A Nick-Name For Sheila (And More People)


Hey! :D

I haven't been here that long, but I'm pretty sure Sheila doesn't have a real nickname. Sometimes I hear members calling her "Wands and Worlds' Mom" but that isn't a real nickname, am I right? I was thinking something like "The Sheila Of Awesomeness" or maybe just "Sheil". "Sheil" sounds fine to me. Also, I don't have a nick-name either. Of course I know you have to be, like, a W&W "elder" to have a well-known nick-name and to get everyone one to call you by it. For me, I was thinking something like "Epic Slickfeather Fairy Princess" or "Slick". "Slick" sounds fine to me. I don't really know everyone's nick-name (or desired nick-name). Please comment here and tell me your nick-name. I would really like to know. :)

~Epic Slickfeather Fairy Princess (or Slick)

...most Wandies have nicknames that are just shortened versions of their original usernames. And I'm used to calling Sheila "Sheila" so I don't think I'll use any of those nicknames XD
Brighty calls me Dai sometimes, though. Does that count?
"Epic Slickfeather Fairy Princess" is waaay too long for me to bother typing out.

Dai: Fine! Be that way! Just kidding. If "Epic Slickfeather Fairy Princess" is too long, just call me "Slick". I know about the whole Sheila vs Sheil thing, but I am SO on Team Sheil!!!! TEAM SHEIL!!! Now we just have to see what team Sheil is on herself.... The battle is ON!

More than friends?

Lol, 'Slick' is easier to type and it sounds cool so I'll go with that XD =)

Lol, you only took off the last letter of her name. And tbqh, Sheila isn't really one of those names you can shorten really easily... it just doesn't have any natural nicknames.

And you don't have to be an elder to have a nickname, or vice versa. I'm not really sure what your point is here. But hey, knock yourself out; call ahead and whoever what you'd like -shrugs-

We could always call you ESFP.

I'm used to calling her Sheila. So I may not be saying that anytime soon.

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I'm sticking with Sheila. Sheil isn't shortened enough to warrant having it as a nick-name. And that's the point of nicknames, right? To have shorter, easier-to-type/say names?

I'll go with Slick XD

Anyway, I don't have any nicknames (except for Trent, but only Cloudy calls me that ^^). Well, Losty is technically my nickname, since my name was Lostpaw a while back and Losty just shortened that. But then I lost a lot of interest in Warriors and just kept my name as Losty because I liked it better. (On a totally random aside, there's an Australian rapper named Losty =P)

It doesn't matter to me, though, you can call me whatever :)

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my nickname is justin bieber.

but on a totally serious note, my rl nickname is harry. as in potter. as in harry potter. because my friend is hermione. and my best mate is ron. and we are the *GOLDEN TRIO*

Eh,I'll stick to Sheila xD

And the slickfeather something princess? Slick is easier lol

I started out two years ago as Wildstorm01, a year later that turned into Wildstormy, and now it's just Muffins xD

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Slick is a cool nickname :D

I just call Sheila by her name XD it's already simple enough, unless we want to shorten it to "She" the she wouldn't know when we are talking to her and when we aren't LOL!

I have a long list of nicknames. When I joined W&W I wanted my name to be Thunderstorm, but it was already taken so I shortened it to Thunder, so that's what pretty much everyone calls me. Amberheart calls me Hb, which is short for Hookbob Thunderpants. *if you want to find out more about that, click on 'search' in the left side bar and type in Hookbob Thunderpants* my warrior name is Darkflame, so some people call me Darky when I use it. I also go by Jade ( though only Cloudy and Sunny uses it)

I'm probably missing some, but the ones I use least are Thunderclaw, Thunderhook, Fluffypool (the warriors website gave me that one) and I also use various car names and character names when I feel like it.

The only reason I have all these names is because the chat room and my modem hate me >.<

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I like Slick =)
I'm Lighty, or Light.

Sunny calls me Amy/Mi, and that's about it.
In real life my nickname that everyone usually calls me is Wonka. There's a non-candy-related story behind it XP

Ruby: You're right. I did only take the last letter off. Yeah, 'Sheil' is a pretty lame nickname for Sheila so I'm sticking to 'The Sheila of Awesomeness' (TSOA) What my point is I don't want people to think I think I can just get a nick-name whenever I want. I know that I can't just tell all you guys my nick-names and expect you to use them when you don't really know me that well. So yeah. That's what I'm trying to explain: I'm not stupid. I know not all of you people here know me and not all of you people warm to the idea of calling someone you barely know by a nick-name. It's a strong theory for a stupid reason. Lol. :D

Silentstorm: Lol. ESFP(Epic Slickfeather Fairy Princess)also works. I like that one. :D

Losty: I'll call you 'Whatever' if you want, but it's not a very good nickname...

Light: Slick is pretty awesome. *Holds up sign that says 'Slick ROCKS'*

I'll make a Poll.

A Poll for a stupid reason, that's a first. Lol.

I'M TEAM SHEIL (Team Sheil is a proud supporter of 'Team The Sheila of Awesomeness')

This is weird. We're talking OPENLY about Sheila's nick-name and she still hasn't posted anything...

More than friends?

Everybody calls me snuff, or , if my name if rainfur at the time, rain.

