Erin Hunter Chat #3 Transcript - part 2

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Stormflower(Q): In book five, Runningnose had a vision that ShadowClan would have a glorious new future. Has that been fulfilled yet?

CherithBaldry(A): The prophecy was sort of fulfilled when Tigerstar became their leader, but I think he then spoilt it by bringing in BloodClan and wanting to take over the forest.

Blackheart(Q): Is it true that you get many letters from parents on how violent the books are?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky sees more of the letters than I do. I haven't seen anything like this. There was one very negative review online about the violence.

Autumn(Q): Is it possible to tell us more about the upcoming book Seekers?

VickyHolmes(A): I could tell you SO MUCH about this series, but it would use up all my chatting time! I'll try to post something on the official Warriors site very soon.

Foxclaw(Q): Who's your favorite character in the books?

CherithBaldry(A): Leafpool, though I love Brambleclaw too (he's my cat) and I have a soft spot for Dustpelt.

Cleopelt(Q): Are you going to be doing any promotional events [tours, releases] in the UK and Europe? I'm just intrigued because I live there and so does my friend. ^^ Thanks!

CherithBaldry(A): I hope there will be some events in the UK soon. No one has said anything to me about Europe.

Starsight(Q): Why did StarClan give Tigerstar nine lives if they knew he was evil?

CherithBaldry(A): Because he was the cat chosen as leader. StarClan don't comment on a cat's morals. Remember Brokentail. He kept the remains of his nine lives even though ShadowClan banished him.

Rabbitfoot(Q): Are you happy with The Lost Warrior?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, I am. It opens Warriors up to a lot of people who might be put off by the thought of reading a weighty book like a regular Warriors title. And it might please some people who are desperate for a movie. If they flick the pages really fast, it might be the same! :)

Leopardleaf(Q): Who wrote Firestar's Quest?

VickyHolmes(A): Cherith.

Astertail(Q): Do you like writing about Polar Bears or Cats better?

CherithBaldry(A): I haven't written about the bears yet, though I will be doing one later this year. I think I'll always like the cats best, though.

Astertail: -dance of happiness- My question was answered!

Phantom-Katt: Bears....that'll be so freakin Cool!!

Copperose: bears will be awesome

Cleopelt: Wow. Bear's will be interesting. ^^

Were you surprised by the turnout at the tours?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes! I was expecting maybe 50 at each event. I never quite got used to entering a huge bookstore full of people chanting my name (sometimes my real name, too). And there was an incident involving pizza topping in Naperville that really freaked me out. You'll have to ask Blackheart about that one!

spottedwing(Q): Are the 9 lives the same for evry leader?(with this life i give you courage, life of love, justice, ecx.)

CherithBaldry(A): No, they vary according to which cats give them. The lives would be given by cats who were important to the new leader when they were alive. And the qualities they give would be the ones they were known for.

Magnoliakit(Q): will millie and greystripe have kits?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky says they will.

Cloudstep(Q): I know there are sevral tortoishells, but are any of them calico? (torties are balck or blue with red intertwined in, calicos are white with distinct red and black/blue patches)

KateCary(A): In the UK we don't call toroiseshells calico cats (which is a shame because it's such a lovely name) which is why there are only tortoiseshells in Warriors - though I once had a tortie-tabby called Lottie, but that would be an awflly long description for any of our charaters

CherithBaldry(A): We don;t call cats 'calico' over here. I think the cats called tortoiseshell are the traditional black/brown/red.

Rabbitfoot(Q): does crowfeather really love nightcloud or does he still love leafpool?

CherithBaldry(A): I think he loves Nightcloud but Leafpool will always be most special to him.

Forestpelt(Q): Vicky: My friend Blodclaw wants to know, (heh) why you keep killing her favorit characters! (lol) Spottedleaf, Silverstream, Feathertail.

VickyHolmes(A): Because deaths are so much fun to write about! Seriously, the essence of all good stories lies in drama and conflict, and what is more dramatic than losing a beloved character? But thank goodness for StarClan, because it means I can bring characters back whenever I miss them too much!

kittenkraze(Q): Will Ravenpaw ever get to be a Warrior?

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t think so. The warrior code isn;t right for every cat, and Ravenpaw is none the worse for that.

VickyHolmes(A): Nope. He's much, much happier leading an independent life in the well-stocked barn with Barley. Life in a Clan never suited him. And I must confess it wouldn't have suited me, either.

kittenkraze: Yaaay My Question!!! *hugs Squirrelheart*

Astertail(Q): I've noticed Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw each excel at a certain area -- spirituality, fighting, and hunting. Was this part of your genius master plan or did it just happen?

KateCary(A): Everything that happens in Warriors is part of Vicky's genius masterplan! :)

Dawnshadow: yay for genuis masterplans!

Rabbitfoot(Q): is mistyfoot ever going to be leader of RiverClan?

CherithBaldry(A): I certainly hope so!

Quailfeather(Q): why did snowkit hav to die?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, he didn't have to, but I wanted Speckletail to move to the elders' den and I thought losing her kit would give her the extra nudge. Harsh, but true.

Nightwind(Q): Why did Crowfeather fall in love a third time?

CherithBaldry(A): I think Vicky answered this a while back. When he returned to Windclan after he tried to flee with Leafpool, his Clan mistrusted him, and he felt he had to prove himself by taking a mate from his own Clan.

Shadow Tail(Q): How many publishers did you haft to go to?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky will have to answer that one.

Runningflame(Q): Vicky: How much of the plot of a series (such as The New Prophecy or Power of Three) do you plan out before starting Kate and Cherith on writing the actual books, and how much evolves after the writing has started?

VickyHolmes(A): I know the overall story arc (what happens in all six books) and roughly what will happen in each book before I plot the first storyline in detail. I plan the next storyline while Kate or Cherith are working on the current script, and the storylines are plotted in such detail that things very rarely change after I've read their first draft. The books come out too quickly for that to happen!

Runningflame(Q): All: If Tigerstar had nine lives, did he lose all of them at once because StarClan *couldn't* heal him, or because they didn't *want* to?

CherithBaldry(A): Because the wound Scourge gave him was just too severe.

Fernshadow(Q): When will Dark River come out?

VickyHolmes(A): October, I think. Because that's when I'm coming back to the States, yay!

Nightwind(Q): Do StarClan cats age?

KateCary(A): I don't beleive they do - what would they be aging towards? they've already died. It'd would be cruel for them to just get more and more crumbly

CherithBaldry(A): No. Mostly a cat appears in StarClan the age they were when they died, except that old or sick cats have their strength restored.

Redstripe(Q): Does the new Cinderpaw know that she is reincarnated?

CherithBaldry(A): Not at the moment.

SG4daisy(Q): How did Jaypaws blindness effect the way you imagined him in the Sight?

KateCary(A): It shaped his whole character - made him more alert and perceptive and determined to prove himself. And it was a real challenge to describe the world from his POV - just using scent and sound and instinct

SheilaRuth(Q): Kate: in response to the your answer about Jaypaw, magicyop and I were talking about what a great job you did describing things from his pov using the other senses

KateCary(A): Thanks :) It was really fun to do actually and because he can sense what other cats are feeling it's actually easier womtimes than writing from Holly or Lion's POV - they just have to go on what they see and hear

Astertail(Q): Whats the best and worst part about being beloved by so many fans?

CherithBaldry(A): The best is knowing that what I write is being enjoyed by so many people. I don't think there is a worst.

KateCary(A): As Cherith said, there is no worst part! :)

VickyHolmes(A): The best is knowing that my stories strike a chord with so many people - that's very humbling, and a huge responsibility. The worst is when people get freakishly interested in what I have on pizza!

Starsight(Q): Who were Firestar, Graystripe, Sandstorm, Duspelt, and Ravenpaw's parents?

CherithBaldry(A): I don't know.When we started we didn't really work this sort of stuff out. We never dreamt that the series would become so big, with you guys looking at all the little details! ;)

Starsight(Q): You've already done 1 (or is it 2? I'm not sure) tours in the US, but there's plenty of Canadian fans too. Can you consider making a tour in the Great Whtie North?

