Erin Hunter Chat Transcript 8/14/2010 - part 2

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Flametail von Karma(Q): Have you ever heard of the mental disorder known as Asperger’s? It’s on the autism spectrum and a person who has it mainly has trouble with social interactions. But it has other symptoms as well, and quite a few of these symptoms seem to apply to Dovepaw (being highly affected by stimuli despite having had to deal with stimuli her whole life, having trouble getting used to new surroundings, having trouble realizing that not everyone thinks the same way she does). Was that intentional? (question from Lakestorm)

CherithBaldry(A): I have heard about Aspergers and know a couple of people on that spectrum. I'd never thought of Dovepaw in that way, though you're right that she does have some of the characteristics. But she can relate to other people more easily than most autistic people.

Rockstar: Forgotten warriors=hollyleaf

Braveheart42(Q): Is Ashfur in the Dark Forest as of now? Or is he in Starclan? Just wanted to know.

CherithBaldry(A): I'm sure you do!

Riverstripe: yay, new theories

Silverleaf ocp: xd cherith

Lakestorm Wright: eh, true. but I relate to people just fine and I carry most of Dovey's symptoms as well xd

Skywing(Q): Do you enjoy what you do? And do you have jobs outside of writing? If so, what type?

VickyHolmes(A): Skywing, how many hours do you think there are in a day?! I write and edit fulltime (not just Warriors, though - I create storylines for about six different series).

Shadowmoon: "I'm sure you do!" xd

Lunarstar911(Q): To all: OK, well it seems that at first, Rowanclaw was a she-cat. (Look at Midnight for proof) Yet then, she became a tom. I forget which book, I think it was half way through TNP. Is Rowanclaw a she-tom? Seriously, whats his/her gender? .-. (PS, I just love our books! :D I own a lot of them)
VickyHolmes(A): Much as I love the idea that Rowanclaw deliberately changed gender to have a relationship with Tawnypelt, I’m afraid this is just the most famous mistake of Warriors. Oops! But his kits are lovely, you have to agree.

Forestpelt: Watch, the forgotten warrior is probably someone like... Runningwind.

Rabbitfoot: Lol Xd

JJK8 *AKA* Firey(Q): To all: If you could make and "end of the world situation" in the books what would it be like and how far in the future would you picture it
CherithBaldry(A): The heat death of the universe? Our warrior Clans must stick around until then!

Silverleaf ocp: Runningwind

Shadowmoon: Rowanclaw was originallty a she-cat? O_o *runs to check*

Flametail von Karma(Q): Rosepetal and Foxleap seemed to have the makings of a romantic couple in Fading Echoes. But, uh, Foxleap is Rosepetal's uncle. o.O Was that intentional? (question from Lakestorm)

VickyHolmes(A): Once I realized that, the relationship down. :)

insaneular: I dunno, Heavystep coming back to life twice might be more famous than Rowanclaw's gender change!

Braveheart42(Q): Is Ashfur in the Dark Forest as of now? Or is he in Starclan? Just wanted to know.

KateCary(A): Wait and see!

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who is your favorite villain?

VickyHolmes(A): Scourge.

Iceclaw: I'm placing bets for Dark Forest.

Goldenpelt: Curse you, Kate!

Braveheart42: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockstar: Scrouge is just sooo cute Xd

Sandstar1051.: I cant read one question without another poppin up!

Silverleaf ocp: Dark Forest For Ashfur

Clearfur(Q): To Vicky: Will Cinderheart ever realize her true identity? And will she end up together with Lionblaze?
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm, can I give this much away? I think I can safely reveal that yes, Cinderheart will discover her former identity. And that’s all, folks!

Rabbitfoot: Heavystep was pretty ninja.

Bluewing: Lol

Firefoot: Wow

Streamflow: Ashfur deserves the Dark Forest.

Forestpelt: Y E S!

Nettlepaw: I Adore The Scourge manga

Daysi Pawz: Nicee!

Muffins: :D hoorah!

Mistyleaf10564: Awwwwwwwwwwwwz

Mistycreek: Awesome! Cinderheart Rulez

Amberminnow(Q): What happens if a newborn kit dies, do they go to StarClan as is, with their eyes closed and unable to walk yet?

VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm. I think StarClan would allow them to open their eyes and totter around, for maximum cuteness.

Muffins: *dances*

booksandanimals2000(Q): I hope to become an author one there any advice in particular you have to give?
CherithBaldry(A): Read and read and read and then read some more. Learn how to use the English language accurately and effectively. And go out to get experience so you have something to write about. And then read some more.

Firefoot: Heavystep is secretly evil and pltting to take over hte lake

Firefoot: Mwahahahaha

Bluewing: How To Be. Ninjaaaa

Clearfur: yay i got answered!!!

Rabbitfoot: Aww xd

Shadowmoon: Maximum cuteness o3o

Stoneclaw: I wonder wat would happen if yellowfang got a second life

Mistyleaf10564: rawr

Forestpelt: *looks from dinner to author chat helplessly* D: !

Shadowmoon: Heavystep isn't evil! D:

Mistycreek(Q): (for all) Would you ever consider creating whole new clans?

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think I could cope with having to come up with so many more names and personalities!

Silverleaf ocp: poor forestpelt

Sandstar1051.: yay for tottering kits!

Rabbitfoot: Author chat > dinner.

Firefoot: that would be hard

Shadowmoon: I once did a book report on Moonrise.

Rabbitfoot: Although you could take your food and eat it by the computer. Like I did Xp

Muffins: lol rabbit

Rosesong: *agrees with rabbit*

Riverstripe: I think I'm going to be an author someday..

VickyHolmes: Forestpelt, don't miss dinner on our account! Or maybe you could eat with one hand and type with the other?

Stoneclaw: stay on the chat

Boldclaw2: Cute little kitties

Moonflower(Q): Will we have another forbidden relationship between Tigerheart and Dovepaw?
VickyHolmes(A): SPOILER ALERT: Do you mean, will they start up their relationship again, or will there be another cross-Clan relationship between other cats? You’ll have to wait and see!

Firefoot: i did all my book reports last year on warriors

Forestpelt: Ribs are too messy to eat with the computer

Flametail von Karma(Q): Rosepetal and Foxleap seemed to have the makings of a romantic couple in Fading Echoes. But, uh, Foxleap is Rosepetal's uncle. o.O Was that intentional? (question from Lakestorm)

CherithBaldry(A): No, and I promise it won;t develop in any unpleasant way.

Daysi Pawz: River: saame, but I doubt it'd be my full time job

Firefoot: I had to make a board game, and I used the lake

Clearfur: Please stay!!

Daysi Pawz: Unless I become famous Xd

Mistycreek: I wanna reread my questions that were answered but I didn't realize things get deleted. Does that mean that I have to wait a few weeks for the answers?

Riverstripe: lol

Iceclaw: Or eat, place aside, submit, then eat and repeat.

Stoneclaw: dats a good suggestion vicky

Bluewing: Lol my puppy is sleeping like a dead beetle. Her legs are sticking up in the air! It';s so funny!

Losty(Q): To Vicky: Have you ever considered writing Ivypaw and Hawkfrost as a canon pairing? I would love that, that would be a great plot, I think.
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, I hadn’t considered them together! Er, I don’t think it will happen, to be honest.

Riverstripe: I do Not want to be famous.

Riverstripe: that's for sure.

Silverleaf ocp: hawkxivy :(((

insaneular: Noooo! Hawkxivy is the best thing ever!

Redfeather: I laughed at the Rosepetal and Foxpleaf thing. xd

Rockstar: Hawkfrost is mine anyway

Iceclaw: Hawkfrost doesn't seem the ladies' type of cat.

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who is your favorite villain?

CherithBaldry(A): I have a soft spot for Hawkfrost. I think he could have tipped the other way and become a really awesome cat if he had given himself the chance.

crescentmoon(Q): Vicky: We thought you had said that Firestar lost a life helping Ravenpaw, but it wasn’t in the manga. Once again we are confused as to how many lives Firey has lost. Help!

VickyHolmes(A): I was sure Firestar lost a life in the manga! Oh no, don't say it got edited out (not by me)! Confusion reigns, sigh.

Stoneclaw: hawkfrost is Evil

Daysi Pawz: I dont wanna be too famous but I'd like to be fairly well known =)

Mistyleaf10564: I made a fan-fic called The hawkfrost Dating show

Shadowmoon: I like Hawkfrost because his eyes are a nice color :O

Silverleaf ocp: Xd

Mistycreek(Q): (for all) Would you ever consider creating whole new clans?

Tui Sutherland(A): Gosh, that would be hard! Poor Vicky, having to think of all those new characters and relationships! :)

Bluewing: ewww i don't wanna be famous

-Moonflower-: Yay!!!! Answered! *is jumping up and down...well not really* But i would...if i weren't so comfeh :D

Muffins(Q): Is Crowleaf officially done with Leafpool, vise versa, or is there still something there? It's such a sad epic story that it can't be officially done with yet! D:

CherithBaldry(A): You'll have to ask Vicky, but I doubt she'll tell you!
Oakfeather(Q): Hey, is it ok if we make fan animations of the books, and use book scripts? Or would you not like that?

VickyHolmes(A): You can make your own animations using the characters and text, but you wouldn't be able to profit for them or claim them as your own creations, that's all.

Mistycreek: Thanks for answred, Tui!

Iceclaw: Daisy: That realies heavily on you, getting yourself known, lol.

Streamflow: Vicky's brain would strech.

Riverstripe: Tui said the same thing as Vicky.

Clovercloud(Q): Is Ashfur in the Darkforest or StarClan?
VickyHolmes(A): I think this is something that can stay secret for a while longer... But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon!

crescentmoon: Ooo- who's the forgotten warrior?

insaneular(Q): Will there ever be a possibility of Leafpool taking another mate, now that she's not a medicine cat?

CherithBaldry(A): It's always possible.

Losty(Q): This is for anyone who feels they can answer: Can you tell us anything about this supposed official Warriors online game that's being created? Thanks!

CherithBaldry(A): No, this is the first I;ve heard of it.

Lakestorm Wright(Q): What was Sagepaw's warrior name? Only Mintpaw's was shown in the little manga thing after SkyClan's Destiny.

VickyHolmes(A): She definitely has a warrior name. Sagefur? Gosh, I can't remember, my brain is so tired.

Shadowmoon: Rowanclaw Was a she-cat in Midnight!

Stoneclaw: Rock=forgotten warrior

Silverleaf ocp: Omg Stoneclaws Right

Lightstreak(Q): To all: After "Warriors" and "Seekers" is brought to an end, will there be anymore books written under Erin Hunter?
VickyHolmes(A): Quite possibly! If we have strong ideas, and HarperCollins would like to publish them!

Firefoot: Sagefur!

insaneular: Sagefur? But Mintpaw became Mintfur :P I guess it's no stranger than Bluefur and Snowfur though...

Rockstar: Awww! Poor Vicky

Shadowmoon(Q): Do you think of warrior name suffixes ahead of time, like when the cat is born or made an apprentice, or do you think of them on the spot when you're about to write the book when they become warriors?

CherithBaldry(A): This varies: Vicky thinks of most of the names, though Kate and I also contribute.

Lunarstar911(Q): To all: Well I've heard many wacky pairing for Jayfeather, (and hopefully he won't end up with ANYONE), like Jay/Ice,, Jay/Stick 'o wonder, even Jay/Rock(ew). So what's your impression on Jay/Purdy? I think that is the most weirdest, most sickest fantasy EVER.
VickyHolmes(A): I share your opinion ENTIRELY. Poor Purdy! He deserves better!

Riverstripe: I'm pretty sure there's still no Warriors movie

-Moonflower-(Q): Will Jayfeather and the others ever bond with Leafpool? Or will they continue to be...err "uncomfortable" with each other? *crosses fingers*

VickyHolmes(A): That's a central theme for the remaining books of OTS - and to be perfectly honest, I haven't figured it out. We'll have to see where the story takes us.

Rosesong: ooh

Firefoot: lol

Mistyleaf10564: Oooooooooh!

Rosesong: lol

Lightstreak Rx: ooooh

Rabbitfoot: Jayxpurdy? That's new to me.

Firefoot: Lol to purdy I mean

Redfeather: The Erins should write a series about woodpeckers when they're done with Warriors and Seekers. >:U

Braveheart42: ooh

Silverleaf ocp: O>o

Mistyleaf10564: lolz

Forestpelt: Eww

Clearfur: lol

Flametail von Karma(Q): Rosepetal and Foxleap seemed to have the makings of a romantic couple in Fading Echoes. But, uh, Foxleap is Rosepetal's uncle. o.O Was that intentional? (question from Lakestorm)

KateCary(A): No way! Not again! These cats are way too inter-related. They need some more kittypets to mate with...

Nettlepaw: Jay/purdy? What dark, twisted corner of the world did that come from?

Iceclaw: Yuck!

VickyHolmes: Losty, the online game is being developed with my help and it's just been through a first round of testing. Progress will be posted in the Author Trackers!

Lakestorm(Q): To Vicky: You said that Graystripe's parents were Patchpelt and Willowpelt; but this can't be possible, because they're siblings (Patchpelt being from Swiftbreeze's first litter along with Leopardfoot, and Willowpelt being from her second along with Redtail and Spottedleaf). Who would you say Graystripe's parents are if not Willow and Patch?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh I do get so tangled up with couples and kits and littermates. Of course, it’s not impossible for feline siblings to have kittens, so perhaps Patch and Willow ARE Graystripe’s parents? I’m afraid I don’t have any alternative.

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who is your favorite villain?

KateCary(A): Mapleshade!

Stoneclaw: Woodpeckers are annoying they should do horses

Amberminnow(Q): What happens if a newborn kit dies, do they go to StarClan as is, with their eyes closed and unable to walk yet?

CherithBaldry(A): They would be a kit in StarClan, but they would have their eyes open and be able to play, etc.

Flametail von Karma(Q): If a medicine cat has an apprentice who has received his/her medicine cat name, can that apprentice take an apprentice of their own?

VickyHolmes(A): No because the medicine den would get a little cluttered!
Muffins: mapleshade?

Losty: Ooh, awesome, Vicky! :D

SheilaRuth: If you've been holding off, please go ahead and submit questions in the Ask box!

Forestpelt(Q): When does Firestar die? (not that I'm expecting an answer, but my friend wanted me to try)

CherithBaldry(A): Well, those who expect nothing are never disappointed!

Daysi Pawz: Who is this Mapleshade person?

Rockstar(Q): Will we ever see a drawing of SkyClan terriotry?

VickyHolmes(A): There are maps for SkyClan in Firestar's Quest and SkyClan's Destiny, plus you'll see the manga version in the trilogy next year.

Spottedflame(Q): To All: Will Lionblaze have kits? And if you will tell, who with?

VickyHolmes(A): Lionblaze can’t have kits, he’s a BOY. Tee hee! But if he fathered kits, it would probably be with... No, I can’t do it, I’m just not programmed to reveal secrets!

Skywing: Who's Mapleshade? o.o

Streamflow(Q): Does Heathertail still secretly love Lionblaze?

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think so. Too much has happened!

Oakfeather(Q): Does Tigerheart like Ivypaw, or Dovepaw? If both, which does he love more?

CherithBaldry(A): He likes Dovepaw at present, but who can say how it will turn out?

Riverstripe: lol Vicky

Mistyleaf10564: noooooooooooooooo tell up!

Iceclaw: Now she's hardening up, but she nearly cracked!

Silverleaf ocp: awww tigerxdove

Shadowmoon: Who can say how it will turn out? ~

Mistyleaf10564: Yush Tiger X Dove!

Nettlepaw: To much water under the...err, tunnels

Shadowmoon: I suppose I can be Dovepaw, then :O

KateCary: Mapleshade is a Dark Forest warrior...just keep reading...mwah ha ha

Stoneclaw(Q): Vicky: will there ever be a warrior cats movie???

VickyHolmes(A): Well, never say never, but there are currently no Warriors movies in production, and no immediate plans.

-Moonflower-: I hope it's Ivypaw! I dislike Dawnpaw bleh
Bluewing(Q): To Vicky: (Idk if this should be spoiler, just a question really.) Will Ivypaw or any other character play a bigger part in the series? I don't really like Dovepaw, to be honest.
VickyHolmes(A): Poor Dovepaw! Give her a chance, she’ll change as she experiences more things and her character matures. I’m not sure where you’ve read up to, but Ivypaw DEFINITELY plays a central role in the second half of OTS!

VickyHolmes: Nettlepaw, more like water Through the tunnels!

Stoneclaw: Heathertailpluslionheart=perfect

Riverstripe: I saw that Warriors movie question coming.
Redfeather: If Dovepaw's warrior name was Dovefeather I'd scream >:U
Flametail von Karma(Q): If you could rewrite the series, would you change any of the consistency problems? If so, what? (question from Lakestorm)

CherithBaldry(A): Well, we'd put right the obvious errors <cough> Rowanclaw <cough>, but personally I wouldn;t want to change much.

Skywing: Kate: But, I just read all of the books, so it wouldn't be a spoiler. Did I miss something?

Sandcloud: The Warriors movie question always happens

Sandstar1051. I like Dovewing
Rosesong: dovesong ftw

Stoneclaw: dovefeather...nope it should be dovesight

Silverleaf ocp: omg yes dovesong

Redfeather: I like the idea of Doveeyes or Dovefur. :P

Nettlepaw: Sorry Vicky: it's too early on a Sunday to be thinking straight! *makes tea*

Shadowmoon: Ooh, I like Dovesong!

JJK8: Dovewing!

Mistyleaf10564: Some people are Dove X Jay >.<

Firefoot: prob Doveflight bcuz ivypaw w name is ivypool

Muffins(Q): Is Crowleaf officially done with Leafpool, vise versa, or is there still something there? It's such a sad epic story that it can't be officially done with yet! D:

KateCary(A): I agree - there's definitely unfinished business there, but who knows if they'll ever have a chance to finish it. The Clans have much bigger stuff to worry about right now

Redfeather: But Dovesong rocks. :D

Boldclaw2: poor poor Rowanclaw. But his name does sound like either tom or she-cat

Skywing(Q): Do you enjoy what you do? And do you have jobs outside of writing? If so, what type?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I love what I do. It's the best job in the world. I used to be a teacher, but now I write full-time.

VickyHolmes: I've answered the movie question so many times, I bet if you went into the African desert and stopped a nomad on his camel, he'd know the answer!

Stoneclaw: I think we all want to know about a warriors movie..."coughcough"

Riverstripe: Lol

Rabbitfoot: Lol Xd
Wildstorm(Q): To Vicky: Did Hollyleaf just go completely bonkers, or was she just so stressed, angry and hurt that she spilled the beans?
VickyHolmes(A): She was stressed, angry, hurt and devastated beyond reason that the warrior code had been so utterly destroyed, as far as she could see it. So not bonkers, although if she went to court, her defence lawyer might claim that her balance of mind was disturbed!

Tui Sutherland: I like Dovesong too! Dovewing and Dovefur are also guys are so good at this!

Shadowmoon: Dovewing would fit the prophecy though

Silverleaf ocp: i can just imagine hollyleaf in court

Firefoot: lol

Sandstar1051.: I likes Dovesong and Dovewing so far

Redfeather: Court!! :D :D :D

Mistyleaf10564: lol

Riverstripe: lol

Rosesong: i really like dovesong *stares at vickky*

Shadowmoon: But Dovesong is the best

Mistycreek: I can't wait until the transcript comes out so I can get my questions!

Mistycreek(Q): (for all) Would you ever consider creating whole new clans?

CherithBaldry(A): Eeek! All those new cats. Still, we created SkyClan, so who knows?

Skywing: Dovefall.

JJK8: Dovewing!!

Iceclaw: Insanity defense rarely works though.

SheilaRuth: Lol Vicky on the movie answer! ::hyper

Oakfeather(Q): Does Tigerheart like Ivypaw, or Dovepaw? If both, which does he love more?

KateCary(A): Eww. I hope not. He's nasty. I don't think he even thinks of them as individuals, just a means to his wicked wicked ends

Rockstar: i like Dovefaether though :P

Redfeather: I like Dovesong, and Dovefur. :P

Mistyleaf10564: Doveecho

Mistycreek: Awesome! Cherith answered my question!

Mistyleaf10564: Doveheart

Bluewing: Dovepoop

Shadowmoon: Dovesong was Redfeather's idea!

Silverleaf ocp: dovepoopxd

Lightstreak Rx: Dovesoap :P

MeganSimas: lol

Oakfeather(Q): Why didn't Leafstar change the names of Harveymoon, Snookpaw, Billystorm, and Macgyver? Its kinda strange. And also "moon" is not supposed to be used I thought.

VickyHolmes(A): SkyClan is so new, Leafstar doesn't quite know all the rules about names, hence the use of "moon". And the strange names came about because some kittypets didn't want entirely new names.