I'm not even a "elder" yet and I have a nickname!

I like slick.


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...Yeah, I'm also used to calling Sheila "Sheila". ._. Old habits die hard.

Losty: Hey, I call you Trent sometimes! Well, more accurately Tre-Tre, but.. XP

I have many names. '.' Sunny, obviously. River calls me Sunnystreak... Brighty calls me SunSun sometimes (along with various other names that I can't remember at this moment in time)... Cloudy and Lighty sometimes call me Hunter/Hunn... Rabbit calls me Creepy Scary Fail Jew Buddy. And I'm sure there are more, but I just can't remember them. XP

She calls herself “W&W Mom” sometimes.

I lean towards “Slick” just b/c it’s quick & easy to type. And of course you can just tell us a nickname & expect us to use it. It’s your choice what you like to be called whether you’re new or old. But I’m not sure I can remember ESFP b/c 1st I’d have to remember what it stands for & that may be too hard for my tired little brain theses days.

I guess my nicknames are cmoon or crescent. I sign things cmoon & lots of people call me crescent. Either one is fine.

Thunder: Fluffypool?!!? Oh.
You really don't seem like a Fluffypool.

Lighty: Did you mean Lighty as one – or am I the only one calling you that these days?

Slick rocks. Cute.
Oh, I’m quite sure that this is far from the 1st poll for a stupid reason. Not to worry.

LOL. Nothing like talking about someone like they aren’t there.

Sunstreak: LOL!

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Sheila really can't be shortened. Like someone said above Old habits die hard XDD

I guess you can call me Spotted when my twin (who's dissapeared O.o) or Spottedfire isn't around, but I pretty much go by Spottedflame.

Also: check here: http://wandsandworlds.com/community/node/8721

It's probably not up to date, and feel free to ignore the nickname I gave myself O.o

I like slick as a nickname XD

As for moi, I prefer blue or cheese.

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Spottedflame: I get all of you Spotteds confused anyway. Sorry.

Reading the list on node 8721 - Where's Ashy these days?

crescentmoon, techno-weenie

Jayfeather X the Stick of Wonder!! --- forever.

Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

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Crescent: Oops. iPod Touches have tiny keyboards XP fixed it

Cmoon: I was in the chat room one time, walked away, came back and Spottedfire had said something and I was like 'What I didn't type anything'... then I realized I was Spottedflame not fire XDDD I get us confused, so no worries.

Spottedshadow's seem to have dissappeared too....

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Slick: Lol XD "Whatever" would be a strange nick-name =P

Sunny: Oh, yeah, you do call me Tre-Tre! I rather like Tre-Tre, actually x3

We are arrant knaves, all: believe none of us.
- Hamlet

Losty: Lol. He he... :D

More than friends?

We could always call her She-She or something.

I go by Brighty mostly, and yes, Dai is Dai is Dai is Dai

um you all can call me either:

- Ruby
- Laura
- Harry
- Justin Bieber
- Leonardo DiCaprio

these are all legit nicknames, since my friend is Miley Cyrus/Brad Pitt and we frolic all day long through the merry fields of Siberia.

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Sorry for not posting before. I had a really rough week.

Wands and Worlds "Mom" was my sig for a long time, so that's what started that. And when there are chat room fights and stuff, I play the mom and step in when I need to.

I just posted on the poll that personally I really don't like Sheil. Other than that, I don't mind one way or the other, but I'm a person that nicknames just don't seem to stick to for some reason.

Slickfeather, you don't have to be an elder to have a nickname. I've been calling you Slick. Hope that's ok. Like Daysi said, most members have nicknames that are shortened versions of their usernames, mainly because it's easier to type the shorter name. Often we put an "-y" on the end, like Losty, but Slicky just doesn't sound right, so I think Slick is better. Other nicknames come out of funny things that happen in the chat room.

Sheila: It's kk that you don't really like the nickname I picked. I've been waiting all week for you to post! What happened? Or is it, like, personal? If it is that's okay. You don't have to tell me, lol. Slicky does sound weird! Lol, thanks for calling me Slick. I take that as a compliment! About the chatroom thing, people have fights on there??? Wands and Worlds is such a merry world of happiness! But, yeah, I guess it's good you play the role of the mom.

More than friends?

Spotted: LOL.

Brighty: She-she (though it’s not spelled like that – I think it’s shi-shi) means pee-pee in Hawaii, so probably not a good nickname. Lol.

Ruby: At least Bieber & DiCaprio are both guys. Your friend, Miley/Brad must be a bit conflicted. jk.
Why Laura & Harry?

Sheila: Slicky. Lol!

Slick: I hardly ever go in the chat room, but things seem to have been civilized in there for some time now. But, hoo-boy, yeah, there have been some fights in there that bled (no pun intended) over into forums.

crescentmoon, techno-weenie

Jayfeather X the Stick of Wonder!! --- forever.

Follow your heart… but if your heart doesn't know its way, you're both lost.

"I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time & this is my wife." – Vastra (Dr. Who/The Snowmen)

Crescent: I barely go in there. It doesn't work on my computer. Lol, which forums did they 'bleed' into?

More than friends?

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Yeah, we've had some pretty bad chat room fights. Just like a family, we get along great except when we fight. XD