VickyHolmes(A): I'd love too, but I just go where the publishers send me, I'm afraid. However, I will be visiting Canada in August, yay, because one of my closest friends is getting married in Toronto. And then I'm going to Banff for a riding holiday in the Rockies!

Brightfire(Q): Do you think pennames are better than real names?

CherithBaldry(A): It varies. For this kind of series they're better, because if they were published under the authors real names they would be all over the bookshop.

Rabbitfoot(Q): will sasha ever come back into the regular warriors books?

CherithBaldry(A): Not as far as I know.

Autumn(Q): From Jaybird: Will there be a book in between Sunset and The Sight explaining all "the traitor" business and "why Brook and Stormfur came back"?

CherithBaldry(A): There will be a book about this, but it will be part of this new series.

Spirithunter(Q): All: Who is your favorite villain who has appeared in Warriors so far?

KateCary(A): Tigerstar of course - he was utterly fab and I'm glad he's back to haunt our new characters in the PO3

CherithBaldry(A): I enjoyed writing Hawkfrost.

Nightwind(Q): Do you ever get major writer's block?

CherithBaldry(A): Not for Warriors, because Vicky would soon sort me out if I did! I have had writers' block on other stuff, but nothing very serious.

Dovefeather(Q): Vicky: are you sure the new storylines will be as much of a hit as the warriors series?

VickyHolmes(A): No, I'm never sure! I frequently jump awake in the middle of the night, worrying that I'm not going to be able to make the next storyline good enough, or that I'll run out of ideas halfway through the fourth series. But then I start writing down ideas and one or other of the characters will come up with something brilliant to say or do, and I know it will be okay.

Copperose(Q): all: could there be a medicine competition in the day gathering for jaypaw?

CherithBaldry(A): It's an idea, but not one we've thought of until now.

Rabbitfoot(Q): are there any characters you don't like?

KateCary(A): I'm not very fond of Nightstar, but basically I have a soft spot for them all

kittenkraze(Q): In what book will Firestar die, do you think?

VickyHolmes(A): I know, but I'm not going to tell you! I know exactly how he dies, though, and the fabulous, dramatic conversation that happens immediately after...

Creek.(Q): Will the next book be based on Hollypaw, Lionpaw, or Jaypaw again?

CherithBaldry(A): There's plenty of all three of them.

VickyHolmes(A): They all feature more or less equally, because the series is Power of Three and follows their lives in parallel. That makes it hard for me because they each have to have exciting independent stories in every book.

Firecloud(Q): All: I love the idea of StarClan having boundaries, and just stuff that makes them seem like a real clan instead of just floating spirits. Will the...'dark forest' get an actuall Clan name?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky tells us it's called the Place of No Stars.

VickyHolmes(A): Very, very few cats know that the dark forest exists - only the cats who end up there, plus unlucky dreaming cats who end up there. They refer to it as The Place of No Stars, but it's never mentioned to the Clans because it's to scary to talk about out loud.

Magnoliakit(Q): ALL:do any of you like brambleclaw as a fave character?

CherithBaldry(A): He's one of my favourites - but then he is based on my cat.

Firecloud(Q): All: 'The Lost Warrior' is not a real manga. Is there any possible way to change the line-art so it looks more authentic?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, I'm so sorry you're disappointed. I didn't have any input into the style of the drawings, I'm afraid. And I don't think they'll be redrawn. I hope you'll forgive the lack of authenticity - at least the stories are genuine Erin Hunter!

Stormfur(Q): Dpse Jaypaw go evil?

CherithBaldry(A): I couldn't possibly comment.

Leafstar(Q): Was the switch from the name "Catnip" to "Catmint" intentional, from the first series to the New Prophecy?

VickyHolmes(A): I think it's a US/UK difference, or at least the New York editor preferred one over the other. They are names for exactly the same plant.

CherithBaldry(A): No, it's just one of those little niggles. It is the same plant.

Nightwind(Q): Who is your favourite character from the traveling six?

CherithBaldry(A): Crowfeather - because he's so prickly and awkward, and so isolated to begin with, and gradually learns how to be friends.

Allaire(Q): All: What are the working titles for the Teapot [The Power of Three] after Dark River? They've been speculated as The Outcast and The Traitor, but we don't even have any ideas as to books five and six.

CherithBaldry(A): This is one for Vicky to answer.

VickyHolmes(A): I'm loving Teapot! Awesome! Book Three is OUTCAST, but NONE of the other books have titles. Don't believe everything you read on the internet!

Forestpelt(Q): Vicky: Will you ever make a website?

VickyHolmes(A): I'd love to, if I have time! I own my name + .com so it's just a matter of designing the pages. But I'm too busy thinking up stories about cats and bears!

Stormflower(Q): i want so bad for leafpool and crowfeather to be together. i cried not just because cinderpelt died, but because they broke up. can you please make them have kits?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I was sad too, but there really wasn't any hope for that relationship.

Rabbitfoot(Q): what is your favorite warrior name?

CherithBaldry(A): Ooh, difficult one. Brightheart, maybe, because it's so good at describing what she is.

KateCary(A): Birchfall

Autumn(Q): From Firestar: How many Warriors books do you think there are going to be?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, there's the next five in Power of Three, then another series of six, plus Secrets of the Clans and Firestar's Quest. Next year there's going to be a special full-color illustrated book called CATS OF THE CLANS - you heard it here first! Plus there'll be at least two more special editions, like Firestar's Quest, dealing with stories outside the main arcs.

Cloudstep(Q): Are whitecough and greencough real sicknesses? if so, what would twolegs call them?

VickyHolmes(A): In human terms, they are like a regular cough (whitecough), and a very severe infection like pneumonia, which is extremely dangerous to very old, very young, or nursing cats.

spottedwing(Q): why was jaypaw disipointed to have brightheart as a mentor?I would be honored if she was my mentor!

KateCary(A): Jaypaw is very sensitive about being blind - he felt misunderstood - like the rest of the Clan don't know just how much he can sense and understand - he thought they wre underestimating him by giving him Brightheart because although she's a great warrior, she has only one eye

CherithBaldry(A): Because he felt he was being fobbed off with a disabled cat. Not true, of course, but he was being super-sensitive, and a bit stroppy.

Stormflower(Q): vicky: page 190 of starlight! please look there and see rowanclaw is the wrong choice!

VickyHolmes(A): Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Starlight with me. I'll check on Monday. Oh dear, have I made another dreadful mistake? Sigh.

Sparklestar(Q): Do you plan on meeting eachother? (to all)

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky and I meet quite often, though I've never met Kate.

VickyHolmes(A): I have met both Kate and Cherith. But I deliberately keep them apart in case they plot to get rid of me!

Flametail(Q): Cherith: How did BloodClan get teeth on their collars and claws?

CherithBaldry(A): <shudder> Don't ask!

Lostpaw(Q): Is it true that Firestar's Quest is going to be huge with crinkly gold stuff on the cover?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, it's going to be huge and purest gold, but it's not crinkly. The expression "gold foil" for a book cover means shiny gold card.

Dawnshadow(Q): why didn't you come to NYC for your tour?

VickyHolmes(A): Because the publishers didn't fix any events for me there. Hopefully I'll visit there in October.

Nightwind(Q): Whose perspective was it most fun to write from?

CherithBaldry(A): I enjoyed Squirrelflight because she's so feisty and can be annoying. I also liked writing leafpool's point of view, because i felt so close to her.

VickyHolmes(A): I have to make sure it's going to be fun to write from every perspective, otherwise Kate and Cherith wouldn't feel as enthusiastic about certain chapters. I do this by making each character as complex as I possibly can, in very different ways. And of course making Jaypaw blind helped!

Stormflower(Q): Will Daisy ever go back to the horseplace?

CherithBaldry(A): No, I think she's settled in ThunderClan now.

