Erin Hunter Chat Transcript 8/14/2010 - part 1

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As usual, people started gathering in the chat room early in the day. Author chat days are like festival days on Wands and Worlds!

Braveheart42 joined.

Braveheart42: Hi!

Lakestorm Wright joined.

Lakestorm Wright: yay~

Braveheart42: I'm talking on the normal chat too

Braveheart42: But anyways, I can't wait!

Lakestorm Wright: xd

Lakestorm Wright: first chat, huh?

Lakestorm Wright: They're really heavy-duty. You better be able to keep up.

Braveheart42: I will

Braveheart42: Oh, and to all of the Warriors Fanfic wikia who will see the transcript of this, it's me, Catz1324!

Lakestorm Wright: the whols transcript doesn't get posted, by the way

Lakestorm Wright: lots of things get cut out.

Lakestorm Wright: if you want to say that during the chat it might get left in, but~

Daysi Pawz joined.

Daysi Pawz: Wow Sheila finished setting the place up early

Firefawn joined.

Clearfur joined.

Firefawn: hi y'all

Braveheart42: Hi Firefawn! This is my first

Lakestorm Wright: this is my

Lakestorm Wright: um

Lakestorm Wright: fifth?

Lakestorm Wright: no

Lakestorm Wright: fourth

Braveheart42: Wow lucky

Firefawn: This is my 3rd chat

Firefawn: I think

Lakestorm Wright: I've been here since April 2007 8D

Clearfur left.

Firefawn: Wow, thats a long time

Lakestorm Wright: I know 8D

Daysi Pawz: 3rd for me I think

Braveheart42: Yeah!

Clearfur joined.

Firefawn: Win

Braveheart42: Woah, we are getting some users now!

Daysi Pawz: Yeah

Firefawn: Agreed

Braveheart42: Indeed
Firefawn: Hahaha now i have funny colored writing :D

Lakestorm Wright: Dis B The Chat Yo

Lakestorm Wright: my text is blue-gray after the color of my Warriors character

Clearfur: How did you do that Firefawn.... I'm so envious...

Daysi Pawz: Mine's red 'cause red is awesome

Daysi Pawz: Clear: click on the paint palette thing
Daysi Pawz: y'see the big B and the i and the smiley and green dot?

Firefawn: Yep. It took me a long time to figure it out

Daysi Pawz: with that you can change your font colour Xd
Clearfur: Yay! I'm pink now!!!

Firefawn: Mine is Dark Blue after my favorite color

Lakestorm Wright: 8D

Clearfur: Thanks Daysi

Daysi Pawz: no prob Xd
SheilaRuth joined.
SheilaRuth: Looks like the gathering has started!

Vixenfur: Yes! :D

Braveheart42: Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daysi Pawz: Sheila 8D

Vixenfur: 8D

Lakestorm Wright: hi~

sunbeam: Hi!

Daysi Pawz: Yup we're just gonna chill here for the next 4 1/2 hours till the chat starts ::cool

Vixenfur: We're gonna wait for 4 more hours T^t

Daysi Pawz: Xd

SheilaRuth: lol

Vixenfur: Er, actually, Daisy is right xd

Braveheart42: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

SheilaRuth: Did you bring your gag-chewing teeth Daysi?

Braveheart42: She did!

The fun continued for hours, chatting and playing games, and was summed up excellently by Boldclaw2:

Boldclaw2: So much chat.... so little room in brain..

Finally, a little before the appointed time, the authors started showing up!

VickyHolmes joined.

Vixenfur: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skywing: Vicky

Skywing: Vicky

Skywing: Vicky

Riverstripe: hi Vicky

Vixenfur: Vicky!!!!!!!

Skywing: I Love You

insaneular: Hi vicky!

Lakestorm Wright: Hi Vicky.

Skywing: <3

Losty: Hiiii! ^^

-Clovercloud-: Vicky!!

Wildstormy: whoa
Mistycreek: vicky's here?!

-Clovercloud-: Hi!!

Vixenfur: I Love You Vicky!!!!!

-Moonflower-: Hi!

Lightstreak Rx: Hey, Vicky <3

Riverstripe: Nice to see you again ^^
Rosesong: omg, Vicky!!!!
Skywing: Hai Vickersinz <3

Wildstormy: Hi! :D

Coalfang: hi vicky :)

Squirrelflighty: hey Vicky.

Boldclaw2: Hi Vicky!!!!!

Vixenfur: Vickyvickyvicky!!!

Firefawn: Hi Vicky!

Skywing: I Miss You Vicky!

Jayheart: Hiiii :D!

Rosesong: hi, how r u??

Losty: Oh, hi, Vicky!

Skywing: When are you coming back to Ny?

Mistycreek: Is she here?

Skywing: Yeah

SheilaRuth joined.

Mistycreek: I didn't see her name poof in

Sandcloud: Vicky!

Riverstripe: Hey Sheila

Boldclaw2: She just got her ^.^

Vixenfur: *spazzing* Vicky!!!!

Vixenfur: Shiela!!!

zelf: oh, hi vicky!

Mistycreek: Oops. Hi Vicky!

Wildstormy: yo sheila

Rosesong: hi sheila!!

Lightstreak Rx: Hi, Sheila

-Clovercloud-: Sheila!

Rubystripe: Hey Sheila~

SheilaRuth: Hi everyone!

Boldclaw2: Hi Sheila!

JJK8: Vickey
Sandcloud: Sheila!

Skywing: I remememememememember when I met you in Ny. :3 I miss you!

SheilaRuth: Hi Vicky!

Lunarstar911: Vickkyyyyyyyy

-Moonflower-: Hi!!!!

Firefawn: Hi Sheila

Sandstar1051.: Vicky!

Squirrelflighty: Sheila! Hi! :3

Coalfang: hi sheila Xd

Blizz: :D

Losty: Hi, Sheila! :D

Lunarstar911: Vicky You...

Vixenfur: Vicky!!! Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skywing: yo sheilaaaa

Lakestorm Wright: Vicky do you have any words of wisdom for us fandomites.

Blizz: Hi sheila/vicky :D

Skywing: hao u dern

Vixenfur: I met you twice in Chicago!!!

Daysi Pawz: Vicky!!

zelf: and hi sheila!

Daysi Pawz: hi!

Lunarstar911: Vicky

Vixenfur: ;D

Mistycreek: I think I'm missing something bcause I didn't see Shelia or Vicky's poof-in...

Iceclaw: (announcer voice) How is everyone doing this evening?!

Riverstripe: Who wants chocolate?!

Lunarstar911: Vickkyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Vixenfur: Vickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *is spazzing*
JJK8: let the party begin

Lunarstar911: vicklkkkyyyyyy

Coalfang: vicky i wanna be you minion! :D

Mistycreek: Ahhhhh! I see vicky and Shelia now...oops

Vixenfur: Vicky isn't saying anything! Gasp!

VickyHolmes: Sorry, I was here, then I had to go and tuck my dog in to her bed. There is thunder here tonight and she's Very scared. I'm here now!

insaneular: Yay Vicky :D

Boldclaw2: Hi vicky!!!

Jayheart: Its so hard to keep up in the chat room o.o...

Rosesong: eeeekkk!! hi vicky!!

Lunarstar911: *glomptackles vicky*

Lightstreak Rx: Vicky =) My sister, Mudfire, says "hi"

Wildstormy: It's too fast! My brain can't handle it T.t

-Clovercloud-: do double space, its betta

Mistycreek: My dog isn't afraid of thunder, strangely...maybe that's cuz her name is Stormie! A hahaha

Vixenfur: Vicky Do you remember me? From Chicago 2008 and 2009!!!

Rosesong: *huggles vicky*

Losty: Okay, this is too fast now. Now that the chat is coming up soon, I'm going to have to block some people temporarily for the chat. Sorry!

VickyHolmes: Oh, and Hello to everyone, especially if you've met me! Lunarstar, thanks for the glomptackle, but treat me gently, it's nearly midnight here and I'm feeling fragile.

Sandstar1051.: Im watching my dog try to dig through a towel Xd

Mistycreek: Midnight? Wow vicky!

Braveheart42: Omsc Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunarstar911: Sorry Vicky :(

Rosesong: *huggles vicky*

Skywing: Vicky, you have to remember me. :} I was the little girl with the epic warriors shirt, called Micaela?

VickyHolmes: Sandstar, your dog sounds so cute! Missy tries to dig through her blanket sometimes and I always think, what Are you doing? Hi Micaela!

Skywing: Yay, Vicky remembers me :}

Sandcloud: Hi Vicky! I ate with you in Naperville last year

Skywing: Vicky's Here

Braveheart42: I was the kid with the Warriors Shirt in plano tx last year at the Barnes and Noble!!!

JJK8: Naperville

VickyHolmes: Missy! Help! There is thunder! Hi to everyone from the Naperville events, they're my favourite!

Squirrelflighty: I haven't met Vicky yet :( if she comes somewhere upstate Ny like Rochester I could probably go. I Was in Florida, but I moved Xd I threatened to eat Vicky if she didn't visit Florida. And she did and I couldn't meet her

Braveheart42: You probably don't remember!

Sandstar1051.: :D He's a little chihuahua. and I think the same exact thing!

Bluewing: Hi vicky!

Lightstreak Rx: My dog, Millie, sleeps next to me, under the blanket. She burrows under, it's so cute <3

Lightstreak Rx: Vicky: My sister, Mudfire (you gave her a Whiskers Purr) says "hiiii!!!"

Vixenfur: Jjk8- I was in Naperville too!

Braveheart42: Omsc this is awesome!

Sandcloud: I was in Naperville the last 3 times

VickyHolmes: Back in a mo, my lovelies. Just going to find my document of Precious Answers!

Daysi Pawz: Vicky do you have lotsa chocolateéé 8D

Firefawn: I was in the Dc signing

JJK8: Really vix!!

Vixenfur: Okay!

Mistycreek: Alright Vicky! :D Answers! Yay!

Vixenfur: I was also at Lagrange!!!!!

Boldclaw2: Yay!!! Answers!!!

Squirrelflighty: I can't wait to read the answers

insaneular: Vicky, my friend asked me to ask if you remember Alice and Phoebe who met you in England?

Lunarstar911: attacked vicky with hellos

JJK8: Memories

Braveheart42: Maltesers for you Vicky!!!! *hands over Maltesers* =D

VickyHolmes: Answers, I haz them!

Boldclaw2: *holds out earmuffs to Vicky* >:D

Mistycreek: yay Vicky!

insaneular: Yay for answers :D

Streamflow: Vicky!!!

Nettlepaw: Vicky's here!! Hi Vicky!

Stormingsoul: I Can't Believe I'm On The Same Chat As Vicky!!!

Vixenfur: Vicky, are you coming back to Chicago? We miss you!!!!!

Skywing: And we miss you down in Ny!

Bluewing: I Love You .____.

VickyHolmes: Thanks for the Maltesers! I'm actually a bit full from my dessert tonight - which was a massive bowl of peanut M&ms, in the hope they'd keep me awake all night.

Skywing: *hands virtual chocolate*

Spottedflame: Xdd

Riverstripe: good luck Vicky

Mistycreek: Peanut M&ms = Win

Streamflow: Yummy!

VickyHolmes: Alas I don't know where I'll be coming on tour next Spring, but I Will be back!

Firefawn: Curiousity is killing me, answers please!!

insaneular: I wish I could eat M&ms but I'm allergic to peanuts :(

Stormingsoul: Peanut M&ms!!

Mistycreek: come to michigan! Please!

Lakestorm Wright: Come To North Carolina Again Will You D:

JJK8: Yay

Boldclaw2: I hate peanuts, sadly

Streamflow: Vicky, if you're full, can I have your choclate?

Stormingsoul: my brother is allergic!

Vixenfur: Vicky-- remember I gave you a purple pen in Naperville?? :D

Wildstormy: My brain is spazzing...

Mistycreek: Michigan needs you Vicky!

-Clovercloud-: ditto

VickyHolmes: Nettlepaw! <bows in Japanese fashion> Fancy seeing you here! :)

Lakestorm Wright: but remember me Vicky I gave you a family tree :3

Spottedflame: Peanut M&ms are tastey ^^)

Lunarstar911: Omgomg

Coalfang: sad lakey will be sad if you dont come to north carolina D:

Lunarstar911: I wanna know

Lunarstar911: if

VickyHolmes: Streamflow, you may have the rest of my M&ms!

Coalfang: and sad lakey is a bad lakey D:

Lunarstar911: if if if if if I Forget

crescentmoon: Hi Nettle!

Mistycreek: Vicky do you like my warrior name?

Brightsky: So will Coal

Brightsky: He's in Nc too

Lakestorm Wright: you probably do remember me since my name is in the book but xd

Stormingsoul: Wow everyone is posting a ton.

Firefawn: I will give out chocolate, cause i don't like the stuff *hands out chocolate*

Riverstripe: To be honest... I don't think I've ever met Vicky outside of W&w

Streamflow: Thanks, Vicky!

Brightsky: So he's using Lakey as an excuse

Skywing: I think that you need to use my name in Warriors. ::happy

VickyHolmes: Lakestorm, of course I remember you and the epic family tree :)

Braveheart42: How about mine, Vicky

Lakestorm Wright: Coal can drive though.

Skywing: I have Xd

Coalfang: Xd

Brightsky: Because Icey doesn't want him becoming a minion.

Lakestorm Wright: I feel loved xd

Vixenfur: Please still have my purple pen!!!! :D

Nettlepaw: *bows back* I wouldn't miss this for anything! It's 8am over here, just making breakfast

Stormingsoul: Hi Vicky!!

Losty: Lol, Vicky. No worries Xd

Mistycreek: Vicky do you like my warrior name? xd

Riverstripe: and Lol Vicky

VickyHolmes: My chair isn't very comfy. Hmmm.

Vixenfur: *runs around, worrying about the purple pen* Please have it Vicky!!! 8D

Rowanoak23: *offers Vicky a pillow*

Stormingsoul: You should get a more comfy chair.

Braveheart42: This is my first time!!!! This is so cool!

Lakestorm Wright: This Is Blasphemy. Your chair should be comfortable >D

Skywing: Vicky, do you like Skywing? I'm thinking of changing it to Rosegleam or Roseleaf.. Rosedapple, or Rosesong. :}

Lakestorm Wright: Big Comfy Couch.

Rosesong: vicky, how are you this evening?\

Mistycreek: *gives Vicky a comfy chair*

Lakestorm Wright: I like Rosedapple but that's just me

Rockstar: Hey Vicky, how are you? Xd

Rosesong: skywing, myname is rosesong!!

Boldclaw2: I hope vicky's good this evening/night/morning for her

VickyHolmes: Thanks, Rowanoak. I'm already sitting on a pillow (since I am rather small), but it's sunk already (under the weight of the M&ms, I suspect). I'll fetch another...

Lightstreak Rx: Don't we already have a Rosesong here?

Nettlepaw: And as you can tell by my being here, I survived mount Fuji but only just - the weather was torture!

Skywing: I want one of my names in Warriors. D:

Amberminnow: Sky: I like Skywing the best lol

Streamflow: Vicky, do you like my warrior name?

Braveheart42: I will give you a comfy chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hands over massage master 5000*

Lunarstar911: *gives Vicky ten pillows*

Firefawn: It must be exhausting listening too all of our questions

Vixenfur: Vickyvickyvicky.... are you going back to Narnia????

Wildstormy: skywing is epic D: Why would you wanna change it? It's...your Soul ._.

Lightstreak Rx: You'll always be Skywing to us >:)

Rockstar: Lol

VickyHolmes: Nettlepaw, I look forward to hearing the full account of your trip! Whoa, Braveheart42, a Massage Master 5000! Just what I wanted!

Stormingsoul: Wow this is hard to keep up with you guys.

KateCary joined.

Boldclaw2: Hi Kate!!

Braveheart42: Lol

Rosesong: Kate!!!

Rosesong: hi!!!!1

Rockstar: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockstar: I llove You

Lightstreak Rx: Hi, Kate =)

Wildstormy: Yo kate!

Stormingsoul: Is Kate on?

-Clovercloud-: Hi Kate!!!

insaneular: Hi Kate! :D

Lunarstar911: Omg

Firefawn: Hi kate!

Lakestorm Wright: yo kate!

Streamflow: Kate's here? Hi Kate!

Losty: I don't think I'll ever be able to call you anything by Sky, Skywing, lol ^^

Skywing: Hey Kate :D

Daysi Pawz: Katee!! =D

Vixenfur: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boldclaw2: I'm the first to say hi >:D

Lunarstar911: Hiiii Kaaaate

Riverstripe: Hiya Kate

VickyHolmes: Hee hee Vixenfur, I wondered if anyone would remember my wardrobe visit from last time. I have a shovel beside me in case I need to do some tunnelling

-Moonflower-: Hi kate!!!!!!

SheilaRuth: Hi Kate!

Flametail von Karma: Hi, various authors~

crescentmoon: Hi Kate

Nettlepaw: Kate!

Rowanoak23: Hello Kate!

Spottedflame: Hi Kate!

Losty: Hi, Kate! :D

Sandstar1051.: Kate!!!!!!! *faints*

Brightsky: Kate! <3

JJK8: kate!!!!!!!!!!!

Braveheart42: I'm glad you like it!!!!

Coalfang: hi kate :D

Braveheart42: Omsc Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vixenfur: Yaya!!!!!

Rosesong: omg, hi kate!! how are you?

Mistycreek: kate is here! Hi Kate! I would have chatted with you when you were online this morning but I was on a no-java cell phone

VickyHolmes: Hello Flametail, my lovely Clanmate! Always a pleasure to have you here!

sunbeam: I can't read fast enough!!!

Lunarstar911: *glomptackles Kate* Hi!!

JJK8: Party Time

Stormingsoul: I can't keep up with you guys!!

Braveheart42: *faints*

Rosesong: *huggles kate*

Wildstormy: *revives*

Mistycreek: Vicky! Do you like my warrior name?

Skywing: Vicky, whens your birthday? I want to mail you a chocolate bar. But in all seriousness, I want to mail you a chocolate castle.

Stormingsoul: I tackle Vicky

KateCary: Hello!

Flametail von Karma: It's great to see you too, Vicky. 8D

Riverstripe: Sheila, how long does it usually take to get a chat transcript?

