Crowfeather.

Cloudtail: Me too.

Brightheart: Me three.

Hollypaw: I think he LIKES her!

Lionpaw: No I don't!

Firestar: Defending is always a sign of liking.

Sandstorm: Yeah.

Heatherpaw has joined the chatroom.

Lionpaw: HEATHERPAW! *purrs loudly*

Firestar: You like her!

Sandstorm: You like her!

Hollypaw: You like her!

Lionpaw: ...

Heatherpaw has changed name to Crowfeather.


Lionpaw has left the chatroom.

Hollypaw: I better calm him down.

Hollypaw has left the chatroom.

Cloudtail: Heheh.

Firestar: *yawns* Well, it's getting late. See ya!

Firestar has left the chatroom.

Sandstorm: Yeah...sorry, got to go.

Sandstorm has left the chatroom.

Squirrelflight: Hey, Brambleclaw, want to sleep next to me tonight?

Brambleclaw: Sure!

Squirrelflight has left the chatroom.

Brambleclaw has left the chatroom.

Crowfeather: Well, since Lionpaw and the Romance Theater's over, gtg guys...

Crowfeather has left the chatroom.

Cloudtail: Well, it's just us now...

Whitewing has joined the chatroom.

Cloudtail: ...and Whitewing...

Brightheart: Heh.

Whitewing: Hi guys! Where is everybody?

Cloudtail: They all left.

Brightheart: Hey, Whitewing, want to go an a patrol with me and Cloudtail later?

Whitewing: Okay. When?

Brightheart: *looks up* Uh, right now.

Cloudtail: Yay!

Whitewing: Okay, then. See ya!

Cloudtail: See ya!

Brightheart has left the chatroom.

Cloudtail: Brightheart, wait for me!

Cloudtail has left the chatroom.

Whitewing: Aww man! Why I gotta be last! WAIT FOR ME, GUYS!

Whitewing has left the chatroom.

So, whaddaya think? Funny, right? :D

yay i loved it! that was really creative. i do NOT like nightcloud. aww i think lion and heather are cute!!


That's hilarious, cool idea! XD I've seen it in other fanfics but haven't seen a warriors one before.


that was frkn hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol! lmbo! (laughing my butt off)

omg! I love the part when crowfeather changes his name to Heatherpaw! omg! good job lakey! *laughing hysterically*


Starsight blesses...

May StarClan light your path...forever & a day...

Hysterical! I can't breathe from laughing! Do another one!:D

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lol!!!!, Rofl!!!!, thats freakin hilerious!!!!!!!!!, do another one!!!!

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Warriors Chatroom Part 2

Sandstorm has joined the chatroom.

Sandstorm: w00t! I'm da first one on! *parties*

Leafpool has joined the chatroom.

Leafpool: *sigh* Hello.

Sandstorm: What's wrong?

Leafpool: Firestar died.

Sandstorm: That's terrible!

Leafpool: You wanna know what's worse? I broke a claw!

Sandstorm: ...That's WORSE? -_-;

Sandstorm kicks Leafpool from chatroom.

Sandstorm: I didn't know I could do that.

Firestar has joined the chatroom.

Sandstorm: *gasps* YOU'RE ALIVE!

Firestar: Why wouldn't I be?

Sandstorm: Leafpool said you died!

Firestar: ...

Sandstorm: What?


Sandstorm: I kicked her--er, him--off. I didn't know I could do that.

Firestar: Oh yeah, you're a moderator. Along with Dustpelt, Graystripe, Brackenfur and Thornclaw. I'm the main admin, and Brambleclaw is too.

Sandstorm: Ah.

has joined the chatroom.

: Hi!

Sandstorm: Who's " "?

: Oh, sorry. It's Daisy. I don't know how to work this thing!

Firestar: ...yeah. Lemme fix that.

has changed name to Daisy

Daisy: Thanks.

Sandstorm: Anywhoo, there's a Gathering tonight. Have you decided who will go?

Firestar: Actually, we're going to try a chatroom Gathering.

Sandstorm: Kewl.

Brambleclaw has joined the chatroom.

Brambleclaw: Hi Firestar, Sandstorm, Daisy.

Firestar: Hey Brambleclaw!

Daisy: How is Berrypaw doing?


Daisy: Sorry...

Firestar: Brambleclaw, Sandstorm, you're both coming to the Gatheringchat tonight.

Sandstorm: Yay!

Brambleclaw: Yay!

Daisy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Firestar has kicked Daisy from chatroom.

Brambleclaw: hehe

Firestar: Well, gotta go install the Gatheringchat function on everyone's computer...bye!

Firestar has left the chatroom.

Sandstorm: Brambleclaw, let's go too.

Brambleclaw: Okay.

Sandstorm has left the chatroom.

Brambleclaw has left the chatroom.


ShadowClanBlackstar: When will ThunderClan be here?

RiverClanLeopardstar: I actually don't know. Onestar, did you see them on your way here?