Runningflame(Q): All: What would Mothwing think if she saw a leader lose a life? She's a medicine cat, so she would know that the leader was dead... and then they'd be alive again...

KateCary(A): Ooh. that would be interesting - you'd think she'd have to beleive in StarClan then, but she'd probably make up hr own rational explanation - like the leader didn't really die

Astertail(Q): Do cats usually have multiple mates, or is this only if one dies? And one a cat has a litter with a cat, are they together for life?

CherithBaldry(A): On the whole we're showing our cats as being with a mate for life, but this would vary from cat to cat.

Autumn(Q): Vicky, care to shed some light on Sasha's relationship with Tigerstar? You do say it's very interesting. ^-^;;

VickyHolmes(A): You'll have to wait until I get a chance to do a book entirely about her! But I know exactly what went on between them, and you're right, it was VERY interesting. Put it this way: Sasha was the only cat who wasn't scared of Tigerstar...

Foxclaw(Q): I read all the time, but I'm not sure if I'm a good writer. My family and friends say so, but.... they're supposed to. Do you have any advice?

KateCary(A): You just have to try it and see. It's never easy to be certain - you have to go on a combination of your own instinct and other people's reactions. Does lose heart though!

Spirithunter(Q): All: Who was your favorite/least favorite cat to kill?

CherithBaldry(A): I really didn't want to kill Feathertail. But it makes an awesome ending to the book. The one I was glad to see the back of was Darkstripe. He was the pits.

KateCary(A): Yellowfang - that just about broke my heart (it wa ALL Vicky's fault!)

VickyHolmes(A): Tigerstar's death was AWESOME (thanks to Cherith!). And Bluestar was soooo ready to die, after losing her sanity and gaining it again for one last heroic action. I was sad that Feathertail had to die, but I'll let you into a secret: her relationship with Crowfeather wouldn't have worked out. She was too old for him, and he wouldn't have had a chance to develop his own personality.

Dawnshadow(Q): What does the title "Dark River" refer to? Or will we find out in the book..?

KateCary(A): you'll find out in the book!

Cloudstep(Q): Vicky, in a previous chat, you said Starclan cats could not be reincarnated(well, the word used was "reborn"), but you're hinting that cinderpelt was. Did you change your mind?

VickyHolmes(A): Did I say that? Well, I guess it's still true because Cinderpelt never made it to StarClan! She skipped straight into a newborn kit. Once a cat makes it to StarClan, they have to stay there, I'm afraid.

Rabbitfoot(Q): are there any characters you don't like?

CherithBaldry(A): I like writing them all because they're all so interesting, even the villains. The one I really detest is Darkstripe.

Spirithunter(Q): Vicky: Have you already decided on warrior names for all the current apprentices, or are you open to ideas?

VickyHolmes(A): They all have names!

Starsight(Q): If Tigerstar is to reappear in the PO3 series (like he did in NP) who is he going to reappear in? (i.e. Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw in NP)

CherithBaldry(A): You'll have to wait and see.

Foxclaw(Q): I was thinking of if all the Clans were mixed together, they could have the name ThwiverClan. Do you like it? I think it's quite funny. It just sounds weird.

KateCary(A): LOL

CherithBaldry(A): Eeeek!

Jadepool(Q): Who was Graystripe's mother?

CherithBaldry(A): I don't think we ever decided.

Flamefeather(Q): How is the storyline made? Chapters, big events, or details?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky works out the big events and writes out a storyline divided into chapters. Kate and I can revise this or add details if we want and Vicky agrees.

Stormflower(Q): Does dark river refer to a river of blood?

CherithBaldry(A): Not literally.

Copperose(Q): When will leapordstar die, cause mistyfoot is getting older...

KateCary(A): I hope she won't die until she's done somthing really heroic - she's one of my favourite characters and I would want her to go out with a bang not a whimper

CherithBaldry(A): I hope she'll be around for a while yet. She's an interesting character to write about.

Nightwind(Q): What do you think Ravenpaw's warrior name would've been?

CherithBaldry(A): I've no idea, though I think Ravenwing would be good.

Stormfur(Q): Dpse Jaypaw go evil?

VickyHolmes(A): No spoilers from me! Same goes for the person who asked if Jaypaw ever gets his sight back.

Nightwind(Q): Which cat from ThunderClan would you be married to?

CherithBaldry(A): Brambleclaw.

KateCary(A): Graystripe (sorry Millie)

Magnoliakit(Q): cherith:is it possible that when snowkit was carried off by the eagle(or was it a hawk?)that he was saved by a cat from the tribe of rushing water?

CherithBaldry(A): It's possible he was saved, but I think the mountains are too far away for him to have been saved by a tribe cat. I suppose it's just about feasible.

Rabbitfoot(Q): is ashfur evil?

CherithBaldry(A): No comment.

mudstar2480(Q): kate, how did u get the idea to write bloodline?

KateCary(A): The idea was dreamt up by one of Vicky's colleagues - but I just loved it so much - I love history and the thought of mixing vampires up with the darkness of the trenches of the First World War was so brilliant I just took to it at once

ZephyrStar(Q): what do you do in your spare time? (random)

CherithBaldry(A): Read a lot, play with my cats, go walking if the weather's good.

VickyHolmes(A): Stroke my dog's ears. Test paint samples all over my new flat (I've just discovered the four ugliest shades of brown in the whole world, if anyone's interested. I wanted a nice chocolate color (there's a surprise!) as a feature wall in my living-room, but no one makes chocolate colored paint!). Read American thrillers. Bake cakes. Ride horses.

Creek.(Q): Vicky: Will Hollypaw be evil, you've mentioned a she-villain before?

VickyHolmes(A): No spoilers! My lips are sealed! (And so are my typing fingers, if you know what I mean.)

Brightfire(Q): How did you decide on the combonations of names that you use in Warriors?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky started off, but now we all contribute names. They have to be made up of things that would be familiar to the cats.

Nightwind(Q): Did any cats other than Whitestorm die in the batlte with BloodClan?

CherithBaldry(A): Not from ThunderClan. Darkstripe and Bone died.

Creek.(Q): Can you reveal if Cinderpaw will ever know she is a reincarnantion, or if the Clan will figure it out?

CherithBaldry(A): No comment.

Magicyop(Q): What inspired you to create Lionpaw, Jaypaw, and Hollypaw?

VickyHolmes(A): I wanted to focus on three kits, who had to be as different as possible to give me maximum story potential. The characters built themselves as the stories unfolded - and Kate did an incredible job of bringing them to life. :)

Stormflower(Q): what will be the names in the fourth series? come on, that won't be too spoily! please please please please tell us if you know!

VickyHolmes(A): I honestly don't know! Oh, hang on, that's a lie. I do know, but I'm not going to tell you!

Shadow Tail(Q): Will the there ever be a other clan besides what there is now?

VickyHolmes(A): Top tip from me: READ FIRESTAR'S QUEST!

Runningflame(Q): All: What was Goldenflower's opinion on all the stuff that happened to Tigerstar?

CherithBaldry(A): It was very hard for her to realise that she had been with such a bloodthirsty cat. And it was even harder to see that her kits weren't fully accepted into the Clan, especially the way that Firestar was uneasy about Brambleclaw because he looked like this father.

mysticleaf(Q): what are the dates for the next few books or atleast exspected dats

VickyHolmes(A): The books come out twice a year, in May (late April) and October. There will be special editions every summer, too. Lots and lots and lots of Warriors books, yay! The best place to check publication dates is

Lostpaw(Q): The Sight is number one on the NY Times childrens chapter books list! What do you think of that- it's higher than Harry Potter again! Yay! :)

KateCary(A): It's the first time for a book I've written (Cherith's done it before) so I am really happy about it

VickyHolmes(A): I think it proves that you guys are the best fans in the world! And that Kate and Cherith are the best writers in the world. And that our Power of Three rocks!