Redfeather: Doveheart would be a weird one

Iceclaw: Love that answer, Kate!

Firefoot: wow lol

Daisypaw(Q): All: A fifth series?? Are any of you worried that that might be dragging it out too long, to the point where you'll completely run out of good ideas halfway through?

VickyHolmes(A): Oh, I think we have enough ideas for AT LEAST another six books!

Mistyleaf10564: Dovelove

Lightstreak Rx(Q): When will Firestar discover the Three? He hasn't forgotten what Skywatcher told him about them, has he? D:

CherithBaldry(A): No, he hasn't forgotten. You'll learn more about this soon.

Rosesong: lol, birdpoopkit

Stoneclaw: Hollyleaf in court..."i followed the code and did nothing wrong. I Just followed it a little to closley...."

Forestpelt: Dove..pelt. so creative

Silverleaf ocp: Birdpoopkit

Mistyleaf10564: lol

Riverstripe: lol

Silverleaf ocp: :D

Bluewing: Dovepoopedonmycarwindowshield

Amberminnow(Q): Wll we see any new kits in Night Whispers, or maybe Sign of the Moon, I love when new kits are introduced--maybe Mousewhisker will become a father?

VickyHolmes(A): There are new kits in Sign of the Moon! But not Mousewhisker's, I'm afraid.

Nettlepaw: Trust me, the problem is never running out of ideas: it's having Too Many.

Stoneclaw: Dovesight

Lightstreak Rx: Dovesoap? :P

Oakfeather: Lol
Shadowmoon: My ideas aren't good enough to impress the Erins.

insaneular: *hopes the new kits are Brookxstorm kits*

Oakfeather: poor kit

Rosesong: birdpoopkit!

Magicyop: Dovebelly.

Oakfeather: Whack a Mole kit!

Redfeather: I want Dovesoap. >:I

Clearfur: soap?

Oakfeather: :P

Muffins: lol
Firefoot(Q): To Vicky:Who gave Tigerstar his nine lives? I don't think any Starclan cats would have had the guts to, except maybe Thistleclaw, but seriously. Can the Dark Forest give cats lives?
VickyHolmes(A): There would have been plenty of former ShadowClan cats lining up to make Tigerstar leader! For all his faults, he was exactly what ShadowClan needed following the Nightstar debacle: a strong, courageous, desperately loyal warrior who would do whatever it took to make his Clan powerful and feared. Raggedstar would have been among them, and Thistleclaw of ThunderClan as well, of course. And yes, cats from the Dark Forest would have found their way to StarClan to give him some lives as well. Hissssssss.
-Moonflower-(Q): Will Jayfeather and the others ever bond with Leafpool? Or will they continue to be...err "uncomfortable" with each other? *crosses fingers*

CherithBaldry(A): I'd like to think they will forgive her. I can't see them ever becoming as affectionate as they would have been if they'd known from the beginning that she was their mother.

Silverleaf ocp: omg brook and stormfur need kits

Bluewing: Dovesoapgotinmyeyeandithurt

Tui Sutherland: Ha ha ha Dovesoap!

Lightstreak Rx: Dove products aren't tested on animals <3

Stoneclaw: has a halarios ring to it......

MeganSimas: oh yeah too many ideas... i call that Idea Nuclear Bomb Xd

Magicyop: Duckfang.

Silverleaf ocp: we havent seen stormfur in agess D:

SheilaRuth: I hope that they forgive her.

VickyHolmes: Shadowmoon, we are impressed by everyone's ideas, it's just that we can't steal them from other people for copyright reasons.

Magicyop: *dovefang.

Sandstar1051.: :D Thanks Kate!

Mistyleaf10564: Dovedie

Bluewing: Dovefail

Lightstreak Rx(Q): Will Scourge make an appearance from the Dark Forest, or is gone for good?

CherithBaldry(A): Gone, unless Vicky says otherwise!

Shadowmoon: I know. Xd

Daysi Pawz: Having too many ideas is better since you get to pick and choose.

Shadowmoon: It's just I'm not used to being ignored

Silverleaf ocp: awww i want more scourge

Mistycreek: Are you allowed to 'steal' names?

JJK8: Leafpool deserves forgiveness

Rabbitfoot: Aww, Scourge is gone D8

VickyHolmes: Magicyop, Duckfang will never make it into the cast list. It's a typo waiting to happen...

Lightstreak Rx: D:

Mistyleaf10564: Pawkit, Pawpaw, Pawsteps

Riverstripe: As long as we give her permission, Misty

Magicyop: Hehe.

Rosesong: lol

insaneular: Lol
JJK8 *AKA* Firey(Q): To Vicky: Anything you can reveal to us about Firestar's death
VickyHolmes(A): He dies.

Stoneclaw: If scourge came back Dovepaw would kick his butt

Jayheart: I miss Stormfur D: We do need to see some more of him.

Iceclaw: More like Duckfoot.

MeganSimas: What? But scourge was such a cool evillness character!! D8

Riverstripe: Lol

SheilaRuth: Lollollol

Braveheart42: Lol

Mistycreek: I give you permission to use Mistycreek!!!!!

Clearfur: lol

Silverleaf ocp: lol vicky

Lunarstar911: Xdd

Lakestorm Wright: wow.

Boldclaw2: (late) Dovefrost is my fave dovepaw name ^.^

Iceclaw: A cat with really webbed paws in Riverclan, bound to see ducks.

Daysi Pawz: Jay and Lion and Leafpool will probably be like Misty, Stone and Bluestar

Rabbitfoot: Awesome response right there Xd

SheilaRuth: "He dies" ::hyper

Streamflow: Lol on Firestar's death, Vicky!

Magicyop: Hmm... Dovefang.

Squirrelflighty: Xd

Boldclaw2: No way!!!

Flametail von Karma(Q): If a medicine cat has an apprentice who has received his/her medicine cat name, can that apprentice take an apprentice of their own?

CherithBaldry(A): I see no reason why not, as they would then be a full medicine cat. But the Clan only needs so many med cats, so it wouldn;t be usual. Maybe if the first med cat was very old.

Boldclaw2: He dies?!?!

JJK8: Awww Dang

-Clovercloud-(Q): Will we ever see Ravenpaw and Barley again? Or are they gone forever?

VickyHolmes(A): They star in the Ravenpaw manga trilogy, OUT NOW. But they won't pop up at the lake, I'm afraid. It's just too far. :(

Lakestorm Wright: Dovesong.

Bluewing: Leafpool needs to buck up and get some confidence because she's being kind of a weenie so she needs to like, get a latte and powerwalk to a team building group

Nettlepaw: Lol, well, he's going to die At Some Point, yes!

KateCary: Slickfeather - at the moment I'm liking Dovepaw best

Rockstar(Q): Will we ever see a drawing of SkyClan terriotry?

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t know, but I'd really like to.

Sandstar1051.: Yahoo!!! The end of Firestar!!!!! ;D

Rowanoak23: Reminds be of something in another story: Detective: "Do you know anything about his murder?" "yes." "what?" "It resulted in his death."

Slickfeather: Thanks Kate!

Riverstripe: o.o

Stoneclaw: Firestar cannot die i would cry "sob"

Shadowmoon: Or maybe Doveflight?

Crescentmoon(Q): Could you please consider a special edition about ancient SkyClan – their ouster from the forest, journey to the gorge & the difficulties of setting up a new life there – maybe even up to the demise of the clan? That should be good for several Kleenexes.
VickyHolmes(A): Ah, we love the Ancient Cats! I’m not sure they’ll get their own Super Edition (but never say never!); however, they will reappear in OTS4: Sign of the Moon!

Rockstar: Lol

Magicyop: Dovestorm

Losty(Q): To all: As of the current book, what was your least favorite scene/plot to write/develop?
Tui Sutherland(A): Well, I had a tough time with Kallik's mother's death scene in the first Seekers SAD! I don't normally write very sad, dark things myself! But I hope it turned out OK...and I guess those are still easier than long quiet walking scenes where nothing at all happens!

Mistyleaf10564: I Want Graystar!

Stoneclaw: I still like dovesight

Nettlepaw: Oi, I will have no Firestar hate on here! I wanna see nothing but love for the Original Warrior Cat!

Bluewing: I want a graham cracker

Shadowmoon: Doveflight would be a nice one.

Rosesong: dovesong

Bluewing: Dovegrahamcracker

Shadowmoon(Q): Do you think of warrior name suffixes ahead of time, like when the cat is born or made an apprentice, or do you think of them on the spot when you're about to write the book when they become warriors?

VickyHolmes(A): Sometimes I know what a cat will be called later on, others I have to wait until I get to know them a bit better.

Shadowmoon: Xd

Lunarstar911: I like Doveflight

Mistyleaf10564: All hail Cinderstar!

Rockstar: I'm with Nettlepaw!

Sandstar1051.: Ill Be sooooooooooooooo Happy if Stickkit appears in the book!

MeganSimas: I currently vite for dovesight! :D

Magicyop: Dougflight

Squirrelflight WW(Q): Is Crowfeather's father Deadfoot? There's loads of evidence for this!

VickyHolmes(A): Interesting! I can’t recall who I assumed Crowfeather’s dad would be. If the stories suggest that it’s Deadfoot, then it probably is!

Redfeather: "a strong, courageous, desperately loyal warrior who would do whatever it took to make his Clan" ... that sounds like the other Brackenheart.

Magicyop: *doveflight

Stoneclaw: whack a mole kit

Oakfeather(Q): Does Tigerheart like Ivypaw, or Dovepaw? If both, which does he love more?

VickyHolmes(A): Dovepaw is his fave.

Slickfeather: Cherith, are you on team Lionstar or team Bramblestar?

Silverleaf ocp: i miss deadfoot

Tui Sutherland: Oooo, Doveflight is also pretty! That's very cool!

Shadowmoon: Thanks :D

Bluewing: Omg Besr Name Evor Failkit

Lightstreak Rx(Q): When will Firestar discover the Three? He hasn't forgotten what Skywatcher told him about them, has he? D:

VickyHolmes(A): Very, very soon!

Lakestorm Wright: Dovesong.

Shadowmoon: I like doves in general.

Redfeather: I want Dovefur.

Stoneclaw: i wonder if i could do a poll on dovepaws warrior name

Lightstreak Rx: :D

Firefoot: he dicovered the three already...

Shadowmoon: But everyone likes Dovesong.

insaneular: Didn't he already discover them?

Rosesong: yay! poll

Rockstar: Cinderheart should be leader, not Liionblaze. :P

Lunarstar911: Firestar already knows who the three are?

Redfeather: But I like Dovefur.

Magicyop: I bet it's dovepaw.

Squirrelflighty: Didn't Firestar already confront Lionblaze and Jayfeather and Dovepaw?

JJK8: Yeah

Streamflow: Team Bramblestar! Yay!

Tui Sutherland: Team Lionstar vs. Team Bramblestar = awesome. We should get T-shirts!

Redfeather: And did I come up with Dovesong?

Magicyop: Why can't 'paw' be a warrior suffix?

Rosesong: yeah, he did

Firefoot: yes, in fading echoes

Stoneclaw: Dovesight would win though im sure of it

Mistycreek: Yeah

Goldenpelt: Yes

Silverleaf ocp: tshirts :3

Shadowmoon: Yes you did, Redfeather

Bluewing: Didn't he already discover the three? He was just like Yeaa. I know

Clearfur(Q): To Vicky: Will the stick make a comeback after it was broken into half? (Other than creating splinters, I mean.)
VickyHolmes(A): Oh, the Stick of Wonder! Have I told you how much I LOVE the fanbase that Jay’s stick has? And those of you who have Jay x Stick in your sigs, thanks for the ultimate tribute! I’m not sure that the broken stick can do much more, alas, but Rock and everything the stick signifies will definitely feature again.
Lightstreak Rx(Q): Will Scourge make an appearance from the Dark Forest, or is gone for good?
VickyHolmes(A): Scourge's greatest weakness was that he didn't believe in StarClan, so he didn't make it to the Dark Forest. He's gone for good, I'm afraid. But he did get his own manga!

Magicyop: "dovepaw, your warrior name is... Dovepaw!"

JJK8: Team Lionstar

Sandstar1051.: Team Lionstar!!!!!!!

Rabbitfoot: Because then that cat would be teased endlessly for the rest of his life.

Mistyleaf10564: lol

Redfeather: Doveeyes.

Stoneclaw: Dove paw would cry if her warrior name was dovepaw
Flametail von Karma(Q): Is Smokefoot a different cat from Smokepaw (who fell off a cliff and died in Dawn but was still listed as Oakfur's apprentice in subsequent books)? (question from Lakestorm)

KateCary(A): Absolutely! *crosses fingers and looks at her feet*

Sandstar1051.: Dovewing and Dovesong r awesome :D

Lunarstar911: Team Bramblestar >:D

Rabbitfoot(Q): Another question from my awesome friend Tesseri-Shira: In the 'Warriors' universe ARE there other clan groups elsewhere in the world?

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t know, but I wouldn;t be surprised. They wouldn;t be organised like the Clans, though, because they wouldn;t have had the contact with them to learn their ways.

crescentmoon: Perhaps I am a Skyclan cat then
Flametail von Karma(Q): I've heard it suggested that Pinestar and Poppydawn are siblings (both have red fur, both seem around the same age, and Poppydawn names her daughter after Pinestar's father). Is this true? :P (question from Lakestorm)

Muffins: brb I'm gonna go on a food hunt

Magicyop: Dovesnow

Rowanoak23(Q): To Vicki: What would Firestar think of the changes Leafstar's made to SkyClan in "SkyClan's Destiny"? How would he react, if he knew?
VickyHolmes(A): Interesting question! I think he might raise his eyebrows (can cats do that?) at the inclusion of daylight-warriors, because that’s a pretty radical departure from having all warriors live in the Clan, but I think he’d also be sympathetic to Leafstar’s determination to keep her young Clan going, and her willingness to be flexible in order to make that happen.

Shadowmoon: Dovefrost?

Mistyleaf10564: Dovefatkitty

Stoneclaw: Eat some muffins

Magicyop: Doveclaw. Fear the claws of the dove.

Lightstreak Rx: lol

Shadowmoon: Not Dovefall, that's depressing.

KateCary: Vicky! really? I thought you'd traced them back to the Flood!

Silverleaf ocp: dovefatkitty

Lightstreak Rx: Doveomen? O_o

Stoneclaw: Ohhh dats a good one

Magicyop: That's too much of a mouthful.

Mistycreek: Dovewing

Mistyleaf10564: Dovefatkitty!

Rowanoak23: Oh cool! Thanks Vicky!!!

Magicyop: Maybe Dovefat.

Spottedflame(Q): To All: Is there a character that you've ever regreted killing, like that their role wasn't quite finished.
CherithBaldry(A): I was sorry that Hawkfrost died when he did. As I said above, I thought he had such potential for good if he had ever tried to use it.
insaneular(Q): To all: I was wondering, why didn't Tigerstar offer to train Hollyleaf? Seeing as she was the one who ended up evil, she probably would have been a good choice for him to train, and he didn't even try recruiting her... why?
VickyHolmes(A): But she didn’t end up “evil”, just misguided and desperate. She was always so loyal to the warrior code that she would never have agreed to be trained by a cat from the Dark Forest. I think Tigerstar could see that! Also, perhaps he knew all along that she wasn’t one of the Three, so not worth his attention?

Bluewing: Dovebubble

Magicyop: I wonder if a cat has ever left the clans because they got a stupid name

Slickfeather: Tui, who would you like to see as the next leader of Thunderclan?

Silverleaf ocp: dovefrost is nice too

Stoneclaw: Dovefatkitty....naa

Shadowmoon: I want a cat D:

Magicyop: "what? I can't put up with that name. I'm out."

Sandstar1051.: Sticktail! :dddddddddddddddddd

Mistyleaf10564: Dovechub

Bluewing: Lol yes

Riverstripe: lol Magic

Silverleaf ocp: Lol Magic

Rabbitfoot: Well, Lostface didn't leave Xp

Shadowmoon: Magicyop, what you said is Xd

KateCary: loving the Dove names

Shadowmoon: really funny

Skywing: *eating dinner*

Redfeather: "But he didn’t end up “evil”, just misguided and desperate" .. that also sounds like the other Brackenheart.

Boldclaw2(Q): Why did Squirrelflight play Ashfur like that? I mean ,it was pretty obvious that he loved her, why couldn't she feel the same?

VickyHolmes(A): I don’t think she deliberately set out to play Ashfur. She did like him, and she liked his attention, because really, who wouldn’t? But there was a chemistry between her and Brambleclaw that she couldn’t resist – in spite of all their bickering and clashes. Poor Ashfur just couldn’t compete with that sort of connection.

Clearfur: Doveface?

KateCary: Dovechub partic good

MeganSimas(Q): Is it hard to become a writter? Ive been thinking about being one myself, and im already writting my own book. Maybe some tips too?

VickyHolmes(A): You need luck, determination, and another career to back you up! My top tip, just like Kate and Cherith, is to READ everything you possibly can. It's the only way to learn about style and content, and the best way to find out what sort of writing you like best. Try everything from cookery books to online blogs - the joy of modern life is that there is so much writing around!

Bluewing: Dovepawgotranoverbyaraindeer

Stoneclaw: Dovefrost....that could go on a poll with doveclaw too

insaneular: aah I can't read all the answers fast enough! Xd

Redfeather: You Erins rock for being coincidental.

Nettlepaw: "You called me Dumbdumbface?! Right, I've had it!" Walks out

Rosesong: dovesong

-Moonflower-(Q): Do you ever look at Warrior cat RPG sites? How does it feel to have a book that's so obsessed over? (Haha- like me! :D)

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t often - too busy writing - but I'm overwhelmed by all the RPGs, fan fiction, artwork and so on that you create from what we write. It makes me feel humble that we have been able to do this. You are truly the best fans ever!

Muffins: hehehe I found some water crackers...gah Spicyyyy

Stoneclaw: dovepawgotranoverbyareighndeer is a mouthfull

Lightstreak Rx: ^^

Magicyop: "being dumbpaw was bad enough. But I cannot cope with forever being Dumbface"

Daysi Pawz: People like Holly are why I only follow rules when necessary Xd

Shadowmoon: My favorites right now are Doveflight, Dovesong and Dovecloud

Lunarstar911: Dumblepaw

Stoneclaw: water crackers???
Flametail von Karma(Q): What was Skywatcher's grandmother's name? Was it one of the cats that we saw in the prologue of SkyClan’s Destiny? (question from Lakestorm)

Lunarstar911: Warrior name- Dumbledoor

Shadowmoon: I just made up Dovecloud on the spot

Firefoot: Dovesong is so pretty

Magicyop: Dovecat.

Crescentmoon(Q): Kits are always outside the nursery a day or so after being born, eyes open & scampering around. Not! Obviously this doesn’t happen in real life. Why don’t you just let a little more time pass? This is distracting, to me, at least.
VickyHolmes(A): I think actually we are very careful to keep kits in the nursery for a few days until their eyes open. Also, kits do scamper around from a very early age, even before they can see! I’ll keep an eye on this in future stories, though.

Mistycreek(Q): (for all) Would you ever consider creating whole new clans?

KateCary(A): Probably only in our heads

Rabbitfoot: Exactly, Dumbpaw would become Dumbledore. -nod-

Mistycreek: Thank you Kate!

Shadowmoon: Ooh, Doveheart sounds cool too

Mistyleaf10564: Dovepaw, your warrior name is Dovekit! You failed, so go to the nursery!

Silverleaf ocp: omg mistyleafi i lvoe that

Mistycreek(Q): Question For All: As a member of the Official Warriors and Seekers Message Boards and founder of this idea; we all thought I should ask it at the Chat. Here it goes. :) I'm pretty sure all of the Erins are animal lovers (correct me if you're not but I'm sure you all are!), and so are a lot of other people (in fact, I've collected almost more than 60 names in three days on the Official Message Boards for this!) Do you know how many animals (mainly cats and dogs is what this is for, but it can be horses and stuff too) need our help each day that are abandoned, neglected, or abused? What my idea was that some proceeds of the newest Warriors and Seekers books could go to an animal charity (such as ASPCA) to help those animals! The books could even have some sort of sticker on it saying "WSAAC: Help an animal in need!" and stuff describing what some of the money goes to. (WSAAC is what I called it: Warriors and Seekers Against Animal Cruelty) I (and a lot of other people, hence the 60 names) think this would be a cool idea. It might even get the series' more publicity! But in the end, it's up to you (the Erins) and Harper Collins to decided. What do you think about this, and could you comment about it and if you like it, ask Harper Collins or something? It's okay if you don't, just an idea of ours. Thank you! :D

CherithBaldry(A): This would be a decision for the publisher. But all the Erins contribute to charity, both for animals and people. But we prefer to do it privately. Not letting our left hand know what our right hand does, and all that.