Tumble Topic: Hi, Kate! :D

Mistycreek: Hi kate!

Nettlepaw: Gah, where's the brakes on this chat?!

Vixenfur: Kate!!!! Are you going to go to Narnia with Vicky???!!?

Streamflow: *bounces up and down and gives Vicky and Kate hugs*

Rockstar: Kate, how are ya today? :)

Firefawn: Narnia needs to be visited

KateCary: Hi Rosesong! :)

VickyHolmes: Yes, Mistycreek, I like your name very much! A chocolate castle would be an epic gift, Skywing. Alas, it's 11 months till my next birthday.

Braveheart42: Narnia!!!!!!!!!!

Boldclaw2: I'*spins in a circle* Yay

Mistycreek: Thank you Vicky! :D

Squirrelflighty: X3

insaneular: Hello, Kate ^^

SheilaRuth: Did everyone read the rules?

KateCary: Yay Skywing, you're here!

Rosesong: no! dont send kate to narnia!!

Skywing: Hey Kate, remember me? micaelamurder and Skywing824 on Twitter.

VickyHolmes: No brakes, Nettlepaw. You should be able to keep up if it's morning!

Skywing: Told ya!

Skywing: Xd

Squirrelflighty: I've read the rules

Rockstar: I hate Narnina >__>

insaneular: I read the rules.

Rockstar: Xd

Braveheart42: Omsc Its Kate!!!!!!!!!!

Lakestorm Wright: yes, yes I have

KateCary: I sure do Skywing!

Rowanoak23: I've read and understand the rules

Riverstripe: yeah Sheila

Boldclaw2: I did!

Vixenfur: Kate, are you going to Narnia like Vicky? Xd

Firefawn: So how is everyone doing?

sunbeam: yes, i've read 'em.

Brightsky: I just talked to you like five minutes on Twitter, Kate, lol

Blizz: Hi Kate! :D

Mistycreek: I've read the rules. That's the first thing I did.

Losty: Yep, Sheila! As I said before, I promise I'll behave :)

Nettlepaw: But my head hurts: I was watching fireworks all night!

Lunarstar911: *glomptackles Kate again*

Rosesong: no, kate shouldnt go to narnia

crescentmoon: Oui!

KateCary: Bliss!

Magicyop joined.

Skywing: And Kate, I would appreciate if you kept letting me bother you on Twitter, I'm one of your biggest fans. Xd

Vixenfur: Magic!!!!!!!!

Skywing: Yo Yop!

Lunarstar911: Magicyop

Magicyop: Heyo everyone

Boldclaw2: *hugs the awesome authors*

Riverstripe: hiya Magic

Mistycreek: Macigyop! hello!

Braveheart42: Magicyop?!?!?

Iceclaw: The toad!

Brightsky: Its the Yop

Losty: Hi, Magic! ^^

KateCary: Blizz! duh! First spelling mistake!

Daysi Pawz: Magic!!

Braveheart42: The Magicyop!

Rosesong: hi magicpop

Firefoot: hi kate! remember me, u read my fanfic!

Daysi Pawz: Yaaay It's Magic ::toad

VickyHolmes: Magicyop! Yay, the toad is here! Big kiss from me! :)

Iceclaw: (goes to get knives, notices Sheila, then hides them in the dark) Dang it.

Firefoot: Vicky!

Boldclaw2: Hi Magicyop

-Clovercloud-: Magicyop!!! Woot woot!

Firefoot: yay!

Mistycreek: Trust me kate, this keyboard is hard to type on

Brightsky: (i'll cover you Icey)

sunbeam: magicyop, where did your name come from?

Mistycreek: That's why i keep making mistakes

Spottedflame: Hey Magic

Coalfang: flaming toad :D

Vixenfur: Kate!!! Katekatekate!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

insaneular: How are you, Kate?

Braveheart42: Blizz? From Warriors Wish!

Wildstormy: he's a frog A^^

Bluewing: Augh I had ro walk my dog right when kate came!!!!

JJK8: Party Time

VickyHolmes: Blizz?! Is that really you?! I'm so honoured!

Coalfang: how art thou been!?!?

Magicyop: Haven't we gone over my name like seventeen times?

Daysi Pawz: ohai blizz

zelf: yay! more people!

SheilaRuth: He's not a frog he's a toad

Brightsky: Who is Blizz?

Riverstripe: lol Magic

Braveheart42: She's admin of Ww

Firefoot: Kate! hi! do you remember me? you read my fanfic, Im zoe!

Rowanoak23: Everyone's so friendly!

Wildstormy: a firey toad

-Clovercloud-: they are!!

KateCary: I'm just adjusting to the speed!

Iceclaw: (grins) Yop as in toad yogurt, too.

Mistycreek: Me, too, Kate! :D

Firefoot: hi kate

insaneular: It's really crazy...

SheilaRuth: Blizz is Warriors Wish

Flametail von Karma: @_@ I'm amazed you authors can respond to us at all. My head is swimming.

Bluewing: I'm still breathing hard I Had To Like Run My Dog because my dad know the authors were arriving

Rosesong: hi kate!!

Vixenfur: Kate. You send me a letter. xd

JJK8: Sorry Vicky I have nothing to stand out to you but I an Jja8 but you can call me Firey

crescentmoon: I've actually never heard the explanation of Magic's name.

Boldclaw2: I'm just skimming and reading what kate and vicky say xd

Squirrelflighty: I'm a staff member on Warrior's Wish Xd

KateCary: Firefoot-zoe! Loved your fanfic :)

Iceclaw: I know the True meaning! Everyone else thinks it's yogurt.

Mistycreek: Oh that's you, Squirrelflight? lol I'm Mistycreek on there

Braveheart42: *dies of excitement*

Iceclaw: (winks at Magic) Haven't told a soul.

Bluewing: Hi Kate! Hi Vicky! I'm new!

Losty: I don't know the meaning either, lol.

Rockstar: Hi Squrrielflighty. I'm Rockfoot, if you remember me at all. Xd

Spottedflame: I hardly ever go into the chat room anymore and I forgot how fast it moves during autir chats ^^)

Magicyop: The true meaning is really unimportant because it makes no sense.

Firefawn: Hi everyone that just got on!!

Firefoot: thanks kate!

KateCary: Hey Bluewing - Welcome:)

Daysi Pawz: I hope some of you newbs (jk) stay after the chat. This site rocks!! =D

Magicyop: I think I was in a sugar rush when I told you icey.

KateCary: Oh no! gobe all caps lock now!

Rowanoak23: I'm new too, but glad to be here. Hello Ms. Kate and Ms. Vicky

Boldclaw2: I'm going to stay after it ends!!!

sunbeam: I like the nonsensical.

Magicyop: I can't even remember exactly the whole story. I think it had something to do with Silly Putty...?

Braveheart42: Hi Kate!!!! My First Chat And I'm So Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KateCary: gobe? I meant gone! I shoulda practised my typing!

Iceclaw: Then why worry if evil knew it? lol/ And you told me anyway, so whatever

Bluewing: She said hi! Eeeek *fangirlish faint*

Lakestorm Wright: lol Kate

Stormingsoul: Lol

VickyHolmes: Blizz is officially the Number One Warriors Fan, folks, and a most amazing and lovely person. I am In Awe of her!

KateCary: Hi Braveheart 42 :)

insaneular: Typos are evil, Kate :C

Boldclaw2: typing is hard when you're trying to write and read at same time xd

SheilaRuth: Even I can't keep up with this! I'm catching about 1 message in 4

Vixenfur: Kate!!! I really have to go in about 10 mins-- I'll stop annoying you if you say hi!! xd

Blizz: Aww thanks so much ^^

Firefoot: iim so excited for the questions!

Rosesong: omg! this is amazing, and kate said hi to me!! im honoured

Daysi Pawz: Heey Lakey is a really good Warriors fan too..

Daysi Pawz: Xd

Riverstripe: aww, poor Sheila.

Blizz: I'm sure I have rivals here

Mistycreek: I can't keep up

Braveheart42: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhieeeeeeeeeeee You Said My Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints Dead*

Stormingsoul: Wowz! Vicky is in awe of Blizz!

Rockstar: I've alwyasbeen the number one Warriors Fan... ): In my head, anyway.

Firefoot: my dog just chased my cat into the kitchen

Streamflow: I forgot how fast these go.

Braveheart42: Same here

JJK8: Woo Hoo im excited

-Clovercloud-: I still can't beileve im here!!

Magicyop: Is Lakey here? Lakey is one of the biggest warriors fans, imo.

KateCary: Oh Vixenfur! Glad you could make it even for just a short while - hellloooo!

Lakestorm Wright: I'm here.

crescentmoon: Blizz - we're all in the Warrior fan family

Rabbitfoot: Heya Kate and Vicky x3

VickyHolmes: I'm perched on my second pillow. Now my pyjamas feel uncomfortable. Sigh.

Vixenfur: Thanks so much Kate!!! I have to go to a birthday party soon--

Riverstripe: Starsight couldn't make it..

Bluewing: Ya Totally I'm Yur #1 Fan Evar!!!!!11one

Stormingsoul: Poor Vicky!

SheilaRuth: Warriors Wish clan and Wands & Worlds clan are friendly clans

Rosesong: wait, all of us are #1 fans!!

Vixenfur: Everyone is a #1 fan!

Mistycreek: Clans = Awesome!

VickyHolmes: I think I'm just in a grumbly mood! Never mind, I can start answering questions soon and that will distract me!

Firefoot: we are.... Chatclan!

Daysi Pawz: Sheila: At least we like to think so *shot*

JJK8: Hiii Vickey you can call me Firey
Skywing: Katee, can I send you a couple warrior names in Dm and you take them in to consideration? Vicky, Answer If Kate Wont D:

Nettlepaw: Well I'm definitely the number 2 fan! Nobody ever claims that spot, and number 2 is still impressive, yes? Mwaha, I win!

Firefawn: Everyone Can call me Fire

Brightsky: So you're number 2...

Vixenfur: Awesome, Nettle. xd

crescentmoon: It's like at a gathering - W&w + Ww

Boldclaw2: I claim 4

Vixenfur: I claim 28

Vixenfur: xd

Magicyop: Nobody wants to be the number zero fan

Firefawn: or Fawn if the nickname is taken

Shadowmoon: I was just reading Skyclan's Destiny to get in the mood...

KateCary: Send all warrior names to Vicky - she's got the Big Name Book :)

Brightsky: I claim 13th

Bluewing: Lol magic at first I thought your name said Magicypop

Iceclaw: 4 min. till the chat beings. I believve

Brightsky: Cos its my lucky number

SheilaRuth: Yes, Cmoon. This is the full moon and W&w and Ww come together.

Mistycreek: Don't forget the Official Warriors Forums guys!

Lakestorm Wright: I claim 663 because that's how many characters are in Warriors roughly.

Squirrelflighty: Ww and W&w are both amazing Xd

Riverstripe: awesome Sheila o.o

Brightsky: I love Lakey to no end

SheilaRuth: The Erins are our Starclan. ::laugh

CherithBaldry joined.

Flametail von Karma: I claim 664. There's always the magical stick of wonder.

Rosesong: were all #1 fans when it comes to warriors

Skywing: Cherith

VickyHolmes: Kate is right - except it's a spreadsheet with every single name submission in alphabetical order. We really do use them!

Vixenfur: Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightstreak Rx: Hi Cherith!
Magicyop: Infinity fan would mean that you are the least fan ever

Bluewing: Cherth
Brightsky: I love Lakey as much as Sevenclaws is beautiful

Stormingsoul: Cherith!!!
Magicyop: Because one is the biggest fan

Vixenfur: Cherth!! Cherith!! Cherith!!!

Bluewing: *cherith

Lakestorm Wright: wow that's a lot of love

Rosesong: cherith!! hi!!

Rockstar: I'll always love Warriors, even when I'm 90. Serously.

Spottedflame: Hi Cerith!

Streamflow: Cherith! Hi!

Boldclaw2: Cherith!!!

SheilaRuth: Cherith is here! Welcome to the madness!

Amberminnow: Yay hi Cherith!

Lakestorm Wright: But One Is Also The Loneliest Number D:

Rowanoak23: Hello Ms. Cherith!

-Clovercloud-: Cherith!! Hi!! Hello!!

Firefoot: Hi Cherith!

Firefawn: Cherith!!

Brightsky: Indeed ::mellow

Magicyop: Greetings, Cherith!

insaneular: Hello Cherith!

Lakestorm Wright: Hi Cherith.

Mistycreek: where can you submit names! And hi Cherith!

Rosesong: *huggles cheirth*

Rockstar: Cherith!!!!!!!

Brightsky: Loneliness is sad

Boldclaw2: Welcome to the chaos!!

Sandstar1051.: Cherith!!!!

Vixenfur: Cherith!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!

Flametail von Karma: Hello, Cherith~

Rosesong: *huggles cherith*

Old Man Sevenclaws: Hallo, Cherith.

Blizz: Hey Cherith :D

Sandstar1051.: xd

Shadowmoon: I was surprised to see a Sunstrike in the allegiances in Fading Echoes because that was a name of a character I used in one of my earler fan fictions ::huh

sunbeam: hi cherith! when did you get here?

Daysi Pawz: Cherith 8D

Jayheart: Hi Cherith :D!!

Riverstripe: three minutes..

Wolf joined.

Mistycreek: Oops I meant where can you submit names?

Braveheart42: Omsc Omsc Omsc Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riverstripe: Just now

Boldclaw2: *hugs the awesome authors*

Losty: Hi, Cherith! ^^

Lunarstar911: Cherith

Brightsky: Cherry Cherry Cherith

Shadowmoon: Except my Sunstrike was a tom.

Streamflow: Yay! 3 Erins are here!

Braveheart42: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firefawn: Now the hyperness begins all over again *grins*

Wolf: o_o Am I late?

Firefoot: Kate, do you think I could be a writer one day?

Rosesong: Cherith!!

Vixenfur: Tui better get here, I have to leave in 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockstar: Chhhhheeeerrriithhhh!!!!!! Xddd

JJK8: Hiii cherith... im Firey

Lunarstar911: *glomptackles Cherith*

-Moonflower-: dum double dee dum

CherithBaldry: Hello everyone. It's great to be here.

Bluewing: *gives the erins cheese*

Riverstripe: Oh yeah, we're missing Tui

Daysi Pawz: Hi Wolf, youère right on time Xd

Lunarstar911: Tui Where Are You!?

Daysi Pawz: *you're

Losty: Hi, Wolf! :D Nope, the chat hasn't exactly started yet.

Brightsky: I be excited

VickyHolmes: Cheese, Bluewing?! In the middle of the night?!

Vixenfur: Eep!! 2 Mins!

KateCary: What's gonna stop you Firefoot? You're great!

Old Man Sevenclaws: . . .the text. . .it scrolls. . .

Brightsky: But I have to use the bathroom

Wolf: Thanks, Daisy and Losty.

Braveheart42: Tui! Where Is Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunarstar911: summon Tui

Brightsky: And I'm not willing to leave

Boldclaw2: my brain hurts now, I'm reading something someone put and its like at the top in three seconds!

Skywing: She lives in Ny.. America.

Magicyop: Please do not send in questions such as 'will you use this name'... Every fan here has name ideas and Vicky's head would explode reading them all

crescentmoon: Hi Cherith

Vixenfur: Cherith-- hi!!! I have to leave soon D:

Skywing: It's 7 where we live Xd

Wolf: Oh, hello, Erins. ^_^;

Streamflow: Its still 2 mins. till the chat starts 4 real.

crescentmoon: Hi Wolf

Riverstripe: lol Magic

Wildstormy: 4 here

Bluewing: Vicky: It's 6:58 here

Coalfang: oh snap, wolf is here?

Brightsky: One more minuuute

Old Man Sevenclaws: Explosions are pretty stylish. . .

Mistycreek: 2 minutes...

Rowanoak23: Man, how do you poor authors manage to keep up with all this craziness? Xd Everything scrolls by so fast!

Wolf: Hiya, Crecent!

Firefoot: *boom* head xplodes

Braveheart42: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sandcloud: hi cherith!

VickyHolmes: Hi Wolf, Hi Crescentmoon!

Brightsky: countdown everyone

Mistycreek: 1 minute...

-Clovercloud-: 1 more minute!!!!!!!!

Lakestorm Wright: You just need to be able to read fast.

insaneular: Yeah, it's nutso how fast this goes :P

Brightsky: Come on Tui

Forestpelt joined.

Firefawn: Whoot!!

Brightsky: Don't be lateee

Wolf: Hi Vickey! ^_^

Lakestorm Wright: Also, where's Tuo?

Lakestorm Wright: *Tui

Firefawn: One minute!!

Lakestorm Wright: Earriors

Wolf: Whoops

KateCary: Rowanoak - I'm not keeping up!

Rockstar: She's coming

Wolf: I meant Vicky. x3

Rockstar: be patient

Riverstripe: lol Lakey

Rosesong: yay, earriors!!

Brightsky: ready.....

SheilaRuth: Lakey! I didn't see you come in.

Nettlepaw: Right, I need tea. A Brit can't function without their tea!

JJK8: Too Fast

Lunarstar911: tuituituituituicomehere

Streamflow: Yay Earriors!

sunbeam: magic, when I first read your name (in a chat log) I thought you were magicop, the modbot.

Wolf: Sheila! 8D

Lakestorm Wright: Sheila, I've been here All Day.

Lightstreak Rx: Earriors Xp

Mistycreek: this is too fast

Riverstripe: Lakey was here the whole time o.o

Brightsky: set....

Redfeather: Oh look, it's Lakestorm Wright. *waves*

Lakestorm Wright: Ever since I talked to you this morning.

Boldclaw2: I've been here 4-5 hours ^.^

Mistycreek: I love you guys, Erins!

CherithBaldry: I'll never keep up with this speed!

VickyHolmes: Earriors is the best ever typo, I think.

Vixenfur: Vicky, Kate, Cherith-- My best friend Flufflypelt couldn't make it tongiht, and she really is dissapointed she coulnt come. If you say hello I think she'll be really greateful!!!

Brightsky: set...........................................................................................................................go

Lakestorm Wright: Yeah I've Been Here For Like Eleven Hours.