CherithBaldry(A): Yay indeed! Lots of yay!

mysticleaf(Q): i read a excrept from wikipedia and it said leafpool got exiled for not saying hollypaw would die is this true?

VickyHolmes(A): Not true AT ALL. Oh, hang on, have I just given away something about future stories? Oh no!

Stormflower(Q): it doesn't seem like bluestar and oakheart didn't like each other very much in starclan. also, did sasha and goldenflower really truely love tigerstar? same goes for him.

CherithBaldry(A): I think Bluestar and Oakheart fell out of love, especially when Bluestar gave up their kits. Yes, I think Sasha and goldenflower both loved Tigerstar - without knowing what he was truly like.

Magicyop(Q): Cinderpaw and Cinderpelt are NOT precisely one and same, they are their own cat, as you said. So, when Cinderpaw Mark 2 dies, will TWO Cinder-spirits appear in Starclan? Or will only one go up to the stars, and the other be banished to nothingness?

VickyHolmes(A): Whoa, I hadn't thought that far! Good question, D!

Nightwind(Q): Do you like Hawkfrost?

KateCary(A): I loved Hawkfrost - I was sad he died before his character could develop even more

CherithBaldry(A): As a character to write about, very much. Would i want to hang out with him? Not on your life.

Blizz(Q): If StarClan doesn't judge cats morals/good of the clan leading, how was Nightpelt refused nine lives?

CherithBaldry(A): Because Brokenstar was still alive. Nightpelt was a decent cat who could have been leader under different circumstances.

Astertail(Q): What is the source of Hollypaw's prejudice against non-clanborn cats?

VickyHolmes(A): The warrior code, pure and simple! She sees - quite rightly, I have to say - them as a source of weakness because they cause conflict with other Clans.

CherithBaldry(A): Just because she is so keen on the warrior code, and the warrior code is against cats born outside the Clan since they weaken the Clan - or they're supposed to. I think that in Thunderclan's experience the non-Clanborn can strengthen the Clan - look at Firestar, after all.

Firecloud(Q): All: StarClan has always been aloof (sort of) but in The Sight, They were pretty much yelling at Jaypaw to do what they wanted him too. Why??

CherithBaldry(A): Kate, have you any thoughts on this?

KateCary(A): I guess they know something about Jaypaw that we don't ;)

Bluesparkle(Q): You know, Cat trappers nuder cats imideatly. does this mean Greystripe is nudered?

VickyHolmes(A): Graystripe wasn't caught by an official Cat Trapper, luckily for him. :)

Firecloud(Q): All: Will you ever do a series with StarClan as the main clan? I have some ideas if you do- but It's your series! ^_^

CherithBaldry(A): I don't know if it could be a series, but there might be a one-off. It's up to Vicky and the publisher.

VickyHolmes(A): No, I don't think I will, because all the interesting stories for the StarClan cats happened while they are alive.

Redstripe(Q): Who gave Tigerstar his nine lives? Every cat hated him!

CherithBaldry(A): That's not entirely true. ShadowClan were desperate for a strong cat to lead them, and Tigerstar was certainly that. Also at the time he was made leader, the cats in Shadowclan didn;t know what he had tried to do to Bluestar. Tigerstar certainly wouldn;t tell them the truth about why he had left ThunderClan!

VickyHolmes(A): A lot of cats in StarClan would have seen his leadership potential. Tigerstar was undeniably a great warrior - strong, brave (there has never been a braver cat in any of the Clans), and loyal when he chooses to be. For a dark-hearted Clan like ShadowClan, he would have been a popular choice with certain warrior ancestors.

Magnoliakit(Q): ALL:why'd you make feathertail die,why why WHY!?!?!?

CherithBaldry(A): Because it made a good book. We're evil that way! ;)

Runningflame(Q): Vicky: In the character list for Twilight, it lists Pip, a small terrier who lives at the horseplace, but Pip does not show up at all in the book. Why is he/she in the character list?

VickyHolmes(A): Are you sure he isn't even mentioned? Pip is a little terrier, as you say, who is owned by the Twolegs who own the horseplace. He pops up now and then, chasing the horses around and sometimes chasing cats, too, but he isn't a major character.

Magicyop(Q): Will Starclan and The Tribe of Endless Hunting ever meet?

CherithBaldry(A): No, they walk in different skies. Though who knows, there might be a way of getting round that...

VickyHolmes(A): No, because they walk different skies.

Bluesparkle(Q): Do you read other cat stories? Kate, Cherith, and Vicky~

CherithBaldry(A): I've read Varjak Paw, and when I was younger I loved the Carbonel books.

KateCary(A): I loved Varjak paw - I read it to my son - he adored it too

Phantom-Katt: Varjak Paw!!!

Lostpaw: I love Varjak!

Cleopelt: I love Varjak Paw! That's one of my fave books!

Cloudstep: I've never even heard of Varjak Paw!..

VickyHolmes(A): Nope. I don't like animal stories, never have done, never read them.

spottedwing(Q): have you always wanted to be authors?

CherithBaldry(A): es, one of my earliest memories is of reading a story I had written to my grandfather.

KateCary(A): Yes, but I never actually imagined I ever could be. It's thrilling to be here and to be working on warriors

Firecloud(Q): All: What do you think of a Warriors Convention? I mean, with games, booths selling toys/clothes, contests, etc?

CherithBaldry(A): It would be awesome!

Starsight(Q): How do you choose the names of the cats in the Tribe of Rushing Water?

CherithBaldry(A): By thinking of what they would see around them in the mountains. They're harder to work out that the warrior names, because they're more poetic and they don't follow a definite pattern.

Shadow Tail(Q): Do you have cats and what are there names?

VickyHolmes(A): I have had lots of cats in the past because I grew up on a farm surrounded by semi-feral cats. Sooty, Tiddy, Stripes, Tinkerbell, Andrew and Starsky were some of them. My father owned a very regal, bossy Burmese called Algernon, though my dad, for unknown reasons, called him Toddy. Right now, I am the doting owner of a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Missy, who should be sitting beside me right now keeping me awake but is in fact lying on the sofa with a duvet over her and her head on a pillow!

Copperose(Q): will ravenpaw have a mate?

VickyHolmes(A): Not unless a cute little she-cat wanders past the barn! And you know what? I think he and Barley are happy enough in the barn without any girls to boss them around!

Astertail(Q): If cats, badgers, and dogs can all communicate (even primitively), should other animals... like prey... be able to too? and if so, is killing them immoral?

CherithBaldry(A): That's a hard one! I think that if the cats really could communicate with the prey it would be hard for them to kill. I'm not sure we want to go too far down that road.

KateCary(A): That is an interesting question, but I think cats, dogs and badgers are in a different league from prey...

Flametail(Q): All: Will Jaypaw's cynical attitude ever change?

CherithBaldry(A): Maybe, depending on his experiences.

Spirithunter(Q): Where'd you get the idea for a story about bears?

VickyHolmes(A): I'd love to say I was inspired by something very exciting, but it just sort of fell into my head in one big lump. I've always been fascinated by polar bears, so it grew from there.

Creek.(Q): Who is writing which books in the Power of Three series?

CherithBaldry(A): Kate has written 1 & 2, I will be writing 3. After that I'm not sure.

spottedwing(Q): how do you choose when it is time for a cat to join StarClan?*vicky*

VickyHolmes(A): When the story requires it!

Firecloud(Q): All: Will there be a female villain someday?

KateCary(A): I hope so!

CherithBaldry(A): I wouldn't be at all surprised!

VickyHolmes(A): Without doubt!

Stormflower(Q): how is the moonpool/stone magic?

CherithBaldry(A): It's not 'magic' in the same way that stuff in Harry Potter is magic. But they are both places where cats have gathered for a very long time, and where it's easy for medicine cats to reach the world of StarClan, so there is a power there.

Creek.(Q): Vicky: Why did you decide to kill Cinderpelt?

