The Companions Quartet


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The Companions Quartet? Yes, strange name. Ever heard of it? Yeah, that's what I expected.... No one reads this series and it's really good. It's about a society that protects mythical creatures by becoming their companions. Like, for instance, Col (a society member) is companions to the Pegasus. He like, has a gift to talk to it and become it's friend. The Sirens (a kind of mythical creature) have become angry with Humans for destroying their homes. Connie Lionheart (Lionheart...I have heard this name before, hmm?), a young girl who finds that she is the Sirens' companion, must stop them before they declare war against mankind. It's an amazing series for anyone into animals, saving the earth, mythology, and magic or paranormal happenings. Anyone can read it, but it's for a higher reading level (big words, confusing story, etc). The first book is called Secret of the Sirens and it's written by Julia Golding. I highly recommend it to fans of Warriors, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Seekers, Guardians of Ga'hoole, The Wolves of the Beyond, The Hunger Games, and mainly to anyone. Sheila should read it and see what she thinks. Maybe she could explain it better than me.


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Dang. Now I have to add another series to my ever-growing, never-shrinking list of books :P Thanks for letting us know about this, it sounds interesting! I'll look into if I get the chance, though I'm low on books, money, and the time to read them at the moment!

Edit: One quick question, why is called The Companions Quartet? What's the significance of the quartet part? Are there four main characters, four books...?

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I've heard of it! Julia Golding... hmm what did she write that I read....


she wrote this really good book called Dragonfly too! It's a really good book I read it 3 times.

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and here we have another serieis I will try if I get the chnace.

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Oh, my brother has that book. I'd read it myself, but I'm not the world's biggest fan of Greek mythology, despite how much I enjoyed Percy Jackson. =/ I prefer Egyptian and Celtic.

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That sounds pretty cool, but I don't think I'll ever get to reading it, lol. ^^

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Minou: I recommend a system. 2 books at school, 2 books at home. It's "Quartet" because it has 4 books, as you guessed.

Bluewing: I heard of Dragonfly. Haven't read though.

Sunstreak: Cool. Did you read the series or just the 1st book?

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I read the first two books and got kind of bored... Connie is kind of a Mary Sue, at least in my opinion. >< I didn't find it that confusing, either. And the secret society thing is done a lot, but it does have some interesting ideas, and the focus on saving the earth is kind of nice.

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