Bluewing: How do you pronounce Tui's name?

-Clovercloud-: 10 seconds!!!!!!!

Shadowmoon: I've finally stopped reading the books so fast at least

Riverstripe: lol, Sheila forgot Lakey

Brightsky: Yaaaaaaaaaaay

Lakestorm Wright: Earriors was a great typo

Braveheart42: 3

Braveheart42: 2

Firefawn: Go

Braveheart42: 1

Mistycreek: Eh Chat Is Now!!!

Skywing: It's Officially 7:00!

-Clovercloud-: Woot Woot

Firefoot: My frend Laine says hi!

VickyHolmes: Hello to Fluffypelt, via Vixenfur! Sorry you couldn't make it!

Mistycreek: It"s Here!

CherithBaldry: Hi Fluffypelt!

Forestpelt: Slow computer is slow :(

Redfeather: I'm saving Skyclan's Destiny for my overnight camp :D

Lunarstar911: Woooooooooooo

Sandstar1051.: Woot Woot!!!!!!!

SheilaRuth: Everyone please use the white box for chat. The yellow box is for questions but pleasse don't ask any yet. Wait until after we get through the presubmitted ones.

Braveheart42: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Blizz: Skycan's destiny was greeeat :D

Vixenfur: Yay! I hope she'll be relly happy!

-Moonflower-: 4:00!!! Yayayayay Finalleh!

Vixenfur: Thank you all!

Stormingsoul: You heard the aauthors! They can't keep up with this. We've got to slow down.

JJK8: Yes fried Morningleaf could also not make it

Stoneclaw: Hi erins

Firefoot: i just got Skyclans destiny litterally ten mintues ago Xd

insaneular: I red Skyclan's Destiny today in preparation for this chat :)

Vixenfur: I have to leave now!!!!!

Bluewing: I'm going to flip out

insaneular: *read

VickyHolmes: It's time for those answers! brace yourselves!

KateCary: Bye Vixenfur!

Boldclaw2: Bye vixenfur!

Daysi Pawz: Bye vixen!! Everyone else Shaddup =P

insaneular: Hooray!

Streamflow: Erins, I love Oots so far! Its awesome!!

Firefoot: yay!

JJK8: Bye vix!!!

Mistycreek: Yes!

Lunarstar911: Woohoooooo

-Moonflower-: Yay!

Lakestorm Wright: I Can't Wait

Magicyop: Hehe. It's not necessary to slow down.

Lightstreak Rx: My sister's watching excitedly. Vicky, her name's Mudfire. You gave her a Whiskers Purr, 'cuz she had black "whiskers" on her face ^^

Firefawn: I have not as of yet read Skyclan's Destiny

Lunarstar911: Omg

Vixenfur: Someone say hi to Tui for me and Fluffy!!!!!

Lunarstar911: Tooooooooo Fast

Old Man Sevenclaws: Bye Vixen~

Bluewing: Omg Imma Explode!

Forestpelt: Is Gag-chewer here?

Daysi Pawz: and dont chew through gags only I can do that

Vixenfur: And thanks so much, Erins and friends!!!!!!!

Vixenfur: I will be back at the end

Vixenfur: Bye!!

Bluewing: I Feel Jittery

Lakestorm Wright: where's Tui?

VickyHolmes: One more grumble: my mouse isn't working! It scrolls up but not down! This could get annoying. Hey ho, no time to fix it. Let the mayhem begin!

Squirrelflighty: Tui is fashionably late?

Stoneclaw: this chat room is crazy

Mistycreek: My shift ket isn't working either Vicky

Brightsky: *bows down to the Holmes-meister*

Spottedflame: I started to read Skyclan's Destiny, but I have to read Little Women for school and that takes up most of my reading time

Braveheart42: Hi Vicky, Kate And Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brightsky: I have large problems.

Brightsky: Large large...large....problems ;~;

Brightsky: Someone please help me...

Lunarstar911: Tui Get Here!!!

SheilaRuth: We'll wait a few more minutes for Tui before we start.

KateCary: What problems Brightsky?

-Clovercloud-: *screams* i is really here!!

Boldclaw2: My brain just exploded xd

Brightsky: Ii'm insane

Brightsky: Its a sad but true thing...

Stoneclaw: i cant wait to meet all the erins here

Streamflow: Tui's officially 1 min late!

Lunarstar911: Two Minutes Late

Bluewing: Is it too-ee or twye or...?

Brightsky: And I really have to pee

Skywing: Where's Tuitui.

Old Man Sevenclaws: The hero always arrives last.

Sandstar1051.: Come on Tui!

Brightsky: I will be right back

JJK8: Tui!!!!!

Lunarstar911: Tui get here pleaseeeeee

Boldclaw2: Tui tui tui tui *keeps chanting*

SheilaRuth: Brighty you'd better go now before we officially start!

Firefawn: Poor Brightsky

VickyHolmes: <hits mouse on desk.

Brightsky: I need to stop talking.

Lunarstar911: tui tui tui tui tui tui tui tui

Lakestorm Wright: We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

Braveheart42: Tui Tui Tui Tui Tui Tui!!!!!

Lightstreak Rx: I remember watching Tui on Jeopardy!

insaneular: That's the best way to fix it, Vicky C:

sunbeam: thank goodness the chat slowed down.

JJK8: Vickey

CherithBaldry: <checks supply of chocolate>

Lunarstar911: Tu-i Tu-i Tu-i Tu-i

Daysi Pawz: it wont make her come here faster

VickyHolmes: Didn't work :( Maybe Tui is busy with her Totally Adorable Little Boy, Jonah. Have you checked out her blog? He is so gorgeous!

KateCary: I've eaten half my liquorice already and we've not even started!

SheilaRuth: Does everyone know how to block people so you don't see their messages?

-Clovercloud-: ...I need a snack...

Stormingsoul: Cherith has a blog!?

Wolf: Vicky- o.o You were in my city a tour or two ago, but I forgot to go.

Firefawn: *sniffle* everyone is eating and i has no food

CherithBaldry: Sorry, I don;t have a blog. Maybe one day.

Mistycreek: I have no food either

Shadowmoon: ooh, I never get to go to tours at bookstores :(

Braveheart42: No Not The Liquorice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's More!!!!!!!!!!

Firefawn: I'm starving!!!

Boldclaw2: No. I dont know how to clock people :(

Bluewing: Lol my puppy was eating her foot a minute ago

Brightsky: I'm sorry people, but I ignored everyone that's not an oldy just because I need to slow the chat down

Skywing: I'm getting Chinese Food.

Brightsky: Not because I don't like you

Wolf: Vicky- D: I had homework! I'm sorry!

VickyHolmes: Firefawn, I haz no food either! Because I iz too full from my supper...

Mistycreek: I just got a blog a few days ago, Cherith! It's really cool!

crescentmoon: Vicky the killer is trying to kill a mouse now

Braveheart42: *gives Liquorice*

Wolf: Vicky- Next time you come to Colorado, I'll be there!

Stoneclaw: hi vicky

SheilaRuth: You can right click someone's name and choose "ignore" and then you won't see them. If you choose to, you can ignore everyone except the admins and the authors, to slow down the chat room for the questions

Streamflow: Homework is evil...

Stormingsoul: What did you have fgor supper

Nettlepaw: Any other Brits on here?

Firefawn: No food anywhere

Shadowmoon: I want to keep reading Skyclan's Destiny while I do this at the same time...

CherithBaldry: Vicky, lolcats in the forest?

Losty: I had to do the same thing, Brighty, and the chat is still going fast. I feel slow D:

Rosesong: Tui!! hi!!! *huggles tui*

Braveheart42: Lolcats!

Firefawn: I'm a brit true and true!

VickyHolmes: Hee hee, Crescentmoon! This mouse is fresh-kill already! How can it scroll Up but not Down? Cherith, lolcats are everywhere!

Stoneclaw: dats some good advice thanks shelia

CherithBaldry: lol

SheilaRuth: lolcats in the forest? That would be funny

Shadowmoon: Computer mouse, fresh-kill. That's funny.

Nettlepaw: Did u go to the Warriors Day in Worcester?

Firefawn: You can haz cheezburger if you ask nicely

Rabbitfoot: Xd Firestar can haz cheeseburger.

Boldclaw2: Thanks Sheila!

VickyHolmes: Why yes, Nettlepaw, I did!

SheilaRuth: Stoneclaw! You made it!

Magicyop: Lol. Lolcats replace regular cats in Warriors

Wolf: Got any truffles, Vicky? :3

Firefoot: Onestar can not haz chezberger

Daysi Pawz: I can haz flying hedgehog??

Magicyop: That would make a Great parody

VickyHolmes: I do not want to haz cheeseburger. I iz vegetarian.

Shadowmoon: I don't even live in England so I can't do any of that fancy Warriors stuff :(

Magicyop: "firstars Propheceh"

insaneular: I'm vegetarian too :)

Lightstreak Rx: Vicky: Me, too! high five :D

Firefawn: Need. food. or. i. will. perish before chat starts.

JJK8: Thanks fore getting me here Shelia

Nettlepaw: Lol, and I thank every day that you did!

Iceclaw: (gives Vicky nice salad with a side of evil sauce)

Brightsky: I like cheeseburger

Brightsky: I work at a library

Lightstreak Rx: Vicky: Vegetarians ftw. Xp

Brightsky: Where they give us cookies

VickyHolmes: I Do haz truffles, Wolf! My lovely husband bought me some especially. But I'm too full of M&ms so the truffles are staying in the fridge.

Forestpelt: huuungry.. but nothing to eat.

Braveheart42: Lol Evil Sauce

Lightstreak Rx: Veggie Burgers are amazing.

Bluewing: The Game

Brightsky: Omg veggie burgers

Firefoot: i just ate pizza :P

Wolf: Vicky- Aw, okay. x3

Rockstar: I Lost The Gammmeee

Lightstreak Rx: Morningstar makes the best veggieburgers, imo <3

Magicyop: Tui is a little late. We will start anyway in a couple minutes if she doesn't show up.

Nettlepaw: I miss Cadburys, Japanese chocolate is bizarre

Bluewing: :DDD I Love You Gaiz So Much (THE Game Again Btw)

Sandcloud: I love Japanese chocolate...especially Pocky

Skywing: Magic, don't make us rhyme again.

Boldclaw2: :( Noooo Tui!!

MeganSimas: yummy japanese chocolate...

Skywing: It was a sad day.

Silverleaf ocp: Pocky

Squirrelflighty: Pocky is great

Forestpelt: Ah, I lost the game :U

Silverleaf ocp: i love pocky

Flametail von Karma: Darn you, Forestpelt.

Nettlepaw: Oh its nice, but still Bizarre

Old Man Sevenclaws: stupid game. x_x

Streamflow: I Love Warriors!

Firefoot: i cant keep up with everything!

KateCary: insaneular! not seen you in a while. How are you?

-Clovercloud-: great now I lost the game...

-Clovercloud-: haha

Redfeather: I like chocolate mochi ice cream. I haven't tasted Pocky though...

zelf: oh darn I lost the game too.

Losty: Now I'm craving Cadburys. Thanks, Nettle =P

Jayheart: Delilah is trying to lick the keyboard <_<.. Shes all *bark bark* *lick lick* Xd ahahaha

Magicyop: Make you rhyme? I'd never do that. Why, that would be slimy, and covered in grime. And mean, at that.

Firefawn: i lost the game but won the waffle competition

Sandcloud: I love mochi...

insaneular: I'm good, and surprised that you remember me, Kate!

Nettlepaw: Sorry Losty!

Old Man Sevenclaws: mochi ftw.

Riverstripe: lol Magic

Stoneclaw: its hard to keep up with all this chatting

Mistycreek: I wish that I could meet one of the erins...

Rabbitfoot: Did you just rhyme "that" with "that"? Fail.

KateCary: how could I forget a name like insaneular!? :)

Firefoot: i love mochi!

Magicyop: If everyone could be silent for a moment! and that includes telling other members, 'shh, be quiet'

Rockstar: lol. Yes

Mistycreek: Will do

Brightsky: *zips lip like a padlock*

Iceclaw: (gags toad)

Bluewing: shhhh

Lightstreak Rx: Shh, be quiet.

Boldclaw2: *quiets*

Magicyop: Also forbidden is aying that I plan to be quiet

Braveheart42: Slow Down guys! The Erins need to read

Magicyop: Anyway...

Bluewing: aying?

Magicyop: Don't make me gag you all.

Nettlepaw: *goes to make tea* I'll be quiet a while

Braveheart42: Gag

Daysi Pawz: shaddup

Magicyop: Don't tell other members to be quiet, worry about yourself.

Rosesong: hey, everyone b quiet

Braveheart42: Fine.......

Lunarstar911: ..

JJK8: ::headcomp No erin is noticing

Lunarstar911: sssshhhhh

Riverstripe: lol

Magicyop: I mean seriously, be quiet. Or we won't start the chat

Magicyop: I mean, if you guys don't want any questions answered, that's cool with me

Magicyop: Thanks!

KateCary: Jjk8 we're being quiet so we can get started!

VickyHolmes: Let all Clanmates who are old enough to Use A Computer be silent and let the questions begin!

SheilaRuth: Sending questions to the Erins now!

Magicyop: Everyone ready? A couple reminders...

Magicyop: The rules for the chat are on the forums, you might want to check those just to be safe

JJK8: Sorry Kate...i meant earlier

Magicyop: Authors probably won't have a chance to look at the normal chatbox much.

KateCary: Too right, Magicyop!

Magicyop: Also, don't be hurt if the authors don't answer your question.

Magicyop: We have a ton of questions here, and they do the best they can.

Magicyop: If everyone is ready we're going to start now

Wildstorm(Q): To all: If the Clan ever learned about Cinderhearts reincarnation, how do you think they, along with the other Clans, would react?
CherithBaldry(A): I think they'd be pleased, if a bit weirded out. The cats who knew Cinderpelt would welcome her back with open paws!

Brightsky(Q): To All: Do you ever regret continuing the series past the second saga, not because of a lack of readers, but just because any of you would have prefered some of the characters to be permanently immortalized?
KateCary(A): OMG - there's a lack of readers? I hadn't noticed! Eek! But no, I don't regret it a bit because I loved writing the Sight and introducing a whole new generation - without the thrid series there never wold have been a Jaypaw. Or a Stick :)

Streamflow: I love Cinderheart...

VickyHolmes: Okay, I don't seem able to paste my prepared answers into the answer box. Please bear with me while I truly to sort this out without weeping with frustration...

Lakestorm Wright: lol stick.

KateCary: Streamflow - what's not to love? :)

Rosesong: lol kate

Rosesong: thats awesome about the stick

Nettlepaw: The Sight is my favourite book so far!

Streamflow: Nothing.

SheilaRuth: Oh no, Vicky! I'm sorry!

Wildstormy: Jayxstick forever xd
Skywing: hopefully my pre-asked question was asnwered.

Mistycreek: I know I agree with Streamflow! Cinderheart rules!

Rabbitfoot: -hugs Vicky-

Bluewing: Gahhh. My puppy tried to eat my flip flop

Stoneclaw: Go jaypaw....ans his magical stick....without it he cluldnt talk to Rock

Firefoot: Magic stick o wonder, wat would we do without u?

Forestpelt: I <3 Jayxstick

Losty(Q): To all: As of the current book, what was your least favorite scene/plot to write/develop?
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t think I have one least favourite: the scenes I find hard are the battles - all those poor cats being ripped apart! But some of the scenes that are hardest to write are most satisfying - like the death of Feathertail, which was so difficult!

Silverleaf ocp: jayxstick :)

Coalfang: *hugs stick*

Lunarstar911: jay/stick of wonder forever

Streamflow: I was sad when the stick broke.

Mistycreek: Where's Tui?

Rockstar: It's okay Vicky :) I still loveyou. Xd

Iceclaw: I think I'll find stick (broken stick now) and use it for firewood.

Firefoot: feathertail *cries*

Brightsky: She just loves making you sad

sunbeam: thinks of feathertail: waaah!

crescentmoon: Jay & The Stick!!!!!!!!!

Rosesong: no, dont use the stick for firewood!!

Rabbitfoot: At least you didn't say you were going to use Jayfeather for firewood.

Rockstar: I loved Feathertail!

Firefawn: Feathertail's death made me sad

Silverleaf ocp: ^ agreed

Coalfang: will the stick end up in starclan or the dark forest? D:

Braveheart42: Jayxcinder!!!! Get Lost the Stick!

Firefoot: lol

JJK8: mee too

Rockstar: I know right

insaneular: *is still hoping for the stick to magically reappear, mended*

Iceclaw: I am Annoyed by the stick,

Lunarstar911: lol @ rabbit

Magicyop: It's a stick! Get over it! :-p

Stormingsoul: Jayxstick is the perfect match.

Brightsky: ....i think the stick's already dead...

Losty: Aw, I love the Stick. :)

Stoneclaw: dont use a stick for rirewood...tahts wat logs r 4

Magicyop: No it's not, don't be silly. :-P

Firefawn: She was the last relic of Silverstream

Boldclaw2: Poor Feathertail :(

Wildstormy: It was a Majestic stick

Firefoot: lol he smashed it to pieces

JJK8: For some odd reason I Loved the stick

Bluewing: Guys be considerate. Tui has a baby so she could be really tired or really busy. Give her a break. she'll come when she comes

Lightstreak Rx: Rip, Stick...

Brightsky(Q): To All: Do you ever regret continuing the series past the second saga, not because of a lack of readers, but just because any of you would have prefered some of the characters to be permanently immortalized?
CherithBaldry(A): No, I just love writing Warriors. I don;t ever want it to end. And think of all that we would have missed if we'd stopped at the second series.

Nettlepaw: Maybe Jay can be like that Kug-fu Bear with his stick

Magicyop: The stick had moral and metaphorical significance.

Rabbitfoot: Magic's right, it was a piece of Wood.

Lunarstar911: Slow Down

VickyHolmes: Wolf, I just can't get the text to appear in the answer box at all. I'm going to try to convert the document into Plain Text. Grrrrrr.

Streamflow: Everyone's obsessed with the stick...

Rockstar: not the stick D'*

Old Man Sevenclaws: Grr, gotta go. . .at least I saw some of this. T'was a cool birthday chat. . .