VickyHolmes(A): There is a very personal answer to this which I'm not prepared to go into right now. Let's just say it was a particularly emotional, and difficult, storyline for me to write. But I also wanted to let Leafpool take center stage, and face the hideousness of losing her mentor just when she'd decided to leave her Clanmates to be with Crowfeather. You have to admit, it made a cracking story!

Runningflame(Q): All: A lot of authors have described an experience where one of their characters has “done something” totally unexpected and “without their permission”. Has this ever happened to any of you (in Warriors or other books), and can you give a specific example?

CherithBaldry(A): Not so much in Warriors, because Vicky decides the storyline. I bet it's run away with her on occasion! It has happened in my own independent writing, including some times when a character has strolled onto the page and taken over the story without so much as a by-your-leave.

Jadepool(Q): Is Stormfur going to officially staying with ThunderClan?

VickyHolmes(A): You'll have to read Power of Three Book Three: Outcast!

Creek.(Q): Can you verify this rumor : Firestar will die in the fourth series ?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, no cats live forever, and there won't be any more series after the fourth one (at least, I don't think there will be). But he might die sooner than that!

Squirrelheart: :( I will never forgive you, Vicky, if you kill Firestar. I just.... won't. He's my fav.

Copperose(Q): when will seekers come out?

VickyHolmes(A): The first book comes out next summer (May, I think).

spottedwing(Q): what kinds of books do you like reading?do you like magic?i LOVE magic!!!!

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I like magic and all kinds of fantasy really. I also like historical stories, especially set in the Middle Ages. And I like detective mysteries. So my ideal book would be a historical fantasy mystery!

Leafstar(Q): Cherith and Kate: about how many hours a day (normally) do you sit down and write?

KateCary(A): I normally write while my son's at school - so about 6 hours a day (though to be honest - and don't tell Vicky - I spend a couple of hours faffing about

CherithBaldry(A): Normally about six. It might be more if I have a tight deadline.

Shadow Tail(Q): Why can't Starclan just say stuff right out? I know it makes the story better but there should be a reson.

CherithBaldry(A): Because even StarClan don't know everything. Also, if they told the Clans everything then the warriors would be sort of StarClan puppets, without any power to make their own decisions.

KateCary(A): warriors must CHOOSE to do the right thing - that's what makes them turly heroic; if StarClan just told them what to do, what choices to make, it wouldn't be right.

Spirithunter(Q): Vicky: Might you develop a book/series were the main character is the villain?

VickyHolmes(A): None of my central characters are 100% good - even Firestar can be infuriating at times! But they can't be completely villainous because the main character always has to be sympathetic to the reader, otherwise you wouldn't care about him or her. Shades of gray are far more interesting to write about than totally good or totally bad. I love the challenge of creating flawed, difficult characters (like the three in Power of Three), and still making the readers love them and want to know what happens to them.

Rabbitfoot(Q): will squirrelflight ever have any more kits?

VickyHolmes(A): No spoilers! She's been a great mother to the three kits in Power of Three - they all love and respect her, and the scenes in which she talks to them are adorable (thanks, Kate!) - but she's also a committed warrior and might not want to take another career break.

Rabbitfoot(Q): Why can't the clans live as one? The only reason I realize they have 4 clans is because leafpool said it was to strengthen loyalty... but it would be so much easier to have them all living as one - less competition, more friendships...etc... I don't get why they don't join and become one clan! I really don't understand!

CherithBaldry(A): They did join together on their journey and it was a cause of great sadness to many when they split up again. But I think it would be quite hard to run one huge Clan, and it would be a great temptation for the cat who was in power to start behaving like Tigerstar.

Redstripe(Q): Was Spottedleaf in any "real" danger when she went ti Tigerstar's territory to retrieve Jaypaw if she can't die?

VickyHolmes(A): It's not a case of dying, it's a case of not being able to find her way back to StarClan. I don't see these two places bordering each other neatly like Clan territories. They exist on different planes, so Tigerstar can't just wander into StarClan and vice versa. Spottedleaf would have had to go to great lengths to follow Jaypaw and bring him back, with a very real risk she wouldn't be able to get back herself.

CherithBaldry(A): I think Tigerstar could make things very unpleasant for her.

Nightwind(Q): Was TigerPAW once loyal, or was was he always evil?

VickyHolmes(A): Tigerpaw was a loyal, brave kit who grew into a loyal, brave warrior who became a loyal, brave leader. He just wasn't always loyal to the right things!

Runningflame(Q): All: What will happen to Cloudtail and all the other cats who don’t believe in StarClan after they die?

KateCary(A): I hope StarClan will accept them - just to see the surprised look on their faces, but also to teach them a little wisdom and humility

CherithBaldry(A): They will get a very big surprise!

Magnoliakit(Q): all:i've been thinking,when tigerstar said there where other places in the heavens besides starclan,did he mean other clans?it would make sense,like when jaypaw intruded on the other medicine cats' dreams,there was miles of land there,and when tigerstar came to jaypaw in his dream he was in that dreary forest again,only with hawky

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, there is the dark forest, but also the warrior ancestors of particular cats walk the 'local' skies, like the Tribe of Endless Hunting. You'll learn more aboutthis in Firestar's Quest.

Firecloud(Q): All: Will you ever write a book from an evil cat's pov?

KateCary(A): That's one for Vicky - but personally, I'd love to!

CherithBaldry(A): That would be hard, because readers really want to be engaged with the point of view character, and it would be hard to do that with a real villain. You might have part of the book from the viewpoint of an evil cat.

Runningflame(Q): All: If every cat must walk The Place of No Stars alone, how come Hawkfrost gets to be Tigerstar’s shadow?

CherithBaldry(A): I think Tigerstar is learning how to bend the rules a bit!

VickyHolmes(A): Good question! I think Tigerstar made this happen because Hawkfrost is such a similar personality to him.

Runningflame(Q): All: When you’re writing a book, do you usually go right through and write it sequentially, or do you bounce around from place to place?

VickyHolmes(A): I go through steadily in strict scene order, otherwise I'd lose track of how the characters have developed and where the story has got to. But I must admit I often think up scenes in my head before I plan the entire story; often when I'm walking Missy I'll be muttering to myself, going through dialogue as if I was reading a playscript out loud! For example, I know what happens at the end of Power of Three Book Five when a HUGE secret is revealed in terrible, dramatic circumstances...

CherithBaldry(A): With Warriors, I usually go from beginning to end, though sometimes I leave the Prologue for later. With my own books I might bounce around, especially if one bit is giving trouble. And short stories, where you can hold the whole thing in your head at once, I can write piece by piece in any order, like making bricks and then using them to build a wall.

Jadepool(Q): Kate, Can you and Cherith come to Texas please?

CherithBaldry(A): I'd love to, but it's up to the publisher.

Jadepool(Q): All: How do your books impact your daily life?

VickyHolmes(A): I constantly have cats running around inside my head! And whenever I'm anxious or depressed or baffled by events, I remember that I'm part of an international superstar author and suddenly I feel as if I have all the power of the stars in my paws.

Cloudstep(Q): Kate and Cherith: When you write a book, do your try to use good spelling and grammar the first time around, or just worry about that later on to fix it, so that you put more concentration on the actual story?

KateCary(A): I let Word sort out my spelling and Vicky corrects my grammar - though I do my best :)

Astertail(Q): Why was Jaypaw born blind? Did he have an infection or was it just a genetic flop?

VickyHolmes(A): It's genetic. Unlike Longtail - for a full account of how he lost his sight, poor chap, make sure you read Firestar's Quest!

Shadow Tail(Q): Do you have cats and what are there names?

CherithBaldry(A): I have two cats; their names are Brambleclaw and Sorreltail, though I shorten them to Bramble and Sorrel for every day.


VickyHolmes(A): Yes, a few people. That made me very pleased, I can tell you! But I don't love my horse books any more than I love Warriors, honestly.

Copperose(Q): Cherith: do you have a website?

CherithBaldry(A): No, but I hope I will have one soon. My son is studying computers and he is going to make me one. I'll give Sheila the address when it's up.