Skywing(Q): Do you enjoy what you do? And do you have jobs outside of writing? If so, what type?

Tui Sutherland(A): I LOOOOVE being a writer! It's the greatest job in the world! Well, that and my other (much newer) job, which is being Jonah's mom. :) That one is pretty awesome, too...I can't wait until he can read and I can combine my jobs by writing books for him and having him read all my first drafts for me! :) Er, if he wants to do that...fingers crossed! :)

Goldenpelt: You had Bluestar open her eyes when she was a day old, Vicky

Rabbitfoot: Do cats even know what doors are?

Shadowmoon: Doveheart just sounds... cool ~

Rabbitfoot: I mean, the Clan cats.

Lilacheart joined.

Magicyop: Doveappendix?

Slickfeather: Kate, What name would you love to give a Kittypet?

Shadowmoon: I still like Doveflight though

VickyHolmes: Goldenpelt, did I really? Maybe they weren't stuck down very well.

Streamflow(Q): Do Firestar and other normal cats know about the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars? In Sunset, Darkstripe seemed generally surprised by it, but in Omen of the Stars, all of StarClan seems to know about it. Do cats only learn about it once they die and either go to StarClan or the Dark Forest itself?

VickyHolmes(A): I think cats find out about it once they go to StarClan. Otherwise I think queens would threaten their kits with going to the Dark Forest if they are naughty!

Mistycreek: Thank you Cherith! :-)

Silverleaf ocp: what would ivypaws name be?

MeganSimas: i wonder what they would call a door though...

Lilacheart: Finally made it.
Sandstar1051. Ivypool

Nettlepaw: They will know what a door is, just not what its called

Redfeather: I vote Dovebrains.

Iceclaw: A cat as awesome as Tigerstar should Never have been known by such a name!

Shadowmoon: oh, and there was a Sunstar too, wasn't there?

Iceclaw: Lilac!

Magicyop: Dovebones

Shadowmoon: Cats with the prefix "sun-" are cool.

Silverleaf ocp: ivypool is nice

MeganSimas: maybe 'wood piece'?

Daysi Pawz: Hi Lilac =D

insaneular: Sunstar was pretty awesome

Magicyop: "You have all natural 100% dove in your very bones, dovepaw."

Mistyleaf10564: Dovelove

Redfeather: No. Dove-brains-. >:U

Flametail von Karma: Dovesuffix.

Firefoot: Sunice sounds cool

Bluewing: Caprisun?

Nettlepaw: "entrance?"

Lilacheart: Heya Icey, Dayzi =3

Iceclaw: We're missing the Red Twin!

Rabbitfoot: Magicyop has thus continued the running gag waaaay too far.

Silverleaf ocp: caprisun

Lilacheart: *daysi

VickyHolmes: Doveglove

Lilacheart: lol

Firefoot: Lol nettlepaw

JJK8: lol
Stoneclaw: Idea!!! lets give all the erins {all 4 of them} warrior names!!

Magicyop: Lol.

Mistyleaf10564: Dovegaga

Riverstripe: Where's Soundy?
Moonflower(Q): Why do you like forbidden relationships so much; if you do, and if you don't then do you mean to have them come up often as they are?
VickyHolmes(A): Because happy endings and untroubled romances are BORING! Think of Sorreltail and Brackenfur, or Dustpelt and Ferncloud – they’re very sweet, but there’s no excitement, no gripping storylines in watching them trot along in married bliss. In real life, I’m not at all romantic (my poor husband!), so I guess my prejudices are played out in the doom-laden storylines. I suspect Kate, Cherith and Tui would be happy to have fewer tragic relationships, though!

Firefoot: Vicky- Swifttyper Lol

Mistycreek: Cool Stoneclaw

Silverleaf ocp: yeah wheres soundy?

Slickfeather: I Give Kate Lilacstorm

Streamflow: Vicky's warrior name must end in star.

Shadowmoon: Someone in Warriors should say, "that was quite an entrance."

Soundstorm joined.

Daisypaw(Q): All: Did you prefer the style of the first series where StarClan was more of a mystery and the cats fought with their own strength, or the third/current series with all the fantasy elements that were/are incorporated into it?
CherithBaldry(A): I like both - it's hard to say which I prefer. But I love the Ancient cats that we've incorporated, and the way that Jayfeather gets back to their time. They're excellent to write.
-Clovercloud-(Q): Will we ever see Ravenpaw and Barley again? Or are they gone forever?
KateCary(A): Hmmm...I don't know, but in Warriors is anyone ever gone forever - they'll probably wander into StarClan as honorary members

Shadowmoon: Oh, and forbidden love is cool cause it's suspenseful.

Riverstripe: Hi Soundy

Clearfur: Vicky: Evilstar

Daysi Pawz: he ancient cats are pretty cool

Soundstorm: Here I am.

booksandanimals2000(Q): I really enjoyed Bluestar's's probably my favorite of the series. Poor cat had a hard life :( But one thing I wonder about...did Hawkheart (the cat who killed Moonflower) go to the Dark Forest?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, I think he probably did. <evil laugh>
Sandstar1051. Vicky: Mousestar
Rabbitfoot: Heya Soundy x3

Daysi Pawz: Hi Soundy

Amberminnow: Forbidden Romaces ftw!!

Stoneclaw: Tui has got to be Bearclaw cause she was the new author in the Seekers

Squirrelflighty: Ravenpaw and Barley are so in love with each other D;

Firefoot: Kate- Sweetwhisker

Shadowmoon: *plugs in laptop* Don't die on me!

Redfeather: Oh, and does love between a live cat and a Starclan cat count as 'forbidden?'
MeganSimas(Q): Is it hard to become a writter? Ive been thinking about being one myself, and im already writting my own book. Maybe some tips too?

VickyHolmes: Redfeather, it's more misguided than forbidden!

Stoneclaw: Dont let ur laptop die

Redfeather: Misguided>

Iceclaw: Misguided? (snorts)

Rabbitfoot: Like Spottedleaf and Firestar Xp

Shadowmoon: ...I don't know what Misguided means.

Boldclaw2: I love forbidden loves! they make things interesting!

Rockstar: I love you all.
Flametail von Karma(Q): Why didn't StarClan do anything when SkyClan got driven out? I would think they would be pretty upset to see one of their beloved five Clans leaving without any of the other four doing a thing to stop them. (question from Lakestorm)
CherithBaldry(A): I think they were upset. But it's not Starclan's way to intervene directly.

Nettlepaw: "Is it hard to become a writer?" This question nearly made me cry!

Firefawn(Q): To All: which is you current favorite death scene and why?
VickyHolmes(A): Feathertail’s gets me every time, the way she says to Crowpaw: “Don’t make me save you again...”

Slickfeather: Tui, what is your favorite Seeker?

Daysi Pawz: hard to write well' at least Xd

Tui Sutherland: Bearclaw! Isn't that a pastry? (which makes me love it even more!) ;)

Jayheart: My brain hurts from reading too fast Dx

Shadowmoon: That was sad! D:

Nettlepaw: So, So, So Hard

Mistycreek(Q): For All Erins: My friend and I made up this idea that Hawkfrost would fall in love with Ivypaw and then he would be reincarnated (at the work of Tigerstar) so he would be alive again (not for Ivypaw, but to be like Tigerstar's puppet kind of thing). Would this ever happen and is it a good idea?
CherithBaldry(A): It's an excellent idea, but you'd have to ask Vicky if it's possible.

Firefoot: lol crow says that too her its so ironic

Shadowmoon: Feathertail :(

Braveheart42: *cries at Feathertail's death for real*

Redfeather: Don't make me save you again. >:U I want a Live mate.

VickyHolmes: It's an interesting idea, being in love with a cat from Starclan. My best friend died when I was 23 - is she still my best friend? Hmmm. I do still miss her.

Shadowmoon: Crowfeather is ironic? Cool~

Rockstar: <3 Faethertail. She Was My First Favorite D:

Slickfeather: Thanks Rabbitfoot

Mistycreek: Thanks, Cherith! :-) And Vicky!

Stoneclaw: Vicky= Swiftclaws Cherith=stargazer Kate=moontail Tui=bearclaw

Mistyleaf10564: awwwww *pats on back*

Spottedflame(Q): To All: Is there a character that you've ever regreted killing, like that their role wasn't quite finished.
VickyHolmes(A): Excellent question! And the answer is yes, there have been times when I’ve found it tough to decide to finish a cat’s life in the Clans because I could have got more stories out of them. Ashfur was one! But I know they’ll still exist in StarClan/Dark Forest so I can use them if I need to. And if I feel shock and disappointment that a cat has died, then I know I can shock the readers in a similar way, which is GOOD.

Rockstar: Awww Vicky! How did she die?

VickyHolmes: I like the name Swiftclaws, Stoneclaw! Sounds like my super-fast typing fingers!

Redfeather: If Tui's name gets to be Bearclaw my name gets to be Doughnutfang. >:U

Tui Sutherland: My favorite Seeker is probably Lusa because she's so hopeful and enthusiastic, although grumpy Toklo is really fun to write!

Silverleaf ocp: doughnutfang :D

insaneular: I laughed when i saw the cat named "nightwhispers" in Battles of the Clans

Daysi Pawz: Swiftpaw seemed like he'd have been a good character (too bad he died Xd)
Sandstar1051.: Im surprised that There hasnt been any Gingerkit in the series!

Lightstreak Rx: I miss Ashfur =(

VickyHolmes: Rockstar, she took her own life, sadly. But she left me her beautiful son, Joshua, who is now 18 and turning into a fabulous young man <proud mom>

Tui Sutherland: Yay Doughnutfang!

Boldclaw2: I know! Gingerkit sounds like an awesome name!

Nettlepaw: Firestar is Ginger!

Shadowmoon: I like Lusa too

Silverleaf ocp(Q): What happens if a medicine cat dies and they have no apprentice? who becomes the new medicine cat?

CherithBaldry(A): I assume they get a sign from StarClan. It would be a bit like the way that Echosong becomes med cat in Firestar's Quest. She gets dreams, and then some teaching from Sandstorm, and then Fawnstep who was the Ancient SkyClan med cat promises to teach her.

JJK8: I like the name Firestorm

Mistyleaf10564: Gingersnap

Firefoot: Lol

Rockstar: awwww :') -hugs Vicky-

Mistyleaf10564: Gingercookie!

Silverleaf ocp: ooh yay my question:d

Flametail von Karma(Q): If you could rewrite the series, would you change any of the consistency problems? If so, what? (question from Lakestorm)

KateCary(A): No. I'm rather fond of the inconsistencies.

Oakfeather(Q): Will Graystripe ever become deputy again?

VickyHolmes(A): I doubt it - unless something dreadful happens to Brambleclaw. Which is NOT a plot hint, btw!

Oakfeather(Q): Why didn't Leafstar change the names of Harveymoon, Snookpaw, Billystorm, and Macgyver? Its kinda strange. And also "moon" is not supposed to be used I thought.

Boldclaw2: Poor Graystripe

Silverleaf ocp(Q): What happens if a medicine cat dies and they have no apprentice? who becomes the new medicine cat?

VickyHolmes(A): Medicine cats from the other Clans will appoint a new one, guided by StarClan.

Firefoot(Q): To All: Can you give us a hint as to how Firestar will die? If he does die, who will be leader?

VickyHolmes(A): Er, can I just say no and not telling? Gosh I am SO MEAN!

Streamflow: Vicky-thank Satrclan that's not a plot hint!
Boldclaw2(Q): Why does it seem like most litters have two kits each? I mean, Leaf/Squirrel, Bramble/Tawny, Cinder/Bracken, etc. The list goes on and on! There haven't been any 5-kit litters (that I know of) and the occasional 1, 3, or 4 kit litters.
VickyHolmes(A): I’m trying to be realistic, because feral cats do have smaller litters than domestic cats, simply due to poorer diet and harsher living conditions. Also I don’t want to overload the cast lists with dozens of new cats at the same time!
Amberminnow(Q): Wll we see any new kits in Night Whispers, or maybe Sign of the Moon, I love when new kits are introduced--maybe Mousewhisker will become a father?

CherithBaldry(A): There are some kits in SotM, but maybe not ones you would imagine!

JJK8: **waves chocalate at Vicky*** Tell us about Firestar's death

Shadowmoon: Ooh, new kits!

Boldclaw2: Yay! My second question got answered!

Firefoot: Brook and Stormfurs kits?

Shadowmoon: You guys are putting me into suspense. "Not ones you would imagine" D:

Squirrelflighty: Stormfur and Brook kits!

Mistycreek(Q): For All Erins: My friend and I made up this idea that Hawkfrost would fall in love with Ivypaw and then he would be reincarnated (at the work of Tigerstar) so he would be alive again (not for Ivypaw, but to be like Tigerstar's puppet kind of thing). Would this ever happen and is it a good idea?
VickyHolmes(A): Whoa! That’s quite an idea! Awesome imagination, but alas I don’t think it will appear in the books, sorry.

Mistycreek: Thank you Vicky, it's fine!

VickyHolmes: Jjk8, I am still full of peanut M&ms so I can Resist your chocolate, hooray! And Firestar's death will reamin a secret!

Streamflow: *wants chocolate*

Rockstar(Q): To all: Why are Shredtail and Snowtuft training with Dark Forest cats? As far as I can remember, they don't have any reason to hate Firestar, or the Three.
CherithBaldry(A): They don;t necessarily have to. But there must have been some darkness in their life that sent them into the Dark Forest.

Tui Sutherland: I saw the favorite villain question a while ago...i kind of like Hawkfrost myself, because he seemed so complicated. What about you guys, who's Your favorite villain? :)

Shadowmoon: Snowtuft is a cute name but shredtail is eh

Rabbitfoot: Scourge. x3

Shadowmoon: My favorite villain is Tigerstar.

Firefoot: Hawkfrost

Muffins: Scourage

Streamflow: Tui-tigerstar.

Losty: Scourge :)

Lightstreak Rx: Tigerstar, in the first series =)

insaneular: Hawkfrost for me, too, probably. Though I also like Sol ;)

Jayheart: Mine is Scourge :d!!!

Flametail von Karma: I quite like Scourge.

Lightstreak Rx: And Ashfur, if he counts.

Rockstar: Hawkfrost <3

Braveheart42: Scourge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightstreak Rx: Xd

insaneular(Q): To all: A friend of mine noticed that in many major couples, one of the cats is named after an animal while another is named after a plant (examples; Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, Leafpool and Crowfeather), is this on purpose? Also, is it true that cats named after plants are usually red herrings while cats named after animals are the 'real deal'? (Like Hollyleaf not being part of the Three, but Dovepaw instead)
VickyHolmes(A): Oh my goodness, I think this is a theory too far, because I haven’t done any of this deliberately! I’m very impressed by the attention to detail, though.

Muffins: Oldspicepaw

Daysi Pawz: Scourge ::cool

JJK8: Tigerstar

Slickfeather: My Favorite Villan Is Thistleclaw

VickyHolmes: Shadowmoon, I like Shredtail because it suggests some serious damage has been done to his poor little tail.

Bluewing: Lol

Shadowmoon: tigerstar is unloved~

Shadowmoon: :(

Sandcloud: Hawkfrost and Scourge are tied for me. I love them both so much. But Hawkfrost's death better so I have to say he's my favourite

Mistycreek: I luv the erins!

KateCary: I imagine Shredtail to have a kinda tail-spray - like a handful of spaghetti

Magicyop: My favorite villain is tigerstar.

Stoneclaw: My fav is Scourge

Shadowmoon: Poor Shredtail! That's why I on't like it D:

VickyHolmes: Leopardstar and Goldenflower both loved Tigerstar!

Iceclaw: (high-fives Magic)

-Clovercloud-: My fave is Hawkfrost!

Mistyleaf10564: Rhyming Warrior Names

Boldclaw2: My favorite is Scourge xd

Brightsky: I like Leopardstar
Mistyleaf10564: Brightlight

Mistycreek: Ooh! Leopardstar!

Streamflow: Thistleclaw annoyed me.

Redfeather: I like Brackenheart
Mistyleaf10564: Appledapple

Boldclaw2: I hated Thistleclaw

Redfeather: I forgot who Thistleclaw is

Mistyleaf10564: Dovelove

Stoneclaw: Lepordstar aint that evil though

Streamflow: Heatherfeather

sunbeam: leopoardxtiger? huh...

Shadowmoon: *raises paw* I get to be Leopardstar! Being leader sounds hard but fun. And being leopard spotted would be awesome.

Flametail von Karma: Tigestar sure got a lot of she-cats.

Rabbitfoot: I bet it killed Leopardstar, though, because she was always the one who hated outsiders

insaneular: There should be a cat named Nightlight.

Mistyleaf10564: Lungdung

VickyHolmes: Thistleclaw was Tigerstar's mentor.

Firefoot: i think thistleclaw is crazy lol do u remember wen he was takikng to himself Xd

Lakestorm Wright: Well, he is charismatic.

JJK8: Whats the date of Night Whispers again?

Shadowmoon: Nightlight Xd And Heatherfeather is funny too.

Firefoot: november 23

Mistyleaf10564: Lol

insaneular: November 23, I believe

Daysi Pawz: Tigerstar makes the good girls go bad ::cool *brick'd*

Boldclaw2: Nov. something...

VickyHolmes: Flametail, bad boys are always the most popular!

Streamflow: Featherheather.

Flametail von Karma: This is certainly true, Lakestorm.

Silverleaf ocp: i wonder what happened to thistleclaw to make him that way...

Shadowmoon: Oo, I can't wait for November 23~

Tui Sutherland: Ooo, Leopardstar...i forgot, I really liked her, too! Although I thought she let Tigerstar push her around too much. Be more evil, Leopardstar! ;)

Jayheart: Xd

Flametail von Karma: ... xddd Vicky.

Shadowmoon: Or november 24 for that matter

Lightstreak Rx: Epic fanfic idea: Warriors-pokemon :O

Mistyleaf10564: Tigerliger

Muffins: Tigerstar was a ladies man ::cool

insaneular: Lol. "I choose you, Firestar!"

Rosesong(Q): To Vicky, Kate, Cherith, and Tui: Are there any plans to bring Sol back into the series? It kind of seemed as though his role wasn't quite finished.
CherithBaldry(A): I believe there are. I hope so. He's another great character to write.

Firefoot: he was a playa just like crowfeather Xd

Flametail von Karma: Which makes me wonder why Firestar had so many she-cats as well.

Rabbitfoot: Starry can't get into the chatroom right now, but she would like to say hi to all the Erins xd

SheilaRuth: That's all the presubmitted questions. We still have some that were asked recently

Oakfeather(Q): What happened to Applefur's other sibling?

VickyHolmes(A): I think he must have died quietly.

Rosesong: yay! thanks cherith!

insaneular: Sol reminds me of Hornbeck from Inherit the Wind...

Sandstar1051.(Q): To Vicky: Is Ivypaw truly evil?

VickyHolmes(A): Wait and see!

Mistycreek: I hope not. Ivypaw rules!

Streamflow: Mistystar is one of my fav. leaders ever!

Bluewing(Q): Will we see more of the Tribe of rushing water? ( If this has already been clarified, pardon me, I haven't read the books in a while.)

VickyHolmes(A): Definitely! They feature a lot in Sign of the Moon (OTS4).

Daysi Pawz: Hi Starry even though you aren't here!

Stoneclaw: Ivypaw cant be evil thats just too evil

insaneular: I like Ivypaw but Want her to be evil

Mistycreek: Mistystar is aswesome.

Sandstar1051.: Yay! My question got answered!

Streamflow: Vicky, you're so mean!

Silverleaf ocp: Oots 4 :D i cant wait

Clearfur: Vick Said Something!!! Yay!!!!

Mistycreek: I don't want ivypaw to be evil. I want her to be the heroine!

Shadowmoon: But the good-evil twin thing would be interesting.

Sandstar1051.: We need more She-villans!
Streamflow(Q): When do Dove and Ivy get their warrior names?

VickyHolmes(A): OTS4 (I think).

Braveheart42: Yayyayayaya Tribe Apperance

Stoneclaw: Ivypaw and evil= Mwahahahahaha
JJK8: Isnt Mistystar older than Firestar

insaneular: Because I don't think we've ever gotten an Evil Pov before

Daysi Pawz: Lotsa stuff happening in oots4 X

CherithBaldry: Yes Ots4

Shadowmoon: I want to see what Dove[aw

Redfeather: I want Sign of the Moon.

Shadowmoon: dovepaw's name is going to be

Streamflow: We need evil she-cats!

Tui Sutherland: I agree, we do need more she-villains! :)

Mistycreek: I'm happy! Most of my questions were answered! I just hope the transcript comes out soon so I can send them to my friend!

Clearfur: yes Jjk8, I think she is

Streamflow: Female villians are the best!

Lightstreak Rx(Q): To anyone: Did you ever cry or get a little teary while writing certain scenes? If so, what were they? :D

VickyHolmes(A): Nope! Heart of stone, that's me! But when I read the first draft, I do get moved. Kate's description of Mosskit's death was pretty heart-rending!