WindClanOnestar: Of course not! It's computers!

RiverClanLeopardstar: Oh yeah.


Firestar: I've installed the Gatheringchat function on everyone's computers. The following cats, log on tonight: Brambleclaw, Sandstorm, Squirrelflight, Cloudtail, Hazelpaw, Mousefur, Dustpelt, Honeypaw, Whitewing.


ThunderClan has arrived at the Gatheringchat!

ThunderClanFirestar: Sorry we're late.

WindClanOnestar: It's OK.

RiverClanLeopardstar: *yowls* Welcome to the first Gatheringchat! Firestar, would you like to speak first?


ShadowClanBlackstar: Hello! And, even though I'm a ShadowClan cat, I'd like to invite everybody to the second moonly Clan Contest!

ThunderClanSquirrelflight: That was my idea. :D

ShadowClanBlackstar: We will hold the Hunting Challenge. This time, it's only for warriors. *lots of groaning* HEY! SHUT UP! And this time, it'll follow all four Clan territories.

The other three leaders: We accept.

ThunderClanFirestar: Who wishes to be the hosts?

ThunderClanBrambleclaw: How about the leaders? You can type in what you see on your computers, within each territory. And the deputies can have a part. They can watch and make sure no cat steals prey. But whatever is caught will be added to the fresh-kill pile in that territory.

WindClanAshfoot: That sounds like a good idea. But if the cats can't type in the chatroom, then what's the point?

ShadowClanRussetfur: How about we get a...

Other cats: Yes?

ShadowClanRussetfur: ...a...

Other cats: YES?

ShadowClanRussetfur: PLASMA-SCREEN TV!

Other cats: *cheer*

RiverClanMistyfoot: Yeah! The apprentices can work the cameras and put what the leaders say into chatroom format!

ThunderClanBrambleclaw: Yeah! Do the leaders accept?

ThunderClanFirestar: I do.

WindClanOnestar: Sure, I guess.

RiverClanLeopardstar: Yeah.

ShadowClanBlackstar: That works, I guess.

ThunderClanFirestar: Tomorrow?

ShadowClanBlackstar: Sure.

RiverClanLeopardstar: Then let's end the Gatheringchat!

RiverClan has left the Gatheringchat.

ShadowClan has left the Gatheringchat.

WindClan has left the Gatheringchat.

ThunderClan has left the Gatheringchat.

Check back for the next issue of...Warriors Chatroom! :D

Here is mine:
Lionpaw has joined the chatroom.
Lionpaw:R U Here yet Heatherpaw?
Heatherpaw has joined the chatroom.
Heatherpaw:I'm here Lioneywioney! =^-^=
Lionpaw:I wuff you!!!XOXOXOXO
Brambleclaw has joined the chatroom.
Brambleclaw:Lionpaw what R U doing!!!!!?????
Lionpaw has left the chatroom.

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lol, again

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omg how do you come up with that stuff!? its great!! way to go lakey!!


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Wheeeeeee! Part 3 of the Warriors Chatroom is up!

Firestar has joined the chatroom.

Leopardstar has joined the chatroom.

Onestar has joined the chatroom.

And last but not least...

Blackstar: CUT IT OUT!

Okay, okay. Blackstar has joined the chatroom.

Dustpelt: It's about to start! *most of the cats rush over*

Birchfall: We don't even know who got picked!


Girl: Mom, why do we have to take a walk? *whines*

Mom: Mary, just--*stops*

Mary: What?

Mom: Why are those cats watching a plasma-screen TV?

Mary: 0______o

Mom: 0__________________o

Mary: 0____________________________________o

Mom: Mary, just walk away....just walk away.


Berrypaw: Owlpaw, can we PLEASE work together for this?

Owlpaw: I'm only supposed to be doing it for ShadowClan.

Berrypaw: Oh, right.

Firestar: When you hear the yowl, start the camera.

Hazelpaw: We got it!

Jaypaw: Everybody not doing a job, just make sure nothing happens. Okay?

Other apprentices: OK!

Firestar: *yowls*

Jaypaw: Hazelpaw, GO!

*Berrypaw turns on camera*

Lionpaw: Hazelpaw, you'll have to be quick. Get to ThunderClan territory, tape it, and I'll use my laptop to get it back to the TV station.

Hazelpaw: I know what to do!


Firestar: Hello! Welcome to the second moonly Clan Contest! Today, in ThunderClan territory, we have Smokefoot, the black tom, Crowfeather, the gray tom, and Rippletail, the gray tabby she-cat! Brambleclaw, will you start the countdown?

Brambleclaw: On your marks...

Get set...


*cats race off*

--ThunderClan camp--

Dustpelt: Who is Firestar gonna track first?

Ferncloud: I don't know, dear.

Foxkit: I wanna do it!

Ferncloud: When you're older, sweetie.

Foxkit: >.> *stomps off*

Icekit: Foxkit! *runs after him*


Firestar: Here we are, tracking Smokefoot. He crouches...he stops...he pounces! That's one for Smokefoot!