Nightwind(Q): Is Scourge in the Dark Forest?

VickyHolmes(A): Nope, because he doesn't believe in StarClan, and therefore has no concept of any sort of after life. His greatest strength (not being confined by a moral code) truly was his greatest weakness...

Nightwind(Q): As a small side note, I believe that Ashfur isn't the traitor. You wouldn't make it that obvious, would you?

VickyHolmes(A): That's a very good point. But we could be double-bluffing! Or maybe not. Or maybe we are.

Thrushpaw(Q): All:Do you have something against Sorreltail? I mean you killed her father, her mother, her brother when she was kitting, Her other brother, then you killed her son and then you almost killed her daughter

KateCary(A): It's nothing personal, honest, but she does seem to be unlucky - I suppose you could say she was lucky as she's actually survived

CherithBaldry(A): I love Sorreltail dearly (she's my cat) but i admit she's had a very rought time. She's got a lovely mate in Brackenfur, though.

Blizz(Q): Is it a little odd that Brackenfur is Cinderkit's father...? o_O

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I suppose, if you think of it like that!

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think so, because Cinderkit isn't 100% Cinderpelt. She's her own cat, but she's been given a destiny that didn't work out before. All will become clear in Power of Three, I promise!

Magicyop(Q): Vicky: Can you hide a 'Sheep' in the margins of one of the books? Published, I mean? ;)

VickyHolmes(A): Alas no. Have you been back to check if our tiny sheep is still there? I think you should point it out to the bookstore manager - that sign could be worth a fortune! And for the rest of you, Magic and I are talking about a tiny purple sheep that I drew somewhere in the bookstore in Union Station in Washington DC. Magic said I should offer a prize to the first fan who finds it!

Starsight: You drew a sheep in Union Station?!xd

Phantom-Katt: oh my word :D

Thrushpaw(Q): why are Hollypaw, Jaypaw nad Lionpaw so prejiduce?

KateCary(A): they are just very sure of their beliefs - I think being related to the Clan leader and the Clan deputy makes them a little overconfident

CherithBaldry(A): They're young, and when you're young you tend to see things in terms of black and white.

Shadow Tail(Q): I have never seen a joint writing like this, how do you do it?!?

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky provides the storyline, then Kate and i write it up. Kate and I each write out own books; we don't collaborate.

Cloudstep(Q): It's been a while, but i think i remember, in the first series, Queens didn't have to tell other cats who was the father of their kits, plus they didnt seem to be in serious relationships but more recently, it seems queens are rather showy about who the father is, and really stick to one cat more often! Why is that? (forgive me if i'm wrong though! like I said, it's been a while)

CherithBaldry(A): Our thinking has developed since the beginning, particularly as fans are interested in the relationships, and which cats are together.

VickyHolmes(A): Good question, and you're exactly right, in the early books we weren't at all specific about dads - or even moms, sometimes! But as the series went on, you guys started to show a huge amount of interest in background details, especially relationships, so we decided to take more care over them. And relationships are so important that we decided to give the cats more human qualities of monogamy and romance. But I agree that wouldn't happen in the wild! However, not every cat is open about their kits. Watch out for Daisy's next litter...

KateCary(A): When we started writing warriors, everything was new and a little less concrete and decided - the cat's behaviour has evolved and sttled into a pattern as Cherith, Vicky and I all contribute to the development of their story

Copperose: daisy's next litter, yay!!!

Leopardleaf(Q): Why are you guys soooo awesome? I really want to know why!

CherithBaldry(A): I'd like to know that too!

VickyHolmes(A): Because we have the power of the stars in our paws! Or at least, our typing fingers! Seriously, I think I'm just lucky to have found two brilliant, sensitive writers who totally get what I'm trying to achieve with my stories. And don't forget, we wouldn't be any good at all if you guys didn't buy our books so I guess we're awesome because you made us so! Thanks!

Stormflower(Q): will the bears in your books be all big and bulky?

VickyHolmes(A): Are there any teeny tiny bears? They'll be lifesize, but they start off young (mid-age cubs) so they are verrrry cute!

Firecloud(Q): All: The books say there are footprints of cats around the moonpool. Does that mean that other cats used to live around the lake, and if so, where are they now?

KateCary(A): The cats who left their pawprints are from ancient times, long gone now

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, there used to be other cats there. Who knows where they went?

Flametail(Q): All: Do the Tribe cats have a word for deputy?

VickyHolmes(A): No, the leadership of the Tribe is very different than in the Clans because the roles of medicine cat and leader are combined. Stoneteller is quite dictatorial - he makes all the decisions, he talks to the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and he interprets all the omens. I don't think there's any room for a deputy! Plus the organization of the Tribe is different because they don't have to defend their borders. The cats are already divided into guards and prey-hunters when they are born so the deputy wouldn't have much to do in the way of organizing patrols and handing out duties.

Astertail(Q): Do you ever feel rushed to write and edit the books on time?

CherithBaldry(A): Usually Vicky is very good at giving us deadlines that aren't too strict. But I quite like writing under pressure.

VickyHolmes(A): HarperCollins gives us strict deadlines, but I always try to give K and C plenty of time to write the manuscripts because they have the trickiest job by far. If necessary, I can edit a script overnight (and I frequently do, but that's usually because they have written it so exquisitely that I can't bear to put it down and go to bed).

Firecloud(Q): All: Will there be a book from a tribe cat's PoV?

CherithBaldry(A): I don't think so, but the Tribe will reappear in Power of Three 3.

VickyHolmes(A): No, but the Tribe feature a LOT in Power of Three Book Three: Outcast. Yay! I love their names so much, I was so glad I got to use them again!

Stormflower(Q): will brightheart have foxkit or icekit as an apprentice? will squirrelflight get an apprentice soon?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I'm sure Squirrelflight will get an apprentice. I don;t know about Brightheart.

Flametail(Q): Vicky: How much time has passed in all the books?

VickyHolmes(A): About five years in total - I counted it up before I went on tour so I knew how old Firestar was in case anyone asked. And someone did!

Cloudstep(Q): If the cats dip their nose in the moonpool before they dream of starclan... how do they know they wont drown while sleeping?! I mean, sleeping with your nose in water?!

KateCary(A): They don't dunk it right in :) that would be silly and kind of uncomfortable. Imagine the water lapping their nostrils, their warm breath stirring the water...

CherithBaldry(A): They touch the water with their nose, they don;t leave it in there!

VickyHolmes(A): They only dip their muzzle in the most shallow part. There's no danger of drowning, I promise!

Jadepool(Q): If Leafpool knows that Cinderpelt incarnated, then why does she still call out to her?

KateCary(A): She wwanted to be sure that what she suspected was really true

VickyHolmes(A): Because she can't be completely sure, and because even if she suspects very strongly, she wishes she could have her mentor back (or at least, in StarClan). She can't get advice and support from a young cat in her own Clan!

Blizz(Q): Does StarClan keep the Clans in a state of perpetual war so that the cats continue to respect them?

KateCary(A): What an awesome thought - I hope not!

VickyHolmes(A): StarClan doesn't control the destinies of the cats like this, or how they feel about each other. And the Clans aren't in a state of perpetual war! Alliances and hostilities ebb and flow like the tide, depending on what happens on a daily basis. StarClan doesn't need war to earn respect - the cats respect them because they are their warrior ancestors, and have gained a broader insight into Clan behaviour since they passed on.

CherithBaldry(A): They're not in a state of perpetual war. Rivalries and alliances shift according to circumstance. And sometimes the Clans get together to counter an outside threat.

Astertail(Q): Are you religious and does your faith influence how you write about StarClan? (sorry if that's too personal -- I feel like a probing news reporter xD)

VickyHolmes(A): I have a very strong faith which influences me HUGELY in writing all the storylines, but I'm not going to share the details here. I don't mind people asking this sort of question at all because concepts of religion and belief and non-belief are some of the most important themes in the books, and I want to encourage discussion about them.