Silverleaf ocp: refresh my memory, did russetfur die?

Nettlepaw: By the way, can we submit extra questions now?

JJK8: Shes gonna end up like Tallstar then

Mistycreek: Yes Nettlepaw

VickyHolmes: Yes, Russetfur is now an ex-cat.

SheilaRuth: Yes, go ahead and submit questions

Boldclaw2: Kate wrote that?!?! That made me cry soooo hard!!!

KateCary: I think Sandstorm could turn evil quite easily - she's a tough cookie

Silverleaf ocp: Nooo i love sandstorm

Rabbitfoot: Sandstorm being evil would be a little odd.

Flametail von Karma: Mosskit's deaths was one of the most heart-breaking scenes in all of Warriors, in my opinion.

Stoneclaw: Naaaa squirlflight as an evil cat...thats one bad cookie

Mistycreek: Bluestar's Prophecy is my favorite Warriors book By Far!

Sandstar1051.: Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Keep Sandstorm good please Vicky!

Shadowmoon: In my opinion, Feathertail's death was pretty sad because of Crowfeather D:

Streamflow: She could easily kill Fie-fie...

Boldclaw2: The whole Bp book was heart-wrenching

Sandcloud: Sandstorm being evil would be awesome!

Silverleaf ocp: Bp made me cry

CherithBaldry: I cry sometimes. Feathertail's death (again) and Skywatcher's.

Shadowmoon: What's Bp again?

Firefoot: sandstorm will attack spottedleaf when she dies Xd

JJK8: Ivyheart, because she will be evil

Daysi Pawz: I...never finished Bp Xd

Flametail von Karma: Vicky, did you just reference Monty Python? An ex-parrot?

Silverleaf ocp: bluestars propechy

Boldclaw2: No! Sandstorm's always been a good she-cat, she'll never be evil xd

Streamflow: Poor Bluestar. Her life stank.

Shadowmoon: Oh.

Stoneclaw: They can be a cookie that isnt a chocolate chip cookie

Magicyop: Sandstorm would be a maniacal evil mastermind, manipulating the clan from inside for years... holding the ear of the leader...

Lakestorm Wright: I want an ex-parrot ; ;

Daysi Pawz: I don't cry reading books *is an emotionless stone*

Shadowmoon: I liked bluestar's prophecy :D

Lakestorm Wright: like the earrior she is.

Flametail von Karma: I have an ex-soul. 8D

Riverstripe: lol Magic.

Braveheart42: Yeah, Bp Was the best and most heart-wrenching Warriors book ever

Silverleaf ocp: Lol Lakey

Daysi Pawz: Magic: Lol yeah!

Bluewing: Bp is what caused the oil spill

Rowanoak23(Q): To Vicky: Why did you create the concept of StarClan warriors fading away? It sounds like a dying again in the after-life and is a little...disconcerting I guess. Maybe even a little scary.

VickyHolmes(A): Because I wanted to distinguish between old, old StarClan cats and those who arrived more recently. Also, if a cat is forgotten, does their spirit still exist? I agree that it's unsettling, but also rather beautiful, fading away like an autumn leaf.

Clearfur: Vicky's Got to be the greatest warriar of All time. She can kill All the cats if she wants to.

Firefoot: I agre Bp is the best in the series

Tui Sutherland: Wow, what would make Sandstorm evil? She'd have to have something push her way over the edge! But I think Firestar or her kits would keep her good...magicyop, that's a funny image of her, though!

Lakestorm Wright: hardly scary or unsettling! 8D

Bluewing: Whaa? Bp is what caused the oil spill!

Slickfeather: Who Is Bp???

Squirrelflighty(Q): Will Ferncloud return to being a warrior? She's pretty useless just providing kits

VickyHolmes(A): She's not useless! She's a great mom, and very helpful to other queens, just like Daisy. Cats need midwives and childcare experts too!

Streamflow: The Starclan cats fading away scared me.

Redfeather: bp = bluestar's prophecy

Shadowmoon: Childcare experts haha

Bluewing: Ooohh You Mean Bluestar's Prophecy Bp??ohhhh

KateCary: I think if something threatened Firestar or her kits, Sandstorm would go to any lengths to protect them - even if it meant turning Evil!

Iceclaw: Sandstorm evil: Screwed up face, snaggle fangs, messed up claws, scruffy fur, and hard, croaky voice.

Iceclaw: Eyes mad too.

Lunarstar911: hey Vicky, you doing Ok on staying awake?

crescentmoon: Sasha loved Tigerstar too

Daysi Pawz: I can picture that

Tui Sutherland: True, Kate! :)

Firefoot: Lol like Star wars

Shadowmoon: Which means someone's going to try and kill Squirrelflight or Leafpool? :O

Stoneclaw: so she would look like yellowfang

CherithBaldry: Ferncloud is great! I love her and Dustpelt together. He's so tough, but she can twist him round her paw.

Shadowmoon: I always imagine Ferncloud with a small fern on her head

Boldclaw2: I love Dustpelt!

Streamflow: Ferncloud's cool.

Tui Sutherland: Yeah, I have to say I think having kits is as tough as being a warrior...and I only have one!

Mistycreek: I love 'fern'

Lunarstar911: Bramblestar!

Redfeather: I imagine Lionblaze as a lion.

Clearfur: Fernclouds a kit machine

Shadowmoon: I imagined Lionheart as a lion.

Tui Sutherland: So props to Ferncloud! :)

insaneular: I imagine Lionblaze with hude muscles.

Boldclaw2: Cloudstar>bramblestar

Muffins: I cried during Yellowfangs death because my grandmother died recently and Yellowfang was just like her

-Clovercloud-(Q): How did you all meet, and how did you decide to write an awesome book series?

VickyHolmes(A): Warriors was my idea, I enlisted Kate's help because I knew she loved cats and was a fabulous writer, then I asked Cherith to join in for Book Three. I worked as an editor with both Kate and Cherith so I knew them professionally. Tui was the first Warriors editor at HarperCollins (so I sent the first scripts to her), and when she left HarperCollins to write fulltime, I snapped her up for Secrets of the Clans and then Seekers because she's awesome!

Lilacheart(Q): Did you ever dream about becoming an author when you were younger? Or did it just sort of become something you did and enjoyed over time?

KateCary(A): It was always my plan. I also planned to take over the world. Look out world.

Streamflow: Yes, Bramblestar forever! Go Team Bramblestar!

Nettlepaw: So does that make Ferncloud the toughest cat in the Clan? Nice...

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Why were Whitewing and Spiderleg made warriors after Squirrelflight? They'd been training for around eight moons when Midnight opens (because they were made apprentices about the same time Squirrelflight was born, and Squirrelflight was said to be eight moons old when Midnight opens); technically they should have been warriors even before Midnight began!

VickyHolmes(A): Maybe they didn't pass their first assessments? Or got held up by injury?

Firefoot: Fernstar the leader of Fernclan!

Mistycreek: I'm so happy I'm doing this! This is awesome!

Boldclaw2: Lol!! Kate!!

Lilacheart(Q): Did you ever dream about becoming an author when you were younger? Or did it just sort of become something you did and enjoyed over time?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, it was always my dream.

Lilacheart: Lol, Kate! Awesome!

Stoneclaw: Any one here watch Vampire diaries

Tui Sutherland: In some ways, I think so, Nettlepaw! :)

Tui Sutherland: I watch Vampire Diaries! I love it! :)

Stoneclaw: Vampire cats....

Amberminnow(Q): I think this might have been covered long ago, but I have to ask, is there any possibility that Hawkfrost was ever in love with a she-cat/had kits with her?

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think there are any little Hawkfrosts running around, no.

Mistycreek: I love you erins!

Sandstar1051.: Xd That would be kewl!

Nettlepaw: Cats are already vampires: out at night, fangs, moody and mysterious...

Shadowmoon: "I don't think there are any little Hawkfrosts running around." hahaha Xd

Lightstreak Rx: haha....'

-Clovercloud-(Q): How did you all meet, and how did you decide to write an awesome book series?

CherithBaldry(A): It was Vicky's idea, and she asked Kate and me to write it. Tui edited the first Warriors books, then became an Erin for Seekers.

Firefoot: baby hawkfrosts lol

Clearfur: cool

Jayheart: I dont really like Vampire Diaries the show, but the books are amazing :D! Though I do watch the show lol.

Shadowmoon: *imagines miniature Hawkfrosts*

insaneular: Oh, I think Hawkfrost kits would have been cool

Rabbitfoot: Lol, reminds me of Tlk. "we'll create a host of little Scars~!"

KateCary: Has anyone here read my cvampire novel - Bloodline?

Amberminnow: Darn I wub Hawkfrost =]

Rockstar: Hawkfrost is My mate.

Lightstreak Rx: I Love Bloodline!!

KateCary: not a cvampire novel

insaneular: No, but I've been meaning to, Kate :/

Lunarstar911: I wanna see Vampires Suck
Redfeather: Wolfwind (M) and Snakeheart (F).

Firefoot(Q): To Vicky: Is it true that you met a girl name Ivy Poole, and thats why Ivypaw's warrior name will be Ivypool, and because she was so nice, Ivypaw won't be evil?

VickyHolmes(A): Ivy Poole is the daughter of a good friend of mine. She is a beautiful little girl, but that doesn't mean Ivypaw has to be perfect!

Goldenpelt: I've read Bloodline, but not the second one, Kate :)

Rabbitfoot: Planning to, eventually.

Jayheart: I read Bloodline!!! :D I loved it!

KateCary: just plain vampires

Sandcloud: Kate: My library has it andt it >.<

Mistycreek: Sadly, no, Kate, cause I don't like Vamps.

Rabbitfoot: I have so many books on my to-read list D8

SheilaRuth: Kate, I haven't read it, but I think some here have. We were just talking about it earlier today in the chat room.

Braveheart42: I Have Kate!!!!!!!!! It Was The Best Vampire Book Eveah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightstreak Rx: I was up until 2am finishing it! I couldn't put it down <3 Bloodline = Love

Sandcloud: *My library has it and I've been meaning to get it

Firefoot: yay another question of mine answered!

Tui Sutherland: I have to admit I haven't read the Vdiaries books, but I love the show.

Goldenpelt: So Ivypool can be evil? Yay x)

Rumblepurr: I read the bloodline books. They were good.

Shadowmoon: Oh, so Ivypaw already has a planned warrior name?

Rockstar: I read Bloodline a while ago :)

Stoneclaw: Never read bloodline

Boldclaw2(Q): To all: You say the tribe comes back, but doesn't it seem odd to go and help them so much?

VickyHolmes(A): Some Clan cats definitely think it's odd, yes! But there are good reasons for going back to the mountains, not just to help the Tribe but to discover secrets about the Clans, too.
Redfeather: But Ivypool is a weird name! It's like, ivy floating in a pool! o3e

KateCary: hurray! It was such fun to write. Really vampy!

Lunarstar911: this has been going on for an hour and a half now

sunbeam(Q): who are the modern thunderclan cats who descended from Cloudstar's kits?

VickyHolmes(A): Tigerstar and Spottedleaf!

Bluewing: Kate: I saw it in the library but there are actually 2 books called bloodline but I never took it out Dx

Iceclaw: Tribe since they were first introduced=annoying to me. Messed with some good characters!

Lightstreak Rx: I was at my school library, and was going through the rows of books and Bloodline was there, so I gave it a chance (i don't like most vampire books) and Loved it

Braveheart42: I agree, Kate, It was awesome!

Boldclaw2(Q): To all: You say the tribe comes back, but doesn't it seem odd to go and help them so much?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, not all cats agree that they should help, but the clans have a connection with the tribe and can learn a lot from them.

Shadowmoon: Tigerstar was one of Cloudstar's kits? Cool! :O

Shadowmoon: Or... grandons...

VickyHolmes: Redfeather, well, squirrels don't fly either, but Squirrelflight is a good name!

Shadowmoon: *grandsons*

Firefoot: his great great great great great grandsomething

Goldenpelt: I haven't checked my local library, but my old school's library had the first one

Nettlepaw: Suspense and secrets are where its at! That's why I read Erin Hunter: I Never know whats gonna happen next!

Shadowmoon: Uh, flying squirrels!

Squirrelflighty: There are flying squirrels..

Streamflow: Ivypool's awesome!

Shadowmoon: Beat you to it ;D

Bluewing: I'm tired....

Rabbitfoot: Spottedleaf descended from Cloudstar? -flies at Cloudstar- Awesome...

KateCary: :)

Mistycreek(Q): Will Briarlight die or get a major part? I love her -- and I hope she doesn't die!

VickyHolmes(A): Briarlight isn't a central character, but she's very precious to me so she's going to stay around for a while.

Riverstripe: Flying squirrels..

Stoneclaw: They dont fly the glide

Muffins: I thought they just jumped...

Redfeather: Then again, ivypool reminds me of a pool table...

Lightstreak Rx(Q): What would happen if a leader didn't want the responsibilities of being a leader anymore? Would StarClan rip most of their lives away, or would the leader have to deal with it?

CherithBaldry(A): Pinestar retired, if you remember, but it shocked his Clan deeply.

Mistycreek: yes! Thank you Vicky!

Firefoot: yay! Brialight!

Redfeather: makes me want to dance on top of a pool table. >:D

Lilacheart(Q): Did you ever dream about becoming an author when you were younger? Or did it just sort of become something you did and enjoyed over time?

Tui Sutherland(A): Yes, I wrote stories all the time when I was a kid, and I keep finding essays I wrote about how I'd become an author when I grew up (that or an astronaut...or both!) :)

Stoneclaw: It would be weirs to see a squirl with wings...

Bluewing: I'm falling asleep. I was at a sleepover so I didn'r get any sleep last night......

KateCary: Don't tell the squirrels they're not actually flying, they drop like stones if they realise

JJK8: Briarlight is a Great name

Nettlepaw(Q): What's the one question you wish somebody would ask you, and what would the answer be?

VickyHolmes(A): "How can you be so gorgeous as well as so talented?" Hee hee, not really. I think all the questions in the world have been answered - and I love being surprised when new questions pop up.

Mistyleaf10564(Q): What's your favorive Warrior/

CherithBaldry(A): I love them all! I've a soft spot for Dustpelt, and I adore Purdy with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Daysi Pawz: Lol like in Hitchiker's Guide- to fly you have to fall and miss the ground Xd

Boldclaw2: Heh. I want to be an astronaut possibly too!

Stoneclaw: That would be funny..,"wat, squirls cant fly!!!o crud" Thud

Sandstar1051.: Are there any leaders that have retired and become an elder?(pinestar doesnt count)

Spottedflame: So Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt are Skyclan decendants, along with Mothwith and Hawkfrost. That makes Lionblaze and Jawfeather Skyclan decendants which is kindof ironic since their prophecy was given by a Skyclan cat. ^^)

insaneular: Haha, Cherith

Firefoot: purdy Lol

Goldenpelt: I lvoe Hitchhikers Guide x3

Goldenpelt: love*

Mistyleaf10564: Yay My question!

Squirrelflighty: Me too, Golden

Slickfeather(Q): What is your favorite book cover in the warriors series? (to Kate, from Slickfeather)

KateCary(A): The Sight - I like the shade of purpley blue :)

Rabbitfoot: I've only read two of the Hitchhiker's Guide books Xp so far.

Shadowmoon: I like Sunset.

Lightstreak Rx(Q): What would happen if a leader didn't want the responsibilities of being a leader anymore? Would StarClan rip most of their lives away, or would the leader have to deal with it?

VickyHolmes(A): A leader can leave, and renounce their remaining lives (apart from one - they don't have to die on the spot!).

Shadowmoon: Sunset has an Wesome cover

Bluewing: Magic- now you're name looks like Macysop I think i'm getting dyslexia

SheilaRuth: I don't think that's ironic, Spotteflame, I think it makes a kind of sense

Goldenpelt: Dawn has my favorite cover

Daysi Pawz: I read the first couple but it kinda went downhill after "restaurant at the end etc.etc."

Nettlepaw(Q): What's the one question you wish somebody would ask you, and what would the answer be?

CherithBaldry(A): Will you write some more Erin Hunter books? (Actually Vicky asked me this just recently. My answer was YES!

Nettlepaw(Q): What's the one question you wish somebody would ask you, and what would the answer be?

KateCary(A): "Would you like me to make you a cup of tea?"

Tui Sutherland: Boldclaw, you should do it! Then we can say we know an astronaut! :) Plus you'd get to go into space...i think that would be the coolest thing!

Mistyleaf10564(Q): What's your favorive Warrior/

VickyHolmes(A): Ravenpaw, Cinderpelt and Jayfeather (to write about, because he says exactly what's on his mind)

Streamflow: Lol Kate.

insaneular: I'll make you a cup of tea, Kate!

Lilacheart: ::laugh Kate

Rockstar: Kate, you've hardly said anything! D:

Firefoot: rabbitfang!

Stoneclaw: Dislexia is Bad ...that would mean i wouldnt be able to read warriors..."sob"

Bluewing: There should be a cat called Pebble that was eated by foolish squirrel

Mistyleaf10564: Yay my question again!

Daysi Pawz: Blatantly honest, blunt, cynical personalities are the best =D

Nettlepaw: Tea? Or Kate I make a mean cuppa!

Sandstar1051.: Lolz

Slickfeather: Kate Is Cool!

Rabbitfoot: Rabbits don't really have fangs... o_o Well, except the one that mauled Longtail. -shot-

Jayheart: I love Jayfeather :)!

Flametail von Karma(Q): Just out of curiousity, has any of you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo (which is, by the way, international xD)? The goal is to begin and write fifty thousand words of a novel during the month of November. It's great fun, and I've participated in it for two years--and last year I actually reached word goal!

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, and last year I wrote a pep talk for the young adult section. I think it's a great idea to get people writing.

Flametail von Karma(Q): Just out of curiousity, has any of you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo (which is, by the way, international xD)? The goal is to begin and write fifty thousand words of a novel during the month of November. It's great fun, and I've participated in it for two years--and last year I actually reached word goal!

VickyHolmes(A): Yes indeed - last year we all submitted tips and articles, so we got really involved and it was a lot of fun. Well done for reaching your word goal!

Braveheart42: Kate is awesome!!!!!!!

Stoneclaw: I dont like tea

KateCary: First one to make it to my desk with a steeaming hot cuppa gets my last liquorice allsort (do I need to translte that into Americanese?)

Shadowmoon: I reached over 50,000 words on Nano last year

Shadowmoon: But I don't really like what I wrote.

Riverstripe: Vicky, does Ravenpaw actually count as a Warrior?

Squirrelflighty(Q): Can you try and get Warriors merch? Like cups and clothes or plushies?

VickyHolmes(A): Alas there is no merchandise yet. There would probably have to be a movie first.

insaneular: *quickly makes tea and throws it on the computer in an attempt to get it to Kate*

Stoneclaw: Americanese please

Redfeather: I'm doing a warriors fanfiction this year for my Nanowrimo. o3o

Slickfeather(Q): To Tui, do you like writing Seekers more than Warriors or vice-versa? From Slickfeather!

Tui Sutherland(A): Hmm, well, I will say writing Seekers is a bit less stressful because there are so many fewer characters to keep track of! I don't have to worry so much about making big mistakes or doing something that will make a million Warriors fans mad. ;)

Goldenpelt: My procrastination got the best of me in last year's Nano

Rosesong: no movie!!

Firefoot: there are warriors cards in china

VickyHolmes: Riverstripe, no Ravenpaw is technically not a warrior. But that doesn't mean he's not a fabulous cat!

SheilaRuth: We don't need anyone else to ask if Hollyleaf is really dead. It's clear that Vicky isn't going to answer it. Lol.

Coalfang: lol

KateCary: Lol untranslateable. I was just teasing. :)

CherithBaldry: lol, Tui! So true.

Coalfang: butits fun asking Xd

Squirrelflighty(Q): Can Sandstorm have another litter of kits, then? It would be sweet to see Sandstorm soften up a bit again - she doesn't seem to do much!

VickyHolmes(A): In theory she could, but she feels a bit old now!

Slickfeather: Thanks Tui!!!

Daysi Pawz: Mine didn't. I won with 51 001 words Xd

Rabbitfoot: No gender-swapping bears in Seekers?

Squirrelflighty: You can just make plushies without a book....

Shadowmoon: I like writing Warriors because I get to think of names.

Squirrelflighty: Sandstorm is not!

Amberminnow: I'd want a Hawkfrost doll!! =)

Rockstar: my brain is fried D:

Goldenpelt: We really need plushies

Firefoot: Old sandy

Firefoot: sandy will never be old

Firefoot: shell be the cool grandma

Goldenpelt: Jay's needs to yell at you if you squeeze him

Boldclaw2: (sorry, late post) Thanks Tui! I also want to be a writer, it's so hard to decide! lol

Stoneclaw: sandy cant get old

Sandstar1051.: I want nore little Sandstorms!