Smokefoot: Actually, that was my second.

Firestar: ...Yes. Anyway, onto the next contestant!

*Brambleclaw runs up* Firestar! Crowfeather stole prey!

Firestar: WHERE?

*Brambleclaw runs away, and Firestar follows*

Crowfeather: Heh heh. This is for you, Leafpool! *eats mouse*

Firestar: STOP right there! You're disqualified!

Crowfeather: ...darn.

*Firestar goes away*

Firestar: So that's Crowfeather, our diqualified WindClan contestant! (the evil little...)

Leafpool: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDD:

*all cats stare at her*

Leafpool: Heh heh...darn.

Firestar: Well, here's Rippletail, our friendly little RiverClan she-cat! Rippletail, how much prey have you caught?

Rippletail: Five pieces.

Firestar: Cool! Now, at sunset we need you all to report back to the finish line, or the island where the apprentices set up the TV station.


Blackstar: Here today we have three competitors: Cloudtail of ThunderClan, Whitetail of WindClan, and Mosspelt of RiverClan. The finish line, is again, the island.

Russetfur: On your mark...get set...GO!

*cats dart away*

Blackstar: Let us follow Cloudtail first.

*sees Cloudtail stalking a mouse*

Blackstar: Hey Cloudtail!

*mouse flees*

Cloudtail: Blackstar! You scared the mouse!

Blackstar: *sarcastic* Whoops. Anyway, how much prey have you caught?

Cloudtail: None, thanks to you!

Blackstar: Whatever. *sees a brownish and a white cat* Russetfur! Don't talk to the contestants!

Russetfur (from behind): I'm not!

Blackstar: Wha...? They have the scent of ThunderClan!

Foxkit: RUN, ICEKIT! *start running*

Blackstar: And stay out! Anyway, let's track Whitetail now.

Whitetail: Two pieces.

Blackstar: I'm surprised you managed to catch anything, with this undergrowth...

Whitetail: *bristles*

Blackstar: I didn't mean to offend you. Really.

Whitetail: Okay.

Blackstar: Next let's track Mosspelt!

Blackstar: Oh, there she is! Mosspelt, how much prey?

Mosspelt: Five pieces.

Blackstar: Okay! When you're all finished, go to the island.


Leopardstar: Hello! Today, we're tracking the ThunderClan she-cat Sandstorm, the ShadowClan tom Rowanclaw, and the WindClan tom Weaselfur! Mistyfoot?

Mistyfoot: Three, two, one, GO!

Leopardstar: Let's track Weaselfur first.

*sees Weaselfur catch a vole*

Leopardstar: How much prey?

Weaselfur: Three pieces.

Leopardstar: ALREADY?! Whoa! Anyway, next let's track Rowanclaw.


Tawnypelt: Yeah! Go Rowanclaw! :D

her kits: Yay! Daddy!

Oakfur: .........


Leopardstar: Rowanclaw, how many pieces?

Rowanclaw: Five.

Tawnypelt: YAY!

Leopardstar: Okay, next let's track--

*Mistyfoot runs up*

Leopardstar: Mistyfoot?

Mistyfoot: There's something I think you should see.

Leopardstar: Coming...

*Leopardstar falls over a cliff*

Leopardstar: AHHHHH *splat* I'm OK...

Mistyfoot: Sorry! Well, until she recovers...

Hawkfrost in the Dark Forest: *groans*

Mistyfoot: Let's track Sandstorm.

Sandstorm: I've caught six pieces.

Mistyfoot: Six pieces! WHOA!

Sandstorm: Yeah.


Onestar: Umm...hi! Er...today we'll follow, um...*Ashfoot whispers in his ear* Right! Whitewing, Snowbird and Reedwhisker! First, Snowbird.

*tracks Snowbird*

Onestar: Um, Snowbird, how much prey have you caught so far?

Snowbird: Just one piece.

Onestar: Alright then. Next Whitewing...

Onestar: Whitewing, how many--

Whitewing: Four, Onestar. *blinks*

Onestar: Um, er, OK then. *embarrassed* Now for...um...Reedwhisker! Yeah!

*tracks Reedwhisker*

Onestar: Reedwhisker, how many--

Reedwhisker: None! *starts crying*

Onestar: Er...OK then.


Firestar: Here are the results: In ThunderClan...the cat who caught the most was...Sandstorm, with seven pieces!

Blackstar: In ShadowClan, the cat who caught the most was...Smokefoot, with five pieces!

Leopardstar: In RiverClan, the cat who caught the most was...Reedwhisker, with six pieces!

Onestar: And in WindClan, the cat who caught the most was...Whitetail, with six pieces!

All leaders: Yay!

Come back later for Part Four!

ok you should tottaly do one with all of us!!! as catsss and then
make one that would be awsomeee
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that was great!! keep it up!!


lol, make sure to include me!^^

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