Mistyleaf10564: ::hyper

Firefoot: yes, she was nice, i mean the stick not feathertail Xd

Rosesong: i luv the stick too

Magicyop: The stick itself was just a stick. Jayfeather was fascinated by it- not smitted.

Rabbitfoot: Aww, cyaz, birthday boy Clawz!

Losty: Aw, bye, Seven D:

Riverstripe: there Magic, I got over it

Magicyop: *smitten.

Shadowmoon: The one where Briarpaw became a warrior made me really sad... in the middle of math club.

Daysi Pawz: I think it woulda been funnier if a camping Twoleg too the Stick for kindling and burned it. Xd

Old Man Sevenclaws: Byet~!

Bluewing: Bye seven

Rabbitfoot: Happy birthday~

Mistycreek: Poor Vicky! Hope it works for you!

Wolf: Bye, Seven! Happy Birthday. x3~

Redfeather: ... I don't get why everyone's so hyped up about -a stick- :/

Streamflow(Q): 1.I'm a little confused about the fallen tree. Did the trunk fall into camp, or just the branches? I'm just wondering because if it was only the branches, the cats could clear the wrekage pretty easily , but not if it was the trunk. I'm just hoping you could clear this up for me.
CherithBaldry(A): All of it. It was a massive disaster, and it's changed the camp permanently.

Old Man Sevenclaws: Remember the Absol. . .x3

Old Man Sevenclaws left.

Forestpelt: We're not serious about it, Magicyop ;p

crescentmoon: Vicky - I t hought you g uys were just the fastest typers ever.

Riverstripe: lol

Mistyleaf10564: lol

Streamflow: Thanks, Cherith!

Losty: Magic: But you have it to admit, it did Sound like Jayfeather was smitten with it =P

Bluewing: I keep thinking his name is magicypop

Wildstorm(Q): To all: If the Clan ever learned about Cinderhearts reincarnation, how do you think they, along with the other Clans, would react?
KateCary(A): I think some cats would be pleased that she got another chance, some would be grumpy, just becuse they're grumpy about most things (mentioning no names, Crowfeather), and some would be very happy to think there are second chances.

SheilaRuth: Cmoon: Vicky is the only one with prepared answers. The others are typing on the fly

Stormingsoul: I am afraid to post that I might miss the questions. lol

Riverstripe: lol Sheila

Shadowmoon: Yeah, the fallen tree was my least favorite part of the series so far. I liked Longtail. ::sad

Firefoot: hehehe crowfeather

Bluewing: Augh crowfeather is a bum.

Redfeather: I don't see why the fallen tree was so depressing!

crescentmoon: Icey: :P I love Jayfeather

Silverleaf ocp: I Loved Longtail

Lunarstar911: Bah

Magicyop: Enough. My name is not Magicypop, it's not Magic cop, it's not Magikarp... Magic. Yop. We're so done with this.

Firefawn: Longtail rules

Shadowmoon: My favorite cat is still Crowfeather.

Lightstreak Rx: Lll - Long Live Longtail?

insaneular: Longtail was my favorite elder... though that's debateable now that Purdy's in Thunderclan!

Braveheart42: Crow is not a bum! Xp

Stoneclaw: go vicky...for thinking ahead

Wolf: Magicyop? The yogurt?

Forestpelt: Magictop..

Nettlepaw: One more original character is gone. Rip Longtail!

Lunarstar911: Magikarp Lol

JJK8: Crow has problems..poor crow

Magicyop: Noooo!

Rosesong: magicpop

CherithBaldry: I adore Purdy!


Jayheart: I love Crowfeather :)

Boldclaw2: Crowfeather is pretty awesome !

Wolf: :3 *pats Magic on the head*

Silverleaf ocp: Purdyy

Lunarstar911: purdy/jay = Ew

Rockstar: Purdy is just so hot

Firefoot: crowxleaf forever

Redfeather: Why is everyone sad about the fallen tree part?!

Magicyop: Yop does not mean the canadian yogurt.

Braveheart42: Purdy Rwaks!

Boldclaw2: Crowxleaf!!!

Firefoot: rockstar-wow

Streamflow: Crowfeather's grumpy...

Silverleaf ocp: Xd rockstar

Rabbitfoot: Yes, magical yogurt. The most epic magical yogurt I have ever met.

Stoneclaw: crowfeather forever!!!

Bluewing: lol Purdy/jay

Rosesong: magicyummyop

JJK8: Purdy is a well written character

Shadowmoon: I actually reread Starlight because of the epic Crowfeather spotlight...

Magicyop: I think that Rabbit once called me the Magic Button Down Fleecy or something like that

Wolf: I liked Redtail. He had a nice personality.

Streamflow: I love Brambleclaw. He's awesomeness!

Firefoot: i like bramble and crow, but i Hate berrynosexd

Stoneclaw: Squirlflight is my favriote by far

Firefawn: Don't like Brambleclaw or Crowfeather

Silverleaf ocp: ugh berrynose

Rabbitfoot: Magiczipper the Button-down Fleecy, but I thought maybe you'd get aggravated if I called you that now Xd

Rockstar: I liked Berrypaw

Firefoot: Sandstorm ois my fav

Redfeather: I like Brackenheart. :D

Bluewing: Hios nose is made of berriezzzzz

Streamflow: Hate Squirrelflight

Rosesong: magicyummyyop

Magicyop: Ah yes, magiczipper the button down fleecy

Shadowmoon: And for some reason, I also like Hawkfrost and Tigerstar... I like all the evil ones.

CherithBaldry: Berrynose is great to write because he's supposed to be such a prat.

Spottedflame: I like Hollyleaf, but then she went insane O.o

Firefawn: or Hollyleaf or Tigerstar

Bluewing: I'm sorrry magic .______.

Losty(Q): To all: As of the current book, what was your least favorite scene/plot to write/develop?
KateCary(A): Hi Losty. Um, there's always something good to write in a scene - but personally I get weary of moving the cats from A to B in the forest - if you see what I mean. There's only so many times you can write "she pushed through a patch of ferns and headed up the slope". I want a Clan with transporters like on StarTrek! :)

Spottedflame: lol Cherith

Wolf: I didn't like Hollyleaf. Then she went insane. Xp

Brightsky: I loved her

Rabbitfoot: Beam me up, Jayfeather.

Braveheart42: Lol

Magicyop: Magicmop sounds like a Mr. Clean product

Brightsky: Until she went insane

Silverleaf ocp: Magicmop ;D

Lightstreak Rx: Hollyleaf became one of my favourites, after she went all evil <3 Same with Ashfur

Rosesong: magicbop

Jayheart: I liked Hollyleaf too, but then now I dont like her anymore o.o

Bluewing: My Parents Are Watching Startrek What A Coinkidink

Braveheart42: Beam me up Jayfeather!!! Lol

Mistyleaf10564: Magicmop ::hyper

Wolf: Is Vicky still unable to get the answers through? o.o

Magicyop: Magicbop is like Kid's Bop but less sucky

Stoneclaw: squirlflight rulz if she were human she would be the coolest rockstar/punk ever

Mistycreek: I hope Vicky gets her answers soon!

Rosesong: lol

Forestpelt: ew Kidsbop

Squirrelflighty: Magic. Eee. Ohhpp.

Spottedflame: I liked Ashfur too

Wolf: Braveheart? Isn't that a movie? x3

Shadowmoon: I liked Leafpool too

Bluewing: I'm So Sorry I Started This Magic xd

Rabbitfoot: Magic Bop, lol, I would listen to that.

JJK8: Take your time Vicky!!!

Streamflow: I hate Ashfur.

Spottedflame: but not until after he went bonkers

Rockstar: I wonder if Hollyleaf is dead. :P

CherithBaldry: I liked Hollyleaf and I sort of still do. She had pressure that she couldn;t cope with.

Redfeather: Eh, I'm neutral towards just about all the cats except Brackenheart and Blackstar :P

Losty: Hey, thanks for answering my question, both of you :)

VickyHolmes: I'm so sorry about this, my lovelies. I've sent my answers to Sheila and hopefully she will be able to insert them somehow. Hang in there!

Firefawn: I thought leafpool's predicament was sad

Magicyop: It's okay, I go through this every time.

Rosesong: i would listen to magicbop

Streamflow: But i'm a Bramblefan

crescentmoon: I hope Longtail can see now

Firefoot: i liked ashfur wen he was cloudtails frend in the first series

Mistycreek: Alright Vicky no problem!

Rockstar: -hugs Vikcy-

Firefoot: i hated him in the second

Firefoot: and third

Magicyop: Warriors forever! Earriors forever!

Wolf: It's all right, Vicky. There's always the Transcript. ^^

JJK8: Hollyleaf...was a littile too into the code

Lakestorm Wright: Go Earriors

Forestpelt: Hollyleaf probably took the place of Rock lo9ol

Mistycreek: I'm just glad I'm here cause this is my first chat!

Boldclaw2: Kk Vicky!

Squirrelflighty: Xd

Rockstar: Earriors?

Rosesong: yay warriors! yay earriors!

Slickfeather: I love Snowfur, Brambleclaw, and Lionblaze!!!

Squirrelflighty: Earriors

Spottedflame: I feel sorry for Leafpool, she's kind of akward as a warrior

Muffins: Mwahah

Rabbitfoot: Earriors forever!~

Braveheart42: Earriors

Firefawn: Brambleclaw needs to leave. He can't be the next leader

Stoneclaw: hollyleaf breathed the code

Sandcloud: Earriors!!!

Rockstar: lol

MeganSimas: lol earriors wow lol

Redfeather: Well technically, I love Brackenheart. :P

Silverleaf ocp: poor leafpool

Rosesong: Earriors!

Shadowmoon: What do you mean Brambleclaw can't be the next leader? :(

JJK8: Goooo Lionblaze!!

Mistyleaf10564: Hollyleaf lived for the code. :P

Streamflow: Bramblestar forever!

Mistycreek: Brambleclaw Needs to be the next leader!!!!

Firefoot: my cat looks like Brackenfur

-Clovercloud-: yes poor leafpool..

Rockstar: Yes. I love Leafpool.

crescentmoon: Magic - but what does it mean?

Boldclaw2: Bramblestar? Never!!

Oakfeather: Hai Erin's!

Bluewing: It's when ears go from earprentices to earriors then earders and then go to earstarclan

Braveheart42: Go Bramblestar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stormingsoul: Don't kill Firestar!!

Forestpelt: Thunderclan needs a new leader

Firefawn: Brambleclaw is too bossy and he's a jerk

Stoneclaw: It would be awesome for bramblecalw to be leader but im hoping for graystripe

sunbeam: He deserves to be the next leader.

Silverleaf ocp: if bramble becomes leader, gray= deputy

Shadowmoon: Oh, and Leopardstar was awesome too.

Firefawn: Firestar needs to be Imortal or somthing

Redfeather: I don't really dislike any cats :P

Firefoot: gray can never become leader!

insaneular: I think Brambleclaw would make a good leader... I've started liking him a lot more recently

Streamflow: Brambleclaw is awesome!

Boldclaw2: Firefawn: Agreed

sunbeam: I miss crookedstar.

Forestpelt: I want Gray as a leader :P

VickyHolmes left.

MeganSimas: in my opinion brambleclaw as next leader isnt so bad

JJK8: Brambleclaw should die right after Firestar dies then there would be chaos

Stoneclaw: i hop so gray is awesome!!

Rabbitfoot: Okay, we all have our opinions about which characters are better and which suck and which don't, so...

Lightstreak Rx: Vicky?

Rabbitfoot: Aww, Vicky poofed :/

Rosesong: Vicky>!

Wolf: There goes Vicky

Boldclaw2: Cloudtail should be leader >:D

Firefoot: Firestar never starts any battles *pouts*

Iceclaw: I like Graystripe or Brambleclaw as leader, honestly.

Streamflow: Bramble should be immortal.

Mistyleaf10564: I <3 Graystripe!

Silverleaf ocp: vicky

Magicyop: Everyone stay calm.

Brightsky: I think Firestar should pull a Julie of the wolves sorta thing where he runs off with Sandstorm in the end to spend the rest of their lives together

Jayheart: I want to see Brambleclaw as leader :)

SheilaRuth: Vicky's having problems. Hang on

Rosesong: she poofed...

Silverleaf ocp: okay magicmop

Slickfeather: Where Did Vicky Go?!?!?!

Rabbitfoot: We're calm, lol. Sorry about that.

VickyHolmes joined.

Magicyop: Just chill. Chillll.

Rosesong: magicyumyop

Oakfeather: Yay

Oakfeather: Vicky

Braveheart42: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silverleaf ocp: Vicky ;D

Oakfeather: Hai

insaneular: Welcome back, Vicky

Rabbitfoot: Wb ^^

Shadowmoon: There are really no cats I dislike.

Slickfeather: ok She Is Back!!!'

Wolf: Sheila- Alright, thanks for telling us. Welcome back, Ms. Holmes. :3

Nettlepaw: You all leave Firestar alone, Firestar is Da Man! Well, Cat...

Oakfeather: Hi Vicky!

Rosesong: Vickyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Bluewing: V-v-vicky

Magicyop: Sheila has come up with a brilliant solution.

Firefawn: Welcome back Vicky

Wolf: Magic- ?

-Clovercloud-: lol nettlepaw

Skywing: vickvick :D

Jayheart: Though I love Firestar as leader I really want to see how Brambleclaw would run the clan ^^

Rockstar: I love Graystripe. Bramblebutt can fall down a fell and choke for all I care. Xp

MeganSimas: wb vicky :D

Boldclaw2: Welcome back Vicky!!

Rabbitfoot: Well, Sheila's always the admin with a plan.

Silverleaf ocp: Bramblebutt Xd

Bluewing: Everything sheila does is brilliant Xd

Stoneclaw: Firestar "whoop whoop"

Redfeather: Vicky got abducted by the Dark Forest cats for questioning on why she was making the fans so excited. x)

Magicyop: Vicky can't copy paste her answers but I will be posting her answers.

Lightstreak Rx: Lol, Bramblebutt...

Firefawn: I want Lionblaze as leader

Silverleaf ocp: excatly redheather

Rosesong: yay

Rabbitfoot: Okay ^^

Slickfeather: Ok

Braveheart42: Bramblebut!?!?

Nettlepaw: Lol!

Wolf: Magic- You have her answers? Alright then.~

Firefoot: Lionstar! Lionstar! Lionstar!

Streamflow: Tigerstar's watching us all...

Mistycreek: I hope Tui can make it! :)

Bluewing: Bramblebutt got a life. and then he died

MeganSimas: my god i loveee lionblaze :3

JJK8: Firestar is awesome..i wish he could live forever...but that would lack realism

Rockstar: I thought of Brambelbutt a loong time ago lol

Firefoot: Bramblebutt???? Xd

Streamflow: Bramblestar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slickfeather: Lionstar!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Tui Sutherland joined.

Stoneclaw: vicky could kick dark forest cats butt

Flametail von Karma: Just so everyone knows, I'm sending in several of Lakestorm's questions for her, because she'd planned to copy and paste but can't. I, for some reason, can.

Mistycreek: Yay! Tui!

Rabbitfoot: Welcome Tui!

Slickfeather: Tui!!!

Boldclaw2: Tui!!

KateCary: bramblebutt! Great name!

JJK8: Tui

Losty: Hi, Tui!

Slickfeather: Welcome Tui!!!!

Oakfeather: Tui

KateCary: Hey Tui!

Firefoot: Cinderstar! Cinderstar! Cinderstar!

Rowanoak23: Hello Ms. Tui!

Oakfeather: hi tui

Rockstar: Firestar'll live Forever anyway.

Silverleaf ocp: Tuii

JJK8: Yay

MeganSimas: hi tui!!

Tui Sutherland: Hi hi hi!

Wolf: Tui! I saw you on Tv a while back! Xd

insaneular: Hello Tui!

Rosesong: Tui!! hi!!! *huggles tui*

Lightstreak Rx: Hello =)

Firefoot: Hi Tui!

Skywing: Tuiiii :D

Firefawn: Hiya Tui

Streamflow: Hi Tui!

Flametail von Karma: Is that a Tui I sense? 8D

SheilaRuth: Tui!!! Welcome!

Rockstar: Tui!!!!!!!!!

Sandstar1051.: Tui!!!!!!!!!

Bluewing: Tui I Commented on your blog once! Hi

-Clovercloud-: Welcome Tui!!

Brightsky: Tui! <3

-Moonflower-: Hi!

CherithBaldry: Hi Tui

Stoneclaw: Tui is here yay!!!!!!!

Braveheart42: Hi Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daysi Pawz: Hi Tui! Welcome back to W&w!

Oakfeather: Hai

Jayheart: Tui :d!!!

Mistycreek: Welcome, Tui! You may not know me because I'm a new member. But I have a westie named Stormie and she says hi!!!

Mistyleaf10564: Tui!

Sandcloud: Tuitui!

Tui Sutherland: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I'm late!

Tui Sutherland: *huggles everybody!)

Lakestorm Wright: yo Tui 'sup.

Brightsky: How are Sunshine and your little kiddo?

Silverleaf ocp: Hugglez Back

Squirrelflighty: Tui made it!

Spottedflame: Hey Tui!

Oakfeather: Im new to the chaw! :P

Lunarstar911: D:

Rosesong: *huggles tui*

Oakfeather: Chat

Tui Sutherland: Sunshine and Jonah are great!

Firefoot: Firestar has 2 lives left as of Fading Echoes

Mistyleaf10564: *tackleglomps Tui*

Stoneclaw: Tui u rule

Bluewing: It's okay! How's your baby?

-Clovercloud-: Its okay, we're just glad you made it at all!! :)

Silverleaf ocp: chaw ;)

Skywing: remember me, Tui? I was the last person who said I love you in the last chat, and I'm the only one you replied to with I Love You. :D

Brightsky: I feel like such a bad person for listing the dog before the baby

Rockstar: Tui I know this sounds creepy, but I just love you're last name. Xd

-Moonflower-: Yay *is estatic*

Tui Sutherland: I have total baby brain, that's why I'm late

Lunarstar911: *tackleglomps Tui*

JJK8: You dont know me but I am Jjk8 call me Firey if you wants

Rosesong: hows sunshine and jonah?