KateCary: Vicky - is Leafpool really dead?

Firefoot: leafpools not deqad!

Boldclaw2(Q): Is Sandstorm mad at Leafpool for choosing to mate with Crowfeather?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, she probably is. Then again, moms NEVER like who their daughters or sons date! Although luckily my mom gets on very well with my husband :)

Bluewing: Sandstorm will never be old. She's the grandmother of Win.

insaneular: say Wha? Leafpool.... dead?

Muffins: wut lol

Mistycreek: huh? Leafpool's not dead...

Redfeather: Eh, the movie would probably be rated Pg13 for blood.

Sandstar1051.: No, we need a Tv series!

Stoneclaw: Movie Movie Movie Movie

Nettlepaw: Lol @ Kate!

Rosesong: What?! Leafpool Dead?!

Stoneclaw: Blood could be witheld

Clearfur: Leafpool's dead? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she needs to suffer more!!

VickyHolmes: Kate, stop asking me! Every day, same old questions... :)

insaneular: If Leafpool died it might be the first time I cried at a book

Firefoot: shes not, why would u think she is?

insaneular: Because Leafpool is hilarious

Stoneclaw: i cried wen a cat died once

Rosesong: No!! i'll cry...

Tui Sutherland: ha ha ha Rabbitfoot! not yet, anyway... :)

Rockstar: I looove Leafpool.

KateCary: Lol! Couldn't resist, Vicky :)

Goldenpelt: I'd love to see a traditional animation movie, unless the Cg was done by Animal whatchamacallit (the ones who did Ga'hoole and Happy Feet)

Bluewing: Omg She Died?? Yay! It's About Time!!

Silverleaf ocp(Q): Who is the new ShadowClan deputy going to be?

VickyHolmes(A): Rowanclaw. It's his reward for changing gender halfway through the series!

Mistycreek: I don't really like leafpool

Sandstar1051.: I cried when Feather died! ;(

Boldclaw2: Lol nice Vicky

Clearfur: lol

Daysi Pawz: Xd

Shadowmoon: haha rowanclaw Xd

Firefoot: Lol

Lightstreak Rx: Lol!

Clearfur: rofl

Redfeather: Rowanclaw is officially a fishbrain.

Bluewing: I've been waiting for So Long for leafpool to die! At least she's out of her misery Xd

Mistycreek: Does this chat usually go this long? This is so cool!

JJK8(Q): What is your favorite mate matchup

KateCary(A): Graystripe and Silverstream. Boohoo!

Streamflow: Rowanclaw...*burst out laughing*

Stoneclaw: Dont like Rowanclaw...wait who is Rowanclaw i forgot

Rockstar: Who said Leafpool is dead?

JJK8(Q): What is your favorite mate matchup

CherithBaldry(A): Ferncloud and Dustpelt, with Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw very close behind.

insaneular(Q): Just how many cats are in the Dark Forest? What I mean is, are there even close to as many as are in StarClan?

KateCary(A): 531

Mistycreek: This is awesome. My first erin Hunter Chat!

Riverstripe: that's a very random number.

insaneular: Heheh, thanks for the answer Kate

Firefoot: Lol

Shadowmoon: How did you count 531? O_o

Muffins: lol\

Braveheart42: 534 Lol

Mistycreek: ha ha Kate

Boldclaw2: No way Kate! there can't be that many!!

Rabbitfoot: Lol Xd

Riverstripe: lol Kate

Mistyleaf10564: lol

Squirrelflighty: I love you, Kate Xd

VickyHolmes: Oh no! Someone seems to have started a rumour that Leafpool is dead! That'll be all over the internet by tomorrow morning...

Mistyleaf10564: Yup

Firefoot: lol

insaneular: I'll make sure everyone knows about it Xd

SheilaRuth: I think it's 532!

Riverstripe: lol

Shadowmoon: She isn't yet, isn't she?

Magicyop: Lolz

Boldclaw2: She's not dead! she can't be! I don't believe it!

Clearfur: Yup Go Kate!!!

Stoneclaw: Leafpool aint dead

Squirrelflighty: It's over 9000.

Rockstar: It's Over 9000!!!

Daysi Pawz: Horray for internet rumours!

Nettlepaw: It'll be trending on Twitter and everything...

Tui Sutherland: My favorite matchup is Sorreltail/brackenfur...yeah, I'm afraid I like happy relationships! :)

Boldclaw2: i bet there's 5.

Coalfang: g2g, cya

Coalfang: Bye Erins D:

Daysi Pawz: Squirrel: I was thinking the same thing!!

Mistycreek: Don't worry; Vicky! I'll tell everyone at the Official Forums it's Not true.

Mistyleaf10564: Nooooo 532 plus Vicky! lol jk

Firefoot: im pretty sure it s only 11 last time i checked Xd Jk Lol

Redfeather: It's over 9000.

Muffins(Q): What does Crowfeather REALLY think about his Thunderclan kits?

CherithBaldry(A): I think he'd like to be more involved in their lives, but he can't, so he gets really bitter. I really like crowfeather; I'm so sorry Fate (whose name is Vicky) dealt him such a poor hand.

Daysi Pawz: Bye coal!!

Riverstripe: bye Coal

Coalfang: luv ya!

Lightstreak Rx: Bye, Coal D:

Braveheart42: It's over 1000

Lilacheart: Bye Coal =(

Shadowmoon: I think Sorreltail was cute

Shadowmoon: ooh Crowfeather question xd

Stoneclaw: dis chat is going to fast

Mistycreek: Bye Coal!

Mistyleaf10564: bye

Braveheart42: Bye Coal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spottedflame: Bye Coal!

Sandcloud: Bye Coal!

VickyHolmes: Bye Coal! Thanks for joining in!

Boldclaw2: Lol Cherith. Bye Coal!

KateCary: There's a simple equation to work out how many cats there are in the Dark Forest - it's Thunderclan x 4 divided by Starclan plus Rverclan, minus Shadowclan over 3 plus 12

insaneular: I bet Crowy is glad that he has sons who aren't disappointments (not that I think Breezepelt is a disappointment, but Crowfeather does!)

insaneular(Q): Just how many cats are in the Dark Forest? What I mean is, are there even close to as many as are in StarClan?

CherithBaldry(A): No - that would mean half the cats had been really evil, and we know that's not true.

VickyHolmes: Lots of you are asking about Series Five (yay!). I can't tell you much, I'm afraid, but it will be a little bit different and Totally Fabulous! Promise...

Streamflow(Q): Have you read Harry Potter?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I liked it a lot.

Mistycreek: Mistycreek! (that was random...) Alright Vicky! And Sorry that was me...

Streamflow: Oh, so there is a series 5? Yay!

Rabbitfoot: Fate's name is Vicky? As awesome as Vicky is, that's not so good for the rest of the world. xd

Braveheart42: Yup

Stoneclaw: Harry Potter is so awesome whos ur fav sharectr...i like Hagrid

Muffins(Q): What does Crowfeather REALLY think about his Thunderclan kits?


Shadowmoon: I'm going to read Fire in the Sky at camp this week while my sister reads Skyclan's Destiny

insaneular: Lol caps lock

Goldenpelt: Vicky, you should keep a list of Firestar's lost lives, just so you never messed up xd

CherithBaldry: lol

Daysi Pawz: lol"capslock

Rockstar: Wait...if there aren't as many cats in the Dark Forest than there are in Starclan, why do cats in the Datk Forest even bother trying to fight Starclan cats? It's kind obvious they won't win.

Shadowmoon: xd Crowfeather again, I liked that answer.

Sandstar1051.: Hooplah for series five!

Squirrelflighty(Q): What's your least-favorite book cover?

Tui Sutherland(A): Ooo, I've never seen this question before! Honestly, probably the very first book, Into the Wild...I liked it at the time, but I feel like the covers have gotten SO much cooler since then! (and Wayne has to be the world's most expert cat artist by now!) :)

insaneular: Rockstar: That's exactly why I asked it

Lunarstar911(Q): I heard there was going to be a 5th series (yaaaay!) One thing though- I never found out it's name. Would you clarify that for me?

VickyHolmes(A): It doesn't have a name yet. It's still barely a twinkle in my eye!

Jayheart: Crowfeather <3 :) aha. So my number one favorite character.

Mistycreek: Vicky/whoever that writes author tracker: Did you get your Fresian horse?

Shadowmoon: *grabs Crowfeather* my kitty!

Stoneclaw: A twinkle today is a bestseller tomarrow

Nettlepaw: I lurrve the Into The Wild cover! I've stared at it enough in my last job though!

JJK8(Q): What is your favorite mate matchup

VickyHolmes(A): I did love Leafpool and Crowfeather's romance because of the DOOM. And the BADGERS. Also Bluestar and Oakheart for the same reason (except no badgers).

Streamflow(Q): Have you read Harry Potter?

KateCary(A): Yep! Fabulous!

Shadowmoon: Into the Wild has an awesome cover.

Shadowmoon: Yay, more Crowfeather! :D

Shadowmoon: He was adorable in the manga as Crowpaw.

Firefoot: my fav cover is skyclans destiny

Shadowmoon: Or Crowkit.

Squirrelflighty(Q): What's your least-favorite book cover?

CherithBaldry(A): I wasn't too keen on Twilight. The cats look as if they're wandering around in heaps of raw meat. But most of the covers are awesome!

Rockstar: ewwww Harry Potter

Goldenpelt: Crowkit>crowfeather all the way

Clearfur: lol Twilight

KateCary: Doom and badgers go together so well, Vicky! Can we start a new series called the Doombadgers?

Lilacheart(Q): Did you ever dream about becoming an author when you were younger? Or did it just sort of become something you did and enjoyed over time?

VickyHolmes(A): I was always good at writing stories but I never thought I'd do this for a living one day. Be careful what you wish for - it might come true!

Shadowmoon: Ooh, Moonrise had an awesome cover

Goldenpelt: Didn't Vicky say they looked like intestines one time?

Slickfeather(Q): To anyone of the Erin Hunters who know the answer- Who is the leader of StarClan? From, Slickfeather

VickyHolmes(A): StarClan has no leader.

Redfeather: I -really- need to learn to be careful what i wish for >:U

Streamflow: Warriors is my fav. series, Harry Potter is 2nd.

Rabbitfoot: Doombadgers - I'd read that.

Stoneclaw: Starclans leader should be 4 cats Thunder River Wind and Shadow

Goldenpelt(Q): Are we allowed to know Cherrykit and Molekit's mentors yet?

VickyHolmes(A): Do they have mentors yet? I don't think so...

Firefoot: i never read Harry potter

Braveheart42: Ewwwwwww Harry Potter =P

sunbeam: I have to go to the bathroom...but I can't tear myself away!

Tui Sutherland: Which cover do you guys like best? And which one is your least favorite? (now I'm totally curious!) :)

Mistyleaf10564(Q): If you do, would you rather have an animated Warriors movie, or real cats? Mistyleaf

KateCary(A): Manga style animation! Like "Spirited Away"

Lightstreak Rx: Moonrise~

Shadowmoon: Spirited away rules!

Muffins: Hmph. I think It's time for me to bow out...thanks for stopping by!

Goldenpelt: Not yet, Vicky

insaneular: Ooh if Studio Ghibli did the warriors movie it would be wonderful!

Boldclaw2: I loved Spirited away!

Daysi Pawz: bye muffins!

Mistyleaf10564: Yay meh question!

sunbeam: Miyazaki ftw!

Firefoot: by muffins :(

Spottedflame: Bye Muffins!

Shadowmoon: Haku was my favorite in that one. Long green dragons rule. (well, partly green)

Jayheart: Spirited Away :d!!! I love that movie!

Redfeather: Yes. I agree with sunbeam.

sunbeam(Q): How did berrynose go from fun-loving apprentice to mouse-brained dunderhead?

CherithBaldry(A): He just got a bit too full of himself when he was made a warrior.

Nettlepaw: Kate: Yes! Warriors + Studio Ghibli = Blockbuster

Mistycreek(Q): Do you ever read the Official warriors and seekers message boards? If so, when are you going to answer questions in the "Ask Erin" section?

VickyHolmes(A): Every so often the messageboard administrators send me a list of questions to respond to, but I'm afraid I don't have time to take part in the forums regularly. Sorry.

Tui Sutherland: Oooo, yes, Kate! Spirited Away is the best movie! :) I'd love to see Warriors in that style! :)

Shadowmoon: Berrynose xd

Mistycreek: I like the inside of Skyclan's Destiny but I don't know which one I like best, Tui. I probably like Fire and Ice least, I don't know why.

Muffins left.

Boldclaw2: Tui- Fave: Sunrise Least fave: Forest of secrets

Braveheart42: Omsc You Like Spirited Awy Kate!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!!??! I Love It!!!!!! Do You Like Any Other Anime!?!?!

Shadowmoon: I like it!

Flametail von Karma: Spirited Away is amazing.

Goldenpelt: I prefer Nausicaa, but Spirited Away is awesome too x3

Sandcloud: I love all of Miyazaki's movies! <3 warriors in that style would be wonderful

Rumblepurr: My favorite cover is Bluestar's Prophecy--the hardback cover, not the dust jacket.

KateCary: I know, Tui. How awesome it would be! :)

Squirrelflighty: Spirited Away was amazing

Tui Sutherland: I love everything Miyazaki does, too!

Bluewing: Me Too

Shadowmoon: All of Miyazaki's movies are extremely awesome.

Mistycreek: It's fine Vicky! Thanks for telling me, because the members will be glad to hear that.

Braveheart42: Omsc Cool Tui!

Tui Sutherland: Howl's Moving Castle = awesome (also the Greatest book!)

Rabbitfoot: Spirited Away is my favorite Miyazaki movie... they're all pretty good, but Spirited Away was the best by miles.

Mistycreek: Well not glad but you know what I mean.

Rockstar: I've never even heard of Spirited Away

Braveheart42: Howl's is my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadowmoon: Ooh, Howl's Moving Castle has to be my favorite.. Bird monsters for the win

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who are some of your favorite minor characters? Personally, I like Rowanclaw a lot, but that's probably just because I wrote a (crazy) fanfic about him and his... gender issues. xD

CherithBaldry(A): <snigger>

I like Mistystar, and I wish we could see more of her.

Firefoot: never saw it and now i feel really left out :(

Redfeather: Yes, tui. My cat wants a mate with wings. >:U

Bluewing: What the heck is spirited away??????

Rabbitfoot: Go watch it then 8D

Jayheart: Now I wanna watch Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle lolz

Sandcloud: Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite! Princess Mononoke is good too.

Rabbitfoot: It's a really amazing animated movie.

Nettlepaw: I'm sure a movie will happen at some point, so I'm just going to relax and wait patiently...

Mistycreek(Q): Did you get your Fresian Horse (it was in the Author Tracker Email)?

VickyHolmes(A): Well remembered, Mistycreek! Not yet, but I've begun the search. There's a young horse named Falco currently for sale which I have my eye on. He's beautiful! But we need to move house first so I can keep him close by. It's going to be a busy year!

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who are some of your favorite minor characters? Personally, I like Rowanclaw a lot, but that's probably just because I wrote a (crazy) fanfic about him and his... gender issues. xD

KateCary(A): LOL! gender issues. Love it.

Mistyleaf10564(Q): If you do, would you rather have an animated Warriors movie, or real cats? Mistyleaf

CherithBaldry(A): I'd just settle for any movie, but cgi would be most likely, I think. Imagine trying to direct real cats on set!

Spottedflame(Q): To Vicky(or anyone who knows): About how many words does each Warriors book have?

VickyHolmes(A): 70-80,000, and up to 120,000 for the Super Editions.

Daysi Pawz: real cats would be so Awesome

Goldenpelt: Real cats would never listen

insaneular: that's a lot of words Xd

Daysi Pawz: Xd

Braveheart42: Wow lots of words

Bluewing(Q): People keep on saying that Tigerstar and Ivy (Or hawk whoever) are going to have somesort of a love relationship. Wouldn't that be a little creepy? he's been around since before firestar was born and that's a looong time ago!

CherithBaldry(A): That would be exrtremely creepy.

Mistyleaf10564: real cats

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who are some of your favorite minor characters? Personally, I like Rowanclaw a lot, but that's probably just because I wrote a (crazy) fanfic about him and his... gender issues. xD

VickyHolmes(A): I love Rowanclaw too! And Brackenfur is my secret crush :)

Daysi Pawz: I saw a live action movie called Milo and Otis and they used a real cat and dog

Stoneclaw: Real cats would run all over the place

Firefoot: there would be a lot of fights... but just bcuz cats fight alot lol

Streamflow: Real cats are to cool to be trained.

Daysi Pawz: but it took 5 years to make

sunbeam: and how would you get them to do fight scenes?

Shadowmoon: My favorite minor character is, for some reason, Reedwhisker. (he counts as minor right?)

Boldclaw2: Real cats would go crazy and it'd be hard to get them to do the correct poses and what not

Firefoot: I saw milo and otis

Lightstreak Rx: Milo and Otis is cute ^^

Flametail von Karma: Vickyxbrackenfur Otp.

crescentmoon: I love the Battles of the Clans cover & Code of the Clans (I think it's that one)

Mistycreek: I've got a good memory at times. ;) Falco sounds amazing! I hope you wil be able to get him or another Fresian (sorry I can't spell that!). I love horses as well as dogs and cats!

Lakestorm Wright: too bad Sorrel is Cherith's cat D:

insaneular: Lol That's an awesome pairing but Sorreltail would be annoyed

Squirrelflighty: Xd

Redfeather: Brackenheart is five years older than me >:I

Boldclaw2: Cloudtail's my fave ^.^

Boldclaw2(Q): To all: Why did you skip seasons between the first second and third series, but only about 2-4 between the 3rd and 4th?

VickyHolmes(A): Because the first series ended crisply and cleanly, while the second, third and fourth series ran into each other more closely.

SheilaRuth: Mistycreek: I'm not sending your question about Skyclan's Destiny, sorry. We generally allow spoilers in the chat, but that book is just too new and I don't want to give away the end.

Flametail von Karma(Q): Who are some of your favorite minor characters? Personally, I like Rowanclaw a lot, but that's probably just because I wrote a (crazy) fanfic about him and his... gender issues. xD

Tui Sutherland(A): Brackenfur ftw! I also love most of the cats back when they were kits, before they get troubled and complicated. ;)

Bluewing: Augh I Want Caffine I Want Soda Sugar Corn Syrup Rrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaawwwwwwwrrrrrrrr

Slickfeather(Q): For Vicky. Are you planning on making the Seekers more Dramatic? From, Slickfeather

VickyHolmes(A): More dramatic?! How could it get more dramatic?!

Rockstar: Hey Kate, you do know that there's someone here with the username "katecary", right? Xd

Shadowmoon: Yes, Warriors is very dramatic, and that's why I love it Xd

sunbeam(Q): How old is Purdy? Is he immortal?

CherithBaldry(A): Ooh, I hope so!

Amberminnow(Q): Will Heathertail ever find love again?

VickyHolmes(A): I hope so, although I must confess that I haven't given it a great deal of thought.

Mistyleaf10564: Firestar Doesn't Like Waffles!!!

Shadowmoon: Heavystep died three times and lived. Xd

Firefoot: Breezexheather

Goldenpelt: Purdy is the new Heavystep

Mistycreek: Alright thank you Sheila! I agree that it has too many spoilers and is too new because I just finished it yesterday!

Iceclaw: Heathertail suffering...i like!

Rosesong(Q): Can we know Dovepaw and Ivypaw's warrior names?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes you can! When you read that particular book in the series... :)

sunbeam(Q): How old is Purdy? Is he immortal?

KateCary(A): He's died and been stuffed but he just keeps on talking

sunbeam: breezexheather! they deserve each other!

Streamflow: Vicky!

Rosesong: grr, thanks vicky!

SheilaRuth: Lol Kate

Boldclaw2: Lol kate!!

Iceclaw: Although she and Breezepelt look like they have a smug relationship, or so it must happen in Breezepelt's mind

Clearfur: Evil Vicky!!!

Daysi Pawz: Lol

Riverstripe: lol Kate

Lilacheart: Kate's got a sense of humor today ::laugh

sunbeam(Q): Why isn't whitestorm more involved in StarClan?

VickyHolmes(A): I think he's enjoying the peace and quiet! But he does pop up a bit more regularly now.

Braveheart42: Lol Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearfur: She"s Not Tellin" Us!

Rockstar: lol Kate Xd

insaneular: If Warriors plushies are ever made, I want one of Purdy with a pull-string that lets him talk :D

Squirrelflighty(Q): Do you think Tawnypelt is a bit jealous of her mate? It seems that she was hoping to become deputy, and perhaps leader, especially in the scene where she rejected Tigerstar's help.