CherithBaldry(A): I am a Christian, and yes, my faith influences everything I write. I'm OK with StarClan - there's nothing there that I feel contradicts my faith - and this is fantasy, after all.

Ravenwing(Q): Kate and Cherith: Were you inspired to write Warriors from Watership Down. If not what?

CherithBaldry(A): Well, we weren't inspired, unless it was by Vicky! But I think Watership down has been an enormous influence on writers to create this sort of story, and I'm sure Warriors has been affected by it.

VickyHolmes(A): I'm going to jump in and answer this because Kate and Cherith write my storylines rather than their own. I wasn't directly inspired by Watership Down, though I love the movie and coincidentally grew up very close to the real Watership Down, which is near a British town called Newbury. The rabbits weren't real, obviously, but Richard Adams (the author) based his story there because he often drove past the hill with his children, and he made up the tales to keep them quiet in the car!

KateCary(A): I've never actually read Watership Down, I'm ashamed to admit. I always thought it might be too gory and sad - which is ironic because Warriors can be terribly bloody and heatbreakingly tragic - I guess writing difficult things is easier than reading them

Stormflower(Q): StarClan told Leafpool that her life would be hidden from her. Which book will talk about that?

VickyHolmes(A): I'll put it this way: it won't be uncovered in just one book...

Astertail(Q): How does StarClan decide on things, sine there are so many different cats there? Does every cat have an equal voice there, regardless of their position when they were alive? Do cats from the same clans still live together, or what?

CherithBaldry(A): I don't think we've ever gone into the way StarClan is organised. There must be so many cats there now. They do seem to have equal voices; look at the Prologue to Midnight, where representatives of the Clans choose the cats for the journey. Some cats, like Bluestar, seem to have authority because that's the sort of cat they were when they were alive.

Firecloud(Q): All: Will there be more about TigerClan/LionClan/LeopardClan?

CherithBaldry(A): Not as far as I know.

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, in Secrets of the Clans. You need to understand that there weren't really lions and tigers and leopards (I wanted to say, "bears, oh my!" there!) living in the forest many moons ago. These are just myths that the cats have made up to amuse kits over the seasons. However, more about the original cat Clans will be revealed in Secrets too! So many good things...

Dancingleaf(Q): What do you think about the idea of Warriors being a musical... or ballet?

KateCary(A): That's a new idea! Someone suggested it be a PC game like Sims the other day which would be awesome becuase I love Sims :)

CherithBaldry(A): Not sure about a musical...a ballet could be great, as cats are such graceful creatures.

Dawnshadow: Omfg A Sims Warriors Would Be Amazing.

Goldstreak: Yet rather disappointing, if it's Just like Sims. No fighting :(

Astertail(Q): Is your polar bear story going to involve Global Warming? It really should, if only to humble us meddling twolegs.

CherithBaldry(A): True, but I can't comment at present as I haven't seen a storyline.

Firecloud(Q): All: From BF- How did Longtail become blind?

VickyHolmes(A): All will be revealed in Firestar's Quest. It's very sad!

Firecloud(Q): Vicky: Will Hollypaw be leader someday? (knows this won't get answered but wants to try)

VickyHolmes(A): Nice try! Tee hee!

Leopardleaf(Q): Why did Sasha mate with Tigerstar, why did Tigerstar mate with Sasha? There wasn't really love there, right?

CherithBaldry(A): There might have been love under other circumstances. I certainly think Sasha felt something for him. As for Tigerstar - well, he was a red-blooded cat...

Nightwind(Q): As a small side note, I believe that Ashfur isn't the traitor. You wouldn't make it that obvious, would you?

CherithBaldry(A): Wouldn;t we? Hmmm...

Nightwind(Q): Did Tigerstar really receieve nine lives?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes.

Forestpelt(Q): All: You guys are THE BEST!!!!

CherithBaldry(A): Thank you!

Dovefeather(Q): ALL: Do you ever disagree on the outcomes of different cat's lives? Like say one cat died that kate didn't want to die..what do you do then?

KateCary(A): Personally I bow to Vicky's better judgment. Sometimes the story simply needs a cat to die :(

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky and I often disagree on <cough> discuss details and plot points but we usually come to an amicable agreement. If we didn;t then Vicky would 'win' because ultimately it's her responsibility.

VickyHolmes(A): I WIN EVERY TIME! Mostly because I only kill cats when I believe it's essential for the story, and K and C are very good at trusting me on that.

Starsight(Q): What do you think if there was a total fantasy story/series by Erin Hunter? I'm talking like dragons and whatnot.XP

VickyHolmes(A): Erin won't write about dragons because she loves the natural world and knows there are plenty of stories there. What am I saying?! I won't write about dragons and pure fantasy as Erin Hunter, but if any of you have read Darkest Age by A J Lake, then you'll have seen what I can do with a dragon or two...

Jadepool(Q): If Leafpool knows that Cinderpelt incarnated, then why does she still call out to her?

CherithBaldry(A): I think she feels desperate for her mentor's guidance. She's not being logical.

Copperose(Q): all: do you ever read our pages and forums on W and W?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, sometimes.

Starsight: Yes!

Firecloud(Q): All: If StarClan can control small things (i.e- signs) then can't they prevent catostrophic events? Not small ones, but big ones where lots of cats die?

VickyHolmes(A): Just because they can send signs about things, doesn't mean they control those events. They just have an awareness of what is about to happen. Traditionally, divine figures (eg God) don't intervene to stop catastrophic events, do they?

CherithBaldry(A): They can initiate signs, but they can't control events initiated by others, e.g. they couldn't get rid of the dog pack or stop the Twolegs digging up the forest.

Forestpelt(Q): Vicky: Who would be leader in Stoneteller died?

VickyHolmes(A): I think Crag would be.

Mistyleaf(Q): Will Brightheart ever have kits?

CherithBaldry(A): She has had one already - Whitepaw. I don't see why she couldn;t have more.

VickyHolmes(A): She had Whitepaw!

Mistyleaf(Q): How come the leaders cant go to the moonpool anymore? (Firestar asked Leafpool to go to the moonpool to see who the right deputy was in the Sight. how come he didnt go himself, leaders were allowed to go the Moonstone...

CherithBaldry(A): I think they can still go. I don't know why Firestar didn;t go himself on this occasion.

VickyHolmes(A): Very good question! They haven't really established a routine for that at the lake, but they really should! Hmmm, I might have to do something about that.

Firecloud(Q): All: I just want to say that Blackfire and I think all of you are great writers, and we are honored to have been here to chat with you. Thanks so much! Warriors Forever!

KateCary(A): Thanks Firecloud. It's great to be here and amazing to hear all your questions - I'm jut sorry I can't answer them all, but don't forget it's nearly 2 am here and my brain is slowing down! :)

Magnoliakit(Q): thank you for coming to this once in a lifetime chance!!! your the best and don't ever forget it!!! -magnoliakit

CherithBaldry(A): Thank you so much.

Mistyleaf(Q): when will the other warriors series come out? (the one with a different kind of animal)

VickyHolmes(A): Seekers Book One comes out next summer, yay!

Rabbitfoot(Q): a question from ember: "How is it that Jaypaw can see in dreams?"

KateCary(A): He has special gifts and this is one of them...

CherithBaldry(A): It is his gift.

VickyHolmes(A): It's a power that is unique to him, and is closely tied up with the prophecy about the Power of Three. I'm not sure we'll ever explain exactly why he has sleep-sight. It's just such a cool device to use in the stories!

Brightfire(Q): What happens if other animals drink out of the Moonpool, do they see Starclan?

CherithBaldry(A): I doubt it. Not even all cats see them.

VickyHolmes(A): That made me laugh out loud! Lots of very confused sheep wandering around, going, "There are glittery cats talking to me..." I think the answer is no.