Rowanoak23: It's alright! Glad you were able to come ma'am

Wolf: Alright, everybody's here. :3 I feel like somebody was late last time, too.

Shadowmoon: -hugged by Tui- I don't really mind, I'm lat efor a lot of things...

Bluewing: Thabks okay

Streamflow: Vicky, my cat Curi wants me to tell you not to kill any more cats.

Brightsky: How old he is he now?

Tui Sutherland: aw thanks Rockstar! And hi Skywing!

Braveheart42: *faints* All Of The Erins Are Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Twoleg Prophecy!!!!!! I'm Done. =3

insaneular: Better late than never :)

Brightsky: I'm a baby and a puppy person

Firefawn: Firestar needs 7 more lives

Tui Sutherland: and no worries, Brightsky, Sunshine would appreciate it! :)

Wolf: Braveheart- Twoleg whatnow?
Streamflow(Q): 1.I'm a little confused about the fallen tree. Did the trunk fall into camp, or just the branches? I'm just wondering because if it was only the branches, the cats could clear the wrekage pretty easily , but not if it was the trunk. I'm just hoping you could clear this up for me.
KateCary(A): The whole darn tree - I'm sad it wasn't clear. It was a GREAT scene to write!

Squirrelflighty: Tui did you forget about this? Xd

Bluewing: I have a puppy which is like a baby!

VickyHolmes: Streamflow, please tell Curi that I don't really kill cats! It's just pretend!

crescentmoon: Firestar Is da man!

Redfeather: I don't go to any real-life events because I'm on the other side of the world from the Erins as far as i know :P

Braveheart42: Just That.... The Twoleg Prophecy

Magicyop: I am being promoted Author status.

Mistyleaf10564: Lol

Shadowmoon: How can a sad scene be so great to write? D:

Silverleaf ocp: Its just pretend xd

Oakfeather: *gasp* Cat Killer

Magicyop: I know, it's a big deal.

Bluewing: Woah Firestar's A Man?

Stoneclaw: Vicky could never kill cats she is to sweet

Rabbitfoot: Well, he's not a woman...

Bluewing: He's A Manry Man

Oakfeather: :P does anyone have a closet handy?

Wolf: Magicyop's an author. x3

SheilaRuth: Magicyop is temporarily an author so that he can send Vicky's answers

Nettlepaw: That's the big twist, Bluwing, didn't u know?

KateCary: The sad scenes are the Most fun to write (in a sad way, of course)

Daysi Pawz: Magic, you should answer questions too 8D

Rowanoak23: Don't let it go to your head Magic. ;)

Rockstar: I love Firestar. D:

Boldclaw2: Firestar's awesome!!

Oakfeather: *pulls out straw and hands it to Vicky*

SheilaRuth: That's why he's blue and not organge. ::laugh

Firefawn: Firestar forever!!!!

Braveheart42: Fie Fie!!!!!!!!

Stoneclaw: sad parts "sob"

Tui Sutherland: Jonah's six months old (yesterday!)

Iceclaw: A toad among the moons! Chaos insuing!

SheilaRuth: Ok, continuing with the questions now. Sorry for the technical difficulties!

Wolf: Sheila- *orange

VickyHolmes: Remember guys, Magicyop is entering my answers for me! So I can join in with you guys, hooray!

Shadowmoon: Techcnical difficulties?~

Rabbitfoot: Whee!

Rockstar: Shouldn't the Erin Hunters be answering queastions right about now?

insaneular: Hooray, Vicky!

Muffins: My brain hurts from reading all of this so fast O_o

Coalfang: awesome Xd

Losty: Yay! ^^

-Moonflower-: Yay!!!! *dances*

Stoneclaw: go vicky

Wolf: *hands Vicky a wandie badge*

Forestpelt: Toad avatars forever

Tui Sutherland: Hi Vicky! Hi Kate! hi Cherith!

Sandcloud: Yay Vicky!

Rosesong: yay vicky!!

Jayheart: Everything is going so fast o.o

Silverleaf ocp: Vickyy Wahoo

Rosesong: hi tui!

Slickfeather: Hi Tui!

MeganSimas: My eyes are swirling of reading all of this at once... o-o'

Daysi Pawz: It's better than the huge technical troubles one of the chats had

-Moonflower-: :D

Nettlepaw: I hope we don't get Too many answers: I like secrets!

VickyHolmes: My mouse is broken, my chair is too low, my pyjamas are uncomfy, and I can't paste my answers into the Send box! Wail!

KateCary: Hi Tui! :D

Bluewing: Vicky won the game .___.

Streamflow: All the Erins are here!:)

Lunarstar911: Vicky!!

Rowanoak23: Congratulations Ms. Sutherland! That's actually my name too. Xd

Boldclaw2: Poor Vicky :(

insaneular: Aww, nothing is going right for Vicky :C

Brightsky: Failwhale

Sandcloud: It's okay Vicky, we still love you!

Rockstar: Nooo Vikcy !! -hugs you tight-

Rabbitfoot: -hands you some comfy pajamas and fuzzy socks-

Losty(Q): To all: As of the current book, what was your least favorite scene/plot to write/develop?
VickyHolmes(A): The "current" book to us is not the same as what is in stores right now, because we write at least one year ahead of publication. If you mean SkyClan's Destiny, I don't think I disliked any of the scenes in particular because if I do find myself getting uncomfortable or bored with a scene, that means the story isn't working properly! But I did struggle to think of a way to resolve the second half of the book, when SkyClan goes to help out the other cats (hope I haven't given anything away!).

Silverleaf ocp: faiilwhalleee

Mistycreek: Tui, I have a dog named Stormie and she's a westie. She says hi!

Firefoot: Its okay Vicky

Boldclaw2: Friday the thirteenth does that to you!

Tui Sutherland: Aw, hi Stormie! Sunshine sends her tail wags!

Firefawn: Epic failwhale

VickyHolmes: Thanks, Sandcloud! And thanks for the hug, Rockstar! Yay, my answers are appearing! Phew.

Tui Sutherland: We used to have a Westie named Caledonia; they're awesome!

Mistycreek: Thanks Tui! I will tell her Sunshine said hi! :D

Lunarstar911: My friend, Monkeyx66, is hovering over my shoulder and is forcing me to say that she admires your evilness

Slickfeather: Hi Tui! I love Sunshine's blog!!!

Oakfeather: *stares in awe at the erins*

Losty: Thanks for answering, Vicky! Via Magic, lol.

Brightsky: When'd you get a new doggie, Tui?

Shadowmoon: Well, I haven't finish Skyclan's destiny yet but that doesn't spoil much for me right now.

Oakfeather: *worships the erins*

Bluewing: I couldn't read it everbody kept talking *sad

Mistycreek: Yes I know! Westies rule!
Stoneclaw: friday the thirteenth is so superstisual

Nettlepaw: I was up a Mountain on Friday the 13th. I ask for trouble

VickyHolmes: Oh my goodness, I just realized it was Friday 13th yesterday! I had a very good day, so the bad luck is clearly only just catching up to me!

Rosesong(Q): To Vicky, Kate, Cherith, and Tui: Are there any plans to bring Sol back into the series? It kind of seemed as though his role wasn't quite finished.
KateCary(A): This is one for Vicky, I think!

Rabbitfoot: I know this is a Warriors chat, but I have to agree with Vicky that I'm a dog person. (At least I think I was agreeing with Vicky.)

Braveheart42: Friday The 13th?!?!?!?!? Omsc

Rosesong: yay! my question got answered

VickyHolmes: Yup, Rabbitfoot, I'm definitely a dog person. But I'm never actively nasty to cats!

Daysi Pawz: Nettle: Lol that's awesome

Sandcloud: I love Friday the 13th. ^_^

Streamflow: I was a dog person until I got my cat...

Iceclaw: Why do you think my favorite animal is a wolf? Dogs Rule!

insaneular: I wish I could have a cat, but I'm allergic to them... how ironic for a Warriors fan!

MeganSimas: oh my yesterday was friday 13th??!! No wonder i was in such bad luck-crowdy bus, crowdy shopping mall, crowdy hotel, crowdy blah blah..

Blizz: I love Sol <3

Silverleaf ocp: sol equals <3

Daysi Pawz: Wolves are cool but I dont like most domestic dogs

Rockstar: I have two dogs-oreo and Angel. Their a pain in the Butt lol

Boldclaw2: He%%%% I'm so glad I knew the date yesterday! I was extra careful xd

Bluewing: I got bad luck.. i was all paranoid and spilled pasta sauce on myself

Iceclaw: (hugs my dog) Oh, geez, bad coincidence!

Riverstripe: yesterday was the most unnoticeable Friday the 13th ever.

Skywing: Of course it was Friday the 13th, my doggie got put down. :(

Squirrelflighty: Sol is amazing ^^

Firefawn: I'm a cat person but no one can take my dogs away from me

Skywing: I miss her already..

Lakestorm(Q): To Vicky: In The Fourth Apprentice, Yellowfang tells Jayfeather various things regarding the Place of No Stars' rising. But in Fading Echoes, she doesn't seem to know anything and Jayfeather has to tell her some of the things that she told him in The Fourth Apprentice! Which book was correct?
VickyHolmes(A): Silly old Yellowfang, she's clearly losing her mind! (Either that, or I am - you decide!)

Nettlepaw: It wasn't awesome at the time: I got caught in a Typhoon! Anyway, must focus on the chat...

Iceclaw: I hardly noticed it was Friday the 13th.

VickyHolmes: Blizz, I'm working on a Skyclan manga trilogy at the moment and we learn how Sol first came to to know the Clans... So much fun!

Sandstar1051.: Im a doggy person ^.^

booksandanimals2000(Q): I hope to become an author one there any advice in particular you have to give?
KateCary(A): Rea, rea, read, write, write, write. Don't be put off by rejection but be prepared to listen to advice!

Rosesong: yes, sol is epic

Squirrelflighty: Sounds good, Vicky

Rabbitfoot: I bet you'd love my dogs, Daisy 8D And they'd love you too~

Blizz: That sounds awesome!

SheilaRuth: I'm going to be answering some of Vicky's questions too

Wolf: Vicky- Who's the artist? And thanks, Losty! ^_^

Iceclaw: Vicky" You're losing your mind.

Stoneclaw: vicky, u could never loose ur mind

Shadowmoon: Yellowfang was a medicine cat. She probably forgot the herb to cure amnesia :P

Daysi Pawz: Vicky: That actually sounds pretty cool

Riverstripe: rea rea?

Wolf: Rea reaing is fun!

Firefawn: Yellowfang lost her mind a loooooong time ago

Nettlepaw: Rea is reading but quicker

Streamflow(Q): 1.I'm a little confused about the fallen tree. Did the trunk fall into camp, or just the branches? I'm just wondering because if it was only the branches, the cats could clear the wrekage pretty easily , but not if it was the trunk. I'm just hoping you could clear this up for me.
VickyHolmes(A): It was the whole tree, which was growing at the very edge of the cliff. So everything from roots to trunk to tippy-top branches and twigs crashed down into the hollow. Gasp!

Bluewing: I wanna be a writer tooooooooooooo!

VickyHolmes: Wolf, the manga artist is this awesomely talented guy called James Barry.

crescentmoon: I'm so far bbehind!

Silverleaf ocp: yellowfang is amazing

Rockstar: Like, when she found Raggedstar

Streamflow: I say Yellowfang's lost her mind long ago...

Braveheart42: Hahhahaa Reaing is so much fun!

Daysi Pawz: aw it was Bluestar that lost her mind, not Yellowfang

Stoneclaw: that could b the case some times yellowfang was forgetfull....

Silverleaf ocp: poor bluestar

Rowanoak23: A Skyclan!

Firefoot: the tree fit just right Lol

Muffins: r.i.p bluestar...

Wolf: Vicky- Thank you, I'll look him up now. :3

VickyHolmes: I rea rea rea all the time!

Braveheart42: *loses his mind*

Silverleaf ocp: Rea

Shadowmoon: It's interesting to know that cats can lose their minds just like people... the illustration of it is quite intriguing.

Boldclaw2: I'm going to be an author too ^.^ someday lol

Rockstar(Q): To all: Why are Shredtail and Snowtuft training with Dark Forest cats? As far as I can remember, they don't have any reason to hate Firestar, or the Three.
KateCary(A): They don't realise they're being trained to destory Firestar - they think they're helping their Clans by becoming better warriors

Bluewing: James Barry Pwns. He should have been invited

Lunarstar911: I rea rea read warriors in like, 30 minutes :D

Rosesong: rea

Stoneclaw: wats rea rea??

JJK8: Im gonna write, act, and Direct movies

Shadowmoon: Cats with amnesia is even more interesting.

Silverleaf Ocp(Q): To Vicky: In fading echoes, Yellowfang says Firestar has lost 5 of his lives, but when you go back and count them all, he's lost more. Was that a mistake, or does he really have 5 lives left??
VickyHolmes(A): He definitely has less than five! I do have the exact number written down to remind me, and Kate and Cherith know, but alas I cannot recall the figure right now. I THINK it’s TWO.

Muffins: That and the Old Spice Guy

VickyHolmes: Shadowmoon, I have a very strong interest in mental health, and I wanted to illustrate various stages of deterioration in Warriors, especially older cats.

Streamflow: I'm going to be an author...hopefully.

Rabbitfoot: Like Bluestar. Her poor mental health in book 5 made for a really interesting plotline. I loved that book best because of it.

Tui Sutherland: (I love the Old Spice Guy!)

Silverleaf ocp: 2 Lives?

Braveheart42: Omsc Two Lives?!?!?!?!?!?!??! =0

Firefawn: Firestar!!!! He needs to live

Shadowmoon: I might be an author at some point..

Skywing: Nooo.

Nettlepaw: Two?!

Firefoot: no he must die!

Bluewing: Bluestar is awesome

Shadowmoon: But I want to write about barn swallows

Muffins: He's epic

Forestpelt: my thoughts exactly, about Firestar's lives

-Clovercloud-: only two lives?

Losty: Muffins. The Old Spice guy. I love him. Xd

Braveheart42: Long Live Firestar!

Daysi Pawz: Series 1 book 5 was definitely the best =)

VickyHolmes: The Old Spice Guy is Every kind of awesome, Muffins! Those ads make me laugh so much. "I'm on a horse."

Silverleaf ocp: thankiez for answering my question ^^

insaneular: I think the best parts are when cats go insane :D

Forestpelt: I Knew he had less than 5 O_o

Lightstreak Rx: Firestar keeps obtaining Powerups and Extra Lives.

Squirrelflighty: Tui! Xd

Boldclaw2: Firestar can't die!!

JJK8: 2 Lives

Firefawn: Firestar lives forever in the hearts of the clans

Shadowmoon: I really liked The Darkest Hour.

Lakestorm Wright: My Dad Says Hi. D<

Mistycreek: Horses = Win!

Silverleaf ocp: Omg Old Spice Guy Ftw

Skywing: I love Firestar, he can't leave me..

Nettlepaw: If Firestar was a man he would be the Old Spice guy

Brightsky: You already are an author

SheilaRuth: Speaking of Bluestar's mental health, did anyone notice a similarity with King Lear?

Daysi Pawz: Hi Lakey's dad!

Slickfeather: Vicky: Do you remember from the 2010 San Bruno signing? I drew you a picture that had my 3 favorite cats on it and I used the name Beetlebreeze!

Firefoot: bluestars prophecy was the best book in the series

Silverleaf ocp: hi lakeys dad!

Spottedflame: I loved te 5th book of the origonal series.

Rockstar(Q): To Vicky: In Fading Echoes, Yellowfang talks about Warm-rocks, a part of StarClan territory. Will we ever see a drawing or a full descprition of StarClan territory?
VickyHolmes(A): No, StarClan will remain vague and only ever seen in little pieces, just as we will never see a Cast List for StarClan. You can picture it exactly as you like in your imagination!

Bluewing: Look at your man, now at me, now back at your man now back at me

Rabbitfoot: Who's King Lear? ^^'

JJK8: Vicky said he's a goody goody

Shadowmoon: Especially the cover to The Darkest Hour...

Brightsky: Shakespeare right?

VickyHolmes: Sheila, that's my absolute favourite Shakespeare play! :)

Firefoot: Bluewing, I love that commercial! xd

Rockstar: I'm not going to be a writer when I grow up. I'm going to be the President of teh U.s.a. Then I will lose my mind, Just like Bluestar. Yeahh!!

Brightsky: I really love romeo and juliet

Wolf: I love Shakespeare! 8DD

SheilaRuth: Shakespeare play about a King that went crazy. ::smile
Rabbitfoot: Oh, lol, I've only read Romeo and Juliet Xp

VickyHolmes: Bluewing, I'm giggling now!

Firefawn: I'm on a horse

Nettlepaw: Starclan territory is deliberately vague, it gives it a dreamy quality

Streamflow: A cast list for Starclan would be very long...

booksandanimals2000(Q): I hope to become an author one there any advice in particular you have to give?
Tui Sutherland(A): What Kate said -- read and write as much as you can -- and write down all of your ideas, even if you don't have time to finish them now, because you might want to go back to them later! I think reading author blogs can be really helpful too (and not just because I have one!) -- sometimes they have great advice! I love Meg Cabot's and Kiersten White's and Maureen Johnson's and Kristin Cashore's especially. :)

Boldclaw2: Good luck with that Rockstar!

Lightstreak Rx: Rockstar: I shall be your deputy, and I'll attempt to take your lfe.

VickyHolmes: Do you see these tickets? They're to that thing you love. Now they're diamonds.

Shadowmoon: I should find a place to write down my ideas. :P

Brightsky: Go Maureen Johnson!

Bluewing: Look down, now back up. You're on a boat. With the man your man could smell like

Brightsky: Meg Cabot!

Rosesong: i hated king lear

insaneular: Fading Echoes was my favorite book yet <3

Jayheart: Did someone say Romeo & Juliet?? :O I love that book and movie aha

Firefawn: Firestar is the old spice guy as a cat

Redfeather: When I read the manga I imagined Firestar's voice as Roy Mustang's.

Shadowmoon: And I found that doing an outline of the book before actually writing it really helps.