CherithBaldry(A): No, I think what she always wanted was to be a loyal Clan warrior. This is why she went to ShadowClan in the first place, because she didn;t think she would ever be trusted in ThunderClan.

Rosesong(Q): Is it possible that Brambleclaw won't be the next leader?

VickyHolmes(A): Anything is possible!

Shadowmoon: Whitestorm needs more attention! D:

Boldclaw2: Stuffed purdy....wonder what unstuffed Purdy's like xd

Streamflow: Vicky, no! We need Bramblestar!

Shadowmoon: Oo, I dreamed I was Tawnypelt and now it says something about Tawnypelt envy. :O

Boldclaw2: Cloudstar!! (yes, I'm stuck to that and not budging xd)

Mistycreek: I can't wait for the transcript bcause it's hard to keep up

Boldclaw2(Q): To all: Will we ever hear from Princess again?

VickyHolmes(A): Probably not. Our cats won't travel back to the old forest, and Princess would never make the long journey to the lake. I think she's well and happy with her housefolk, though.

Boldclaw2: Poor Firestar! Never hearing from his sister again

Rockstar: Poor Princess. D:

Shadowmoon: Who was Cloudtail's mate again? Brightheart? Yeah, that was it.

Lightstreak Rx(Q): Are there any scenes/quotes in Warriors that are based off certain songs/tv shows/movies?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, there are quotes from Rambo and Gladiator in two of the books!

Mistycreek: Firestar chose to be in the clans.

Mistycreek: Which ones, Vicky?

Redfeather: Brackenheart probably wouldn't make a good leader. He's too selfless... :U

Rockstar: Really?! Vicky, that's Stealing.

Skywing(Q): Do you ever regret choosing writing as your career path?

VickyHolmes(A): When I can't think of what happens next in a storyline, then yes. But it doesn't last long!

Goldenpelt: Talon must have watched Rambo in his spare time xd

Flametail von Karma: "with blood." That's from Rambo, isn't it?

Squirrelflighty: Xd

Lunarstar911(Q): This is a bit of a dumb question, but bear with me. What have you thiught the Warriors 'theme song' is?

KateCary(A): When I sit down to write, I'm usually humming the Meow-Mix song but I don't think it entirely captures he Warriors' world

Nettlepaw: Nah, it's a tribute!

VickyHolmes: Rockstar, it's only a couple of words, and not a direct quote. Yes, Flametail, that's it!

Clearfur: lol

Mistyleaf10564: Lol'

Lunarstar911: xd

Rabbitfoot: Lol, Kate.

Riverstripe: Lol

Redfeather: lol.

Boldclaw2: Lol

Goldenpelt: xd Meow Mix

Firefoot: lol

Sandstar1051.: Xd

Braveheart42: Lol

Daysi Pawz: Meow Mix!! Xd

Flametail von Karma: I've never even seen Rambo. *8D

Lunarstar911: meow mix oh qoq

Rockstar: lol I was just joking with you. Xd

sunbeam(Q): who was older, russetfur or blackstar? What would be a reason to appoint a deputy older than you?

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t know which was older; I'd imagined they were much the same age. Firestar appointed Whitestorm as deputy, remember, thought Whitestorm was much older, because he was the best cat for the job.

Rosesong: lol, meow mix

Lunarstar911: wow

Flametail von Karma: I just figured it out after a hint given.

Bluewing: Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeo

Losty: Okay, I have to go now, I have an awful headache. Bye, everyone! Thanks for setting up the chat, Sheila and Magic, and thanks for coming to answer our questions, Erins! :D

Sandstar1051.(Q): To all: Have you ever seen the warriors animations on Youtube?

VickyHolmes(A): Some of them, yes. There are beyond awesome. AlliKatNya's are my absolute favourite. She's VERY gifted.

Nettlepaw: I always thought the theme tune 'Cu Challain' by Adiemus (celtic music - look it up - it's Awesome!)

Redfeather: Bye, Losty.

Iceclaw: Bye Losty!

Soundstorm: Bye, Losty!

Mistycreek: Bye Losty!

Boldclaw2: Bye Losty!

Bluewing: Bai

Tui Sutherland: Bye Losty! :)

Mistyleaf10564: Bye!

Daysi Pawz: Bye Losty!

Blizz: Alli is ammmazing <3

Losty: *hugs for all, lets go of Icey after one second* :)

Rockstar: I love Allikatnya too!!!!!

Firefoot: Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

sunbeam: bye losty!

Losty left.

Redfeather: I'm not good at drawing cats >:U

Shadowmoon: I did draw my warriors character Briarstar, though.

VickyHolmes: Good choice, Nettlepaw! I think the movie soundtrack from Gladiator fits pretty well, too. I listen to that when writing fight scenes!

Goldenpelt: I wish Allykatnya's looked more like... cats

Redfeather: Just cartoonish wolves and anthropomorphic crocodiles.

VickyHolmes: Goodbye Losty! Thanks for coming!

Braveheart42: Allikatnya!!!!!!! Rawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunbeam(Q): Whick series was your favorite to write, and which one would you make into a movie?

CherithBaldry(A): I;ve enjoyed all the series, but I think that Series 1 would make two excellent movies, Books 1-3 and then 4-6. There's a natural break at the end of Book 3.

Mistycreek: I agree, Cherith!

Nettlepaw: You know the Adiemus music, Vicky! It completely fits Warriors, doesn't it!

KateCary left.

sunbeam(Q): What exactly was the purpose of Hatty, Firestar's twoleg's replace of him?

VickyHolmes(A): The editors at HarperCollins were worried that Firestar's housefolk would be sad without their kitty, so they asked me to create a replacement!

Boldclaw2: Make sure whatever ones you do make into a movie, that it has an epic cliffhanger :D

Rosesong: Kate?!

Bluewing: Kate?

Mistycreek: Kate's gone?!

Bluewing: Kate???????

Firefoot(Q): Did Firestar ever show Princess Squirrelkit and Leafkit?

VickyHolmes(A): I think he probably did, yes, even though we didn't see it happen.

Goldenpelt: I know I would be sad without mine, Vicky D:

Lunarstar911(Q): This is a bit of a dumb question, but bear with me. What have you thiught the Warriors 'theme song' is?

Tui Sutherland(A): That's a great question! I wish I had a great answer...I've had "Lost" by Anouk in my head lately (because it was on So You Think You Can Dance) and that has kind of a cool sad-pretty quality that would work for some of the cat relationships, I think. :) But it wouldn't fit the fight scenes at all...I'd have to think about that! :)

Clearfur: Kate?

Braveheart42: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockstar: Kate? Kate? Kate!

Skywing(Q): Do you ever regret choosing writing as your career path?

CherithBaldry(A): Not in the least.

Firefoot: Kate No!

Mistyleaf10564(Q): Do you know Firestar's mother, or do you not know?;D

VickyHolmes(A): We don't know who she is, no. But we do know who his dad is!

Forestpelt: we do?

Firefoot: jake

Boldclaw2: Jake

Bluewing: We do!

Clearfur: we do?

Mistycreek: Jake

Lunarstar911: :/

Sandstar1051.: Jake

Goldenpelt(Q): Was Blackstar Brokenstar's only deputy or were there others before him?

VickyHolmes(A): I suspect he wasn't the first deputy - good question!

Riverstripe: Who's Jake?

Mistycreek: It's jake

Redfeather: Kate got abducted by the Dark Forest cats for questioning on why Warriors has to be so awesome. :/

Shadowmoon: Who's Firestar's dad?

sunbeam: seriously?

Bluewing: Who the foo is jake?

Nettlepaw: Jake's the name of My cat!
SheilaRuth: We've had lots of Warriors questions but not many Seekers questions. Does anyone have any Seekers questions?

Clearfur: we Do!!!

Streamflow: Oh, so it is Jake...

Skywing(Q): Do you ever regret choosing writing as your career path?

Tui Sutherland(A): Not at all -- best job ever! :)

Bluewing(Q): Have you ever thought about writing something other than warriors?

CherithBaldry(A): I do write other things - I;ve written three adult novels and some children's books under my own name, and also worked on other series for Working Partners.

Firefoot: jake is scourges dad and is in bluestars prophecy

Forestpelt: Ohhhh

Firefoot: and is also firestars dad

Blizz: Seekers = ):

Lakestorm Wright: Warriors isn't as extensive as Seekers!

Mistycreek: I'll try a Seekers question...but I've only read book 1 so...

Redfeather: Wait, so Firestar and Scourge are brothers?

Amberminnow(Q): Tigerheart and Flametail appear to be playing bigger roles in Omen of the Stars, will we see more of Dawnpelt also?

VickyHolmes(A): We will see more of her, especially in Night Whispers, but she isn't as central as Tigerheart and Flametail.

Skywing: Half brothers, yes.

Nettlepaw: Half-brothers

Boldclaw2: Warriors has more books and more....plot I'm assuming xd

Lunarstar911: Kate

Firefoot: did she really leavbe? or did she getted knocked off?

Bluewing(Q): Have you ever thought about writing something other than warriors?

VickyHolmes(A): I've written three books under my own name (about horses) and I have created several other series under different author names. Warriors and Seekers take up most of my time now, though!

Mistycreek(Q): Will Kallik, Lusa, and Toklo be featured in the second Seekers series?

VickyHolmes(A): Definitely!

Mistycreek: Vicky has horse books? You Must Tell Me Their Names!!!!

Redfeather: I'm not leaving till the Erins leave >:U

Mistycreek(Q): Will Kallik, Lusa, and Toklo be featured in the second Seekers series?

CherithBaldry(A): Yes

Mistycreek: Thank you Cherith! That was for someone on the forums.

Forestpelt: I read one of her books.. can't remember what it was claled

Forestpelt: called*

Stoneclaw: Wen the last erin leaves i will leave

VickyHolmes: Mistycreek, the titles are Rider In The Dark, The Horse From The Sea, and Heart Of Fire.

Rockstar: I read Firebird!! I liked it a lot Xd

Braveheart42: Hmmmm

Stoneclaw: Heart of Fire sounds good

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Which do you like better, Warriors or Seekers?

VickyHolmes(A): I love them both for different reasons!

sunbeam: Are the horse books a series?

Mistycreek: Alright Vicky! Thank you so much for the titles and answer! I will Google them now.

Shadowmoon: Horses rule :O

Riverstripe: I don't think I've read Seekers...

Lakestorm Wright(Q): Which do you like better, Warriors or Seekers?

CherithBaldry(A): I like Warriors better because I love cats so much and also because that world is so familiar to me now. But I really like Seekers and it's made me learn a lot about bears and realise what awesome animals they are.

Firefoot: i horse back ride every wednesday

Bluewing(Q): Have you ever thought about writing something other than warriors?

Tui Sutherland(A): I've been lucky enough to write lots of other things -- my favorite things I've written (besides Seekers!) are the Avatars trilogy, the Pet Trouble books, and the vampire book that came out last year under my "Tamara Summers" name -- that was Never Bite a Boy on the First Date. I have a million more ideas, though, so I hope I get to keep writing for a really long time! :)

Mistycreek: What are the other series?

VickyHolmes: No Sunbeam, the horse books are individual stories featuring different characters and settings, so you can read them in any order.

Redfeather: There aren't enough wolf books out there... I'm gonna write wolf books when I grow up >:U

Rosesong: ive read up to book 4 of seekers

Goldenpelt: I still need to read Fire in the Sky

Mistyleaf10564: I like Warrior better than Seekers.

Shadowmoon: I still haven'te even Started Fire in the Sky.

Redfeather: or maybe woodpecker books.

Stoneclaw: U must read seekers river u got to

Jayheart: Dx I have to go my dads making me get off grr. Bye everyone!

Redfeather: Yeah, Woodpeckers. That would do well.

Firefoot: i read a really good wolf book by kathryn lasky

Mistyleaf10564: bye!

Rowanoak23(Q): To any: Have other cats joined the Clans before Rusty/Firestar?

VickyHolmes(A): Excellent question! I think the answer must be yes.

Rosesong: bye jayheart!

Sandstar1051.: Byez!

insaneular: I've been meaning to read seekers for a while but haven't gotten around to it...

Boldclaw2: Bye Jayheart

VickyHolmes: Bye jayheart, thanks for coming!

Shadowmoon: I read that wolf one too. Well, I started it :O

Shadowmoon: Wolves of the Beyond?

sunbeam: bye jayheart!

Firefoot: by jayheart!

Braveheart42: Bye Jayheart

Stoneclaw: To any; will Tigerstar ever come back to life

Mistycreek: Is Kate coming back?

Jayheart left.

Firefoot: wolves ofthe beyond was good, but the print was Huge!

Streamflow(Q): Here's a Seekers question: Is one of the bears really going to die? If so, who?

VickyHolmes(A): I can't answer this without giving too much away, sorry! But I suspect it's not who you think...

Shadowmoon: I never finished Wolves of the Beyond.

insaneular(Q): you said there would be a ShadowClan point of view in Night Whispers... any chance you could tell us who? ;)

VickyHolmes(A): It's Flametail!

Bluewing: She wouldn't leave without saying goodbye

insaneular: Hooray! I love Flametail!

Shadowmoon: Flametail? Oh, that was confusing --

Boldclaw2: Flametail o.o Cool!!!!

Mistycreek: Ooh Flametail!

insaneular: He's my favorite of Tawnypelt's kits!

Firefoot: i thought it was tigerheart *pouts*

Shadowmoon: wait if Flametail is a tom but is named after a girl then what? o_o

Redfeather: Flametail is still here right?

Lunarstar911: omg Tigerstar should be rencarnated

Streamflow: Yay, a new Pov.

Flametail von Karma(Q): Can you say anything regarding the second Seekers series?

VickyHolmes(A): Yes, it will feature BEARS! And ice and adventures and maybe getting lost underground...

Stoneclaw: did kate leave

JJK8: Flamtail!!

Firefoot: hes named after a girl?

Flametail von Karma: Ha, it'll be so weird for me, reading my name all the time in Night Whispers.

Bluewing(Q): Do you thing that Tigerstar is truly evil or is he just overly messed up because of his strange childhood or is he just really misunderstood?

CherithBaldry(A): I think he's pretty evil, though we can see why he turned out like that.

Nettlepaw: The flickering Flame within the Shadow...

Shadowmoon: Lost undergroudn Xd

Lunarstar911(Q): On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like writing deaths? (:p) Ten being 'fdskfksd love it' and one being 'i hate it >:U'

VickyHolmes(A): Ten every time!

Shadowmoon: ground

Lunarstar911: oh Vicky

crescentmoon: I always worried about Firestar's 2-legs - I knew how I'd feel if my kitty disappeared.

Bluewing: Omg Tigerstar Should Get A Life

Sandstar1051.(Q): Who is your favorite Leader?

VickyHolmes(A): Tigerstar!

Lunarstar911: Lol

Riverstripe: lol Vicky

Flametail von Karma: How did I know you would answer like that, Vicky.

sunbeam(Q): To tui: did toklo's brother have a specific disease?

Tui Sutherland(A): Not that I know of...maybe Vicky knows? But I think he was just very weak, and it's tough being a weak little cub in a world where it's so hard to find food in the first place...poor little bear!

SheilaRuth: Lol. I knew Vicky would answer the deaths question that way!

Stoneclaw: How did we guess u would say that

Shadowmoon: I liked Tigerstar too,

Rosesong: lol vickyy

MeganSimas(Q): In Seekers, what made you actually write it? It was a big hit warriors, but what made you all do seekers as well? Will you ever do another animal stories in the future too?

CherithBaldry(A): Well, I did Seekers because Vicky asked me. And it's quite possible that Erin Hunter will do other animals in the future.

Stoneclaw: Horses

Firefoot: goldfish Lol

insaneular: Do a series about Raccoons. *brick'd*

MeganSimas(Q): In Seekers, what made you actually write it? It was a big hit warriors, but what made you all do seekers as well? Will you ever do another animal stories in the future too?

VickyHolmes(A): HarperCollins asked me to create another series about a different animal, and I asked if we could do bears because they are so totally different from cats. They are truly wild, independent, fierce, and only preyed upon by humans.

Mistycreek: I love Vicky, Cherith, Kate, and Tui!

Riverstripe: Wolves

Forestpelt: Do a series about goldfish

Lunarstar911: Do One On Llamas! *baff'd*

Sandstar1051.: Tiger was the most interesting

Streamflow: You guys write the best books ever!

SheilaRuth: Kate got disconnected and is having trouble getting back in.

Nettlepaw: Warriors "was" a big hit? It still is!

Shadowmoon: Raccoons ~=~ Tanukis, thus Raccoons = Awesome

Lilacheart: lol, Forestpelt ::laugh

VickyHolmes: Forestpelt, wouldn't the scenery get a big boring?

Firefoot: wolves are too muc like the clans

Boldclaw2: Poor Kate :(

Rosesong: no, kate!!

Mistycreek: Alright. I know what she feels like because that happened to me about three times!

Firefoot: no kate!

Boldclaw2: Yeah, and fish die quickly..

Braveheart42: D=

Braveheart42: Kate.............

Skywing: my fishy lasted 5 years

Goldenpelt: Cheetahs! Only the males live in groups, and their awesome x3

Lunarstar911: Summon Kate! >:D

Stoneclaw: Kate needs to get a computer that isnt so mean

Boldclaw2: I love cheetahs!!!

Rabbitfoot: But goldfish have a three-second memory...

sunbeam: goldfish have a 3-7 second memory span. that would be fun.

Redfeather: I have koi fish in my backyard that are living really long and huge. :D

Rabbitfoot: That'll be a short series.

Shadowmoon: Cheetahs rule the world!

Firefoot: i have a fish named jorge and he lies on his back then wen i come into the room he swims around

Boldclaw2: maybe some type of bird would be an interesting plot ^.^

Redfeather: Golfish series:

Mistyleaf10564: Snow Leopards!

Rabbitfoot: Cheetahs are my favorite animals <3

Skywing: I see kois all the time!

Nettlepaw: Maybe an insect of some kind...

Braveheart42: It would be like ten pages

Stoneclaw: Crocodiles

Shadowmoon: Birds rule! But my friend really loves snow leopards.

Lunarstar911: I had a fish that was so stupid that it didn't die for a few years

Redfeather: "blackfin, your name is now Blackhead." "okay... wait what's my warrior name again?"

Bluewing(Q): Do you thing that Tigerstar is truly evil or is he just overly messed up because of his strange childhood or is he just really misunderstood?

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think he's misunderstood - that's being a bit too generous, as he's clearly ambitious to the point of murder! He was guided down a dark path by his mentor, Thistleclaw, but he also had a streak of ruthlessness in his nature that allowed him to follow evil pawsteps. So a combination of both, I think!

Tui Sutherland: Llamas would be a hilarious series! They're so cranky! Cheetahs would be really awesome, though! Aw, and I Love snow leopards! That might be too muh like cats, but they're so beautiful.

Amberminnow(Q): As far as forbidden romances go we've seen warrior and warrior, medicine cat and warrior, but will we ever see a forbidden relationship between two medicine cats?

VickyHolmes(A): Ooh, quite possibly!

Sandstar1051.(Q): Who is your favorite Leader?

CherithBaldry(A): Apart from Firestar, Cloudstar of Ancient SkyClan, because of the way he led his Clan through such a terrible time. And then came back to tell Firestar to revive his Clan. I'm so pleased that he was reunited with Birdflight - now there's a scene that made me go all teary.

Firefoot: alpacas

Mistyleaf10564: Yay Tui!

Boldclaw2: Vicky: I agre about Tigerstar! He's evil xd

Mistycreek(Q): Would you ever do a Erin Hunter horse series or dog series?

VickyHolmes(A): Maybe, although I'm happy to focus on cats and bears right now!

Spottedflame: Bye Guys! I have to go!

Daysi Pawz: bye

Lunarstar911: byeb ye :9

Mistyleaf10564: Bye!

insaneular: bye

-Clovercloud-: bye!

Stoneclaw: C u spottedflame

Firefoot: By spottedflame

Mistycreek: Cool, Vicky. You know what? I'm gonna finish Seekers. I love you guys!

Braveheart42: Bye Spottedflame

Skywing(Q): Are you ever offended by people who degrade and belittle your hard, amazing work?

CherithBaldry(A): Sometimes. Especially people who think books for young people are easy to write. Hah!

Lunarstar911: this has been two hours long so far

JJK8(C): I've seen a little more vocabulary in warriors, can you tell me why?

Skywing(Q): Are you ever offended by people who degrade and belittle your hard, amazing work?

VickyHolmes(A): Not offended, because everyone can have an opinion and I would never say that Warriors is THE best series ever. And we do make mistakes, I can't deny that. The only thing that irks me is when people dismiss the books without reading them.

Mistycreek: I would say Warriors might be the best series Ever!

Stoneclaw: Books for the young r not east to write we r picky readers

sunbeam: 2 hours and going strong. sweet.