Rabbitfoot(Q): a question from ember: "Lionpaw was the most confusing for me, though…he comes across as a very warm cat, but sometimes he seemed a little too harsh for his character. At his first gathering, he was not outreaching towards the other cats (well, for the first bit at leastJ) and regarded them as enemies and not companions. The rest of the time he seemed more carefree, so was this just an exhibit of Clan loyalty? Or was that feeling of enmity just a natural first-response from a kit at his first gathering, eager to prove that he’s a loyal warrior, and before he’s learned about co-existence and compassion?"

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I think there's a lot in what you say. He's still young, remember, and his character is forming.

Mistyleaf(Q): is there a leader of starclan, or someone that the StarClan warriors always look up to for an answer? (Bluestar?)

CherithBaldry(A): Originally there was, but this is one idea that got dropped.

KateCary(A): I think there are too many big personalities in StarClan for any one cat to be leader. And I think they have enough wisdom to know that listening is just as important as talking

VickyHolmes(A): No, there isn't. The reason Bluestar seems to be the leader is because she is the cat who most commonly appears to our central characters. However, that's because she is a recent influential ThunderClan cats. Different Clan cats appear to the other Clans, and might seem like StarClan's "leader" to them. StarClan doesn't have any hierarchy as such, except that cats stay as they are when they die, so kits stay as kits, etc. That means leaders will probably have the most to say, with the most authority!

Leafstar(Q): You said that the moonpool was a source of power to the Clans, because their anscestors and everyone was there before. Where did the power of the moonpool come from?

VickyHolmes(A): Keep reading Power of Three and you'll find out... I LOVE that there is so much history around the lake! It's making me much keener on the new location. I must confess I missed the forest a LOT after the Clans first left, but I'm doing my best to come up with interesting stories that make me love the new territories more.

Stormflower(Q): do you read the customer discussions on amazon?

KateCary(A): sometimes

CherithBaldry(A): Sometimes. But there's so much warriors stuff online, if I read it all I'd have no time to write.

VickyHolmes(A): I do, but I try not to because if you read the good reviews and take them seriously, then you have to take the bad reviews seriously too and that can be very depressing!

Dovefeather(Q): Vicky: Was Spottedleaf Firestar's true love?

VickyHolmes(A): Well, she was his first love, that's for sure. But he's pretty fond of Sandstorm too! You need to read Firestar's Quest to see how the triangle sorts itself out. Sandstorm is much too feisty to put up with being second best!

Astertail(Q): If cats can interact like they're alive in StarClan, what's the point of being alive at all? At least in StarClan you don't have to worry about hunger and disease... Also, can't cats in StarClan give alive cats the worng advice, on purpose or by accident?

CherithBaldry(A): They might by accident; I don't think they'd do it on purpose. remember we don't know what life is like in StarClan, we only see them when they're interacting with the fate of the living Clans.

KateCary(A): I always feel sorry for StarClan - they seem so trapped in their world and so weighted by knowledge and wisdom - being alive, where every experience is a fresh new surprise must be better, surely?

Lakestorm(Q): On Wikipedia, there was a thing saying that Graystripe had a long-lost sister named Crystalfang. I don't believe it, but it true?

VickyHolmes(A): Not even a teeny, tiny, titchy bit true. Where on earth do people get these ideas?!

Blizz(Q): Blackie wants to know if Cloudtail and Mothwing will go to StarClan, why won't Scourge appear in The Place Of No stars

CherithBaldry(A): Vicky says Scourge won't go there, but personally I don;t see why he wouldn;t. But Vicky's word is law!

Stormflower(Q): i just wanted you to know that you are the best authors ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better than harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CherithBaldry(A): Thank you!

Rabbitfoot(Q): A question from ember, who can't be here: ' From Into the Wild: “Firepaw helped Graypaw to lift out the rest of the kits. The last one was gray, like the embers of an old fire.” Cinderpelt, no? Actually, I was thinking of in book 2 when Cinderpaw talks about smelling ShadowClan’s scent before, on the stolen kits when they came back from ShadowClan, But she was one of the stolen kits, right? Just a discrepancy?'

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, just one of the little things that shows we're not perfect!

Jadepool(Q): Vicky: Will Seekers be like Warriors?

VickyHolmes(A): It will have a strong focus on naturalistic animal behaviour and underlying spiritual themes, so in that way, yes, it will be similar. Plus it will be by Erin Hunter! But there will be differences too, because I didn't want to do a re-run of all the stories I'd done before. I chose bears because they live as individuals, rather than in a Clan, and there is more fantasy because one of the bears is a shamen-bear, with the power to turn into different animals, including (gasp) flatfaces (more commonly known as Twolegs)! That is such a great source of stories!

Rabbitfoot(Q): A question from ember: "Was Cinderpelt in love with Firestar?"

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, which is why she found it hard to be sympathetic to Leafpool when Leafpool wanted to be with Crowfeather.

VickyHolmes(A): Yup! But she was so brave about accepting her changed destiny, that she had to be a medicine cat instead of a warrior, that she didn't make a fuss about not being able to have a mate and just got on with being a good and loyal medicine cat. Leafpool could have learned a lot from her if she'd known about Cinderpelt's unrequited love!

Stormflower(Q): why can't jaypaw see tigerstar's and hawkfrost's thoughts?

VickyHolmes(A): Maybe he doesn't have enough experience with his power yet? Or they deliberately hide them? There are plenty more books to explore this!

KateCary(A): He is young and he hasn't perfected his powers yet, whereas TS and HF are old enough and devious enough to take advantage of his inexperience - they're a wily old pair and I don't think it's beyond them to shield their thoughts from Jaypaw - for now

Stormfur(Q): Will Stormfur go to Starclan or tribe of endless hunting when he dies?

CherithBaldry(A): A very good question. At present I don't know; it might depend on where he was living at the time.

VickyHolmes(A): It depends where he is when he dies!

Stormflower(Q): how many languages is warriors in?

VickyHolmes(A): Warriors is published in French, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Stormflower(Q): Why can't kate and cherith meet? didn't the first book come out in... 2003?

VickyHolmes(A): The first book came out January 01, 2003, yes. I still carry a review of it with me in my diary! Kate and Cherith could meet if they wanted but they live a long way apart, and as they work on separate books, they don't need to collaborate to write the manuscripts.

CherithBaldry(A): We could meet, but we don't need to for the writing, and we live quite a long way from each other. Yes, 2003.

Gingerleaf(Q): cherith will the clan ever find out about cinderpaw/cinderpelt thing?

CherithBaldry(A): Not sure, though I expect they will eventually.

Blizz(Q): Blackie wants to know if Cloudtail and Mothwing will go to StarClan, why won't Scourge appear in The Place Of No stars

VickyHolmes(A): Who said Cloudtail and Mothwing will go to StarClan? Not me!

Spirithunter(Q): If StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting could meet, then what about StarClan and some pantheon of two-leg gods?

CherithBaldry(A): That's getting a bit too far away from the Warriors 'feel' I think.

Firecloud(Q): All: From BF- How did Longtail become blind?

CherithBaldry(A): A rabbit he was chasing turned on him and scratched his eyes, and then the wounds got infected.

Runningflame: Whoa, Cherith gave it away...

Firecloud(Q): All: I just want to say that Blackfire and I think all of you are great writers, and we are honored to have been here to chat with you. Thanks so much! Warriors Forever!

CherithBaldry(A): Thank you for being here.

Gingerleaf(Q): Kate will the clan move again?

KateCary(A): I hope they will never have to, but nothing is ever certain

Firecloud(Q): All: If Tigerstar attacked Spottedleaf (for some reason) in their little place, what would Happen? I mean, she woudn't die...

CherithBaldry(A): No but she could be very nastily mangled...

VickyHolmes(A): I answered this in an earlier question, I think. The danger to Spottedleaf is that she would be trapped in the Place of No Stars forever.

Creek.(Q): Tigerstar seemed fond(even loving, like a sister to him) with Spottedleaf. Why did he murder her?

VickyHolmes(A): He didn't! A ShadowClan warrior did! And you'll be VERY interested in something that is revealed in Firestar's Quest, judging by this question!

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