Squirrelflighty: Vicky.. Xd

Rabbitfoot: Ah, maybe I should put it on my to-read list.

JJK8: Darkest Hour

Wolf: I've been reading Kurt Vonnegut's books lately. x3 They're so twisted.

Muffins: Old Spice Guy! :D

Iceclaw: Ugh... Yeah, I'll never go to Stephen King for advice. Ever.

Rowanoak23: I loved a Midsummer Night's Dream myself

Rabbitfoot: Redfeather: O_e I'll never look at Firestar the same way again...

Shadowmoon: Oh, I really liked Bluestar's Prophecy, too.

Brightsky: I really like On Writing, I just started it

JJK8: Firestar isnt that old!

Braveheart42: I Wrinte A Fan Fic That Is Called A Warriors Romeo And Juliet: Lightningtail And Flowersong

Streamflow: Oots is amazing!

Skywing(Q): How long have you been writing before Warriors?
KateCary(A): Since forever! But I'd never written anything as ambitious as Warriors.

Redfeather: eh, I just thought that deep voice fits him in the manga.

Stoneclaw: stephan king is kreepy...well his stories r pet cemmetery

Skywing: I got answered

Iceclaw: (raises brow) In creative writing my class had to read some things on writing from him. It was just...ugh, he sounded pretty nasty on some things that just made me mad.

Bluewing: Look down again now up again i'm holding tickets to the thing you love. Now back down, now back up, those things are now diamonds

Iceclaw: I know he's a great best seller and all but Give Me A Break.

VickyHolmes: Romeo and Juliet influences me a lot - or maybe it's just my anti-romance coming through!

Rockstar: I have to pee. D8 What should I do??!

Rabbitfoot: I haven't read any of Stephen King's book, but we recently saw the movie Misery and so I'm planning to go read the book. It was an awesome movie Xd

Streamflow: Leaf and Crow...

Wolf: *high-fives Vicky* I do not enjoy romance. 8D

Forestpelt: Wet your pants!

Rockstar(Q): To all: Why are Shredtail and Snowtuft training with Dark Forest cats? As far as I can remember, they don't have any reason to hate Firestar, or the Three.
VickyHolmes(A): No, they don't have former personal relationships with Firestar or the Three, but they clearly did something Very Bad to have ended up in the Dark Forest, so they'll fight with their Clanmates in every battle.

Silverleaf ocp: ::rolleyes Go Pee

-Clovercloud-: hahaha muffins

Brightsky: I just hate people who are like Romeo and Juliet is the ultimate romance story

Daysi Pawz: Relationships that take a while to develop a lot are the best =)

VickyHolmes: Where have all the questions gone? Oh, there's one!

Iceclaw: Horror isn't my best suit anyway, lol.

Brightsky: No its not. They die in the end.

Shadowmoon: I haven't read Shakespeare (or however you spell it) but I've seen Hamlet as a play (probably shortened though)

Bluewing: Pee Your Pants

VickyHolmes: Rockstar, Run!

Brightsky: Its a thirteen year old girl who marries a nearly twenty year old guy

Tui Sutherland: I love On Writing, too; that was really useful! And as for Shakespeare plays, Midsummer Night's Dream and King Lear are my favorites!

Brightsky: And they die

Brightsky: And They Die

Bluewing: Pee Your Pants Right Now

Firefawn: I like warrior forbidden romances

Daysi Pawz: I really don't like R and J Xd

Skywing(Q): How long have you been writing before Warriors?
VickyHolmes(A): I hadn't written anything at all! Warriors was one of the first projects I ever worked on. Lucky, huh? :)

Firefoot: dont wet ur oants! than ull have to change em wi=hich will take longer ,a dntake a shower and stuff

Losty: Brighty: That can still be romantic, lol.

Mistycreek: I've seen Midsummer Night's Dream!

Brightsky: I'm good at translating Shakesperean to normal English

Shadowmoon: Me too, Firefawn. I like the suspense.

VickyHolmes: Er, can we change the subject from Toilet Things?

Rowanoak23: That anti-romance streak you mentioned Vicky would explain Lionblaze and Heatherpaw and Crowfeather and...well, every she-cat in the forest really.

Muffins: I second Vicky

Wolf(Q): To Vicky: What process do you guys generally use when writing a book? Do you create a basic outline first and bounce it back and forth a bit, or do you just wing it?
VickyHolmes(A): When I’m working with Kate, Cherith or Tui, I write a super-detailed storyline on my own to start with, divided into chapters and describing what I’d like to happen in each scene and conversation. Then that storyline (which is about one-third to a half of the length of the final book) goes to Kate or Cherith or Tui, and they breathe life into it, as if they’re inflating my saggy balloon. If I’m writing a book entirely on my own, such as the Special Editions, I plan the stories much more briefly, and make up more details when it comes to writing the first draft.

VickyHolmes: Yup, Rowanoak, cats who are happily in love bore me. But I should add that I'm very happily married!

Shadowmoon: Oh, no wonder. I would have liked the super editions to be more detailed.

Wolf: Wow, thanks for the detailed answer!

Rabbitfoot: I saw this really awesome movie version of Romeo and Juliet that made me like it more. It was set in modern times and they all had guns they called long swords and it took place on the beach...

Skywing(Q): Where do you get inspiration to make your characters personalities?
KateCary(A): The characters just write themselves - they evolve personalities with every word and action. Writing can be a bit like acting - I find I kind of slip into the characters' personalities, and hop from one to another as I write, like a manic Johnny Depp (but not so pretty!)

Shadowmoon: Except Skyclan's destiny, I like that one.

Daysi Pawz: Rabbit: I saw the modern version and hated it even more Xdd

Lunarstar911: Same with me, Kate

Boldclaw2: I love that answer Kate!

Lightstreak Rx: Johnny Depp Is pretty =)

VickyHolmes: Rabbitfoot, that version of R and J by Baz Lehrman is extremely excellent! The soundtract rocks!

Wolf: Johnny Depp's pretty? 0.e;

Braveheart42: Lol Kate!

Firefawn: Johnny Depp is awesome

Braveheart42: Indeed

Rosesong: johnny depp is hot

Brightsky: I saw this live play version of it for class and it was awesome

insaneular: Xd Kate

Sandcloud: Of course Johnny Depp is pretty

Tui Sutherland: I agree, Vicky! I love that movie!

Muffins: His hair in Alice in Wonderland was epic

Stoneclaw: shakesphere=too classic

JJK8: Why dont you make a couple that Hate each other but still love each other Vicky

VickyHolmes: Alas, I do not see the appeal of Johnny Depp. Not even as Captain Jack.

Iceclaw: Twilight as the ultimate R& people crazy?! lol

Lightstreak Rx: I didn't like the new Alice in Wonderland =/

Squirrelflighty: Me either, Vicky

Lunarstar911: like the characters and such

Jayheart: I like Leonardo Decaprio over Johnny Depp *random* ahahah :)

insaneular: I agree with Viky :U

Rabbitfoot: Johnny Depp was only slightly attractive in Sleepy Hollow. Otherwise, not really.

Stoneclaw: Jhonny Depp is da bomb

Lightstreak Rx: Captain Jack, omg<3

Lightstreak Rx: lol

Wolf: Same, Vickz

VickyHolmes: Jjk8, that's Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight!

Skywing(Q): Where do you get inspiration to make your characters personalities?
VickyHolmes(A): Well, they are definitely NOT based on people that I know! (which is what people often assume) Some are created to serve a purpose in the story - like, I might need a bossy cat to lead others into trouble, or a brave cat, or a clingy queen - while others are free to develop however they react with other cats. Those are the ones that can surprise me by becoming much more important to the story when I least expect it! Poppyfrost is a case in point.

Daysi Pawz: Twilight is a lot like R&j in some ways (cept it's even worse)

Mistycreek: Bramble x Squirrel needs to happen!

Lightstreak Rx: He was adorable in Edward Scissorhands <3

Bluewing: Warriors> Twilight

Rabbitfoot: Lighty: Oh, yeah, that too xd

Wolf: *shudders at the mention of Twilight*

Shadowmoon: Clingy queen. Xd Daisy, maybe?

Silverleaf ocp: yeahhh bramble x squirrel

VickyHolmes: But Captain Jack from Doctor Who is Delicious! And even better in Torchwood!

Sandcloud: I liked him in Charlie and the Chocolate factory...

Silverleaf ocp: omg Daisy is the clingiest

Muffins: Why did we have to bring Twilight into Warriors?

Bluewing: Cananda? lol

Sandcloud: Oh, David Tennant is awesome

Rabbitfoot: Vicky, do you have a personal opinion about the Twilight series? Just wondering.

Tui Sutherland: Omg Yes I Love Captain Jack from Torchwood!

Firefawn: Even more drama between Bramble and Squirrel would be if Squirrel was actually expecting his kits

Nettlepaw: Oh Vicky, I Love the new Doctor Who series!

Tui Sutherland: And also David Tennant! :)

Sandcloud: Doctor Who ftw

Daysi Pawz: Funny because the real Daisy (me) is one of the least clingy people ever Xd

Iceclaw: David Tennant was my Doctor.
Minou(Q): Vicky: How is Rock able to show up in random places (such as the mountains) and be omniscient when he isn't dead? (In fact, how is he not dead? He must be at least 60 years old!)
VickyHolmes(A): Oh, he’s dead all right. But he transcends StarClan, and the Dark Forest, and anywhere else that dead cats are contained, so he can pop up literally anywhere. We’ll find out more about Rock in the second half of OTS, don’t worry. He’s a VERY special cat.

Stoneclaw: twilight is Awesome

VickyHolmes: Sandcloud, I agree about David Tennant. I'm warming to Matt Smith, though.

Streamflow: Warriors is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Twilight.

Silverleaf ocp: poor squirrel. how did they never have kits anyway?

Losty: I know, David Tennant and Jon Barrowman in the same series! :D

Wolf: I'd think Vicky wouldn't like Twilight; competition.

VickyHolmes: Silverleaf, I actually think Squirrelflight is unable to have kits.

Rockstar: lol Rock is "special"

Rowanoak23: Makes me wonder if Squirrelflight can even *have* kits

Sandcloud: Vicky, yeah me too. They're both great as the Doctor

Shadowmoon: Yeah. At first my sister didn't believe that the Three were actually Leafpool's kits, even when it said that they weren't Squirrelflight's

Firefoot: she cant

Blizz: I love Tennent I miss him D;

Silverleaf ocp: Poor Squirrelflight!!

Boldclaw2: I hope Squirrelflight can have kits!

Rowanoak23: Oh, nevermind. Vicky just said/implied that

JJK8: Poor Squirelly

Muffins: poor brambleclaw

Firefoot: she cant

Squirrelflighty: Squirrelflight should get pregnant with Thornclaw's kits. It'd be great. Xd Xd Xd

Firefoot: shes infertile

Iceclaw: Jon Barrowman is who Losty>?

Rowanoak23: Which would explain a few things

Firefawn: i hope Squirrelflight has kits in the future

Rosesong: squirrelflight is barren

Losty: Icey: Captain jack

Iceclaw: Squirrelflight is barren?! How can you do that to her?!

Rockstar: Me too. Lotsa little Squrrielflights....

VickyHolmes: Wolf, I don't mind competition! Otherwise making the Nyt Top Ten wouldn't be much of an achievement!
Lightstreak Rx: I would so marry Ashfur's dead body over Edward Cullen.

Redfeather: But it would be so much Betterr if they werent Leafpool's kits >:U

Shadowmoon: But that's just... sad. D:

Firefoot: She cant have kits, she infertile

Brightsky(Q): To All: Do you ever regret continuing the series past the second saga, not because of a lack of readers, but just because any of you would have prefered some of the characters to be permanently immortalized?
VickyHolmes(A): I'd argue that the characters ARE immortalized, simply by being in the pages of a book! And they like forever in the stories, thanks to StarClan and the Dark Forest. I can honestly say that I don't regret for one little minute that we have had the chance to do the third and fourth series. It has allowed us to develop storylines and characters that wouldn't have been possible in the early books, when we were still finding our feet in the Clans.

MeganSimas: maybe starclan will help squirrelflight..? thinking positively that is...

insaneular: That actually makes sense to me, for some reason... it just fits that she wouldn't be able to have kits... dunno why

Streamflow: Poor Squirrel...and Bramble...

VickyHolmes: Lightstreak, I hope you are never forced into that situation.

Stoneclaw: he aint hairless he just cut his hair short...well it was always short he wore a wig

Lunarstar911: At first, I thought Squirrelflight was just lying to Ashfur..

Sunbeam(Q): To All: What kind of cat do you think The Clans need most? Personality-wise, I mean. (i.e. more like Firestar, Brambleclaw, Thornclaw, or Whitestorm? or others, if you have better examples.)
KateCary(A): They need more old-school cats like Lionheart and Whitestorm - they were gentleman cats with integrity. And Tigerstar who was crazy-evil through and through. Young upstarts like Brambleclaw are just in it for the fame! :)

Wolf: Ooh, and we need Zombie Kittens. Eating Zombie Mice.~

Daysi Pawz: Lionheart and Whitestorm were da bomb ::cool

Rabbitfoot: Yeah, I miss Whitestorm!

Rowanoak23: Xd

Shadowmoon: Ooh, I liked Whitestorm. And Lionheart too.

Stoneclaw: Brambleclaw number1
Slickfeather: Vicky, what cat do you regret getting rid of (aka killing lol)

Lightstreak Rx: Xd I love Ashfur <3

Firefoot: Lionheart was a jock

Lunarstar911: Tigerstar = awesome, but evil.

Firefoot: lol

Iceclaw: Here here!

Shadowmoon: -high-five Daysi Pawz-

Firefawn: Whitestorm was cool

Rowanoak23: Nice answer Ms. Cary. Gentlemen cats for the win

Sandstar1051.: I Luved Lion and White!

Sandcloud: Awww! I miss Whitestorm!!! (and Runningnose)

Rockstar: I looooove Lionheart. :)

Lightstreak(Q): To Vicky: I read somewhere (I think on the official site somewhere) that ThunderClan was called "ThunderClan" because they lived close to the Thunderpath in the old forest. But, *Thunder*star created the Clan... Where did the Clan really get its name from?
VickyHolmes(A): The cat named “Thunder” got his name from the Thunderpath, and by extension the name was given to his Clan. As memories of Thunder the cat faded, the name became associated exclusively with the geographical location. And the same for the other five Clans!

Rabbitfoot: Lionblaze is the jock Xd

Blizz: I Completely agree Kate! :D I miss the old-school cats! They were the best part of Bluestar's Prophecy

sunbeam: whoo, my question was answered! but why do we need more tigerstars?

Nettlepaw: Old-skool cats from da Forest Massif

Iceclaw: We need another crazy through and through cat though.

Bluewing: Brambleclaw= Epic No

Losty: Braveheart: Oh :( *sobs* I loved him.

Shadowmoon: Lionheart looked Awesome in the manga.

VickyHolmes: Slickfeather, the death of any cat serves a purpose in the story - and they pop up in Starclan afterwards! So, no regrets overall.

KateCary: Slickfeather - Vicky Never regrets killing any cat! :)

Lunarstar911: I Say It Was Thistlewhatever's Fault

Lunarstar911: Wait

Stoneclaw: tigerstar=bad

Lunarstar911: Five Other Clans??

Boldclaw2: All the oldies are dying off...

Wolf: No regrets! *kills a character*

Forestpelt: agreed, Stoneclaw

Oakfeather: Dont Kill Brambleclaw Or Squirrel. :(

Forestpelt: oh wait nvm

MeganSimas: tigerstar=awesome a way

Iceclaw(Q): To all: If Hollyleaf wanted to stop the secret from getting out by killing Ashfur, why the heck did she spill it!? What was she hoping to gain from it?
VickyHolmes(A): Poor Hollyleaf! She killed Ashfur – and realized that nothing had changed. She was still the result of an illicit relationship between a medicine cat and a WindClan cat. Her true parents had lied and cheated all their lives (as she saw it) and never been punished. The warrior code had been defied in every way, yet these cats were living normal lives! She believed that the only way to get justice was to reveal the truth in the most public place – a Gathering. By this time, she had lost all her faith in the warrior code, so she didn’t care about the repercussions.

JJK8: Not any cat?

Stoneclaw: Five more clans!!!

Forestpelt: I thought you said Firestar Xd

Firefoot: no, it was adderfangs! adderfang mentored Thustle, thistle mentored Tiger

KateCary: That's why you're the no. 1 fan Blizz! :)

VickyHolmes: Boldclaw, that's what oldies do, I'm afraid. <clutches my ageing dog for a super-hug>

Jayheart: Im finding it harder and harder to keep up Xd

Rabbitfoot: I think deaths make the story better, because stories with all happy endings would be boring and unrealistic...

Shadowmoon: Don't kill my Crowfeather just yet D:<

Streamflow: Vicky, you don't regret killing kitties?! *locks all of favorite charactor in basement.*

Rosesong(Q): To Vicky: Why did Allegiances of the Clans get cancelled?
VickyHolmes(A): I don’t know exactly, but it could be because we covered so much material in the other Special Editions, so HarperCollins didn’t feel there was enough extra material to fill an entire book.

Rosesong: thanks vicky

Rosesong: !!

Wolf: I like seeing my favorite characters die sometimes.

Stoneclaw: im sooo lost rite now

Braveheart42: Hollyleaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Spottedflame: I like how characters can still kindof be in the story even after they die --- in Starclan

Wolf: It can be satisfying in a very morbid way.

VickyHolmes: Hooray, my answers are getting through! Huge thank you purrs to Sheila and Magicyop for doing All the work.

Losty: Same here, Wolf. It makes me feel even worse for them, lol.

Iceclaw: (laughs) Poor Hollyleaf my foot!

Shadowmoon: Crowfeather just had Feathertail die, and that's why he's so grumpy. D: (that sounds like my dream last night, almost.)

Daisypaw(Q): All: Did you prefer the style of the first series where StarClan was more of a mystery and the cats fought with their own strength, or the third/current series with all the fantasy elements that were/are incorporated into it?
VickyHolmes(A): I think there has always been a mystery and fantasy in Warriors - think of all the omens and meaningful dreams we saw in the first series, such as Firestar's vision of a lion in the stream, or the hill of blood-soaked bones. The cats still have to use their natural strengths and cunning, and we take great care to root their behavior in what feral cats do in real life. But I must admit that I enjoy the extra threads of fantasy that have entered the later series. That's the joy of working within the limits of one's imagination - there are NO limits!