Boldclaw2(Q): To all: Will there ever be a super edition about Princess/Firestar's early early life?

VickyHolmes(A): I don't think so. Firestar was only six moons old when he joined ThunderClan so I don't think there would be much to write about!

Boldclaw2: I know! People are all like "Cat books? Bleh!" But I mean, they're awesome!!

Lunarstar911: Hey Vicky, what's your opinion on Twilight? Xdd

Skywing: Yeah, Skywing or Rosedapple would be amazing.

Skywing(Q): Would you ever consider bringing in a Savannah? (if you don't know, a savannah is a half domestic half wild breed that's somewhat large and fierce.) I think it would make a great addition to the story, especially if she was a little Mary Sue with a bad past/life.

VickyHolmes(A): Fabulous idea! Definitely worth considering. :)

Streamflow: I think Warriors is the best series ever!

Skywing: Yessss!

Firefoot: its hard to explain warriors to ppl who dont know :(

Shadowmoon: Warriors is definitely one of the most long-lived series. I got interested when I was in 3rd grade, and now I'm going into 8th.

Shadowmoon: Or, that I've heard of :O

Clearfur: wow!

Mistyleaf10564: wow

VickyHolmes: Lunarstar, I haven't read Twilight so I can't comment, except to say that Stephenie Meyer has done an amazing job of capturing the imagination!

Stoneclaw: Wow

Goldenpelt: Harpercollins needs to make Warriors be placed in the Young Adults/teen section in bookstores. I mean, seriously!

Boldclaw2: aww :( No Firestar as a kit super edition :(

Lunarstar911(Q): On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like writing deaths? (:p) Ten being 'fdskfksd love it' and one being 'i hate it >:U'

CherithBaldry(A): About eight. I feel sorry for the character, but they are always strong scenes to write.

SheilaRuth: Kate can't get back in, and she asked me to say her goodbyes. She said she really enjoyed it, and thinks it was "one of the funniest, friendliest chats so far."

Iceclaw: (blinks at Vicky's reply to that and nearly dies laughing)

Mistyleaf10564: awwwwwwwwwwwww

Rosesong: awwww

Firefoot: bye Kate!

insaneular: Nooo, Bye Kate, even though you can't see it D:

Squirrelflighty: Bye Kate D:

Daysi Pawz: Bye Kate!! Thanks for coming!

Mistycreek: Tell her I said bye. Poor Kate!!

Rowanoak23: Tell her bye from us!

Lilacheart: Bye, Kate. =/

Goldenpelt: Aw, bye Kate D:

Clearfur: awwwwwwwww

Skywing(Q): Are you ever offended by people who degrade and belittle your hard, amazing work?

Tui Sutherland(A): I try really hard to avoid those people! Which is harder to do online, but for the most part everyone is so nice that it makes up for the grumpy ones. I agree that people who thinks "children's books" are easier to write (or unimportant!) are crazy, though -- that's my least favorite attitude!

Sandcloud: Bye Kate

Boldclaw2: Bye Kate!!

Iceclaw: Sorry you couldn't get back in Kate, but I speak for all us whne we say our good-byes and it's been great!

Rosesong: Bye Kate!

Lilacheart: Thank you so much for coming to the chat =)

Shadowmoon: Say hi and goodbye to Kate for me :P

Bluewing: Bye kate

Mistycreek: Thank you for doing this, kate! You're amazing!

Mistyleaf10564: Tell her bye from all of us!

-Clovercloud-: Bye Kate thank you!!!

Stoneclaw: Librays need more warrior books ans yes i know i spelled Librays wrong

Redfeather: What? Tell the Dark Forst cats to give Kate back now. >:U

Lunarstar911: byyye kate

Clearfur: bye kate

Rosesong: tnks so much

Rockstar: Bye Kate! D:

Lightstreak Rx: Thanks, Kate! You're amazing <2

JJK8: Bye Kate

Lightstreak Rx: *<3

Rockstar: I love you!!!!

Streamflow: Bye Kate!

Bluewing: Peace Out Home Dawg

Blizz: Aww bye Kate D:

Sandstar1051.: Bye Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJK8(Q): I've seen a little more vocabulary in warriors, can you tell me why?

VickyHolmes(A): Do you mean we're using a wider range of words? Well, we never dumb down our language, so perhaps we just getting confident with using more vocabulary because we know how smart you guys are?

sunbeam: bye kate...even though you can't really hear us.

Rosesong: thanks so muuch *huggles kate*

Stoneclaw: Tiger star...hand Over Kate

-Clovercloud-: May Starclan light your path always!!!

Rabbitfoot: Cyaz, Kate, and moo boo~ -shot-

Streamflow: Hello to all future transcript readers!

JJK8: Thanks

Stoneclaw: bye kate godd talking to ya "hugs"

Mistycreek: I'm amazed. Most of my questions were answered!

Magicyop: Streamflow, they won't hear you.

Skywing: Bye, Katee :D

Braveheart42: I hate going into the kiddie section of my bookstore, picking up the book, going to the cash register and the cashier gives me an odd look becayuse it has a cat on it. It's so annoying

Magicyop: We edit out extraneous spam like "hi"

Bluewing: omg Hai Readers!

crescentmoon: 2 medicine cats... I like it!

Magicyop: Stop!

Clearfur: lol

Magicyop: No more "Hi readers!"

Lakestorm Wright: lol Magic

Mistyleaf10564(Q): Have any of you guys watched Firestar doesn't like waffles or seen SSS warrior animations because they are really good/funny!

VickyHolmes(A): I have, and I love them both! The waffles animation makes me laugh every time, and SSS is amazing with its attention to detail and characterisation.

Magicyop: They won't hear you because we will delete them!

Magicyop: I mean, not the future readers

Magicyop: Obviously we can't delete future readers

SheilaRuth: I'm 45 and I read children's books all the time. I think they're really well written and interesting. I don't care what people think.

Magicyop: But the comments.

Firefoot: lol

Mistyleaf10564: yay meh question!

Riverstripe: Ssswarriors!

Nettlepaw: Hmm, shall I read about cat clans ripping into each other, or about a miserable girl having to choose between two equally miserable guys? Hard choice...

Goldenpelt: I'm still puzzled by the Pink cat in the opening

Mistycreek: What, Goldenpelt?

Firefoot: haha nettlepaw exactly

insaneular: Most things that people say are childish are created by adults, anyway :d

Riverstripe: someone should tell the maker of that that Erin Hunter watched that

Goldenpelt: Search the Sss Warriors opening on youtube

Daysi Pawz: Some people just like attention and think they'll get more of it if their replies show up in the transcript often..

CherithBaldry: I read children's books too, and like Sheila I just don;t care. I enjoy them and that's that.

VickyHolmes: Braveheart, if your bookstore cashier doesn't know that Warriors is suitable for all ages, they should get a different job!

Clearfur: agreed Vick

Mistycreek: Ya Vicky!

Daysi Pawz: Well written children's books are awesome (like the original Winnie the Pooh books!)

Firefoot: Amen Vicky!

Mistyleaf10564(Q): Have any of you guys watched Firestar doesn't like waffles or seen SSS warrior animations because they are really good/funny!

CherithBaldry(A): I don;t know these. Vicky, could you please email me a link when you have a minute?

Boldclaw2: I would glare at them and say. "what. you got a problem with this?" lol

Bluewing: Ohhh waffles time it's waffles time will you have some waffles of mine! For the last time graystripe I Don't Like Waffles. Firestar doesn't like waffles! Firestar doesn't liek cookiees!

Rockstar: Children's books are amazing, much beter than adult books. And I've read a lot of adult books, so I know what T'm talkin' about

Mistycreek: I love Children's books!

Riverstripe: Actually, you can just search Ssswarriors on Youtube.

Lunarstar911: bluewing, firestar says, "I dont know what a waffle is!"

VickyHolmes: It's been an awesome chat, guys, but I'm going to bow out now. Too much gardening today has left me weary! Thanks for all the brilliant questions!

Firefoot: yes

Stoneclaw: i like waffles

Skywing: Bye Vicky!

Rockstar: Noooo! D:

Squirrelflighty: awwwwwww

Skywing: :(

Riverstripe: aww.

Squirrelflighty: bye!

sunbeam: Are we running out of questions? cause if so, I'll think of some more.

Mistyleaf10564: In Firestar doesnt like waffles somebody says yay fruit salad and cloudpaw has a myspace Xd

Daysi Pawz: Bye Vicky!!

Blizz: Aww bye Vicky!

Lilacheart: Bye, Vicky! Thank you so much for coming =)

Rosesong: nooo! *ties vicky to a pole*

insaneular: Noo don't go Vicky!

Bluewing: Awwwww Bye Vicky

JJK8: Bye Vicky!!

Streamflow: Bye, Vicky!

Riverstripe: Bye Vicky

Rowanoak23: Bye Vicky, thanks for coming! It was a real treat!

Blizz: Thanks for coming :)

Sandcloud: Bye Vicky!!! *hugs*

Firefoot: No Vicky Dont Leave Us!q

-Clovercloud-: Bye!!! Thank you so much!! You rock!!! Thank you!! May Starclan light your path always!!!!!!!!

Iceclaw: Thanks for coming, g'night!

Lightstreak Rx: You're awesome, Vicky, I love you!

Goldenpelt: Bye Vicky D:

Soundstorm: Aw, bye, Vicky. Thanks for coming ^_^

insaneular: Bye bye, this chat was awesome for my first one :)

sunbeam: Waaah! bye vicky!

Boldclaw2: Bye vicky!!!!

Shadowmoon: Bye bye Vicky!

Braveheart42: Bye, Vicky!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squirrelflighty: I love you, Vicky! D: Thank yoouu for visiting us

JJK8: See you next chat

Skywing: I love you, Vicky. :)

Firefoot: Bye Vicky, *cries*

VickyHolmes: Don't forget to sign up to the Author Tracker on for letters from me every month. And I'll see some of you next Spring, hopefully!

Nettlepaw: See ya soon Vicky!

Sandstar1051.: Aww! ;( Bye Vicky Thanks for the great chat!

Mistyleaf10564: nooooooooooo!

Lightstreak Rx: Here are some parting cookies

Bluewing: *gives vicky more cheese*

JJK8: I loved this so much

Tui Sutherland: Seriously, I love children's & Ya books so much! So many adult books are all tragic and slow...

Tui Sutherland: Ack!

Rosesong: bye vicky! *huggles vicky*

Streamflow: Vicky, thanks for answering my questions!

Shadowmoon: No problem.

Mistycreek: No problem, Vicky! Thank you so much for answering our questions! Hopefully I'll see you next year! :-) Many good purrs from Mistycreek!

Tui Sutherland: Bye Vicky!

Rockstar: Bye Vicky. :) Love you Starclan light your path!!

Goldenpelt: Tui's obviously gonna be the last to leave x3

SheilaRuth: Thanks so much for coming!

Lunarstar911: Nooo

Stoneclaw: bye vicky i hope theres another chat soon

Firefoot: starclan light ur path

JJK8: Thanks for answerng my questions

Mistycreek: Thank you!

Lunarstar911: Dont Go!

Bluewing: Ilu Vicky

Lunarstar911: D:

Braveheart42: Bye! May Starclan light your path!

Lilacheart: *hugs* I'm allowed to do that, right? ^^;

Boldclaw2: I'm going to come to the next chat!! this was so worth waiting!!!

Skywing: You're an amazing writer, and I really respect you for that. ::wub It was an honor to speak to you again. :)

insaneular: Thank you, Vicky

Tui Sutherland: Come visit me, Vicky! Jonah wants to meet you! :)

Clearfur: bye vick! *gives Vicky Chocolate*

VickyHolmes: You are All delicious! Even when you ask me tricky questions... Lots of hugs to all of you, including Tui and Cherith, my lovely co-writers!

Lunarstar911: Monkey says goodbye

Shadowmoon: As my friend would say, "may Starclan light your path."

Redfeather: May Starclan win the battle.

Lightstreak Rx: This chat makes me wanna reread all of the Warriors books...

Bluewing: Ilu So Much Xd
Magicyop left.

Lakestorm Wright: Bye, Vicky! Sorry you couldn't stay longer!

Lunarstar911: Byyyyye

Mistycreek: Thanks Vicky! :-) Hope to see you next year!

CherithBaldry: Children's books have really strong stories whereas some adult novels seem to have forgotten that.
Lunarstar911: Magic Left

Redfeather: *waves to Vicky*

Mistycreek: Right back at youl, Vicky!

Skywing: May Starclan light your path. *licks shoulder*

Bluewing: Starclan Light Your Path

Rabbitfoot: Cyaz Vicky, and moo boo to you too!~
Mistyleaf10564: Magic left?

CherithBaldry: Bye Vicky. Speak to you soon.

VickyHolmes: Tui, I am saving for my Boston trip already! I have to see Jonah before he gets too big for scoochy hugs.

Daysi Pawz: May Starclan light your bath!!

Daysi Pawz: *cue everyone remembering an old joke*

Stoneclaw: Tui dont leave if u do only cherith will be left then wen she leaves no one will be left "sob" same to u cherith

Braveheart42: Lol

Soundstorm: Lol, Moo boo. Haven't heard that one in a while
-Clovercloud-: Magic...left?

sunbeam: its what, 11 where you are? I aplaud your endurance.

Mistycreek: Goodbye Vicky!

Lilacheart: May starclan light your bath---lol, Daysi xd

Squirrelflighty: haha Xd

VickyHolmes: hey, the first moo boo of the night! Thanks, Rabbitfoot!

Skywing: 11?
Lunarstar911: Magicyop left

insaneular: Ooh do come to Boston, that's near where I am!

Iceclaw: Me and Soundy Combined are more evil than Vicky.

Skywing: It's more like 2 in England!

VickyHolmes: Sunbeam, it's 2am!

Rabbitfoot: ...funny, Soundy, Lilac said the same thing to me a few seconds ago. Xp

Tui Sutherland: There was a great article in the Ny Times just recently about how awesome children's books are and how everyone loves them now, so yay!

Streamflow: *gives Vicky a ton of chocolate* May Starclan light your everything!

Lakestorm Wright: Long Live Earriors!

Mistycreek: I applaud your indurance as well!

Sandstar1051.: Bye Vicky! Remember me for the next chat! ;)

JJK8: Until next time Vick..dont Stopkilling Warrior Cats

Squirrelflighty: Xd Lakestorm

Mistyleaf10564: lol

Soundstorm: Lol

Flametail von Karma: :C Bye, Vicky!
Rosesong: Magicyummyop?!

Bluewing: Lol May Starclan Light Your Bath!

Lakestorm Wright: Long Live Earriors!

Firefoot: yay

Mistycreek: *gives Vicky 100000 ideas, chocolate, and purple pens*

Tui Sutherland: Yay Vicky! Hopefully Jonah will like scoochy hugs for a long time still! :)

Rabbitfoot: Long Live Earriors~

Nettlepaw: Lotsa love Vicky! Take care!
Mistyleaf10564: magicmop?

Boldclaw2: Kill off some warriors, make us cry, make us laugh!

VickyHolmes: Bye Flametail, see you next year! Shadowmoon, I'm in a wayyyy different time zone than you!

Lunarstar911: *gives Vicky ten pounds of chocolate*

Rosesong: earriors

Mistycreek: Bye! :D

Squirrelflighty: Hurry up and get on tour Xd

Rowanoak23: I do! Oh wait you mean your son, don't you Tui? Xd

Shadowmoon: xd Bye, Vicky! Again.

CherithBaldry: Ah yes, the purple pen of doom!

Mistycreek: See you next year! ;)

Flametail von Karma: I'll try to see you on as many tours as I can. <3

Rockstar: I love you Vicky! See you again I hope..

Redfeather: Here, take some hot chocolate, Vicky. And pretend it's winter. ;)

Boldclaw2: *throws departing confetti*

Goldenpelt: Earriors xd

Bluewing: Gives Vicky More Cheese*

sunbeam: No! make it ideas coated in chocolate!

VickyHolmes: Whoa, Lunarstar, I won't fit into any of my tour outfits if I eat all that!

Firefoot: quick! someone tie her up so she cant leave!

Skywing: May Starclan light your path. *licks shoulder* I really respect your talent for writing, and I hope you continue to do so. Thank you for staying up just to answer us. You're really amazing and it was an honor to speak to you again.

Streamflow: Keep up the good work and remember, Bramblestar. Okay, Vicky?

Lunarstar911: I once typed querriors once. I have no clue how I pulled it off

-Clovercloud-: Bye!!!! We'll miss you!!!!

Mistyleaf10564: *gives all brownie*

Braveheart42: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VickyHolmes: Skywing, it's an honour to be able to come here and chat to you, too. Thank you! Thank you!

-Clovercloud-: yes Bramblestar!!!

Mistycreek: yeah Bramblestar!

Clearfur: Cherith! Can you keep Vick in a closet with a computer?

JJK8: I will temp you with chocalate 4 firestar's death

Boldclaw2: Cloudstar Cloudstar!!!

Sandstar1051.: Do go make Sandstorm evil Vicky! ;) Bye!

Mistycreek: Thank you so much Vicky! :-)

Braveheart42: Bramblenose

Braveheart42: was

-Clovercloud-: I had a great time, thank you Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squirrelflighty: Get some sleep, Vicky ^^;

Braveheart42: my

Iceclaw: (glances at Vicky) I dunno if she would allow so much evil.

Braveheart42: name

Boldclaw2: Don't kill off Crowxleaf!!

crescentmoon: I'm older than Sheila & I'm absolutely obsessed with Warriors!

CherithBaldry: Sorry, no chance! Vicky is unshuttupable.

Lakestorm Wright: Long Live Earriors!

crescentmoon: Bye Vicky

Goldenpelt: Vicky would find a way out, she's just that evil

Lakestorm Wright: Long Live Earriors! 8D

Lunarstar911: *tackleglomps Vicky*

Rockstar: Bye Vicky, get a good night sleep please. :P You deserve it. ^^

Squirrelflighty: She'll just kill a pretty little she-cat

Lunarstar911: Niiight~!

Braveheart42: Have a good night sleep.

Firefoot: bye!

-Clovercloud-: Good night!

Braveheart42: nights*

Mistycreek: Bye Vicky! :-)

Rumblepurr: Crescent: same here, older and obsessed

Bluewing: Who wants a nice cold glass of milk right now? I'm passing out e-milk!

sunbeam: *considering shackles for Vicky* anyone else?

crescentmoon: Thanks Vicky

Streamflow: Bye Vicky! We all love you!

VickyHolmes: Off to bed for me, hooray! I can hear my husband coughing - hope he doesn't keep me awake all night, grrrr.

Nettlepaw: *bows to Vicky* Oyasumi Nasai!

CherithBaldry: I'd kill for coffee.

Lilacheart: xd

Shadowmoon: *takes milk* yummu

SheilaRuth: G'night!

Squirrelflighty: Awww :(

sunbeam: Blue: I'll take some!

Shadowmoon: yummu

Lightstreak Rx: Night, Vicky!

Lunarstar911: byye

Lilacheart: Goodnight, Vicky.

Shadowmoon: yummy

Squirrelflighty: Cher, get some coffee!

Clearfur: Bye

Bluewing: *goves everyone e-milk

Sandstar1051.: Thankies for z awesome first chat!!!!!!

Boldclaw2: Night Vicky!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: Sunshine sends snuggles to Missy! :)

Skywing: Cherith: I know I'm annoying, but could you perhaps think about that with Vicky? You know, Rosedapple and all. I would appreciate it. Also.. do you ever like.. get too lazy to fix the errors or just see them when you're done?

Firefoot: *chains vicky to the floor* hehehe now u cant leave!

Rabbitfoot: ^^ Have a good night.

Mistyleaf10564: lol night vicky!

insaneular: Good Night and thank you, Vicky! It was great to chat with you!

Lunarstar911: well miss you!

Iceclaw: Night

sunbeam: it'll go great with my e-oreos!

Iceclaw: Or Morning for you, ha.

Lunarstar911: I enjoyed this chat

Goldenpelt: If he kept you awake all night, we'd be happy, Vicky xd

Bluewing: *gives Cherith and e-coffee*

Skywing: May Starclan light your path. *dips head*

-Clovercloud-: Bye and good night Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I see you again sometime!

CherithBaldry: Goodnight, Vicky. Dream of more awesome stuff for your cats to do.

Skywing: Hey, it's not done yet!

Lakestorm Wright: What about Coffeeshipping, Cherith? It's the name fans gave to the pairing of Toklo and Lusa!

Mistycreek: Night, Vicky! See ya next year! And Mistycreek's always an option if you need a warrior name to use! :D

Skywing: We still have Cherith and Tui!

Iceclaw: No killing dreams though!

Squirrelflighty: Haha

Braveheart42: Good Night, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soundstorm: Lol.

Flametail von Karma: Coffeeshipping = awesome.

CherithBaldry: Thanks Bluewing.