Streamflow: Vicky-please don't ever kill Brambleclaw.

Firefoot: Yes, but i hate about Spottedleaf invades Firestars dreams Xd

Mistycreek: Ooh yay Vicky!

Stoneclaw: i agree with spottedflame

Bluewing: Hollyleaf= Epic Nutcaserry

Sandstar1051.: Aww :( No more alleigances

Firefoot: wow im so dumb

Lunarstar911: Omg I bet Hollyleaf will come back, stalk Thunderclan, go insane, then jump off a cliff

Firefawn: Kill Brambleclaw off

Lunarstar911: wait

Oakfeather: lol

Muffins: Hollyleaf just went ape****

Lunarstar911: she already is insane

Amberminnow: Ah, I was looking forward to that field guide

Oakfeather: No Keep Bramble

VickyHolmes: Lunarstar, interesting theory...

Wolf: o_o I don't think Hollyleaf is suicidal.

MeganSimas: lol poor hollyleaf...

Firefoot: no, shell kill leafpool squirrelflight, and Crowfeather

Stoneclaw: brambleclaw cant die

Boldclaw2: I love Hollyleaf!

JJK8: Destroy Brambleclaw!!

Firefoot: she has nothing against Brambleclaw

Wolf: She's mad, but I think she still needs to find some meaning in her life.

Jayheart: I'm so confused with whats going on.. I'm completely lost.

Boldclaw2: She won't jump off a cliff.

Redfeather: Nobody said Hollyleaf was dead. She's probably a loner now. >:U

Wolf: Since she lost it all.

JJK8 *AKA* Firey(Q): To all: If you could make and "end of the world situation" in the books what would it be like and how far in the future would you picture it
KateCary(A): Have you read Comet in Moominland? Fab book and a comet heading for earth would be a great plotline for the Clans to deal with!

Firefawn: Bramble needs to be replaces with Lion

Braveheart42: Poor, Hooly. I love her.............. ='(

VickyHolmes: Stoneclaw, technically Brambleclaw Can die. Watch out!

Shadowmoon: Don't kill Crowfeather yet D:

Stoneclaw: hollyleaf was a goddytwoshoes

Streamflow: I loved Holly till she went crazy.

Rockstar: Hollyleaf......she's crazy ): I love her Xd

Braveheart42: Holly*

Brightsky(Q): To Tui, Kate, and Cherith: As much as we love Vicky (I seriously do, she's an awesome possum), would there ever be a chance for any of you to go on tour instead? Once again, not trying to get rid of the awesome possum, just wanting to meet more of you.
Tui Sutherland(A): Aw, Brightsky, that's so sweet! I sometimes do events around Boston or NY/NJ, especially school visits, and I usually post those on my Facebook page to let people know. But I would feel weird saying "come see Erin Hunter!" when it's just me, because I don't have any of the answers that Vicky has (plus she's SO great at Warriors author events!), so I'd be worried that Warriors fans would be kind of disappointed! Unless they like my other books, too...I always have plenty to say about those. :)

Forestpelt: Hollyleaf went to Wacky-shackclan

Bluewing: Poor hollyleaf my butt! she's Crazy

Squirrelflighty: Vicky, how can you feel you covered enough but there's still so much space that you could do an early Clan days thing?... that's odd.....

Rabbitfoot: Comet in Moominland... I have never heard of that, lol, is that a book? -writes it down-

Stoneclaw: Dont kill him!!!!!!!! he is to awesome to be killed!!!

Wolf: "To thy asylum with thee!" Said thy mighty Vicky.

Jayheart: It'd be horrible if Brambleclaw died T-t.. He is my favorite D:! lolz

-Clovercloud-: Brambleclaw is da bomb!

Nettlepaw: A comet heading for earth would drive the Clans mad, look how much an Eclipse spooked them!

VickyHolmes: Tee hee, both Kate and I imagined exactly the same Ending of Doom for the Clans! Rabbitfoot, the Moomin series is fabulous. It's by Tove Jansson.

Rabbitfoot: I will definitely check it out!

KateCary: It's just been made itnot a movie and releasewd in Denmark, Rabbitfoot! I want to see it!

Shadowmoon: Yay, Brambleclaw! *applauds*

Firefoot: If Brambleclaw died, I would cry, Ive never cried when a charrie died
Clovercloud(Q): Did Stormtail and Dappletail end up having kits after Bluestar's mother died?
VickyHolmes(A):I don’t think so, since Bluestar doesn’t seem to have any half-siblings in the Clan.

insaneular: I'll check out that book

MeganSimas: actually..i like the meteorite/comet idea... >8D

crescentmoon: Rabbit - Cats are gorgeous creatures!

Tui Sutherland: Oooo, I don't know the Moomin series, but I love end of the world books, so I'll go look for it!

Firefawn: Brambleclaw needs to be replaced with Lionblaze
Snuff73(Q): To Vicky: *Crosses fingers* Is hollyleaf still alive?
VickyHolmes(A): I admire your hopefulness, but I’m still not going to tell you, sorry!

Shadowmoon: Cats and wolves are the best.

Redfeather: I wonder if the comet would kill any Starclan cats...

Silverleaf ocp: awww poor dappetail

Lunarstar911: omg I want my first question to be answered if any

Iceclaw: Yeah, like cougars running around in Vermont!

VickyHolmes: There are many Moomin books. I devoured them as a child. Tui, I'm surprised you haven't heard of them. I think you'll love them!

Silverleaf ocp: Hollyleafff

Lunarstar911: its... very weird

sunbeam: I think they hinted that Dappletail can't have kits.

Lightstreak Rx: I thought Hollyleaf was confirmed dead?

Boldclaw2: Noooo I want to know as well!!!

Iceclaw: Very gorgeous, but if you're at the wrong end of their temper and they charge you...not so much.

Streamflow: Cats are mysterious.

Stoneclaw: cougars

Daysi Pawz: "I'm not going to tell you"=she Is Totally Alive Zomg.

Boldclaw2: Didn't dappletail have Snowkit?

Firefoot: Dappletail had kits

Shadowmoon: I went outside to see a meteor shower a couple of nights ago but I didn't see any D:

Wolf: Vicky, if you won't tell about Hollyleaf, we'll assume she's alive.

KateCary: the Moomins rock!

Redfeather: Hollyleaf is wandering around giving caramel apples to all the Clan cats.

Daysi Pawz: Otherwise she woulda said "no"

insaneular: That was Speckletail who had Snowkit

CherithBaldry left.

-Clovercloud-: *screams that erin answered her question*

Firefoot: yes

Wolf: Not telling = yus

VickyHolmes: Firefoot, Dappletail had kits?! Eek!

Firefawn: I saw a meteor shower

Daysi Pawz: Unless she's aware of that and she just Wants us to think that

Bluewing: Hollyleaf needs to stay dead

Firefawn: it was cool

Braveheart42: Yup

Rosesong: cherith?!

Bluewing: Cherith left

Stoneclaw: i thought snowkit got carried off by a hawk

Lunarstar911: Cherith

Silverleaf ocp: cherith

Bluewing: Cherith????

Silverleaf ocp: Where She Goo

Redfeather: So yes, she is alive. She drives the ice cream truck as a part-time job as well.
Sunbeam(Q): To all: Who was MistyStar's mate and who were her kits (the ones that Firestar(then paw) saved on Sunningrocks)?
VickyHolmes(A):I think I did figure this out, but I’m open to suggestions! Reedwhisker was one of her kits – so yes, she’s made her own son her deputy! Ooh, controversial...

Streamflow: If we assume she's alive, Vicky will make her dead.

Jayheart: I think it would be interesting if Hollyleaf is sitll alive :)

Rockstar: Cherith? Where'd she go???!!

Firefoot: Cherith No!

Riverstripe: Vicky, did you guess that question was going to be asked here?

Squirrelflighty: Graymist was one of her kits, right? I think she's a Riverclan cat

VickyHolmes: Streamflow, I love how you think I would do such a deliberately evil thing!

Oakfeather: Is heavystep her mate?

Redfeather: Of course she's alive. She gave all the caramel apples to the Clan cats. >:U

Stoneclaw: dont make her dead we need whakyshack cats

Wolf: Come on now, lets not get in a fight over characters.

Shadowmoon: Reedwhisker was Mistystar's kit? I like Reedwhisker's name.

Rowanoak23: Nepotism! Blatant nepotism! Oh wait, Raggedstar did the same thing. Nevermind!

Lunarstar911: Cherith Come Back D:

Lakestorm Wright: for Mistystar's kits: is Dawnflower one? She was made an apprentice about the same time Mistystar's kits were said to be made apprentices...

VickyHolmes: Riverstripe, about 50% of the questions are predictable!

Braveheart42: No Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silverleaf ocp: Ugh raggestar

Rowanoak23: Sides, I like Mistyfoot

Brightsky(Q): To Tui, Kate, and Cherith: As much as we love Vicky (I seriously do, she's an awesome possum), would there ever be a chance for any of you to go on tour instead? Once again, not trying to get rid of the awesome possum, just wanting to meet more of you.
KateCary(A): But she's so good at touring and I get travel sick! :)

Wolf: Wait, Mistystar made her son deputy? Heresy!

Daysi Pawz: Vicky: True

Amberminnow: I thought Dawnflower was one of her kits, she showed up after Mistysatr left the nursery

Oakfeather: Raggedxmisty nice

Rockstar: Cherith please come backkkkkk D:
Rowanoak23(Q): Did Boulder (ex-rogue turned loyal ShadowClan cat) go to StarClan when he died? Will cats like Cloudtail, Mothwing, Daisy, or Sasha who don't believe in StarClan go there when they die?
VickyHolmes(A): This question has been asked many times, and I always say that if a cat doesn’t believe in StarClan, can they really pop up there after they have died? I’d like to say no, if I was being really strict, but it actually breaks my heart to think that Mothwing, for example, won’t live on with a chance to dispense her wisdom to generations of RiverClan medicine cats. So I might relent on this issue!

Rumblepurr: It isn't *if* Hollyleaf is coming back, it is *when* she is coming back!

Boldclaw2: Wasn't Graymist rumored as one?

Daysi Pawz: It's hard to come up with really meaningful or interesting questions Xd

MeganSimas: im having the same question trouble...yay for epic fail..

Rowanoak23: Oh cool, that's my question! Xd

Shadowmoon: I liked Heavystep, too.

Firefawn: Hollyleaf is dead

VickyHolmes: Daysi, there are still questions that make me go, Wow, I've never been asked that before! So don't give up :)

Bluewing: Holllyleaf sits backed up against the wll of the asylum. She laughs evilly. She draws a tally mark. "only 3426562 more days to go...!" She continues to giggle.

Stoneclaw: Whackyshack cats

Iceclaw: Vicky going soft there!

sunbeam: plus, leafstar didn't believe in starclan, and she still got her ceremony.

Redfeather: No. Hollyleaf -is- back. She's giving caramel apples to all the cats in all the clans. >:U

VickyHolmes: Iceclaw, never!

Firefoot: i thought it was graymist, dawnflower, and reedwhisker and some other cat i cant remember

Shadowmoon: Enough with the caramel apples --

Rosesong: lol ice

Iceclaw: (grins) In terms of evil, I believe I win.

Rowanoak23: Still curious about Boulder though. *favorite character*

Boldclaw2: Well, Leafstar was raised as a

Oakfeather: Vicky, *is shy* would you consider watching my fan animation of a Rp I made:

Silverleaf ocp: i like boulde

Shadowmoon: I have a friend whose warrior name is Iceclaw...

insaneular: I'd heard rumors that it was Graymist, Dawnflower, Mintfur, and Reedwhisker

Firefoot: boulder belived in starclan

Firefawn: I'm gonna miss Graystripe and Sandstorm

Iceclaw: I'm not called Iceclaw for no good reason. Ask anyone who knows me here. (laughs evilly)

VickyHolmes: Oakfeather, I watch as many of the Youtube videos as I can. I am constantly stunned by how wonderful they are.

Firefawn(Q): To All: which is you current favorite death scene and why?
KateCary(A): When Bluestar's kit, Mosskit, dies. It couldn't be sadder. Bluestar's so brave.

Silverleaf ocp: Omg I Love Sandstorm &gray

Firefawn: Lionblaze and Cinderheart

Wolf: I just realized I have a ton of homework that I haven't done yet. :| Seeya, peeps!

Rosesong: i luved mosskit

Coalfang: all toms got to heaven, all he cats go to the dark forest. can we settle it that way? Xd

Stoneclaw: poor mosskit

Silverleaf ocp: soo sad

Losty: Aw, bye, Wolf! :(

Firefoot: u have school!

Rabbitfoot: Aww, Wulfz D8

Streamflow: I admire Bluestar.

Mistycreek: Where is Cherith>

Firefoot: wow, bye wolf

sunbeam: bye wolf!

Muffins: bye wolf!

Lightstreak Rx: lol, Coal.

Shadowmoon: Bye bye!

Wolf: Seeya, friends, authors, and admins. x3

Boldclaw2: I cried so hard when Mosskit died! I loved her!

Silverleaf ocp: dunt goo

JJK8: Lionblaze and Icecloud

Rockstar: Mosskit...reminds me of Mosspelt. Maybe she was reincarnated like Cinderpelt?

Forestpelt: bye Wolf!!

Jayheart: Brb I am going to get some cake :D!

Sandcloud: bye wolf!

Firefoot: Lionblaze and Cinderheart 4ever!

Braveheart42: Hollyleaf's death almost made me lose all interest in Warriors, untill The Fourth apprentice and my fanfic kept me going!

Iceclaw: Bye Wolf!

Redfeather: I want some cake. -.-
Stoneclaw: Cherith come back

Silverleaf ocp: bring me some cake jay :d
Stormingsoul: Vicky, I need to go soon. Can I please post my questions, even if you don't answer?

Shadowmoon: Nobody said Hollyleaf died :O

Shadowmoon: But nobody said she didn't either

Braveheart42: Cake=lie

Muffins: I have chocolate cake downstairs...

MeganSimas: i want papa johnes pizza.... >->

Silverleaf ocp: I Want Cake From Hollyleaf

Forestpelt: the cheese is a lie too

VickyHolmes: Braveheart, I'm so glad we kept you hanging on there! Stormingsoul, yes do post your questions here and I'll try to answer them.

Stoneclaw: cale sounds does pizza

Streamflow: I want chocolate cake!

Rockstar: *steals cake* >8D

insaneular: pie=truth :B

Silverleaf ocp: omg papa johns:3

Oakfeather: *sees Vicky post something at me* *dies of the awesomeness*

Daysi Pawz: Cherith left..

Stoneclaw: Choco cake is the best cake

Firefoot: *hands chocolate fountain* please answer questions...
Mistycreek(Q): Question For All: As a member of the Official Warriors and Seekers Message Boards and founder of this idea; we all thought I should ask it at the Chat. Here it goes. :) I'm pretty sure all of the Erins are animal lovers (correct me if you're not but I'm sure you all are!), and so are a lot of other people (in fact, I've collected almost more than 60 names in three days on the Official Message Boards for this!) Do you know how many animals (mainly cats and dogs is what this is for, but it can be horses and stuff too) need our help each day that are abandoned, neglected, or abused? What my idea was that some proceeds of the newest Warriors and Seekers books could go to an animal charity (such as ASPCA) to help those animals! The books could even have some sort of sticker on it saying "WSAAC: Help an animal in need!" and stuff describing what some of the money goes to. (WSAAC is what I called it: Warriors and Seekers Against Animal Cruelty) I (and a lot of other people, hence the 60 names) think this would be a cool idea. It might even get the series' more publicity! But in the end, it's up to you (the Erins) and Harper Collins to decided. What do you think about this, and could you comment about it and if you like it, ask Harper Collins or something? It's okay if you don't, just an idea of ours. Thank you! :D
VickyHolmes(A): It’s an excellent idea, and thank you to everyone who signed the petition. All of the Erins are passionate about animal welfare (even if some of us are DOG people and some of us are CAT people ), and in our private lives we do as much as we can to support charities that are close to our hearts – for people as well as animals. Diverting funds from a book would have to be organized by HarperCollins, however, and it hasn’t been discussed yet, although we’ll always bear it in mind. On that note, sometimes we receive criticism for not seeming to do much charity work. Actually, we are extremely active in a number of charities for both animals and children, but this is something we prefer not to broadcast.

Stormingsoul: Thank you! Thank You!

JJK8 *AKA* Firey(Q): To all: If you could make and "end of the world situation" in the books what would it be like and how far in the future would you picture it
Tui Sutherland(A): I think Seekers is set a little ways in the future, and it sort of is end-of-the-world-like, especially for the poor bears! In that case it's climate change that's causing the end of the world, which is less immediately dramatic than a comet, but pretty scary nonetheless. I also got to do my own end-of-the-world in the Avatars trilogy, and the way I did it was kind of complicated...but fun! I love reading those kinds of stories!

VickyHolmes: Whoa, I write long answers!

Daysi Pawz: The question was even longer Xd

Lakestorm Wright: lol Vicky

Riverstripe: lol

Silverleaf ocp: hahaha vicky

Blizz: Awesome more information :D

Mistycreek: My question was answered! Wow! Thank you so much, Vicky.

Sandcloud: its okay Vicky Xd

VickyHolmes: Blizz, I tell you as much as I possibly can, I promise!

Blizz: ^^

Muffins: Anyone want chocolate cake? lol I promise it's not a lie...

Nettlepaw: Thats really cool on the charity thing

Losty: Muffins: Ooh, I would, please! ^^

Firefawn: muffins

Braveheart42: Fine!!!!!!!!! I'l have cake!

-Clovercloud-: I do!

sunbeam: I'm gonna have to read the chat log after this to make sure I didn't miss anything...

Muffins: No muffins!

JJK8: Thanks Kate, Tui loved your answers

Slickfeather: vicky, what cat do u regret killing???

Spottedflame: Yummy, but I have ice cream!
Mistycreek(Q): For All Erins: My friend and I made up this idea that Hawkfrost would fall in love with Ivypaw and then he would be reincarnated (at the work of Tigerstar) so he would be alive again (not for Ivypaw, but to be like Tigerstar's puppet kind of thing). Would this ever happen and is it a good idea?
KateCary(A): I like it! But I can't imagine the arrogant Hawkfrost noticing a 'paw - maybe when she's a warrior...

Jayheart: I have chocolate cake right now ahaha :D *give out cake* :)
Rosesong: where did cherith go?

Muffins: *gives chocolate cake*

Rockstar: Ohh Hawkfrost you little snob :'(

Losty: Oh, I love the idea of Hawk X Ivy :)

Lightstreak Rx: o.o

insaneular: Ivyxhawk is winnnn!

Skywing: I just meant to say; Rosedapple and Skywing are teh best onesss

Mistycreek: Yay! Kate! You answered my question! Wow...i gotta tell my bff that!
JJK8 *AKA* Firey(Q): To all: If you could make and "end of the world situation" in the books what would it be like and how far in the future would you picture it
VickyHolmes(A): A giant asteroid would crash into the lake, instantly evaporating every living thing as far as the mountains. I’m not sure when it would happen. Hopefully this won’t happen before the end of OTS!

Silverleaf ocp: Vicky. That Is Awesome.

Bluewing: Lol

Firefoot: lol please no

JJK8: Thanks Vicky

Daysi Pawz: lol!

Sandstar1051.(Q): To All: What are Molekit's and Cherrykit's warrior names and who are theyre mentors?

KateCary(A): Molebutt and Cherrycola. Kidding. I don't know yet.

Daysi Pawz: That's how Warriors should end

Silverleaf ocp: Xd

Lightstreak Rx: Xd!

Firefoot: Lol

Rabbitfoot: Heh, that reminds me of the last episode of Danny Phantom, with the giant asteroid.

Silverleaf ocp: Molebutt Cherrycola

Rockstar: Warriors should never end

Firefoot: wow that made me laugh

VickyHolmes: Try to have patience, folks. I answered every single question that was pre-posted, so you'll get your answer eventually.

MeganSimas: Lol molebutt!! Xdddd

Boldclaw2: Lol
SheilaRuth: We're taking additional questions for Kate, Cherith, and Tui, if anyone has any feel free to ask )in the ask box!)

insaneular: Cherrycola = best warrior name Ever

Oakfeather: Mole.. Molepelt, and Cherryfur. :P

Oakfeather: Or Dietcherrycola

Bluewing: Oooh cherrycola sounds good right not Otl

SheilaRuth: Not for Vicky yet, though

VickyHolmes: Sheila, I can answer additional questions too!

KateCary: Dietcherrycola - love it! Only in leafbare though

CherithBaldry joined.

Silverleaf ocp: Cherith

Riverstripe: welcome back

Mistycreek: Cherith's back!

insaneular: Hey, welcome back, Cherith!

-Clovercloud-: Welcome back!

VickyHolmes: But if you'd rather I waited, that's okay. <being obedient>

MeganSimas: wb cherith

Firefoot: Cherith!

Rosesong: cherith!!

Rowanoak23: Molebutt sounds like a 'scrubs' reference to me

Silverleaf ocp: whack a mole kit

Braveheart42: Cherith!!!!!!!!!

Daysi Pawz: wb Cherith =)

Shadowmoon: Molekit xd

Oakfeather: Whack a Mole Kit! Woot

Iceclaw: Ha! Vicky is bowing down to Sheila's almighty power!

Rockstar: welcome back!

CherithBaldry: Sorry, my phone went dead and I lost my connection.

Shadowmoon: I saw a baby mole once :O

Rosesong: whack a mole kit

Rosesong: lol

Oakfeather: lol

Rabbitfoot: You're on your phone? Heh.

Silverleaf ocp: moles are funneh looking

VickyHolmes: Rosesong, Whack a molekit sounds Terrible!

Mistycreek: This is awesome! Cherith, you use a phone?

Firefoot: *whack*

KateCary: Elliot Molebutt - you're right Oak! Scrubs. love scrubs
Nettlepaw: It's okay, if you hit him another one pops up

Rockstar: you're phone? Cherith, you deserve soo much better than that. D:

Boldclaw2: Poor Molekit if he actually gets named that!

Rabbitfoot: One mole of kits = 6.022 x 10^23 kits.

Skywing(Q): How long have you been writing before Warriors?
CherithBaldry(A): All my life. One of my earliest memories is sitting on my Grandad's knee and reading him a story I'd written.

JJK8: Welcome Back
Amberminnow(Q): To All: I read somewhere that you were thinking about putting an albino cat in the books, but you were waiting for the right time. Do you plan on creating this cat for sure, if so how soon will we see him/her?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes I’d love to include an albino cat, but I haven’t found exactly the right place yet.

Redfeather: Albino cat? :U

insaneular: An albino cat would be an awesome plot point

Bluewing: What do you mean by albino?

Firefoot: Fernclouds next litter: six albino kits

Spottedflame(Q): To All: Is there a character that you've ever regreted killing, like that their role wasn't quite finished.
Tui Sutherland(A): We kill whatever cats Vicky tells us to -- but I must admit I would have loved more Feathertail! She was so great...but she also had the best death scene, so I guess we wouldn't have wanted to miss out on that...sigh! Vicky knows what she's doing! :)

Oakfeather: Soo.. Whack A Mole Kit and Cherrycola

Shadowmoon: ooh, an albino cat would be interesting.

Blizz: People think of such awesome questions I'm kind of wracking my brain :P

Shadowmoon: Feathertail :D

Bluewing: What do u mean by albino

-Moonflower-(Q): Do you ever look at Warrior cat RPG sites? How does it feel to have a book that's so obsessed over? (Haha- like me! :D)

KateCary(A): yes - they are amazing! I feel very proud and not a little astounded

Minou(Q): Vicky/All: It seems Hollyleaf recognized that she didn’t really have an incredible power like Lionblaze and Jayfeather, since she showed relief when they found out that Squirrel and Bramble were not their parents and it was she who declared that they weren’t part of the prophecy after all. When did she come to realize that she didn’t have a power, and did Lionblaze and Jayfeather ever realize it, whether before or after her “death”?

VickyHolmes(A): She figured it out before she died, even before she made her declaration at the Gathering. I’m not sure that Lion and Jay knew that she didn’t have a power until Dovepaw came along and was obviously one of the Three. Great question, you’ve clearly studied Hollyleaf’s life very closely!

-Moonflower-(Q): Do you ever look at Warrior cat RPG sites? How does it feel to have a book that's so obsessed over? (Haha- like me! :D)

VickyHolmes(A): It feels awesome and amazing and the biggest honour in the world. I literally cannot get my head around the fact that people are inspired by my teeny tiny ideas. Just WOW.

Slickfeather: I love your blog Tui!

Brightsky(Q): To Tui, Kate, and Cherith: As much as we love Vicky (I seriously do, she's an awesome possum), would there ever be a chance for any of you to go on tour instead? Once again, not trying to get rid of the awesome possum, just wanting to meet more of you.

CherithBaldry(A): I did one tour in the US - I think that was the first Erin tour. I'd love to do another, but I think Vicky is the face of Erin for now, and she does it brilliantly.

Skywing(Q): What keeps you inspired when you're writing? (for all of the Erins willing to answer!)

KateCary(A): Vicky!

Rabbitfoot(Q): A question from my awesome friend Tesseri-Shira: How many total names have the Erins used from recommendations by their fans?

VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, I've never counted so I couldn't tell you!

-Moonflower-: Yes! My question got answered!!!! Woot! *does a little dance*

Rabbitfoot(Q): A question from my awesome friend Tesseri-Shira: How many total names have the Erins used from recommendations by their fans?

CherithBaldry(A): I really couldn;t say. Vicky might know.

Tui Sutherland: Aw, thank you, Slickfeather! I know it's like all baby photos all the time now, but I'm sure I'll have more useful things to say once I start getting more sleep. ;)

Rabbitfoot(Q): Another question from my awesome friend Tesseri-Shira: In the 'Warriors' universe ARE there other clan groups elsewhere in the world?

VickyHolmes(A): Interesting question! I think there are other groups of cats, like the Tribe, but maybe not Clans exactly the same.

Squirrelflight WW(Q): Will Thornclaw have a mate? He seems like he'd do well with Squirrelflight, as he isn't a fatherly type and she apparently can't have kits.

VickyHolmes(A): I’m not sure Thornclaw would want to date Squirrelflight with her complicated history of having kits/not having kits! Poor Squirrelflight. But you’re right about him not being a fatherly type. Hmmmm. I wonder who I can fix him up with?

Skywing(Q): What keeps you inspired when you're writing? (for all of the Erins willing to answer!)

VickyHolmes(A): Deadlines! Chocolate! And reminding myself that I could have a different job that wasn't as awesome.

Sunbeam(Q): To All: What kind of cat do you think The Clans need most? Personality-wise, I mean. (i.e. more like Firestar, Brambleclaw, Thornclaw, or Whitestorm? or others, if you have better examples.)
CherithBaldry(A): I think the Clans need a variety of cats. Strong warriors, wise cats, loving queens to bring up their kits, adventurous cats, inquiring cats... There's room for them all.
Sandstar1051.: Thornxhazel!

Riverstripe: the questions are being posted fast.

Squirrelflighty: Thorn x Squirrel! D:

Oakfeather: Thornxmouse!

Rockstar: Sigh....i remember when Warriors was just a small little book series...*rocks in her chair*

insaneular: yeah I can barely read all the questions

Daysi Pawz: Basically, less cats like berrynose.

Firefoot: we need another whitestorm

Silverleaf ocp: isnt hazel his nieve or something

insaneular: I'll definitely to read the transcript!

Silverleaf ocp: *niece

JJK8: Thornxbroken stick

Flametail von Karma(Q): Have you ever heard of the mental disorder known as Asperger’s? It’s on the autism spectrum and a person who has it mainly has trouble with social interactions. But it has other symptoms as well, and quite a few of these symptoms seem to apply to Dovepaw (being highly affected by stimuli despite having had to deal with stimuli her whole life, having trouble getting used to new surroundings, having trouble realizing that not everyone thinks the same way she does). Was that intentional? (question from Lakestorm)

VickyHolmes(A): I am familiar with Aspergers, Flametail, although I didn't deliberately put elements into Dovepaw's character. You're right that she figures on the spectrum, though. As does Jayfeather, even more highly I think.

Firefawn(Q): To All: which is you current favorite death scene and why?
CherithBaldry(A): Feathertail. So very sad! It was hard to write but a great experience.

Slickfeather: Tui, what would you name your kits?

Firefoot: thornx hazel

Muffins: long live jayxstick!

Silverleaf ocp: Thornxstick
Bluewing(Q): To all: Do you ever feel like you're repeating things from previous books? I'm not saying you are though.
VickyHolmes(A): This is something I’m quite obsessed about, and I have a fairly good memory for plots (if not for characters, sigh), so I sieve everything through my knowledge of previous books before committing it to a storyline. By far the biggest challenge in Warriors is coming up with new exciting things for every book!
Flametail von Karma(Q): Have you ever heard of the mental disorder known as Asperger’s? It’s on the autism spectrum and a person who has it mainly has trouble with social interactions. But it has other symptoms as well, and quite a few of these symptoms seem to apply to Dovepaw (being highly affected by stimuli despite having had to deal with stimuli her whole life, having trouble getting used to new surroundings, having trouble realizing that not everyone thinks the same way she does). Was that intentional? (question from Lakestorm)

KateCary(A): Yes. I know about Aspergers but I'd not thought of Dovepaw as being an Aspie - but I know what you mean now you mention it. That is an interesting insight. I do think she fits on that spectrum, especially with her very sensitive hearing and worrying. I'm going to love her even more now!
Rabbitfoot(Q): Another question from my awesome friend Tesseri-Shira: Have the Erins ever gotten a fully written, printed and bound Warriors fanfic?

VickyHolmes(A): We've had some very impressively bound fanfics, but none in published format because that would be against copyright.

Tui Sutherland: Oooo, if I had kits to name, I'd come here first and start taking notes -- there are so many awesome names here! :)

SheilaRuth: Pay attention everyone! Wands and Worlds exclusive coming up!!!

Silverleaf ocp: ?

Braveheart42: Omsc

Bluewing: hu?

Iceclaw: Exclusive?!

insaneular: oooh

Mistycreek: Really Sheila? What is it?

JJK8: wow

Muffins: exclusive?

Nettlepaw: *sits up*

Silverleaf ocp: omsc?

Losty: Exclusive? :O

Lightstreak Rx: :O

Iceclaw: Since when have we done that?

sunbeam: what's an exclusive?

Blizz: I'm paying attention! :D

Skywing(Q): Where do you get inspiration to make your characters personalities?
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t believe a lot in inspiration. I believe in hard work and using your mind. There are all sorts of areas you can use: people you know, people you would like to know, ideas about how people might react in certain situations...

Muffins: darn it! Now I can't go to the bathroom...

Firefoot: ooooooooooooh

Mistyleaf10564: exclusive?

Flametail von Karma(Q): What is Mapleshade's physical description? What about her personality? Is there anything else about her you can tell us? xD I like her already.

VickyHolmes(A): She is tortoiseshell and white, big, tending to fat, with amber eyes. She's ambitious, cold and dedicated to revenge. You'll see a lot more of her in Crookedstar's Promise!

Firefoot: Lol muffins

Silverleaf ocp: poor muffins Xd

SheilaRuth: The next answer from Vicky is an exclusive!

Bluewing: what does that even mean

Blizz: Yes :D

Silverleaf ocp: omg

Rowanoak23: Oooh!

Redfeather: What's a W&w exclusive?

Forestpelt: Ohhh!

Redfeather: Oh.

Bluewing: Oohh

Skywing: :O

Firefoot: Yay!

Squirrelflighty: Sounds like........

SheilaRuth: Means that it's being announced here first

Squirrelflighty: Blizz I'm excited 8D

Muffins: *does bathroom dance*

Iceclaw: Awesome.

JJK8: Interesting

Flametail von Karma(Q): If you could rewrite the series, would you change any of the consistency problems? If so, what? (question from Lakestorm)

VickyHolmes(A): All of them except for Rowanclaw changing from a girl to a boy because I'm kind of attached to that Epic Error!

Daysi Pawz: This is why W&w is awesome ::cool

Rabbitfoot(Q): Another question from my awesome friend Tesseri-Shira: Have the Erins ever gotten a fully written, printed and bound Warriors fanfic?

CherithBaldry(A): We've had some awesome fanfics, but copyright wouldn;t allow them to be professionally published.

Rockstar: Trying to read the answers :P

Iceclaw: Sweet! W&w awesomeness forever!

SheilaRuth: Here it is...

Dawnspots(Q): To all: Have you come up with the title of the fourth book in OOTS, and if you have what is it?
VickyHolmes(A): Book Four will be called SIGN OF THE MOON and, as a Wands and Worlds exclusive, I can reveal here that Book Five will be THE FORGOTTEN WARRIOR. Hooray!

Skywing: Wooo!

Skywing(Q): What keeps you inspired when you're writing? (for all of the Erins willing to answer!)

CherithBaldry(A): Chocolate!

Daysi Pawz: nicee

Lightstreak Rx: The Forgotten Warrior sounds Epic

Firefoot: Forgotten warrior!

Silverleaf ocp: The Forgotten Warrior ;D

Mistycreek: Ooh! The forgotten warrior! Awesome!

JJK8: Yay

Firefoot: Ooooooooooooh!

Nettlepaw: Nice

Silverleaf ocp: epicc

Riverstripe(Q): Sheila: I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I don't think I got my question to you- and if I did, I didn't get your answer. Sorry for repeating this... Magic can answer too. How long does it generally take to finish a chat transcript?

Magicyop(A): A lonng time. A chat transcript requires lots of work on the part of both me and Sheila. I believe in past chats it has been a couple weeks of hard labor (maybe two weeks?) but it could easily be longer or shorter. This one will likely be longer, I can tell already.

Streamflow: Cool title.

Stoneclaw: Yay!!

Braveheart42: =ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Coalfang: sounds like tiger >=)

Flametail von Karma(Q): Is Smokefoot a different cat from Smokepaw (who fell off a cliff and died in Dawn but was still listed as Oakfur's apprentice in subsequent books)? (question from Lakestorm)

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, he is (although I love the theory that Smokepaw survived the fall and made his way to the Clans to become Smokefoot, the apprentice MADE OF RUBBER).

Iceclaw: The awesomeness never ends

Muffins: mwahaha now I can go! brb...

Silverleaf ocp: i bet its hollyelaf

Slickfeather: Vicky, who is The Forgotten Warrior???

JJK8: The forgotton warrior is Holloyleaf

Silverleaf ocp: and they find out shes not dead :3

Forestpelt: is Hollyleaf the forgotten warrior?

Rosesong: ooh, the forgotten warrior

Spottedflame: The Forgotten Warrior.. Cool!

Stoneclaw: im sooo lost i cant read a thing this is going soo fast

Firefoot: Lol

Braveheart42: Omsc That's Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Forgotten Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mistycreek: It Has to be Hollyleaf.

Shadowmoon: That sounds suspenseful

Lightstreak Rx: But we can't forget about Hollyleaf :<

Silverleaf ocp: tiger or holly.

Rosesong: gotta b hollyleaf

Redfeather: Sign of the Moon + The Forgotten Warrior = Brackenheart. >:U

insaneular(Q): Will there ever be a possibility of Leafpool taking another mate, now that she's not a medicine cat?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, I suspect she's too much in love with Crowfeather to consider doing that.

Silverleaf ocp: or hawkforst

Daysi Pawz: I think it's Holly but I can't tell

Braveheart42: It Has To Be My Love, Hollyleaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riverstripe: Whoo, long answer.

Dawnspots(Q): To Vicky: Are you ever going to have another character who is from a different species effect the clan again? (The way Midnight did).

VickyHolmes(A): Not as much as Midnight, no, because I don’t think we’ll meet any other animals who can speak Cat quite so fluently! Midnight is a one-off, and all the more special because of that. I love her so much!

Stoneclaw: forgottenwarrior=hollyleaf

Streamflow: I bet its Holly...

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