Rosesong: bye vicky!!!

Clearfur: see ya vicky...

Lunarstar911: Goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

Skywing: Rosedapple and Skywing is Never a last resort! :d

Firefoot: *cough* use firefoot *cough*

Skywing: D

Mistyleaf10564: Bye!

Bluewing: Chur welcome :D

sunbeam: tokloxlusa. I cannot see that. then again, I've only read book 1...

Rockstar: Ohhh Vicky you're making this soo hard D:

Lunarstar911: We shall miss you! :D

Iceclaw: Choclate coffee perhaps.

VickyHolmes: *wriggles free of chains* Aha! I'm too slippery to pin down! Missy would hug Sunshine back if she were awake, Tui!

Goldenpelt: I suggested Coffeeshipping as a name for Lion/hazel. I don't think it ever got named xd

Firefoot: darn lol

Squirrelflighty: Aww

sunbeam: bye again, Vicky!

Clearfur: Gives

Bluewing: Bye! See you maybe someday!

Lakestorm Wright: Vicky Stay, Please I Have Chocolate!

Skywing: -drops metal box around vicky-

Lunarstar911: Noo

Skywing: Nu

Mistyleaf10564: Consider Mistyleaf!

Lunarstar911: She Got Free

JJK8: Remember me Vicky

Boldclaw2: I have confetti!!!

VickyHolmes left.

Firefoot: well, heres some e-cake for u

Lunarstar911: Noooo

Firefoot: shes gone

Lightstreak Rx: zhe's gone :(
Iceclaw: Where's Magic vanish to?

Rockstar: Noooooooooooooooooo

Lunarstar911: Shes Gone

Squirrelflighty: aww

Goldenpelt: And then there were two D:

Clearfur: Noooo!!!!

Rosesong: she poofed...

Lunarstar911: D:

Boldclaw2: :(

Bluewing: she's gone

sunbeam: dang, she got away.

Shadowmoon: *mails Vicky some chocolate* Good night

-Clovercloud-: :(

Mistyleaf10564: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Streamflow: *cries*

Mistycreek: Bye bye Vicky

Rockstar: *dies* :(
Lunarstar911: Magic Left Too

Bluewing: *sniffle

Clearfur: can we go back to the questions now? lol

JJK8: **cries**

-Clovercloud-: *sniff sniff*

Firefoot: *cries*
sunbeam: speaking of which, where'd magic go off to?

Boldclaw2: Who gave her the key to the handcuffs?

Squirrelflighty: Sad :C

Braveheart42: *cries*

Magicyop joined.

Stoneclaw: vicky is offically gone.....nooooooo

Squirrelflighty: Cherith and Tui are troopers

Bluewing: Magic Is Back Yaay

Mistycreek: Magic's Back

Lilacheart: Welcome back, Magicyop ::mellow

sunbeam: Magic, what's a yop?

Rosesong: Magicyummyop is back

Mistyleaf10564: Magic is bac!

Firefoot: welcome back!

Rockstar: Hi Magic!

Tui Sutherland: I probably need to go to bed soon, too...i know it's only 9:20 here, but the baby got up at 5:30am today. Not cool, baby! :) He hasn't quite figured out that I'm not a morning person yet. ;)

Braveheart42: Wb Magic

Magicyop: Thanks ;-)

Lunarstar911: Magikarp is back :P

Firefoot: magicyacht

Shadowmoon: Ok xd

Clearfur: welcome!!! Vick just went...

Mistyleaf10564: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SheilaRuth: The site crashed and Magicyop couldn't get back in. That's probably why Kate couldn't get back in either.

Firefoot: lol

Stoneclaw: If tui and cherith leave im gone they are the heartbeat of this chat

Goldenpelt: Aw D:

Squirrelflighty: Aww Tui

Boldclaw2: :(

Shadowmoon: My mom is wondering why this is taking two hours but I think it's fun

Squirrelflighty: maybe Kate can come back? D:

Mistycreek: I'm tired as well Tui and in the same time zone as you.

Rockstar: Awwww *licks around ear* It's okay Tui, do what you have to do. ^^

SheilaRuth: Tui, you'd better go and get some sleep! I know how exhausting babies are!

Nettlepaw: 10:20am here in Japan

-Clovercloud-: Aww, don't leave!

CherithBaldry: Thank you Stoneclaw.

Riverstripe: Tui lives in Us?

Forestpelt: Japan? wow!

Daysi Pawz: Awesome, Nettle

Tui Sutherland: But tomorrow I get to sleep in while my husband hangs out with Jonah-bear -- yay! Such an exciting plan! :)

Sandstar1051.: Bye Tui!

Firefoot: by tui :(

Goldenpelt: She lives in Boston

Mistycreek: Get some sleep, Tui! :D we'll miss ya!

Lunarstar911: bye bye Tui

Bluewing: Nettlepaw- Whoah You're In Japan?

Mistycreek: Oh cool for you Tui!

-Clovercloud-: Sleep well Tui!!

Braveheart42: *locks Tui in a closet* Hehehehehehe You can nevah leave us.... >=D

Rockstar: Now it's only Cherith D:

Rosesong: bye tui...

-Clovercloud-: Thank you!!!!

Lunarstar911: Sleep well

sunbeam: Tui, do you go to dunking donuts for breakfast?

insaneular: Good Night Tui

Forestpelt: neko ga suki desu ka?

Rosesong: *huggles tui*

Mistyleaf10564: Hey Tui, i have to get up at 5 am to catch the bus everyday and im in the same time zone!

Boldclaw2: *eats the key*

Lilacheart: Don't torture Tui, that's not nice o_o

Streamflow: Tui, you live within driving distance of me!

Nettlepaw: Hai, daiskui desu

Sandcloud: Hai

Shadowmoon: Bye Tui! -doesn't chain-

JJK8: Bye Tui!!!

Stoneclaw: No prob u and tui are great and no one will leave without being forced frome their computers with u here

Clearfur: Bye Tui

Rosesong: *huggles tui*

Forestpelt: hooray!

Braveheart42: Good night Tui, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunarstar911: *traps cherith in a steel box* But You Arent Leaving! *evil laugh*

Streamflow: Bye, Tui! :(

Nettlepaw: *daisuki

Rabbitfoot: Cyaz, Tui, and moo boo -- -shot-

CherithBaldry: I must go too. I'm on duty in Church tomorrow. I have to be there in seven hours' time.

SheilaRuth: Tui, have you read Skyclan's Destiny? You probably have some sympathy for poor Fallowfern now.

Tui Sutherland: Thanks so much you guys! This was really really fun! (sunbeam, I would go to Dunkin Donuts every day if I could! But then I'd always be the size I was when I was 9 months pregnant, and that was no fun!) ;)

Forestpelt: moo boo! I remember that

Squirrelflighty: Awww

Boldclaw2: Noooooo

Stoneclaw: Bye tui...darn....dont let the bedbugs bite

Bluewing: Mmmm donuts

Lunarstar911: awwwwwww

CherithBaldry: <brings out laser cutter ans cuts hole in steel box>

Goldenpelt: I still need Sd D:

Lunarstar911: Byyye

Blizz: Thanks for coming!

SheilaRuth: Bye Cherith!

Blizz: :D

Lunarstar911: D:

Clearfur: Will Cherith deal with the remaining questions, or will they go unanswered?

Lilacheart: Thank you Cherith and Tui for coming.

Squirrelflighty: Thank you for coming!

SheilaRuth: Thanks so much to both of you for coming!

Lunarstar911: Thanks for a comin

Goldenpelt: Bye Cherith D:

Mistycreek: Goodbye, Cherith! Get some rest! We'll miss you too Tui! Goodbye and thanks for chatting! :-)

-Clovercloud-: aww, Bye, thank you so much both of you! It was so awesome for my first chat!!!!!!!

Skywing: not really

Nettlepaw: Thanks, Erins! It's been so nice to talk with you all! And Thank You for the awesome books!

Iceclaw: Sleep well!

Sandcloud: by cherith!

Mistyleaf10564: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: Ha ha ha Sheila Ruth! So true!

Rockstar: Bye, get some sleep so you can come up with lots of more ideas for us to obsess over

Rosesong: Noooooooooooo!!!!! bye cherith... *huggles cherith*

Mistycreek: And answering questions!

Forestpelt: Lol

Sandstar1051.: Byez!!!!!!!

Sandcloud: Thanks all of you!

Squirrelflighty: We love you guys :) thank you for your time!

Braveheart42: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Both of them are leaving!?!?!? =((((((((((((((((((

Lunarstar911: Goodbye!

Bluewing: Bye tui! I love your name by the way!

Daysi Pawz: Bye Cherith and Tui!! Thanks a lot for coming! ^__________^

Rockstar: Nooo!!!

Streamflow: Sigh. Bye-bye Cherith!

Skywing: Bye guys! *hug*

Oakfeather: Aw Bye

Firefoot: No Dont Leave Us!

JJK8: Bye Erins

Stoneclaw: Bye cherith...darn...about to have to get off...darn

Rockstar: It was soo much fun

Shadowmoon: Bye bye! I'll finish Skyclan's destiny soon! :D

Lunarstar911: Long Live Earriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firefoot: Bye Cherith, Bye Tui

crescentmoon: Bye Cherith & thanks

Flametail von Karma: Goodbye, everyone. :C Wish we could keep you.

Bluewing: bye cherith bye tui

Soundstorm: Bye, Cherith and Tui.

Firefoot: *hugs both*

Soundstorm: Thanks for coming ^_^

Mistyleaf10564: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: *hugs* to all of you guys! You're the best! Come join me on Facebook if you can -- I try to answer questions there when I get a chance. :)

Bluewing: I Love You Gaiz

Slickfeather: Bye Tui and Cherith

sunbeam: bye tui and cherith (I held out that sentence for a good 40 seconds.)

Rockstar: Bye guys, I just loved talking to you.

Oakfeather: Ahh

CherithBaldry: I think the questions I haven't answered are the ones that only Vicky knows - and she may not be telling.

Mistyleaf10564: ok!

SheilaRuth: Goodbye and Goodnight!

Redfeather: Wait, so it's over now?

Rabbitfoot: Aww, I don't have a Facebook Xp

Boldclaw2: Yay for Facebook!!

Firefoot: i go on fb all the time

Lunarstar911: Byyyye

Rowanoak23: Alright then.

Sandstar1051.: -sighs- I have to go to! Bye all!!!!! Thanks for the awesome first chat!!!!!!!

Oakfeather: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

crescentmoon: Bye & Thanks Tui

Stoneclaw: "hugs tui and Cherith"

Riverstripe: bye Ccherith and Tui

Slickfeather: Bye Tui and Cherith I Love Ya!

Oakfeather: *sobs*

Lilacheart: Goodnight, Goodbye, and thank you =)

Rockstar: Vikcy is secretly watching this chat still >_>

Braveheart42: Bye Cherith, Tui! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firefoot: im always on vickys page

Bluewing: Goodbye Mai Frendz

Mistycreek: Thank you all! :-)

Rowanoak23: G'night!

Shadowmoon: See ya! don't be surprised if I'm Nightwhisker next time.

SheilaRuth: Yes, Redfeather, it's over. Sorry. All good things must come to an end.

Clearfur: Oops I accidently asked "bye cherith" so Bye Cherith!!!

Redfeather: Yeah, I know. Lots of things are too short though. xd

Skywing: Once all of the admins are gone, we should have A Race To Memberchat

Lunarstar911: Keep Writing Warriors 8DD

Firefoot: darn

-Clovercloud-: Why must all goodt things end?? wah...

Iceclaw: No Hugs!

sunbeam: we can stay and play rock paper scissors lizard spock!

Slickfeather: Bye Tui!!!

Lunarstar911: omg

Oakfeather: No Aw

Oakfeather: Durn It

Lunarstar911: we should, skywing

Oakfeather: No

Iceclaw: One Second Hugs For Me Only!

Firefoot: bye guys

Skywing: hey

CherithBaldry: Thank you all for being here. It''s an honour and a privilege to talk to you. I never stop being amazed at how much you love Warriors and Seekers.

Boldclaw2: Never stop writing, don't fall down stairs, and eat plenty of chocolate!

Stoneclaw: I call rock

Mistyleaf10564: lets all stay here after admins!

JJK8: Bye

Oakfeather: *gives her a straw to breath*

Rabbitfoot: Good night, Cherith! Thank you so much! (and moo boo xd)

Braveheart42: *glomps Both authors*

Rockstar: Bye Cherith :'(

Sandstar1051.: By everyone! See ya ll next year!!!!!!

Bluewing: Everybody! Race To Memberchat After Cherith And Tui Leave K?

sunbeam: Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock! *begins to chant*

Slickfeather: Bye Authors!!! :(

Oakfeather: Nuuuuuuuu

Skywing: *glompadomp*

Lilacheart: Don't torture the authors o_o

Oakfeather: Ahhhhhhh

Firefoot: bye guys im leaving!

Tui Sutherland: Bye! Hugs and chocolate and snuggles for all of you! Thanks so much for all the awesome questions and for being so amazing!

Squirrelflighty: We enjoyed your company

Mistycreek: Thank You Cherith! Thank You Tui! Thank You Kate! Thank You Vicky!

crescentmoon: Bye everyone - I'm famished - & my cats have probably collapsed from hunger. It's nearly 8:30 here.

Rabbitfoot: ^ For the record, don't torture anyone Xp

Slickfeather: I Love U Tui!!

Skywing: well, when I say go, that's when we go

Boldclaw2: How can we not love them when they're written by such awesome authors?!

Rockstar: This chat lasted 2 hours and 25 min

Lilacheart: Thanks for coming, Tui =)

Tui Sutherland left.

JJK8: See you Next year

Shadowmoon: *waves* It's only 6 Pm, I wish I could stay up late like you :D

Skywing: don't worry, they'll be gone after I say go

Lunarstar911: Tui Left

Mistyleaf10564: No She Left!

-Clovercloud-: Tui gone...

Braveheart42: Tui left. =(

Lunarstar911: D:

Oakfeather: Nuuuuu

Lilacheart: Thanks for coming, Cherith.

Blizz: Thanks again for staying up so late :) We looooove Warriors! :D

Iceclaw: Chocolate..,?(snatches) Yes.

Slickfeather: Bye Bye! :(

Boldclaw2: Bye Tui :(

CherithBaldry: Good night. And may Starclan light your path. <opens door in back of closet and slips out>

Lunarstar911: Bye Cherithh

Skywing: Bye Cherith!

Rockstar: Warriors <3333333333333333

Boldclaw2: Lol, sneaky Cherith!

sunbeam: waah! bye cherith! you don't want to leave, do you?

Goldenpelt: Bye Cheirth D:

SheilaRuth: May Starclan light your path!

Slickfeather: No!!!!!!!!!

-Clovercloud-: Bye cherith!!!!!!

Bluewing: when cherith leaves, race to member chat!!!!

Goldenpelt: Cherith*

Lilacheart: ^_^

Rowanoak23: G'night!

Skywing: when I say Go, not once hse leaves

CherithBaldry left.

Skywing: Go

Lunarstar911 left.

Rockstar: Nooooooo D:

Slickfeather: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJK8: Noooooooooooooooooooooo

-Clovercloud-: She gone...

Daysi Pawz left.

Shadowmoon: Bye eyeveryone

Riverstripe: aaand, they're gone!

Skywing left.

Oakfeather: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo

Flametail von Karma left.

Rabbitfoot: The end~

Redfeather: Bye bye.

Rockstar: I'm going to sleep for a week now

Old Man Sevenclaws: The end?

Braveheart42: *tear*

Bluewing left.

Mistycreek: I am staying here until I'm kicked out.

Slickfeather: She Didnt Take Me With Her!!!!'

-Clovercloud-: :(

Lilacheart: I'm glad I was able to make the chat. I only got home an hour and a half after the chat started.

Jayfeather: I come sadly the moment it ends...

insaneular: Well this was a fun chat :)

Redfeather left.

Sandcloud left.

Lakestorm Wright left.

Boldclaw2: So now what?

JJK8: Theyre All gone

-Clovercloud-: it can't end!!!

Blizz: They're gone! :)

Nettlepaw: "this Gathering Is Over!"

Shadowmoon left.

Rabbitfoot: The end indeed, Clawz, the end indeed.

Magicyop: Thank you for coming, everyone :-)

Jayfeather left.

Blizz: Thanks for hosting the chat Sheila! :D This was a wonderful night!

Slickfeather left.

crescentmoon: Have a good day Nettle - miss you on Kate's blog.

-Clovercloud-: Noooooooo@

JJK8: Im doing this next yoar

Old Man Sevenclaws left.

Mistycreek: Thank you everyone for chatting and authors for answering questions! I had a great time and it was well worth everything!

Clearfur: bye guys!

Skywing: Bye guys ::happy

Mistyleaf10564: no!

Streamflow: Aw, sad! It was so much fun!

Squirrelflighty: It was :)

Riverstripe: Good luck doing the transcript Sheila and Magic!

SheilaRuth: I'm off now too. Thanks, everyone, for coming, and thanks for your great questions!

Boldclaw2: Thanks for asking questions that I couldn't think of!

JJK8: My First chat

Lilacheart: Thanks, Magicyop, Sheila, for arranging the chat =)

Daysi Pawz: Yeah thanks a bunch Sheila and Magic!!

Mistyleaf10564: wah!

Squirrelflighty: Yep! You're welcome and thank you for hosting this!

-Clovercloud-: Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iceclaw: Hey guys! Guess what?

Mistycreek: Thanks Sheila and Magic!

SheilaRuth: You're welcome!

Rabbitfoot: You guys are the best site admins ever Xp

Mistyleaf10564: Thx!

Daysi Pawz: ::toad

insaneular: Thank you for arranging this, yes!

JJK8: Thanks Shelia, Magicop

crescentmoon: Thanks Magic & Sheila & good night.

Bluewing: Thanks magic and dheila!!!

Skywing: What Iceh

Magicyop: Aww, shucks. ;-)

Clearfur: Byebye!!

sunbeam: Yeah, thanks in advance for putting so much work into the script, guys!

Bluewing: Sheila

Lilacheart: You are! *glomps Sheila and Magicyop*

Iceclaw: Thanks you two, and bye!

SheilaRuth: Aw, thanks Rabbit. *hugs*

Daysi Pawz: *agrees w Rabbit*

Rowanoak23: Thank you Sheila!

Boldclaw2: Thanks to Sheila, magic, the erins, and all the other fans :D

JJK8: Youre awesome!!!

Oakfeather: *sobs*

Magicyop: Thank you all :-)

Nettlepaw: Thank you once again Magic and Sheila

Streamflow: This chat was amazing! Thank you!

Skywing: *agrees with rabbit*

Iceclaw: (tacklehugs Sheila and Magic)

SheilaRuth: *glomps everyone* (only 1 second for Icey)

Bluewing: Thanks A Ton!!!

sunbeam: what is a glomp, exactly?

Skywing: an epic tacklehug
Braveheart42: Bye, Magic, Sheila,clover, Moonflower, Amber, Blizz, Bluewing, Boldclaw2, Crescent, Daisy, Forestpelt, Goldenpelt, Iceclaw, insaneacular, Jjk8, Lightstreak, Lilacheart, Megan, Mistycreek, Mistyleaf, Nettle, Oaky, Sevenclaws, Rabbitfoot, Riverstripe, Rockstar, Rowanoak, Rumblepurr, Skywing, Soundstorm, Squirrelfighty, Stormingsoul, Streamflow and Sunbeam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skywing: can we atleast say hi now in the transcript?


LOL! I love the last line!

Skywing: can we atleast say hi now in the transcript?
Only me. >_>

Sheila: Wow! Why is this all stretched out? Wierd.
Is it Oakfeather’s No?

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It could be. I had tried to put spaces in all the long strings, but maybe I didn't break that one up some more. I just added more spaces. Hope that fixes it.

Magicyacht XDDD

I lost the race to memberchat after TTATT

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we've got time left to be lazy
all the kids have bloomed from babies
into flowers in our eyes

we've got fifty good years
left to spend out in the garden
i don't care to beg your pardon
we should live
until we die." - The Gambler by Fu

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Skywing: I left that as the last line intentionally. I always try to find an interesting place to end the transcript.

On the day of the chat the screen moved so fast. I had no idea the Erins answered some of my questions! Good thing I read it here.

More than friends?

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I know what you mean. I missed a lot, too! That's why I post the transcript. XD

Look at all the controversy I caused with Dovepaw's warrior name! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


it's always easier to read the transcript.

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life after you. daughtry.

Nope. Still wide.

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Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

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@Cmoon Is it both parts or just this one?

Part 1 is wider than some forums but not all the way across the screen (like this one) so you can't see even the whole comment w/out scrolling over.

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Jayfeather X the Stick of Wonder!! --- forever.

Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

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OK, I'll take another look and see what the problem could be. Sorry! What theme are you using? I'll see what it looks like in that theme.